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Infiniti EX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Pulled trigger today and drive my Dark Currant back

    2010 EX35 journey AWD with Bose package and splash guards.
    MSRP: $40555
    Deal Price: $34100 + TTL

    At the spot I purchased 2 "additional" options

    1. Elite Maintenance Plan - Deluxe 5/75K for $1,148
    2. ECP (Entire Car Protection) Total Care Protection Plan for $1,245. This includes Dent Protection, Tire & Wheel (if you get a flat tire), Key replacement, Paint proection (a seal will be applied) and interior protection (a seal will be applied and punctures can be repaired).

    How much did you get quoted for those items, especially the ECP plan that I cannot get much info from online search? I am thinking whether I should keep or cancel them.
  • is the Elite Maintenance Plan worth it? thanks.
  • Probably not. I cancelled it today.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Smart move. Just change the oil and filter per manufacturers specs at a trusted indy shop -- keep your receipts. Your dealer will fun specials on service as well.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    I think the Tire & Wheel is worth it, the other stuff I would have passed on as well. :)
  • rcarflrcarfl Posts: 2
    I am in florida shopping for a new lease for a ex35. The inifinti web site shows a 3995 cap reduction for a 36 mo, 10K on a Journey , payments at 399 with free nav
    plus tax title.
    One dealer is offering same car at 399 with 1995 down, same conditions
    what is the residual value and money factor for this car? why the difference in cap reduction ( also, the infinity web site shows a FREE nav package ??!!!)))
    please help with this confusing numbers...tks
    I really appreciate any help my current audi lease ends in 2 weeks!!!!!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    It is confusing - Infiniti has confused us - to get the Navigation Pkg (which is "free") you must order Bose and Around View Monitor Pkg ($2150). They should have just said for $2150 you get Nav, Bose, AVM. Whatever, they change things every year.

    Residual on a 36 month lease with 10k is 56% of the MSRP, so I would think the vehicle at the dealer does not have Nav, Bose, AVM if they are quoting the same payment with less down. The National Infiniti Ads are very aggressive and leave the dealers with little room to negoicate. Hope this helps. :)
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    I have an '08 EX35 RWD Journey with Premium, Bose/Navi (didn't come with AVM back then) and 18" wheels, in Silver/Graphite (black/walnut). I leased it for 24 months, and it comes up in March.

    I've shopped the Volvo XC60, Mercedes GLK, Audi Q5, Acura RDX, etc...and kept coming back to the EX. I love it (I mountain bike and race/camp alot,, and rack my bikes up top on a Thule rack, and always have the seats down for biking/camping gear - fits alot), and the value is incredible - it is way less than the others when fully loaded, and the lease terms, in terms of money factors and residuals, are better, making it less expensive to lease. For example, trying to price out the Mercedes and Volvo, with comparable options, puts them at least $200 more per month than the EX.

    I have really wanted a black one, because they look ridiculously good, and love the black interior...even in AZ (any interior is hot in AZ). I have looked all over for a Black/Graphite 2010 RWD with Bose/AVM (incl. Navi), Premium and 18" wheels. First, as mentioned, it is very hard to find a Bose/AVM that includes the Premium, and hard to find Black/Graphite (most are Stone interior, or tan).

    I struck out in AZ, and expanded my search to SoCal and Las Vegas. Found a Black/Stone without the 18" wheels in LV, and a loaded White/Tan AWD in Escondido...and exactly what I wanted through Palm Springs Infiniti. They traded for it from Torrance.

    They did the deal, with ZERO haggle, for $300 over invoice, then MINUS the $500 loyalty cash, so net of $200 under invoice for me (NOTE: If I was buying, it would have been minus $3,000...that discount is only good for buying, not leasing). I was happy with that as it was better than any offer I had for lesser combos in AZ. Plus, their doc fee was $45 vs. the $449 that is standard in the Phoenix area. I leased for 39 months, and bought 5,000 extra miles per year (so I get 20,000 miles/year - I really drive it) for $.10/mile.

    I picked it up this morning in Ehrenberg, AZ, which is on the AZ/CA border, and halfway between Phoenix and Palm Springs. They met me there to do the delivery.

    The look of the car exceeds my expectations, and the Navi is better than the '08. I just love it. You cannot beat the Graphite/Walnut interior, IMO, for richness and luxuriousness.

    Palm Springs Infiniti provided one of the best experiences I have ever had in buying/leasing a car. No haggling, complete transparency on the numbers (I am super-anal, and have done a ton of research, and check/question every number), and a great salesman with a great attitude. I don't care if I *could* have got a better deal, I got the deal I wanted, and what I thought was totally fair.

    I LOVE my new EX...and I LOVE the EX, in general. Perfect for me.
  • janadogjanadog Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    MSRP 40,655, EX35 Journey, AWD, Bose and Around View Monitor Pkg, Roof rail crossbars....39 Mo lease,12K miles, $6500 down 410 a month. Is this a good deal on this car? (oh $710 buy out of current lease also). Thanks - Love the car
  • Janadog,

    no, that's not a good deal at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you residual is 54%, and money factor is 0.00121

    with $6500 drive off, and 39 month with 12k miles/year.
    you should be paying no more than $350.00 , that's include all Tax and Fees!!
    and that's if they make decent profit, very decent profit.

    if you are doing $6500 drive off, you should target your monthly price at $330.00 include all tax and fees!
    this can very about 1% to 3% since I don't know which state you are in.
  • Thank you flashzoom. Love the car but didn't feel good on the deal, or leasing at all. Really appreciate your help.
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    So the $3000 Manu to Dealer is only for purchase? Dang.
  • I've noticed that the $3,000 incentive does not allow the customer to take the low financing (0.0% - 3.9%) but that it also requires the customer to "finance through the manufacturer's captive finance company"? Does anyone know what kind of financing rates you need to take to get the $3,000 incentive? Also, it's not possible to pay cash for the vehicle and get the $3,000 incentive? Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    No change for the EX.

