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Lexus LS: Problems & Solutions



  • The glass used in the windshield and side windows on a lexus is not just like any other glass. It is thicker and designed to reduce interior noise. I just bought a GX 470, which is built on the same platform as the Toyota 4 Runner. The windshield and side glass is NOT the same on the Lexus as it is on the Toyota.
  • Please provide the fix if you would.
  • I am not familiar with the $200 gas card offer. Was this is connection with the recall on the early 2004 LS430? I purchased this model in July of 2004.


  • The $200 gas card is compensation for being inconvenienced in regards to the transmission that has/had to replaced in the LS430's. The dealerships play dumb, but the corp. has confirmed it. Supposedly, once you have had the new trans installed, the Lexus Corp. sends the customer 2-$100 gas cards. I was told that it would be mailed out about 1 or 2 weeks after the trans is installed. It is supposed to be automatic, but I called just to make sure. I'm in the waiting process right now. I'll confirm its arrival as soon as I get the cards. I'm talking about the 2004 LS 430. I bought mine in early February, '04.
  • azfj60azfj60 Posts: 15
    First of all, I am new on this list, and have spent the last several days browsing the last few years worth of posts. Excellent information! I am considering buying a 1990 LS400 with very high miles, over 200K. I has had substantial work done, PS Pump, PS rack, struts, etc. LCD's work good, no dark spots, and AC recently "fixed" though not sure how well. Problem is both front seats have rips/tears at the seams of the leather. What have others done to replace the leather on the seats? Local shops? On-line? I'm guessing around $1600 to fix (this is what I was quoted to put leather on my Honda Odyssey through 3rd party a few years ago). Any inputs on the leather specifically, and checking out the high miles LS400 in general? I appreciate your inputs!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Go to your dealer, try to find out where they send their cars out for repair, then go to that shop and see what you can negotiate yourself with that shop to get the repairs done. You should get the quality, without the middle mark-up.
  • I bought my 04 LS430 in January 2004, and I just had the transmission and fuel pump replaced. My impression is that the trans upshifts a little more sluggishly now. This makes for smoother part-throttle acceleration, but under hard acceleration, there is a period of latency of just under a second. My highway fuel economy is also up to about 26-27 at an average speed of 75-80 mph. Is this real or just imagined? Finally, I haven't heard of this gas card campaign. What is the 800 number to call to inquire about this? Thanks.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I received my $200 Gift Cards for gas in the mail early last week. The dealer service manager was unaware that Lexus was going to do this. The Customer Service number should be included in your auto manuals that came with the car. The number I got off the Lexus Owner's site is 800-255-3987 ext #4. In regard to the shifting of the new transmission, I found just the opposite from your experience. I thought it down shifted more responsively than the old one. Good Luck
  • Thanks. That's 800-25-LEXUS. I should have figured that one out. BTW, has your highway mileage gotten better as well?
  • Have you tried this woolite trick yet?
  • I did try the Woolite diluted with water to clean the leather interior. It seems to work well for cleaning dirt, but did nothing for staining from clothes (belts, dark blue jeans, and so on). Ecru is an unforgiving color when it comes to staining.

    At least it isn't hot from the sun like my last car, which had a black/graphite interior. Still, I think next time I'm going for tan or saddle instead. ;-)
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Have a new 2004 LS430 and was wondering if anyone has experienced a left to right drifting on the highway. Highway steering doesn't seem to be as tight as I would like. How can I tell if the progressive power steering is working properly?
  • luap:

    Could be misalignment or an underinflated tire or something wrong with the steering or any number of things...

