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Infiniti EX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mjr2umjr2u Posts: 13
    That is an awesome deal! Who is the dealer?
    I just got mine on 12/18, not as good a deal as you - EX35, Journey, RWD, Bose, Around View, Premium, Rear Bumper Protector, Cargo Protector, Cargo Organizer, Premium, NAV, Tire & 18" Wheel pkg., Roof Rack, MSRP $41,730 Got it for $39,368...good, not a great deal....San Diego -Kearny Mesa Infinity. They wouldn't go lower than $1k over invoice.
  • mjr2umjr2u Posts: 13
    We just purchased a new 2010 EX35 and are looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive. Please send me an email to the following info:

    Infiniti will send you a $150.00 owner recommendation rewards card (AMEX)

    Owner redemption code
    First Name
    Last Name
    Street address
    Zip Code

  • really? haha...I actually wanted even lower.
    cus everyone is selling at that price. by the way your price, is that out the door price? or before Tax?
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    That was Herb Chambers Infiniti if I am not mistaken and the price is before tax.
  • 2010 EX35 AWD Journey
    Bose/Nav/Around View
    Roof Rails
    Cargo Protector
    MSRP = $40,805
    Deal Price = $35,250 + TTL

    I know there is a $3K dealer incentive on the 2010 model, so that immediately takes MSRP down to $37,805. Based on my research, the dealer is making about a 5% profit + holdback.

    I have yet to see the itemized purchase contract. Deal price was stated to include destination fee. Has anyone had a problem with getting fees added - advertising, doc, etc? Thanks! :)
  • I just got mine yesterday at the dealership with the following specs and price:
    2010 EX35 AWD Journey
    Bose/Nav/Around View
    MSRP = $40,805
    Deal Price = $34,400 + TTL (around $400)
    Tire and Wheel Protection - 5yrs. unlimited mileage = $695
    3yr./45,000 miles Premium Maintenance Plan = $1690

    Does that sound like a decent price?
  • I think I got a pretty good deal on a loaded EX35 at Infiniti of Chantilly in Virginia:

    2010 EX35 AWD Journey
    Black Obsidian/Chestnut Leather
    Bose/Nav/Around View Pagckage
    Premium Package
    Technology Package
    Splash Guards/Illuminated Kickplates/Roof Rail Crossbars
    MSRP = $45,075
    Deal Price = $38,075+ TTL

    The kicker for me were the extra services they offered:
    - free scheduled factory maintenance for the first two years - including the 30,000 mile service
    - free oil changes for the life of the car
    - free car washes anytime I want
    - one free detail every year for the life of the car

    A very positive low stress deal. Good people at this dealership. :)
  • Just bought an EX35 RWD Journey with Bose/Nav. Remember 2 things:
    - they want your money
    - you can buy from another dealer.
    Find financing before going to the dealership so that they know you can already have money and that they have to work harder if they want to finance you.

    I negotiated with 2 dealers and kept a 3rd one in case I fail with the two first.
    First dealer offered $33,688. The second offered $33,500. We took the second offer and told the 1st dealer that we were offered $33,200 and we're offering $32,800.
    1st dealer counter the offer at $33,038. Where the heck do the $38 come from? But in fact it's a tactic, they know you will round up to $33K and lose your goal ($32,800).
    So we paid $33K+TTL but I think I should have offered $32,500 and they will take it.
    So 1st mistake was to accept at $33K when I'm sure I could get it at $32,500 or below.
    Then we were offered Premium maintenance for 5 yrs or 75K. Sales guy told us that it will save us around 30% vs. no maintenance contract. I don't know if it's true or but we bought it. Mistake #2, don't buy what you don't know. You can always buy it later. I looked at the maintenance schedule. Assuming oil change every 3,750 mi at $50 and 7,500 miles service at $120 in San Jose, CA, we ended up at $1,460 for 5yr or 75K miles. I'm trying to find out what is the cost for 30K mile. But
    even at $500, total will be $2,460 which is below $3,200 we paid.
    Then we were offered 7yr/100K warranty that we also bought for $2,500. I think Japanese cars are very reliable. I only had one issue with my 2003 Accord V6. So I'm thinking about canceling the premium maintenance and extended warranty.
    Funny thing I have a friend who works at Toyota as a mechanic and told me to buy the extended warranty if I buy the Venza V6.
    So my advice, be prepared to say "No" and eventually go to another dealer with all the data you collected. They want your business. Don't be afraid to offer a ridiculous price because you will have to agree on a certain price with the dealer.
    So no free maintenance and never heard about the Amex gift card incentive.
  • Hey Maifriend,
    congret on the deal you just got.
    not too bad. your EX should cost should be around $32986, that's invlice - $3000 incentives. so, you were pretty close to it!! great job.
    how did the TTL looked like? andy weird fees being added?
  • I just got a quote from Infiniti Madison, WI for a EX35 AWD journey.