    10 EX: Special Rates OR $3000

    If you lease there is a $500 Lease Loyalty Rebate if you own an Infiniti.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    If you do not use the special financing offered by Infiniti (0% etc) - then the dealer gets $3000 (called dealer cash). They can then pass that along to you - you can pay cash or set up normal financing through your own bank or one of the dealer's lenders. :)
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    just FYI, infiniti & nissan dealers got the Friends & Family employee discount right now.
    for infiniti, its around 3.8% off the invoice price, can be combined with the $3000 incentives!!!!!!!

    the offer ends on 3/31/2010
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    What do you have to be to be "Friends and Family" eligible?
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    no you don't, this is a promo event since jan.
    but it will end on 3/31/2010
    this only applies to purchase only not lease!!!
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    I drove one today and really, really liked it. Unfortunately can't find one equipped as I want, with Premium, Bose/AVM, and Navigation, never mind in a color I want (one of the lighter exterior colors, and wheat interior). The promotion must have been successful, because there isn't much to choose from, looks like.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    I have been scouring Infiniti dealers' inventory in my own state, Virginia, plus nearly all the states around me, and cannot find any RWD EX35 with the Premium package. They mostly have the Bose and Nav packages. But I'm confused because on the information sheet that I have, it says that the Bose requires the Navigation package, and the Navigation package requires *either* the 18" wheel OR the Technology package, and the Technology package requires the Premium package.

    Thus, it looks like to me, if a car does NOT have the 18" wheel package, then if it has anything extra at all, it HAS to have Bose with AVM, Navigation, Technology, and Premium, all four packages. Is that right?

    I wonder if I'm driving myself nuts doing the internet research and coming up blank because they just didn't enter the last two parts (tech and premium), not that the car doesn't have it. Can anyone throw some light on that?
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    You might be looking at the old info.
    currently the 2010 options are different

    most of the EX Jour. comes with bose/navi/AVM system.
    but if you want the Premium package, that requires 18inch wheel.
    then Tech package is last.
    so Premium package is tie together with 18 inch wheels.
    and bose/navi/avm are together.

    yes, it is a bit hard to find the RWD with bose/navi/avm, and premium package right now. I looked for the same car for about 2 months, couldn't find one with the color i wanted.
    you might have better luck looking for AWD + bose/navi/avm + premium + 18" wheels. but that's about 1500 more than the RWD
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    but if you want the Premium package, that requires 18inch wheel.

    On the information sheet I have (picked up at the dealer two days ago) it's the other way around. The 18" wheels require the Premium package, but the Premium package itself can go with EITHER the larger wheels or the tech package, but not both.
  • ex35ex35 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I am about to seal a deal on a new Infinity EX35 AWD Journey, Platinum on Graphite (Bose and Nav +1st aid kit + roof rails and cross bars + splash guards + wheel locks) for 35000 not including tax and title (destination fee included). What do you guys think? Do we have a deal here?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Decent price. Ask for complimentary maintenance for 3-4 years to seal the deal. Not a deal breaker but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  • My local dealer has 6 09s left and I asked them for a quote. What kind of prices should I be shooting for? I see somebody two pages back got 32.5 K + TTL when he bought a '10 in January so I should expect much better for a 09 right?

    PS : Looking for RWD with Bose/Nav
  • ex35ex35 Posts: 2
    1- Does anybody know if the iPod connection cable (which is a typical USP cable) comes with the 2010 ex35? The dealer that I am buying the car from says that it doesn’t come with the 2010 models. However, I am certain that the car which I test drove at a different dealer had the cable located in the center counsel. Any thoughts?
    2- Also, this dealer is charging me $129 for wheel locks. . Given that each wheel lock costs about $1, it is normal for the dear to charge $129?
    3- + $69 for nitro filled tires and $4 for tire recycling fees and they have not even changed the tires (the car is new); should I ask for new tires at least?
    any ideas? Thanks.
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    hey ex35
    here is what I know of

    1. No they do not come with the iPod USB cable. its more less why your iPod comes with a USB cable.

    2. does charge everything for an arm or a leg. that's their listing price on the wheel lock, that is the correct price. just get some wheel lock from ebay, they are like $20 shipped.

    3. no sure what you mean by that? where did the $69 and $4 come from? its on the sticker window price? or they want to charge you that? just tell them you don't want those options.
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    not sure if the dealer can do any deals on the 09s.
    because the incentives will not apply on the 09s, that means they can only offer around the invoice price. Unless its registered, with a license plate already.
    I am almost sure you'll get better deal with the 10s, and they are more willing to deal with 10s as well
  • orchidgalorchidgal Posts: 19
    I don't understand them not including a cable for the Ipod in the 2010 EX35. I own a 2008 and it has that cable in the center console and I plug my Ipod into it all the time. What could that be about??
  • flashzoomflashzoom Posts: 64
    I believe the 2008 ex, doesn't come with the standard USB connector.
    its a proprietary design, that's why why they provided the cable to connect to the iPod/iPhone. 2010 is the 1st year, where they have the standard USB connector for iPod/iPhone/USB drives.
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