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Lexus LS: Problems & Solutions



  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    " As you said, no car is perfect. Even the best manufacturer will occasionally have a lemon. Perhaps you've got one in your RX. (do you have Lemon Laws in your state?)"

    Yes, California does, and they are getting even stronger this month. I do think my new car is a lemon, but I also feel that the entire 2005 RX series could make lots of lemonade, based on the comments read on Edmunds in other Lexus forums.

    I do think that quality has slipped, and, that Lexus is taking money OUT of the cars, in order to increase profits. A couple of small examples: The new RX 330 has only one hood shock support, not two. The sound insulation in the car is nowhere as good as the prior RX 300, IMO. The question is, is Lexus doing the same thing in the LS line?

    "My next door neighbor loves her RX 300 and swears by it."

    My folks own two and love them. I have driven them and liked them immensely. Unfortunately, as I have since been told by the Lexus dealership mechanics, that the RX330 is a completely different car. Completely different. "All new" as the Lexus commercials used to say. Drive by wire, and electronically controlled engine and transmissions are just two examples. In hindsight I would have been better off buying a used RX300 than a new RX330. No question about it in my mind.
  • gnarlygnarly Posts: 13
    Just purchased a Motorola V551 cell phone, equipped for use with Bluetooth. Can anyone give me directions on how to use it with my 2005 LS430?

    Visit this web site:

    ... and download the PDF document specifically for your Motorola V551. The directions are fairly simple, but you do need to follow them exactly and in the proper order listed.

    Once set up, every time you crank the engine with the phone in your possession, the navigation system will report a successful Bluetooth connection after a pause of a few seconds (if you do not have the phone in your possession when driving the vehicle, it will report an unsuccessful connection - it will always look for it and try to connect unless you disable Bluetooth in the nav system). Also, be aware that some dialing functions via the nav screen are grayed out (unavailable) when moving. Just like entering an address in the nav system, the vehicle must be stopped before data entry is possible (for"safety reasons). However, you can override some functions, for example, by dialing directly from the handset. The audio quality is pretty good, but you do have to get used to talking "simplex" vs. "duplex," that is, no simultaneous conversation from both ends - only one person can talk at a time, like with a walkie-talkie (common to all speakphones). Good luck with your installation! :)
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    "some of which required the car to be taken apart and put back together -- the transmission and the HVAC system."

    The transmission and fuel pumps were swap outs for new items. Lexus decided not to mess around with repairing the tranny or fuel pump, they swaped them out with new ones and I'm told the old ones went into the trash/hazardous disposal. This was the first year for the six speed transmission and I guess the supplier goofed, first year blues. When I traded it in, I reminded the sales person that it had a new transmission and fuel pump. He indicated that he would not be quick to inform the prospective customer to that effect, that would only open up questions on why did they swap out the parts??? Enjoyed reading you post. Sorry to hear of your experience with the RX330. Wonder what will come up with the 400h?
  • frankie33frankie33 Posts: 28
    Thanks Gnarly, followed your instructions & was able to successfully install. Now I have a new problem! I can hear the party I'm calling, but they can't hear me. Any suggestions?
  • frankie33frankie33 Posts: 28
    Found second problem, mute button was on. Thanks again Gnarly, "How sweet it is!"
  • frankie33frankie33 Posts: 28
    Sorry! Should have read, "Solved" second problem!
  • gnarlygnarly Posts: 13
    I'm glad you were able to resolve your Bluetooth phone problems. I would like to recommend an accessory: Motorola PhoneTools software and a USB data cable. This enables you to connect your cell phone to your computer and then more easily add to and edit your internal phone book (it beats the heck out of trying to enter names via the phone's keypad). Afterwards, you can upload frequently dialed numbers to your Lexus nav system (they must be transferred individually - you can't send the entire directory from the phone) for speed dialing. The software and cable is very inexpensive when purchased via eBay - there are hundreds of listings for "Motorola V551 USB data cable." Some dealers also include numerous ringtones, games, screen wallpapers, etc., with the software.
  • stephymaystephymay Posts: 3
    HI to everyone,
    im a student in automotive technology and we were brought a 1993 lexus LS 400,4L,v8
    by reading other posts on this site we think we might have solved one problem, but another still is not answered. we need any information regarding the difficulty or changing or repairing the power assisted steering rack(and pinion). So if anyone could give us a hand it would be appreciated.
  • nhanxsolonhanxsolo Posts: 7
    Hi, I just bought a Lexus LS400 yr: 1990 ml:88,000 yesterday for $5000, is that a good price or did i overpay? Also I was backing into my garage and came up on a ramp, the old owners placed very low wheels on the car, so I hit the bottom of my car into the curb, and the steering wheel fluid started leaking, after hours of reading this forum, I have been fed alot of opinions and answers, I would just like to get one straight answer. Can I get a steering wheel pump reseal kit? If so, where? If not, where can I get a steering wheel fluid pump replacement part, and how much would it cost me? Thank you guys so much, you are really helpful.

    ps: are Lexus' really bullet proof? =)