    They only offer invoice price + one dollar which is 37610 (-3000 incentive) for a AWD journey + Bose/Nav/Around View.

    Does this seem to be a OK deal? Thank!
  • Chenbati,
    here is the break down of the EX35 you are looking at.
    2010 EX 35 AWD Journey + Bose & all around view pkg only.

    MSRP $40,415
    Invoice $37,276
    After Incentive $34576
    I looked up online, seems like the incentives in WI is only $2700.

    but if the Dealer is offering you $37610-$3000 = $34610, then you are getting a great deal!!! Make sure they are giving you the $3000 on top of what they are offering, do NOT assume they will offer the $3000 incentives on top of the price they are giving you automatically!!!
  • Thanks, flashzoom,
    I just had a brief conversation with them, they do offer $3000 incentive on top of the invoice price.
    I will post the price I get if I pull my trigger.
  • that's a pretty good Deal!!
    let me know how does it go, since I've been shipping for one too.
    need to pull the trigger in the next week or two.
  • hey guys,
    need some help on this.
    I know infiniti is offering financing specials right now. 0% for 36mo, and 3.9% up to 72mo.
    here is the fine print, I am not really sure what it means??
    $27.78 per month per $1,000? what is that?

    $27.78 per month per $1,000 borrowed at 0.0% APR for 36 months and $15.60 per month per $1,000 borrowed at 3.9% APR for 72 months on all new 2010 EX in Retailer stock. Down payment may be required. Subject to IFS Tier 0/1 credit approval. Offer ends 1/4/10. See participating Retailers for details.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    It's just a math calculation...

    Any amount borrowed for 36 months at 0% interest = $27.78 per month per thousand...

    $1000/36 = $27.78

    $30,000 divided by 36 payments = $833.33


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • awww! ok that make sense.
    stupid me! hahaha...
  • gbertgbert Posts: 2
    We are considering a lease (this would be our first). The offer from the dealership in Calif is on an 2010 EX35 RWD Journey

    Vehicle Price: $37,683
    Cash Due on Delivery:$4,000
    Doc fees:$45
    Acq fees: $595
    Residual: $21,178
    Depreciation: $13,970
    Rent: $2453
    36 months
    tax @8.975
    payments: $497

    Is this a good offer? The offer ends tomorrow.
    Your advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
  • Hi Gbert,
    based on the offer you got, MSRP $37683, I assume that's no navi? or what is the MSRP and options you have got on that car will help on determin the actual leasing price.
    but here is a sample offer i have received in So Cal area in december 2009.

    2010 EX35 RWD Journey w/ Navi, bose package.
    MSRP: 39015
    Down: $2000
    Month: $507 (include TTL)
    36 months
    15000 miles/year

    this was the best offer I got, and I still wanted cheaper. haha
  • gbertgbert Posts: 2
    Hi there!!
    The EX 35 Journey comes with the Navi pkg, Premium and Bose only had to put in $2000??
  • gbert,
    your price is about right.
    since your quote include the prem package.
    the price quote that I got was only the Navi/bose package, no prem package.
    and make sure the price quote you are getting are all TTL fees included.

    good luck
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Hey all,

    I have an '08 EX35, and my 24-month lease comes up in March. I love the vehicle, and am looking at leasing a 2010 EX. I'll do Journey with Nav, but not the funky technology package.

    What are the current incentives, money factors and residuals that Infiniti is offering for Jan on the 2010's? I may do it this month, rather than wait, if I can get a deal.

    Thanks much!
  • I've got an '08 EX35 Journey w/ the Tech package & Navi and I love it - what's your problem with it?
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    I love the Navi, hard drive, rear view monitor, but don't need nor want all the other stuff like collision avoidance, lane departure, etc. And I'm turning in the '08 to get a new '10!
  • Even if the advertised cost of a lease stipulates that you will have to put down so much money --- usually with taxes and fees additional --- no leasing company I know of requires you to put down one dollar.

