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Hyundai Santa Fe Audio and Rear Seat Entertainment problems



  • Hi Everyone. My 2007 Limited Santa Fe had a high pitched whine at low volumes. Turns out - they all do! Hyundai is aware of the issue and has no plans to do a re-caIl. I contacted Harmon International (owner of Infinity) and discussed the issue. After my conversation, the local dealer (Ed Voyles in Marietta, GA) contacted me and told that Infinity had contacted them with a solution. The wiring harness that contains the audio cables to the amplifier was inducing noise into the cables because Hyundai did not use shielded cables for the amplifier inputs. The fix consists or removing the passenger seat, the center console and the radio and running new shielded audio ires to the amplifier and separated from the wiring harness. The noise was nearly eliminated and I am very thankful because it was driving me crazy! (even if your repair man can't hear it, it is there unless it has been fixed. I hope this post helps someone!
  • Thank you so much for being persistent and getting it fixed. It is very helpful indeed!

    We also had a bad experience with the CD changer going bad after only 5 months. The Ford/Hyundai tech that replaced it ended up mutilating the center console and all the trim around it. It was very unprofessional and I'm sure the installers at Best Buy would have done a much better job. I'm afraid to risk sending the car back to the dealer to have shielded cables installed.

    My radio reception has degraded over the last month, so this replacement radio may be going bad too. Do you know what kind of wires they used between the radio and the amplifier so I can give the dealer this info if or when I need another replacement radio?

    All in all, I am not very impressed by the performance and quality of the Infinity head unit/CD changer and Rear Seat Entertainment DVD player. Both the CD changer and RSE will frequently crash while playing back CD and DVD discs created on various PCs. I have a feeling one or both may be LG or other mass consumer unit re-branded as Infinity.
  • Has anyone found any solutions to the RSE system involving that it has sound but no video on the LCD? Even when I plug my sons game system into the three ports there is no video. Everything else works on the LCD (source, xm, cd, display).
  • I'm suddenly having the exact same issue - sound but no picture from the rear entertainment system. Anyone else have this issue?

    Turtle100 - did you get this fixed? What was the problem?

    Thanks for the help!
  • 2008santafe, have you had any luck???
  • map113map113 Posts: 1
    I just traded in my 2008 Entourage Van Limited. I had the rear entertainment problem as well along with a rear passenger door that would not open or close properly. I took it to the dealership and they told me they (dvd, door) were both recall issues and they fixed them under warranty with no expense to me. The unfortunate thing is I never got a chance to use them or make sure both of them worked because I traded the car in that day due to all the other "issues" with the vehicle. I hope this helps :)
  • WOW - Thanks for the message. I'm going to call the dealership and see if they are aware of the DVD player recall. Do you have any details on the DVD recall that I can reference - maybe a recall number or the exact vehicles that the recall applies to? I would appreciate any additional information you have.

    Thanks again.
  • Any updates on the DVD issue? I got an estimate for $1100 to replace the whole dvd system by the dealer. They played dumb when I mentioned that there were all kinds of people with the problem and a possible recall.

    DVD info and sound, but no pucture
    Aux jacks do not seem to work.


  • mtorc88mtorc88 Posts: 1
    Currently having the same issue with no video signal. Has anyone found a solution?

  • mtorc88 said:
    Currently having the same issue with no video signal. Has anyone found a solution?

    I had the exact same problem on my '07 Santa Fe. I first tried replacing the DVD player, but that didn't fix the issue. I decided to try and replace the monitor next. That fixed it! Found a new one on eBay for $72. Description below.

    OEM 2007-2009 HYUNDAI SANTA FE

  • UselessUseless Chicago, ILPosts: 1
    Ballz50401 is right.
    Your gonna have to replace the monitor. The dvd player is fine. Don't replace it.

    Some audio place was trying to get me to replace the dvd player saying one of the lasers went out. Psst no dvd player has two lasers.

    To remove it is fairly easy.
    you can to it you're self. Get a dry wall edger tool. Slip it in between the head liner and the edge of the monitor cover on each side. You need to release the plastic clips holding the plastic surround in place. Wiggle it around until it pops loose.

    Once you get it off. Look for four hex style screws one on each corner of screen, they are 10mm in size. Take them out. It still won't come loose yet. You got two more metal clips still holding it up get those loose. Use a tiny flat screwdriver. Once you get those to left go the monitor should pop out. Just pop out the one harness connecting to monitor then your done removing it.

    To install new monitor. Just do everything you just did in reverse.

    Congrats you just replaced your monitor and got dvd video again. And it only cost you $80 - $110. You just saved yourself $1000! Not too shabby.

    I even did this repair In the middle of blizzard. Freezing cold outside.
    Took me about an hour to do. I know nothing about car audio/video.

    Good luck y'all

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