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2008 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • aikayaikay Posts: 1
    I have used this car for slightly over four years now, a 1999 model toyota camry, however I becoming more alarmed now because of the fuel consumption, it uses 59 liters of fuel to cover just about 70kilometer distance, that is about 45 mpg within the city. what could possibly be the problem with the fuel consumption, it is outrageous!
  • jenn9039jenn9039 Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    So last night I parked my car and went to turn it off like a normal person would and I couldn't do it. The stopped once click shy of turning off and it wouldn't turn anymore. The engine shut off fine but the radio continued to play and the interior lights were on then went out. I turned the car back on, which went fine, but the same thing happened when I went to turn it off again. I turned the car back on, backed up a little, then moved forward, put it into park and again the key wouldn't turn into that last click to shut everything off. I called my friend out, he tried everything I did, it didn't work for him either. I asked him to take the car around the block, park it again and see if that would work. This time it did. It hasn't happened again since last night but is this something I should be worried about?
  • Do you mean the backlighting or the actual instruments appear to stop working? There is a problem surfacing in some 07 and 08 Camry's that make the instruments act up inculding speedometer, tach, and warning lights. If your AC compressor also cuts off look to a problem in the CAN network. Most always the ABS pump and module. Post back with details. There is a lower cost fix.
  • This is now a recall issue for the Camry. Contact your nerest Toyota Dealer to have it fixed for FREE.
  • Yes I mean back lighting and headlights of the car including radio/CD player. I took it to dealers 4 times and has not been fixed yet(While under warranty and out of warranty).
  • tcnich89tcnich89 Posts: 1
    My power outlets (cigarette outlets) stopped working. I don't believe it is the smaller fuses. Any ideas??
  • If it's not the fuses then you may have overloaded the power outlet and burned it out.
  • mtillismtillis Posts: 1
    [macg4genius] my 2008 Camry is doing exactly what you described. My ABS light/ brake light/ RPM/ temp guage/ speedometer and odometer won't work on the instrument panel. Whenever those lights come on my a/c stops blowing cold, the speedometer goes to 0, the RPM and temp guage will fluctuate just a hair. So, you're saying that it's the CAN network. Is this costly. I see where you've said there is a lower cost fix. Can you please advise?
  • Have a 2008 Camry Hybrid. Recently was having problems with the drivers door locking via the keyfob. Figured out it was the door actuator finally and have bought and replaced that and it works great. But somehow in doing that and testing and having to use the manual key so much that now the manual key doesn't work. I push the button on the handle and it does nothing(it used to lock the doors). I put the manual key in and turn it and it does nothing. Doesn't feel like its turning the lock or anything. I'm wondering if I've screwed that up and need a new door handle/lock assembly now too or if it's just something I've accidentally disconnected when I changed out the actuator. I can't find anything I unhooked but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.
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