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Ford Escape Noises and Sounds



  • I was wondering if 2hills or anyone else has had luck with the new TSB was issued on July 22 to fix the hoot in the transmission. TSB11-7-23. Please respond it drives me crazy.
  • I am taking the vehicle in this week for what Ford tells me is a "simple" fix.
    I am alarmed by the many posts about this problem and the fact that it has gone on so long.
    I hope that the fix works or I will be an unhappy camper. It is most annoying and getting worse.
    Has anyone requested the assurance that it will not do long term harm in writing.
    That will be my strategy,
  • I returned from vacation only to find the ford dealer hadn't ordered the snubber as he had promised. I have an appointment on the 27th to have this part installed so hopefully this is the long awaited fix. I think most of my frustration with this noise is the fact the local dealer acts like its no big deal and I should just go away. Dealers are great when they sell you a car but when you have problems.... well its a crap shoot. I left one dealer in town because they shafted me on a repair to my 2001 escape now this dealer is stating to geive me the run around. I'll keep you posted on the fix.
  • 2hills2hills Posts: 10
    I have had my 2010 into the ford dealership and had a snubber installed in the transmission as per TSB11-7-23. We took the car on a road trip the next day and had a lot of stop and go traffic and the "hoot" has gone away. I hope this is a permenant fix because its nice not hearing that noise any longer. I love my escape again.
  • 2hills2hills Posts: 10
    Well I have been driving my 2010 escape now for about 3 weeks and do not have the hoot, but the transmission is noisier than it used to be, probably the snubber has something to do with it.
  • emar4emar4 Posts: 2
    Just had the "subber" fix for the hoot noise done on my Escape AWD and so far so good. The noise is gone. If it comes back I will post it.
  • emar4emar4 Posts: 2
    I meant "snubber". It took six hours to put in the piece. They had to take the transmission apart. It is supposed to keep the transmission chain "taut" so that it doesn't make the noise.
  • edgarjedgarj Posts: 2
    Have the sound returned?
  • edgarjedgarj Posts: 2
    Have the sound returned?
  • normak2normak2 Posts: 1
    I just had the transmission in my '10 Escape rebuilt. It had 24,000 miles on it when it began to have just a slight hesitation when going at highway speeds. They checked the fluid and said it was awful so scheduled for a rebuild. Said it would take a week. Well, guess were back-ordered from Ford. So well over 2 weeks later, I finally have my car back in the garage. Also had to have the module for the heating/cooling system replaced. Also the alternator pulley had to be replaced due to a rattle. All of this at 24,000 miles. I am disgusted. I also had to get to my 3rd loaner car before I had one that was decent.

    My fear is what else will go wrong with this car? I'm retired and never expected to have to have these challenges so soon in the ownership. It was a one-year-old Ford lease car. (one "owner" only) so presumed it would be in good condition. Feel let down!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Odds are, if it was a lease car turned in within a year, it was a buy back or lemon, or the owner just got tired of the problems and turned it in on another one, which is costly to do. Or, could have been a repo. Anyway, they don't make 1 year leases routinely - I think you got someone else problem. These issues are NOT normal for an Escape. I've had 9.
  • Did you ever resolve your clicking noise problem?
  • danno56danno56 Posts: 1
    Hi ...this is kind of related to the Ford Escape rear end noise issue posted 2 years ago. Thought I would give this info to your readers, we just recently discovered a whinning/whistling noise from the rear of our 2007 Escape. I thought it sounded alot like the diff case, and possibly the wheel bearings. To the shop for diagnosis it went where, they could not find anything wrong other than it had regular 90 weight oil instead of the synth stuff. Everyone was stumped including me cause the noise was annoying! I jacked it up, spun the wheels, checked all i could check, and then realized the noise started when i put the luggage racks back on! Duh
  • what program can tweak the engine computer to give better gas mileage, then re-tweak it in case of in case it goes into be fixed.
    I noted European version of this 2011, given much better mileage. We do a lot of distance driving. Forget about the emissions, I just want better mileage.
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