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Infiniti EX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We just purchased a new Infiniti last week. Looking for someone with a code to team up with.
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    how long is this 4000 dealer cash good for? this would be used to negotiate from msrp to buy but not to lease?
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    This is official info from Infiniti
    Cash to Dealer start: 10/01/2009 end: 01/04/2010
    Restrictions $4000 Dealer cash may not be combined with 0.00% APR - 2.90 % APR and vehicle must be financed through the manufacturer's captive finance company
  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    WOW. I have been in contact with herb chambers infiniti in westborough. are they who youre talking about? is the 4000 off what made your transaction possible? I have emailed them with the numbers because they told me they wont be beaten on price. and that may get me off the sidelines too as I am beginning to be swayed by the ex loaded like that with awd.
  • shweta1shweta1 Posts: 12

    I recently bought Infinti FX and have the owner redemtion code. Anyone who has bought new Infinti after 28 August can send me his/her details on or You will get $500 amex award card from Infinti and I will get $150 card.

    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    Yep, that was the deal. Look few messages above for the pricing details. I got mine two weeks ago and so far very happy with it.
  • dkny330dkny330 Posts: 31
    My lease on my 2008 FX35 matures in mid-January. I am thinking about saving some money and going for the 2010 EX which I hear is coming out any day now. My question is, when would be the best time to get into an EX? I know the pull ahead program ended Sept. 30th, but as of the end of next week, I only have 2 payments left. Any thoughts about the dealer just picking them up - I do not want them rolled into the new lease, I have done that too many times! Thanks.
  • I have read some posts on this but need a little more information. I purchased an EX35 about a month ago.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    We just got the 2010 EX's. My advice is to get one the last week of the year (between Xmas and New Years). If I understand your post, you would have made your last payment mid Decemeber so you will not be rolling anything in. December usually has good incentives - you may have 2 cars in your driveway for two weeks or you could just turn in the FX 2 weeks early. :)
  • Hi
    We just purchased a new 2009 EX35 and are looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive. Please send me an email to the following info:

    Infiniti will send you a $150.00 owner recomendation rewards card (AMEX)

    Owner redemption code
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code

  • Just drove this one off the lot this week:

    2010 EX35 Journey RWD

    Premium Package
    Nav sys
    Bose thing
    Premium Pkg
    Splash guard
    18" wheels
    Roof cross bar things

    Sale price: $35,860
    Plus tax & fees
  • damn!! great deal.
    which state is this?
    and what was the MSRP on the window sticker?
    did you pay cash? or finanice?

  • digital_bdigital_b Posts: 129
    so if you get the dealer cash on a deal which brings the price pretty darn low, but you cannot use the 0.0-2.9% rate on a deal, what interest rate are you going to get from infiniti if you have very good-excellent credit. I dont know what excellent credit is but my AVERAGE credit score from the 3 bureaus is 739.667 which I know is not a whole number but I am refinancing my house and was given my scores from the credit bureaus by the broker. what interest rate is someone with scores like that likely to get? or should I just wait til december to see what infiniti offers then. would anyone know what their offers were like last december? I know its a lot to ask but thanks in advance.
  • Purchased in Georgia. Paid cash. My guess is that if I had gone with a 2009, I would have saved maybe another $1k +/-
  • Guys, I am in the bay area and am getting the following offer:

    2010 Infiniti EX35 (blk/blk) RWD
    with Nav/Bose
    Price: $33K + Taxes

    I have these questions:
    1. Is this the right time to buy a 2010 EX35?
    2. Am I in the right price range or should I bargain more?
    3. The dealer says that the financing benefits can not be combined with the cash benefits. So considering that I would probably get a higher APR (compare to the 0-3.9% infiniti rate), would this quote make sense?

    I would really appreciate any inputs. Thanks in advance.
  • And I should mention its a Journey trim.
  • Sounds like a good I could do... EX but with the AWD...$36,500. Black on black....looks great...everything but the Tech package...MSRP $43,202.

    Cargo Cover, Moon roof wind screen, 18" rims, Cross Rails.
  • Hi: I also just bought an Infiniti and need someone who got the referral invitation and code so we can take advnatage of the AMEX gift cards. Please email me at if you have the code and want to refer me. Thanks.
  • I just bought a 2010 Infiniti EX and am looking to pair with someone who still has the referral code for the AMEX gift card. Please email me at
  • Hi..I live in the southeast and am about to negotiate 2010 EX Journey RWD....$40k msrp. Am looking at $0 down, 36 mos, 15k/yr. What's the best current money factor and residual? How much are they discounting off the MSRP?
    I've been seeing cash prices of $35k on the same car.
  • Has anyone seen, touched, sat in the 2011 M at one of the auto shows? Am trying to decide whether it's worth waiting for or whether I'm best off working a good lease deal on a 2010. What is best current money-factor and residual on a 2010 M35 RWD, $49k msrp, for 36 mos/15k per year? am in the Atlanta area.
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    Who was your dealer in Atlanta? I'd like to talk to the same guy. Am also looking to buy same spec this month.
  • kc9kc9 Posts: 4

    I have a lease offer on a 2010 EX35 AWD Journey. MSRP $43,360
    Selling Price $40,308
    $1000 down
    $531 per month not incl tax.
    15K miles per yr. 39 Mo lease.
    Any chance of getting the sales price down? Does the $3k incentive also apply to leases?
  • The $3000 dealer cash does NOT apply to a lease. There is a $500 lease loyalty IF you currently own an Infiniti. :)
  • kc9kc9 Posts: 4
    I thought so. Dont currently own an Infinity. I was wondering if anyone out there is getting a better sales price on a lease. Any other incentives?
  • No change from November.

    2009 (if you can find one): Special Rates or $4000 dealer cash
    2010: Special Rates or $3000 dealer cash

    Still have a $500 lease Loyalty rebate - must lease and must own an Infiniti.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    I have been looking at a 2008 EX35, non-CPO, 25k miles, with Tech package, Premium package, Luxury Package, and Navigation/Camera package.

    Infiniti dealer is listing at $32k which seems outrageous for a used 2008 with this mileage.

    Any thoughts on what I should pay.
  • I'm ready to buy a 2010 EX35 AWD in southern IL what price should I pay :surprise:
  • I just got offered about $36,000 + TTL 2010 EX 35 Jour. RWD, with Navi/bose, Prem., 18 inch wheels, mug guard, roof rack. MSRP around $41900.

    this is in So Cal area. what do you guys think?
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    Listed price today in MA for 2010 EX35 (Bose, Navigator, AWD, Leather, Around view monitor is $33,559 with MSRP $40,805.
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