    I would take the car into Lexus and let them figure it out...
  • suxelsuxel Posts: 2
    I know this is a little late, but I would like to say that when I made the appt. to have my 430 recall work done, the dealer, Lexus of Memphis, told me to bring the car in with the gas tank as empty as possible. I didn't know why, but when I arrived at the dealer I had a little more than 1/4 tank. When the work was finished and the car returned to me they had filled up the gas tank. I also received the two $100 cards a few weeks later in the mail. I don't know if it is standard procedure, but Lex of Mem returns the cars washed and vac'd after each service visit. Good people!
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    I have noticed drifting in strong cross-winds in the LS430 as well as my previous E320. Both cars are sensitive to tire inflation. MB actually recommended a 6 psi increase in pressure with sustained high speed driving. I have applied this advice to both cars with as significant improvement in handling. With my LS430 I run the pressures at 36-37 front and rear. An added benefit is improved turning response.
  • Suxel:

    It is among the joys of lexus ownership.
  • I am having the same problem. The dealer service department said the steering was in Spec. I don't think so. It is very annoying at freeway speeds. I had a 2000 I30t that had much more positive steering. I think the current term is "float"
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Does anyone know what the projected pattern of the HID headlights should be? At night time, I notice the left side is lower than the right side and as the projected light pattern goes from the left side to the right, at around the center of the pattern, it goes up an incline of 45 degrees. When projected against a flat wall, shouldn't the projected pattern be a straight line from left to right? Can't wait to see what the service department has to say!
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    I also have an RX330 that doesn't seem to "float". I haven't addressed the issue with the dealer yet, but will shortly and I'll post the outcome.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I noticed a similar situation on my 2004 LS430 and had the service department do a check. They indicated the light system was in specs, but it still was not actually level from side to side. I notice the 2005 is the same, so unless it is way out of line, you may have to live with it, I guess I'm used to it now. Good luck.
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Pages 515 & 516 of the owners manual shows that the headlamps can be adjusted by using a Phillips screwdriver, you first have to remove the little rubber grommets, fit the screwdriver into the little gear teeth, and count the direction and numbers of turns, but before I attempt it, I'll see what the dealer says - I'm sure I will end up adjusting it my self - I'll let you know.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Thanks, I had forgot about the instructions in the owner's manual.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Shine your HID headlights against a garage door, ~20ft distance, you will notice that the "shading" (light blocking) is lower on the left than the right....for both headlights!

    In the UK its opposite.

    When the beam patterns merge some distance forward, down the road, the effect is that the right headlight seems to be aimed higher.

    It isn't.
  • mox1mox1 Posts: 24
    I have had that problem in the past. The commonest causes for this problem are (i) front wheel misalignment, (ii) incorrect tire pressures, (iii) tire rotation leading to tires with unequal treads being put in the front. Almost always when each of the above is addressed the problem is fixed. Let us know what happens.
  • Just picked up my LS430. Invoice as follows:
    "customer feels vehicle tends to float and has to overcompnsate steering while driving at freeway speeds. Inspect alignment and see me.
    Cause: added caster for better tracking-combo A,B,C,D,E for alignment after repair.
    043233 Install lower busing for added caster, perform 4 wheel alignment.
       520 W
    (have the following part numbers if you need them)

    1 Bracket, FR LWR ARM
    1 Bracket, FR LWR ARM
    2 Bush LWR ARM, NO. 2
    18,000 miles on car

    All seems well after a test drive of 10 miles on the freeway.
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Thanks -wwest,

    I'm posting the following question:
    Why is the right side light blocking shading higher than the left? Does the higher beam bother cars in the right lane when I'm in the passing lane?
  • luapluap Posts: 21
    Has anyone ever noticed on page 120 of the Owners Manual, there is a photo of a different configuration for what's under the ash tray lid? This makes a lot more sense than having a useless ash tray. Has anyone ever converted their ash tray to this handy little storage compartment? I wonder if it is available as a retrofit kit from Lexus?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    We're supposed to remain in the rightmost lane except for passing. You will notice, if you tend to drive just, closely, behind someone but in the next, left, lane over, they will sometimes get irritated at your lights in their face via their rear view mirror.

    I do.

    And remember that most of these design rules were laid down back when we mostly had only two lane, one each way, roads.
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I thought my LS430 came with the compartment you mentioned; however, now that I read your post I remember that I removed the ashtray and just throw my junk in the hole where the ashtray used to be. I also plug in my radar in the electrical outlet for the cigar lighter. Good Luck
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    I forgot to post the Lexus Customer Service Info web site, might give them a call or e-mail..
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