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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • scgalscgal Posts: 4
    I will consider it, based on what happens this Thursday when I take the car in to the dealership service. Not sure if I have much stature though, given that Cici now has 105K miles; however my repair bills have stacked up over the years and I have all service records and costs on file. Like all of you, I've taken excellent care of this car.
  • The same thing just hapeened to us and they wont cover it even though we have recipts!! did anyone start a class action suit??? let me know plse because we r gonna check into it !!!
    Susan Radomski

    PLEASE FILE- did you know the gov't has "The Office of Defects Investigation"
  • 3wide3wide Posts: 4
    Same deal here.... It's been making the noise for about a while. I thought it was a lazy bendix spring on the starter since the noise goes away quickly after start up... I've got 74,000 miles on mine. I took it to the dealer after getting my letter from Mazda....

    Dealer confirmed the condition as per the campaign... Said they couldn't authorize the repair at no charge because I was over by 4000 miles, but if I called Mazda USA, they'll be able to do something for me... (not quite....) Mazda USA told me that unfortunatly they can't do anything because I am over 70,000 miles.

    I'm not dropping this.

    I'm a former ASE Master Tech, and a former Instructor for the state Enhanced Emissions Programs... so if you guys are interested in champion some kind of a law suit, or complaint with the BBB, count me in and if my old ASE certificates mean anything, I'll blow the dust off of them and will bring them with me to try to impress anyone that'll will listen to us!

    Bottom line is that this is 100% caused by a faulty design/inferior part for the application and Mazda USA is strategically trying to reduce their liability by sending out letters now (3 - 4 years after they could see a fail pattern developing) under the idea that a higher percentage of the vehicles would have been sold... crashed... sent to the boneyard... and therefore would never actually show up at the dealer.

    Isn't it amazing that the parts needed to do the repair are on a national back order with no "in stock" estimate in sight... That speaks volumes to the magnitude of this problem....

    Yup... they got a BIG PROBLEM... THEY KNOW IT... They're just trying to minimize their damages...

    Like I said, if someone wants to head the line, I'll follow and support as best I can....
  • I'm with you @flqueenfan! They are trying to replace the cheapest most irrevelant thing with this VVT recall instead of owning up to the fact that the turbo and timing design cooks our oil and creates this sludge!

    I was finally just contacted by Mazda corporate after submitting my paperwork to better business bureau but of course they are just trying to get me to take it in and pay another $106 diagnostic fee to have it not be the VVT afterall. Who charges you to check out a recall anyway?

    My second car is a Lexus and the very few times I've had to take it in, I've never been charged a fee, and especially not for a part they know is defective. How can Mazda get away with something so illegal!

    If you have already folks reading them. Go to BBB, NHSTA, and tell everyone you know not to purchase this vehicle.
  • I am very interested in joining the class action lawsuit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If you are posting your email address in a public forum like this, the only thing you are joining is a spammer's list.

    You can mark your email "public" in your Profile if you want to make your contact information available to other members. Posting contact information online will just get you spam, or worse.
  • I'm glad to hear we are not crazy and you are actually a skilled professional taking the lead on this.

    If no one else is willing I will def be willing to take the lead on finding out our options for a class action law suit. It would be great to have you supporting us with your knowledge of the defect!
  • 3wide3wide Posts: 4
    This issue is so huge with the Variable Valve Tensioner and the Timing Chain on the CX-7 with the 2.3 Turbo that the parts are on national back order.... My dealer is not even able to give me a date as to when they might even be able to schedule me to have the necessary repairs made.... It will be weeks if not months.

    Zoom Zoom...
  • Getting a second opinion now with an independent repair invoice states "needs a turbo sensor replacement", which was already replaced in April 2011, but told me the car needs a new engine verbally, and the individual parts would be too expensive to fix separately, so a new engine is the only thing to do. Also cited sludge in the engine on the invoice.

