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Jeep Grand Cherokee died suddenly at 50 mph



  • slatzmanslatzman Posts: 6
    check your crank sensor again ours wasnt installed right.didnt show any codes because when car wasnt moving it worked fine.the jgc have a 25 minute reset on computer or take off negative for a minute.if that doesnt reset your problem than it isnt in the email is slatzman at juno dot com.hope it helps
  • vfreenvfreen Posts: 2
    Hey John, I think that the dealer finally found it after four tries. It was the connections to the computer. They did replace the computer jsut to be on the safe side. The losse connects were shortening out the cracnk shaft sensor. I will follow up with you once I have paper work with their notes in hand. This was 6 month problem. Think it's over.
  • deb034deb034 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 jgc that has been having starting problems and would cut off on me. I bought it new and have 74,000 miles on it now. Replaced the fuel pump, still had same problems took it to dealership 2 times and was told they did not know what was wrong with it, that it would not do it on them no codes were coming up. Been in shop more in the last 2 months than at home. I had the crank shaft position sensor replaced still had problems. Finally I took it to C & C Automotive shop and they found the problem to be in the wires in wiring harness. $ 600.00 job
    I called the shop today hoping to get my jeep back today. I was informed that after replacing the wires the computer in the jeep would not take the program codes that were necessary. They called Chrysler and found out my computer would have to be replaced also. ( there was a technical bulletin about this problem and that Chrysler would cover the cost of computer) here’s the problem they don’t have any in stock it will be mid May or June before they would have any. I hope this helps someone out there having the same problem ask your mechanic to check your wiring. I still have to pay the $ 600.00 for the wiring that has been replaced but Chrysler is paying for the computer
  • kattykatkattykat Posts: 2
    Help, the summer is here and my 94 4.0 6 cyc.Grand Cherokee has a starting problem when it gets hot outside. A short scenario my jeep runs great never any problems until the summer and warm weather arrives. I can drive it to a few places in the morning stopping and starting with no problem but then maybe later in the day say I go to a store park come back out 20 minutes later turn on the ignition and it will not start. The ignition will keep cranking but it will not start. If I pop open the hood to the engine, open the doors and wait 10 minutes it will start every time. But this is very irritating and frustrating to deal with. I have had it to the Jeep dealership 3 times for this problem and of course by the time they get around to looking at it the car will start. If any body out there has any suggestions to offer I would be very grateful since this has been a couple of years dealing with this.
    Thanks so much Kattykay
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That might be a problem with the fuel pump. Or it could be as simple as a faulty gas cap. Try loosening the cap then try starting your Cherokee after you replace it.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kattykatkattykat Posts: 2
    Thanks, I already know that it is not the fuel pump. So I quess I will try the gas cap.
  • It just happened to me. I got the crank sensor replaced tonite and tomorrow will have the cam sensor replaced- they work hand in hand and operate by virtue of magnets to detect the timing and exchange of fuel and air to the engine. Expensive though.
  • Was also having this problem. Changed the crank shaft sensor, plugs & wires, ignition coil. What it comes down to are the connectors/connections that go into the PCM. There was a post on another board I read to zip tie (2 zip ties on each plug) the connectors to the PCM. Zip ties should go all around the backside of the PCM. I did this 3 weeks ago and no stalls. It's not a fix, but a bandaid that works.
  • thanks for your instructions, hope this solved my 96 Cherokee too.. :)
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