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Honda Accord Bluetooth



  • Could be that the bluetooth settings on the phone have been changed? Have you paired the phone with another bluetooth device around the time this started?

    If you haven't restarted your phone since this issue started, I would do that (if BlackBerry, battery pull).

    Then maybe try deleting the paired bluetooth device from the phone, and re-pairing.

    Were any options on the phone changed relating to things like voice command, etc?

    For grins, if you have another phone in the family, try pairing that to see of the system works right in the car - if it does, that points to the phone somehow being the culprit.
  • call 888.528.7876


    turn off the bluetooth option in the phone.
    Press the talk button on the steering wheel and say "Phone Setup"
    Say Pair or Follow through the steps to pair
    Make a note of the code that is presented
    turn on the bluetooth option in the phone
    Once you see Handsfreelink in the list, select it and you will be prompted to enter the code that you wrote down.
    It should pair with the car momentarily.
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28 is why

    1) calls can only be initiated from the HFL. if you call from cell phone it does not go through HFL (some phones allow
    you to pick the bluetooth everytime you make a call).

    2) it does not stream music to car's bluetooth. not all like to wire to 3.5mm audio jack every time.
    solution: you end up buying a bluetooth adapter to stream music. they all can call/receive calls via bluetooth.

    so, why use honda HFL/bluetooth?

  • lansingclansingc Posts: 1
    I have an 09 Accord EXL w/NAV. The HFL system sounds great to me when I am in the car, but people on the other end of the phone can barely understand me.

    To test this, I called my voicemail and later listened to the sound quality. At lower speeds, it wasn't too bad, but on the freeway, the background noise was terrible. I also use a Jawbone earpiece that has good noise cancelling technology.

    Called the HFL # and they gave me some phone settings to try (multikey and any key). So far no luck.

    Am I just too picky, or do others experience this, too?

  • I just bought a 2009 EX-L at auction. I haven't actually driven the car yet. I get the idea after reading a few posts that bluetooth isn't standard on this unless you also have the navigation system? Is this true?
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    No, you're not too picky. Hondas, by design, are very noisy vehicles inside, and this combined with the microphone location, makes for lousy phone communication at freeway speeds. We had the same problem with our 2010 Accord.
  • jbarbacjbarbac Posts: 3
    On my 2012 Accord EX 4 cyl the HFL Voice recognition very frequently mis-interprrets my voice command for the person I ask it to call. The confirming response is for someone else in my list and make using the system very difficult. I have used other voice recognition systems without any problems.
    I have also encountered the other noise related problems with sound quality.
    The issue is not speed or noise related, as I encounter this sitting in the parked car.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    Is there possibly a software or firmware fix for the voice recognition system ?
  • suki5suki5 Posts: 3
    It's always helpful to put all details you know like which make and model of phone and the make of the radio in car. I can try to help.

  • suki5suki5 Posts: 3
    what is the make and model of your phone? And does it only happen when you are making a call or even when you are audio streaming

  • The cellphone I am using with the 2012 Accord EX bluetooth is a Samsung Charge.
    The voice recognition is horrible when trying to use voice dialing.
  • suki5suki5 Posts: 3
    which phone had you paired with? was it iPhone?
  • I am using a Samsung Charge (Droid phone).
  • Just bought a 2013 EX-L and have phone set up (dealer even walked us through setting up bluetooth and importing phonebooks), have Pandora working, but can't get the text/email feature set up. Have a Motorola Triumph (no, it's not on the list of phones that work, but only 3 from Virgin Mobile are. Can't be true because the Triumph IS working with the Bluetooth) with Virgin Mobile. I looked up its specs and it does have MAP. The menu option for "select account" is blue and when I hit OK to select it, it beeps, but no new menu options appear. What's causing this? How do I fix it?

  • On my 13 Accord EXL w/navi my phone is paired but it's not importing my contacts. When i first got the car everything set up no issues. Now it's not only lost my contacts but won't import them. Like i say my phone & bluetooth in the car are paired. Any settings i may have missed?
  • So when I bought my 2013 Honda Accord V6, the dealership went through syncing up my iphone and it worked great. Well, my iphone has to be changed and I have all the original settings on my new phone. However, now bluetooth is not picking it up and won't connect. I also can't delete my original sync to restart. I feel stuck! Any ideas?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    If this forum doesn't pick up (I have no clue how to help or I would), call your dealer, or just "stop by." A salesman or service tech should be able to troubleshoot that in minutes without an appointment.
  • car116car116 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer that worked? I'm having the same problem.
  • buckeye61buckeye61 Posts: 1
    I have no problem connecting to the car blue tooth from two different phones, The problem is that quality of the person in the car is terrible- both phones. The voice is clipped while the voice of the person not in the car is perfect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Seems like there is no phone that is compatible for the text/email feature. Have you got any luck? I recently got Accord 2013 EX-L and having same issue as you.

  • I just got a Samsung Galaxy SIII and according to the Honda site it's not compatable with the text/email feature. However, it has connected and I saw my texts on the upper screen. I think I still have to adjust a setting so it notifies me when a text comes in, but it is connected. Originally the "text/email" option was grayed out, so I couldn't even select it. This all happened after I paired the bluetooth with the car.
  • pneumotaxicpneumotaxic Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    Thank for the info.
    Is it all working well?
  • Most of the time. occasionally the email/text option is grayed out even when connected by Bluetooth.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572

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  • kevinmaikevinmai USAPosts: 1
    Great post. Thank you, it's very interesting. I wish you all the best.
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