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Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulators



  • found one of ebay for $11 free shipping!
  • my 2004 grand cherokee had same problem
    try window they had my elect reg assy for 47.89 plus 9 frt dealer was over 200.00
    ordered it and am trying to install next week using the instructions listed below for door panel removal

    does anyone have one directly related to installing this electronic window reg gizmo?

    last year I paid over 400 for the dealer to do the right front
    going to try the now broken left front myself
  • to monaclemarly or who ever has a problem with the car window
    Jeep liberty 2002 dirver site window won't go up ? it was working good before that not slow or anything like that and now is not working and i don't know how to open the door panel to at least put something to hold the window up untill i can get it repair $
    how do you hold your window up ? could you help me please ?
    thank you
    note: some people think is a fuse ?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    to hold the window up i went to walmart and got some suction cups that you use to hold things on a window in your house held window up wet cups stuck to inside of window
  • Major problem I had was the cable inside the motor drum had jumped the track and had to be rewound. Another problem was compressing the springs on drum enough to get the cable back on the pulleys which required wrapping bailing wire around the ends of springs and compressing by twisting the wire with a needle nose pliers. Sure glad this info availiable it helped a bunch and aved major $$. Thanks Gary
  • I've had both front regulators for my windows go out this past year on my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The dealership wanted over $ 500.00 to change one out.
    Thank god for Ebay! Found new window regulators for around $ 60.00 and replaced myself.
    Dealerships are now like Jewelry stores 300 % markup or more!
  • I am interested in a class action law suit. I have three windows so far down on my 2003 Jeep. replace one at 500.00. Two still down, wedge them up with rubber door stops.
    contact me at
  • reginamreginam Posts: 1
    Yes, we need a class action law suit or a recall to replace the window regulators so they do not break again. I've fixed all 4 windows some under warranty and some at my own expense and they are starting to break again because my daughter had to open the windows once the A/C failed. Prior to that we told her to keep the windows up as much as possible!
  • Driver side door - no power windows, mirror, or locks. Passenger door locks work,windows don't work.
  • Yup, same thing just happened to me this weekend. My mechanic quoted me $338 to fix it. Think I'll try fixing it myself with an after-market regulator. Not at all happy to find out it's a known problem and Jeep won't do anything about it.
  • I replaced the battery in my 2006 GC and afterward, the driver window would not go up. It went down fine and all the other electrical devices worked fine. Took it to the dealer, they hooked it up to the computer and recalibrated it for $36. Works fine now (about a month later).
  • Driver side door - no power windows, mirror, or locks. Passenger door locks work,windows don't work. Interior lights stay on.

    I worked on my jeep today and it turned out to be two broken wires where they go through the boot into the dash spliced them together and everthing works so this may be something to check.

    thanks Mike2633
  • Add my Jeep Grand Cherokee to the list. I'll sign on for Class Action. Driver side failed. Motor works but window only goes up and down 1 inch. Cable feels OK so I guess the problem is in the regulator and that I need a new regulator. Is this correct?
  • The problem is that one of the wires between the door and the car have broken. Peel the rubber gasket back in between the door an the body of the car. You will see a bunch of wires. Look very close & you'll see a thicker black & a thicker orange wire. One or both of these wires is broken. You just need to add a piece of wire to splice.
  • Received letter today from Chrysler that WIndow Regulator Warranty on 2007 Liberty has been extended fto 7 years from date car was put in service.
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