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2008 Nissan Frontier



  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Did the Dealer double check the hydraulic clutch line in your 6-Speed to be sure there's no air in it? It's a simple process; you can even do it in your driveway with a helper. It's a long shot (given that yours seems to be temperature dependent), but if air in the line is causing the clutch to not fully disengage, you could get grinding. I guess the tiny upside is that your powertrain warranty will cover you beyond 36K Miles if things get worse. :mad:
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    My wife's Subaru did the same thing and the Dealer was no help either. I bought a spray can of CRC De-Squeak and a can of brake cleaner. I didn't want to dismount her calipers, so treated only the exposed rotor surfaces (which meant I couldn't do the backside) and was very pleased with the results. You may want to give it a whirl; cost for everything is about $10.
  • Thanks for the info. I forgot to say that the dealer did replace the clutch but it didn't do any good. It doesn't rake in 4th, 5th and 6th gear but it has in 4th and always in 1st and 2nd. They told me it was because the synchronizers are spinning faster in the last 3 gears and that is why I don't have any problems in those gears. Does that make sense to anyone?I sent a letter to the manufacturer but I don't know if that will do any good either.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The 6-Speed has double cone synchronizers in 1st, 3rd and 4th. 2nd Gear has a triple cone synchronizer. That would leave 5th and 6th with no synchros, which is pretty typical. I think (but am not certain) it's beacuse the gear ratio differences (hence gear rotating speeds) become less as shifts to high gears are made. But despite the Dealer's techno-speak, there shouldn't be any grind in any gear at any time. You can also call synchonizers "baulk rings" to stun them with customer knowledge. :) Your letter ton NIssan can't hurt. You might try a different dealer if that's possible. I'm saddled with a slack dealership myself and it's very frustrating.

    The service manual says that a hard to shift tansmission can be due to (a) the wrong oil (b) low oil or high oil, (c) a worn shift control linkage, (d) worn synchros or (e) a damaged insert spring. You said you had factory oil which is a GL-4 grade and is the ONLY grade that should be used in the 6-Speed transmission. The oil level is another easy-to-check item. Keep us posted. :mad:
  • Mine only does it first thing in the morning when the brakes are cold. It has since I bought it. I can live with it.
  • Thanks so much for this info. So far the letter has gotten me a call from a Nissan rep who wants me to take it back to the same dealer and "ride with the mechanic" when he drives it. I told him that I wanted a mechanic other than at the Nissan dealership to look at it. I plan to take it next Tues. because it will be cold here and it is worse when the weather is very cold. I will keep you posted.
  • What do you think?

    Made the mistake of running the engine at 5400 RPM, for about 2 minutes on the highway, whenthe truck barely had just 109 miles on it!

    This was done before i looked in the owners manual, that states "do not exceed 4000 RPM during the 1st 1200 miles of break in.

    Do you think this did any harm?

    Also, some people also have the opinion that u should run the engine 'hard' during beak in, to make for a faster performer later, & if u baby it, you'll have a 'grama' truck forever.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    This question will yield fanatics on both sides of the equation, with tales of success flogging it and babying it. I'm a follow-the-owners-manual kind of guy based on the 200,000+ Miles we seem to get on all of our vehicles and none has ever been put out to pasture because of engine trouble and none has even burned oil. Redlining machinery of any kind doesn't seem like a sound way to make things last, but to each their own.

    But, given that many others have raced their new motors to extremes and lived to tell about it, you're probably fine and I wouldn't worry. I take it that you have a 6-Speed and that the truck is so wonderfully quiet that you forgot to upshift? ;)
  • No, actually I have the 5 speed-overdrive automatic trans.

    What happened was that i test drove 3 similiar 6-cylinder Frontiers at the dealer.

    The best 1 equipped (the 1 we bought) had for some reason noticiably less accereration (felt similiar to when the mixture is off, or similiar). It also had a 3-4 second delay in engaging the trans from park into drive.

    So, when we got it home, at around 109 miles, or so, I tookit out testing the acceration. Then, on the freeway, i continued testing it, kind of seeing if the thing would 'snap out of it' & give me fast acceration like the other 2, I cut the overdrive button off, and dropped it into 2nd gear at about 55 -60 mph, noticing that the RMP's up to 5200-5300RPM's.

    I did this for about 40 seconds, about 3 minutes apart for about 2-3 times total that night.

    Ultimately, after going to 2 other dealers, 1 of them changed the transmission itself (that cured the engagement delay).

    Now it has much better 0-60 accelaeration, but mostly only on colder days/nights, for some reason. It's 'picky' (any temp above 75 degrees, & it's weaker again.

    Dealer says it's fine (but i see it's definitely NOT at the claimed 0-60 in 7.9 seconds!

    Any ideas??
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