    Instead, after you negotiate the sale price of the vehicle --- then consider the residual (60% for an EX-35 2010 10,000 mile vehicle now) and the money factor (interest, found by multiplying by 2400) --- you can decide to roll over all this negotiated price and fees and taxes into monthly payments.

    I just did that with the leasing of an EX-35 at a tad above invoice, offered no money whatsoever --- not even first monthly payment---- and signed the lease for 36 months.


    Even if you have a trade-in, you do not have to use that money to reduce the monthly payment UNLESS you want to.


    I do have a tip: it's worth while to pay the price of wear-and-tear insurance --- which for 36 months and 10,000 miles cost about $830 --- unless you are certain your vehicle will be immaculate when you turn it in.

    That insurance covers dings, small dents, and torn leather seats ---- the latter especially vulnerable if you have a dog and let it ride in the car. Otherwise you may face large arbitrary turn-in fees that far exceed the insurance cost. And that cost can also be rolled into the monthly fees. (Whether the insurance cost could be negotiated downward --- probably it could be --- is up to you.. Frankly, I've never understood why people buying a $35,000 - $45,000 or more vehicle fret over two or three hundred dollars . . . must be a matter of gamesmanship.)


    Hope these tips help you. By the way, the new EX-35 is a superb vehicle, and my only quibble is that on the worn surfaces of California highways --- even if blacktopped over composite surfaces --- the road noise from the Michelin tires (17 inch) is fairly high.

    I had the same trouble with a 2006 Acura MDX with Michelin off-road tires, and switching to Continental tires reduced the road noise by about 30% or so --- noticeably so in any case. That vehicle I bought though. The leased ex-35 is another matter, and I'll wait until 1000 miles or so our on the tires and see whether the new tracking is less noisy. (The ex-35 engine is slightly noisier than the MDX's, but is still decent on that score. And the wind noise is pretty low too, though not the noise from other cars in the lanes near you . . . anyway, as low on that count as I'[d lie. But all the other qualities of the car are what they have been touted to be . . . so far anyway.)



  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Wow - "one offered $33,688 and the other $33,500 - but we LIED and said we were offered $33,200".....and I thought only us salesmen lied....LOL!

    Enjoy the EX!

    By the way, selling around 1500 cars a year for the last 15 years - we've seen it all and know your tricks too!

    PS The AMEX incentive ended in Nov. :)
  • lol...since we all seen it "all"!!
    why can't we all just get along?
    just offer the best price, and we'll accept the best price, and save all of us some time to go through the trouble.
  • hey everyone,
    just FYI on the deal i have just got tonight.
    I've been shopping for a EX35 since Oct 2009. after 3 months finally closed the deal tonight.
    here is what I've finally got.

    2010 EX 35 Journey RWD
    Bose & Around View Monitor Pkg
    Platinum Graphite Metallic

    MSRP: $39,015
    Invoice: $35,986
    Incentive: $3000
    Online price $35,986 - $3000 = $32,986

    Final Price I've paid: $32,500 + TTL (got another $200 credit for some mistake they have made)

    so...I think it was pretty decent deal, happy with it.
    Originally i wanted to get the 2010 EX 35 + Bose & around view + Premium + 18" wheel = MSRP: $41,265
    Best offer i got on that was $34500, not bad either. but the problem was that it was hard to find a 2010 Ex35 with Navi, and Premium package. there was like one that matched the color I wanted in the whole Greater LA ara. so I finally gave that up.

    ya...hope this info help all you EX35 shoppers. BTW, this was from a Dealer in So Cal area.

    Good Lucky to you all!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Best price for you is not the "best price" for me :D
  • Tired of negotiating with different dealers and pulled my trigger today.

    2010 EX35 journey AWD with Bose/AV package and splash guards.
    MSRP: $40555
    What I paid is $34200.
    I also got wheel locks for my EX35, not sure if every dealer does it.

    Do no know if this is a good deal but it doesn't matter as long as I like it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Chenbati,
    not a bad deal.
    that's a pretty good price already, even if you try to push harder, u might only save another 200 to 300, but there is no guarrantee they will give another 200 to 300. just that you might, if u get lucky.
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