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Buick Rainier Electrical Problems



  • I have an 04 Rainier. I bought it about a year ago. On my way home from the dealership, the speedometer quit working. It showed that I was going 100mph when I was only going 20-25. Then it dropped to 0 and didn't move again. I immediately called the dealership and talk to the tech. He said that the guy traded it in because he didn't want to pay the cost to fix it. I was shocked that they knew it was messed up and sold it anyway. He told me that it should have been fixed and to bring it in the following business day and they would check it out for me. I took it in and was told it would be $1700 for all the part and labor. They said the whole panel had to be replaced. I went straight to the salesperson and she said she would take care of it and the company would replace it at no charge. They ordered the part and when I took it back in the Manager told me that i would have to pay half. I told him I wasn't paying a dime and he could keep it. They finally fixed it at no charge but informed me that they couldn't be expected to fix everyones vehicle.
    My headlights also flicker. One night they went out completely on dim and I had to drive home bright lighting everyone. I put a new battery in and there is no change. Today my gearshifter messed up. The shifter cable broke. I'm waiting on a replacement from the auto parts store. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • cole_45cole_45 Posts: 1
    Did you ever resolve this issue? Im having a very similar problem.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Were you planning on having the vehicle diagnosed by a GM dealership? Please keep me posted on any information.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • beeez816beeez816 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    hey, i am having this exact issue with my 2004 buick rainier! what did you do to relieve the problem??? i cannot find anyone who has been able to diagnose the problem any feedbacks great thanks!
  • lcr80lcr80 Posts: 1
    04 Rainier
    1 owner (me)
    Little over 100k
    Never again will I Buy a Buick

    Bought it with 110 miles. Bought the extended warranty (ended at 100k). In November 2012 the gear shift cable broke. 7 1/2 months pregnant. Drove it to the doctor's office then stopped at a dealership to get the inspection sticker. They were unable to move it as the cable clamps broke. The clamps are made of plastic and exposed to weather without any protection. The dearlship was able to test it & guess what IT PASS!!! How does a major cable brake, prevents the vehicle from moving but still passes an inspection. BECAUSE THAT CABLE DOES NOT CAUSE THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT TO TURN ON. Contacted GM and as everyone else on here & all other forums, after knowing your vehicle is over 100K, its oh well your problem not ours!!!
    My main concern was, what else can malfunction (& make it unsafe) and not cause the check engine light to turn on. When I called a Buick dealership, they said you have to bring it in so we can hook it up and see what is the problem. I was furious, I'm telling you what needs to be replaced (another mechanic from a Honda dealership) & NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON!!! Finally said it would be $400. Fixed it, what else could I do with a baby on the way.
    The waterpump acting up. Changed it $500.

    NOW, fuse ING E keeps blowing.

    Driver vent blows cold air while the passanger blows hot air. And yes I have checked the temperature and also changed the mode to the dual setting.

    RMP gauge is not working properly, its unstable while driving. When I press on the gas it goes from 1.5 to 2.5 back and forth, unstable.

    Sounds like it wants to cut off (which at times it has while waiting in line at a drive thru, red light ect.)

    Has a rough kick when the ac it turned on.

    Buick I understand vehicles will not last forever. But your vehicles only last to 100K, you should inform potential clients of that defect. I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT ONE, HAD I KNOWN. I also own a 06 Honda Accord (170K) which runs like new, 02 Sequoia (115K) no major issues except to replace the normal wear and tear stuff.

    Today I will be looking for another SUV, IT WILL NOT BE A BUICK. Any make but yours. I have told everyone I know to not through their money away with buying any Buick vehicle.


    Potential buyers: YOU HAVE BEEN WARN!!!! MANY OF US WENT WARN, BUICK IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY UNLESS YOU WANT A VEHICLE FOR LESS THAN 100K!!!! Take your money and run from ALL Buick dealerships!!!!!
  • I own a 2004 Buick Rainier. Sounds like I'm standing in an AA meeting, doesn't it? Well you're right. It's about he same thing because this vehicle makes me want to drink. I've had all the problems listed on here. Replaced the entire dash gauges, replaced both sides of the front axle - now it seems as though it's time to replace the catalytic converter. PLUS - the air is leaking out of the rear suspension. I think the only reason I still have the vehicle is because I'm hoping that one day GM is going to be forced to recall the vehicle and I will get reimbursed for all the work I've done to it. NOT! (we've all been waiting for his and it doesn't look to be happening) I will never EVER buy another Buick and maybe not even a GM. I have a 22 year old Honda that has had only a 10th of the work done to it. Including maintenance. GM, do the right thing, own up to your mistakes and at least help us fix some of these problems! PS - don't bother calling me to offer the warranty coverage. Almost all of this model are beyond the coverage and we all know you don't care anyway.
  • Wish I had checked this site a year ago. We purchased a 2006 Rainier last May. Looked great, ran well. Within 3 months it needed a headlight replaced. We thought it was standard maintenance. Three months later the headlight was out again. The AC and heat started acting erratically, AC coming out of the driver's vents while heat came out on the passenger side. A strange sound, like a pump running, was coming from the rear of the car and a clunking sound from the front suspension. We received a recall notice and took the vehicle to the designated dealership, December 2014.

    The dealership informed us the front mounts needed to be replaced, but other than that there was nothing wrong with our car and they knew of no recalls on the vehicle. The mounts were replaced but the other problems persisted. The AC/heat stopped working completely. On a Friday evening the windshield fluid sprayer started working and wouldn't turn off. We joked that the car was possessed and was going back to the dealership on Monday. The next day the car caught fire and burnt to a charred shell of metal. We were lucky to get out as we were driving on a busy interstate.

    Insurance investigators determined it was the AC switch malfunction. The dealership denies any responsibility. GM denies any responsibility, and we still owe the finance company. We're glad to be alive, but will certainly NEVER buy a GM vehicle again. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get some justice ?

  • i have a 2004 buick rainier and the dash went crazy, blinking , buzzer, and now it goes completely dead. If we pull the fuse it comes back on, any suggestions.

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