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Buying a Used Sprinter

triton4triton4 Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Dodge
I am buying a 2005 passenger 158". The van has 60k miles and is in good cond. It does not have rear a/c. I can buy it for 25k. Edmunds values it at 21K but I cant find one that cheap? It has an extended warranty. I will have to add the rear a/c. Anything I should be concerned with?


  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The standard things certainly apply:
    1 brakes
    2 tires (will need new soon if not already)
    3 wipers/washer
    4 check maint. log (a Sprinter comes with one, it should be filled out/current)
    5 If original battery (Varta, white German battery, filler caps), be sure to check for battery cell levels carefaully, expecially if you are in a HOT climate at least part of year (summers?).

    Drive at least 10 miles, get a feel for the van, get it up to temp., etc. Is it cold in your area? If so, go early and start in the cold.

    use all the buttons and make sure they work...
    6 aux. heat, does it boost temp?
    7 REST function, does it supply warm air for 20 minutes after engine is all warmed up and shut down? Shut off after about 30 minutes +/-?
    8 A/C (front)
    9 ASR stop control
    10 Shifter (controls gear - auto-stick works)
    11 external/internal air control
    12 heater timer?
    13 door locking controls (keys/fobs)
    14 do the mirrors adjust properly.
    15 seat air pumps/lumbar supports work?
    16 door alignments (also drive to listen for excessive rattles from doors and seats.)

    17 uneven tire wear?
    18 rubbing moldings/mud flaps? look for paint wear... possibly rust

    19-22 New fuel, air, cabin air (a must by 60K miles), and oil filters (recent oil change (at least 5th one?)

    23 *** History of oil used?

    24 First transmission service done yet... it is now recommended by 60K miles, not 80K...

    My 2004 140" Passenger van (standard high roof) was only $30K when new in 2005, and I have rear air included.

    A 2005 158" (tall roof?) with 60K and no rear air should be less than $25K... unless your market is VERY tight. i would think $22K would be a fair offer unless there is customization or upgrades on the van.

    KenB :shades:
  • I'm about to buy a used Dodge Sprinter that has been converted to an RV by Pleasure-way. I test drove the vehicle and was surprised to hear a rather loud humming noise that began after a few minutes of driving. The noise continued for 1-2 seconds after the engine was shut off. When the key was in the auxiliary mode the noise was continuous. The owner thought that it was perhaps a fan but essentially he said that the noise was always there and he was used to it. Can anyone tell me if there is a problem.
  • You didn't say what year, but my 06 has a
    fan that makes a low level noise. As far as
    I can tell it is normal.

  • 675_trip675_trip Posts: 2
    The block heater also makes a rumble type noise. the control is the left direction on the same set as A/C. it also uses power and reduces mpg.
  • jlmcjlmc Posts: 1
    We are considering purchasing a used 2004 Sprinter (T1N 2500,140" wheelbase, high roof passenger van) for about $20,000. But we (particularly my wife) are concerned that this vehicle has 118,000 miles on the odometer, and only has maintenance records from the second owner, who purchased it a little over a year ago when it had about 105,000 miles on the odometer. We are taking it to get checked out by a local Dodge/Sprinter dealer who services fleets for FedEx, etc. and seem to know what they are doing. And I'm planning to give
    them an extended version of a checklist I found on another forum

    But the more basic question remains....
    Would we have less frequent and less severe problems if we hold out for a lower mileage sprinter
    (still T1N 2500 140 high roof passenger model)? which may be hard to find! (especially one close to home)

    I'm getting more comfortable with being able to find a Dodge/Sprinter dealer that can work on the van
    wherever we may be.
    Even though the axe is removing 25% of the Dodge dealers, my suspicion is that the percentage
    of Sprinter dealers who get cut will be smaller. And even if the local Dodge service dept isn't very
    savy about Sprinters, I now have an excellent local service dept here in the SF Bay Area
    that they can call for help and guidance -- in addition to this forum.
    Is this thinking naive?

    We would particularly appreciate hearing from any of you who have experience
    with T1N Sprinters with over 100,000 miles on them.

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