  • macolamacola Posts: 1
    I just paired my v710 with my '04 LS430 and I was wondering if anyone knew how to make any incoming or outgoing calls private so that at some point during a conversation if there are other people in the car and I dont want them to listen I can just continue the conversation over the phone. Thanks
  • paul29paul29 Posts: 178
    Is the pump leaking along with damage to another part of the power steering system due to the curb impact ? A pump rebuild kit is available for about $30 .
  • nhanxsolonhanxsolo Posts: 7
    Paul thank you for your reply, to my knowledge it is just the pump itself that is leaking, do you know where I can get a rebuild kit? thank you.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "ps: are Lexus' really bullet proof? =)"

    Obviously, they are not. But - they are very very good machines. You will find, however, they are machines, and they age. You will need to repair them.
  • stephymaystephymay Posts: 3
    hello again

    we are still having difficult finding information as to the difficulty changing or reparing the power assisted steering rack and i was wondering if anyone could at least tell me where i can find this information..
    Is there any difference between lexus's? ex is the power assisted steering rack difference in different years/makes?
    Thanks very much
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    These forums are primarily a group of people who own the Lexus LS and are not necessarily mechanics. That is probably why you've not received a reply to your post. You probably would have an answer by now if there was a mechanic in the group.

    I can appreciate your sense of frustration. I might suggest you talk with a Lexus dealer's service technician, or a local mechanic who works on Toyota/Lexus cars. Good luck with your project.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    .. the Technical Service Manual. Either get hold of the several volume hardcopy set, or buy yourself a day or a week (or however long you need) of online access at about $10 per day at
  • newlexinewlexi Posts: 9
    The left-side mirror on my 2001 LS430 may not extend about 50% of the times when I put the key in the ignition. I need to push the corresponding 3 position button to extend it. It always retract when I remove the key (with the button in the AUTO position). On my recent service the Lexus mechanic suggested to replace the whole mirror motor assembly. I thought it did not make any sense, since the mirror always extends when I push the button. I would appreciate an advice from anyone who experienced a similar problem.
  • IF it is a fix under warrenty......what is holding you back....I would want everything to work correctly.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    My 95 GS had a bad motor in the steering column. They wanted $1800 for the whole thing. I had a Lexus specialist charge $350 for the motor replacement. They are crazy.
  • dolf420dolf420 Posts: 1
    I live in tropical minnesota and before i buy one this spring I would like to hear from other owners if they have had problems driving these cars in winter and specifically in snowy, wet conditions?


  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    I am just South of you in IL and have an '04. Have done the one thing that is a must in my opinion and that is adding snow tires to the LS and then, it does very well in wet, heavy snow. Been through snowfalls of 7" or more this past winter in IL and MI and never had a single issue with traction on my LS. I used Dunlop Winter Sport M3's with great luck.
  • paul29paul29 Posts: 178
    Try Sewell Lexus at , I recently purchased a kit there , you may find a better price or a closer place but they are competitive .
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46
    Hello guys...I'm back. How can you tell if you need front end struts. When I hit a bump or a pot hits pretty hard...kinda loud...

    My next question...if I need struts, what brand do you recommend...I priced kyb struts @ 145.00 per side and monroe @ 143.00 per side.

    Also, what does "electric pneumatic suspension" and "automatic leveling system" mean?

    Thanks for your help,

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The LS series is available with air suspension as an option, otherwise you have the conventional struts.

    With air suspension you have a switch to disable it in the trunk.

    But if you have never noticed the car "hissing" at you just after you park it you have struts.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Not to mention air suspension LS400's have a switch for the air suspension settings next to the transmission shift lever on the center console.
  • nhanxsolonhanxsolo Posts: 7
    Does anyone know where I can get small cosmetic parts such as the knob for reclining the seats?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Some there right now...
  • nhanxsolonhanxsolo Posts: 7
    im a big eBay person, but i cant seem to find that knob on eBay, i was looking for places where they always have it in stock.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Does anyone know where I can get small cosmetic parts such as the knob for reclining the seats?

    Why wouldn't you just get them through the Parts Dept. of your local Lexus dealer? What am I missing?

    You could also try
  • deadairdeadair Posts: 10
    I recently had some water pump issues on my 1995 400 LS. The previous owner had the water pump replaced during the timing belt replacement. All were done at the Lexus dealer in Wisconsin. That was at 122K. I noticed leakage after a trip to Cleveland. The dealer told me that the water pump was out and had leaked on the timing belt. I suspected that the first job was not done correctly. And after no luck with the shop that did the work, I called the 800 number. My argument was that the timing belt replacement was a preventative maintenance issue not a something is broken and fix it issue. Also, why had their been no problem during the previous 122K miles and now 10k later the pump goes bad. After a spirited debate, Lexus paid half the $850. This car has been dealer maintained since day one. The previous owners even had oil changes (I am sure to the tune of $60) done at the dealer. My argument was how much more prudent can an owner be as having everything done at Lexus. He would not work with me on the A/C compressor issue though ($1,300). I told the customer service rep that if I had paid $50K I would have been a lot more forceful. Now I realize why I have bought Japanese cars since 1984. Can you imagine Ford or Chevy, or even Cady or Lincoln giving ground on this issue.
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