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just bought 98 cr-v

kbdc8297kbdc8297 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Honda
my newly bought 98 cr-v ex all wheel drive and 96000 miles, has no infomation with it. i need to know the following. without pulling the radio how do i get the numbers needed to unlock it from err 3?what is my engine size? what is my fuel tank size?what fits in the cubby hole in the back door with the 2 straps? what is the purpose of the 4 "d" rings in the rear floor? why would there be a 12 volt plug in the rear cargo area? how do i connect my nav system which has a vss wire that needs to be connected to a speed sensor which i thinks this suv has none? how do i know if the all wheel drive system is on or off? i read the differance between the front and rear tires in tire diameter with a tread size differance of 2/32 inch will activate it. when i bought this the dealer put on 2 new rear tires and the front ones are worn. will this decrease my fuel milage when the all wheel drive is on? and wear out the fluid driving the system? sorry this is so long but i wanted to ask everything at once.


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    blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    You need to get a hold of the Owner's manual. If you bought it from the dealer, demand one, as it is part of the vehicle.

    Err3 is not the same as "code"

    Your year does use electronic sensor to pick up the speed from the tranny. You will need to get Helms manual to get more details. In fact, if you don't have the Owner's manual, Helms manual has a lot more information than the Owner's Manual.

    Gen 2.5 has more a sensitive and faster acting AWD system and may be activated by the 2/32 difference in tire thread. Gen 1, which you have, is not as sensitive.

    You have a B20 engine, with 126 HP. The B20Z1, which came on in 1999-2001 and produced 146 HP from higher compression.

    Before you go any further, you need to adjust the valves on the loose side every 30,000 miles and you need to replace the timing belt.
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    clivelopez1clivelopez1 Member Posts: 6
    I bought a 98 CRV a couple of months back without a manual so I bought one from a dealer for about $38 Canadian. The 4 D rings are for bungee cords or straps to tie down stuff. Cubby hole is for any thing you want. The jack is below the cargo floor, remove the 4 pin clips, underside of this is a folded table for camping and in the circular basin (to put more stuff) very near the back bumper is the jack hidden away bolted down. The extra 12v outlet is for anything you want to plug into for camping etc. Engine 2.0 litre 4 stroke DOHC (4 cylinder). Fuel tank is15.3 US gals or 58 litres. 90% of the time the front wheels do all the work and only when necessary the rear wheels chip in as in snow or wet slippery or sloping conditions then goes back to front wheel. There is no knowing when the 4WD is operating except you will benefit from it when necessary. Very economical, so much gas is saved this way. Need to rotate the tires often. I can't help you on the Nav sys and the manual may show how to fix the radio or CD changer. I had a Panasonic when I bought it. You need to change the timing belt $600 as it's difficult to get at so they do 2 other services in that area while they are there. Need to change the transmission fluid and rear differential fluid, engine oil, oil filter and air filter maybe a good tune up. A good SUV, worth spending a few bucks on. You do need a manual. Good Luck.
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    dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Member Posts: 364
    Here's an online version of the 1998 Honda CR-V owner's manual.

    It's from Honda's own website, so there's no copyright issues to worry about.

    I don't know if the Canadian version would be any different.
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    kbdc8297kbdc8297 Member Posts: 6
    i am looking for my code to reactivate my stereo after a battery replacement. i got an engraved number from where the speaker wires attach of FF018338 but a dealer said that was not a good number and to look again but under the radio for a tag. i did and found another engraved number of FA05633B and the dealer said my code is 13444. i tried it and it still will not unlock it.i need help. if any one can help please let me know. oh by the way i tried the button procedure and it will not work because i was told that the radio is too old and the program to retrieve the serial number in not in this stereo.
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