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Toyota Yaris vs Chevy Aveo



  • lol. I know the aveo is not that great I just dislike the interior of the yaris.
  • I liked this one sentence answer, how true. Wow, that's almost like asking who's better Toyota or Hyundai. Honda or Dodge.....
  • girlcarbuildergirlcarbuilder Baton Rouge, LAPosts: 218
    Oh, I have had an earful on this one. Both owners who have bought Aveo's that consult me will not buy again! One has had to put a new motor in at 50K and yes he has taken care of it. Timing belt failed at 50K miles. Service calls for 100k, so heads up everyone, change it before 50K! It has even had problems shifting from park to drive. The lock out system is poorly designed.

    The other owner has had emission complaints.

    I have only worked on one repair between these two vehicles, that was the tranny lockout system. Frankly, I was not impressed at all.

    Take it from someone who has a lot of years driving cars way past they useable life span. Leave the Aveo at the dealers lot! It is not worth any money! Look for my other posts on the Yaris by clicking on handle.
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