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Chevrolet Cobalt Transmission Issues



  • My tranny repair was covered under the 5y/100k power train warranty. If you have ongoing records with your dealership, they may still cover the valve replacement inside the tranny. My dealership worked on my tranny 3 times before they got it right.
  • smchsmch Posts: 1

    Well, looks like this is a common problem for Chevrolet Cobalts. I have the same problem with my 2010 Cobalt Vin # 1G1AD5F56A7167702. It is now 68K miles but it started with the revolutions jumping up and down when driving between 35 and 40 MPH more than a year ago. It was probably 58K miles by then. I took the car to Tires Plus for a checkup and they didn’t know what he problem was since no lights or codes were on showing any problem. They suggested to clean the injectors and I did without improving the problem. A few weeks ago I took the car to the Chevrolet Starling Dealer in Kissimmee, FL because the “engine light “ was on so I thought that was the revolutions problem showing up.
    They said the Code that showed up was PO300 misfire detected and PO301 Cylinder 1 misfire detected. So they repaired the cylinder, the exhausted valves, installed new head gasket . The warranty covered the repair. As soon as I got off the dealer the revolutions started shifting up and down again, so that was not related with the engine light on. I asked for another appointment and they said that it could be electrical or the transmission but I needed to pay either check up because no light is on to go under warranty. So here I am, with a car not driving well and no way to repair until another light comes up.
    I’m very disappointed with the car, for sure, will never buy a Chevrolet again and would not recommend to anyone. Maybe they are good on trucks but not in cars. The Chevrolet should make a recall if this is happening so often in this model. Not fair that we paid for a good car and we got it with fabric defects.
    If someone in Chevrolet can help before the warranty expires, would appreciate, so at least I can sell it in good shape and not pass the lemon to another person.

  • smittydogsmittydog Posts: 3
    Did you ever get the problem resolved? Dealership is giving me the run around. Saying thsts just how they shift and i should try to get throught the shift points faster. Hard to do if speed limit is 35,45 and at 55. Guess i can be a granpa driver just at 30 ,40 or 50.
  • Has anyone had their Cobalt transmission problem fixed? I have been taking mine to different dealers theing to get mine fixed. I hear the same thing from them, they cant find the problem and have never heard of a problem with the Cobalt. I bought an older, more reliable car becuase i dont feel the Cobalt is safe at all.
  • Hey all I was wondering if anyone can tell me what's up with my 2006 colbalt. I've had people look at it and Noone is sure what's wrong. It likes to jerk going down the road. No leaks or anything like that. It don't do it all the time. Some days it don't do it at all. Other days might jerk once or twice. Then some days jerk alot. I don't get it. Any ideas?
  • willroxwillrox Posts: 1
    My cobalt has had these issues as well. I have noticed the position of the steering wheel determains the issue. Try moving your steering wheel and see if the problem is resolved.
  • We own a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt which we purchased NEW from a GM Dealer. Car was problem free until the transmission started shifting erraticly from 1st to 2nd gear, most times from a stop the car would rev to 5000-6000 RPM then jump into next gear with a hard thud, very upsetting. Our first visit to the dealership to have this problem fixed was on July, 31, 2017. The Cobalt car has been in the dealership probably more five times over the last couple of months, it basically took weeks to find the problem, then on Sept 29, 2017 we were told the problem had been found, cost would be $1,800 would we like the parts ordered and to proceed with the repair. Well we were over a barrel weren't we ? We are seniors living on a fixed income and cannot afford a new car so we said yes
    Well we have been waiting since September 29th to get the worked completed, today is Oct, 25, 2017. I do not understand how the dealership works, is it not first customer in first customer out ?? I was never informed by the service Dept as to the status of our repairs, I would wait for the car for a week expecting it repaired only to finally chase personnel down and find out A. the car was basically sitting in the same place, nothing had been done to it and B. I have been promised the car by staff on some many occasions and it has never happened.
    Car is SUPPOSED to be fixed today, Dealer did supply a rental (which we needed for my wife's medical appt's, she is not well or mobile) which we had to return after 7 days because we have not been able to afford the $32 daily insurance.
    This my first experience of a major default/breakdown of any car ever and I must say I find the Dealer Ship Service, how can I put this ?? Terrible is not strong enough a word, absolutely HORRIBLE.
    We are very sad and disappointed and feel we cannot trust Chevrolet quality again to ever purchase another one.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Did they say it was a "parts not in yet" issue? I'm thinking that has to be the holdup. Transmission parts generally aren't going to be something that are sitting on a shelf like oil filters, belts, spark plugs or anything else that relates to non-major repairs. Might be a bad analogy, but you might have a spare appliance light bulb around in case the light blows out in your electric oven, but you're likely going to wait and order a part if the heating element goes bad. No sense is spending money on a more expensive part until you need it. But when you do need it, it might have to be ordered.

    Once your repair is done, I hope you can come back and tell us how the car is running.

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  • All transmission spares required were ordered on Sept 29th and I am assuming received a couple days later. Problem appeared to be that dealership was working on cars that came in long after mine while mine sat in the corner. Car went in first time July 17 and I received it today Oct, 25th. 3 months to fix.
    The worse part was hearing "he hasn't found the problem yet". I find it very hard to believe it would take a mechanic putting in 40 hrs a week 3 months to find the problem. Do not misunderstand me, I believe it was very difficult to diagnose the problem and I am happy that they actually EVER found the problem !!It seems a lot of people with the same car in my position were not so lucky. They paid and they still have the problem.
    This was a $2,300 lesson for me to learn, I am not a vindictive person. There are caring,dedicated people at the GM Dealership I dealt with, but as a whole the dealership functioned about as efficiently as a square wheel. I do not expect GM to drop $2,300 in my lap but would I ever buy another GM vehicle or recommend one to a close friend or family member ?? you are joking right ??
    Sometimes life's lessons have to be learned the hard way. Consumers vote with their dollars. You got me for $2,300 GM. I won't be back
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