    The car lost it's "zoom" after the first turbo was replaced, however I thought that's just what happens after 62,000 miles. Thanks for your input, and wish I had found this forum last year--I would have sold the car immediately.
  • I am interested in a lawsuit, just not sure how to go about it. I have a 2007 in my garage that is useless, and I'm having to pay payments on it!!!! I filed a complaint with the NHSTA and with Mazda, no luck. My motor needs to be replaced and I can't afford it. FYI my son works for a national auto parts chain so I had him call the Mazda dealer and ask about the timing chain. They actually told him Mazda knows about the defective part and are ignoring the problem, he told my son they are junk and not worth fixing.
  • It seems that Mazda has quite a defect on their hands here with the VVT actuator and timing chain failure. The real problem is simply a defective key that holds the VVT tensioner in place and is working it's way loose and not keeping the proper chain tension.

    At 55,000 miles, noticed a slight "rattle" upon starting the cx-7 and brought the vehicle to a franchised Mazda dealer. The dealer replaced the timing chain, VVT actuator, water pump, and a rear driveline seal. All covered under the powertrain warranty. No mention of sludge builup in the engine. I have noticed that the oil seems to get dirty quite quickly--using Mobil1 synthetic and changing every 5,000 miles. This could be due to the turbo and DISI construction of the engine--I was told that turbo engines do run hotter. Changing the oil on a regular basis does appear to be a critical component to this car's maintenance schedule.
  • 3wide3wide Posts: 4
    The noise you mentioned was just that, a "slight rattle" immediately after start up, and on mine only lasts about a second. Wasn't enough for me to think about taking it to the dealer over... just thought it was something with the starter... or a heat shield rattle... Wasn't until I got the letter from Mazda that I even thought about it (it's my wife's car, so I think the last time I drove it was Thanksgiving???). As mentioned, by the time Mazda CHOSE to send out a letter, mine was just past the 70,000 mile mark, so now they can say it's not their problem...

    Regarding the oil, you are 100% right that Turbo cars can be harder on oil, which means it is better to change oil sooner than later... When a turbo spools up, the shaft spins so fast and there is so much heat that is introduced to the exhaust side of the turbo, that the oil that is up there momentarily kinda get's super heated... That's not usually a problem because usually you're not under boost for more than a few seconds (taking off from a light... going up a hill...). However, it could be a problem if the car is quickly shut off.... Here's what I mean.

    Once you return to a non boost condition, the oil pressure that is present because the engine is running allows oil to flow through the turbo, and with it, the oil takes away some of that heat from the turbo... That's one reason why it's always best to not shut the car off immediately after a boost condition... In other words... Don't be hard on the throttle (under boost) and then immediatley pull into your driveway, or your parking spot at work and then shut it off... If you do, it kinda just sits there and bakes with no new supply of oil to help migrate the heat.... Ideally, you really should return to normal driving, or if possible, sit and let the car idle for a minute or 2 to help the turbo cool down before then shutting the ignition off. (If it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, don't get too impressed.... It's just that I own a 26 year old 1986 Turbo Buick Regal with 60k miles on it, and a 25 year old 1987 Turbo Buick Regal with 114,000 miles... and have never had a problem with the timing chain... a timing chain tensioner.... or with a turbo. But then again... They don't say Mazda on them either....
  • We bought a 2008 CX-7 Grand Touring on February 19, 2011 with around 26,000 miles on it. On January 30, 2012 (around 36,000 miles) the engine light came on and the vehicle lost all power. We took it to our mechanic to have it diagnosed and it came back that the Mass Air Flow Sensor was bad. We had that replaced, but it made no difference at all. The engine light came back on and that mechanic told us we would have to take it to a Mazda dealer and that if it was anything to do with the powertrain, it should still be under warranty. We were happy to hear that indeed it was still under warranty, the turbo had gone out on the vehicle, and that Mazda most likely would cover all costs. A day later the dealership called to tell us that Mazda needed to see proof of maintenance on the oil changes, as there was a "sludge buildup." We had the oil changed as required, but were told that Mazda may not honor the warranty after all...seems it doesn't matter if you did everything right or not, Mazda seems to be denying this MAJOR problem. We are still waiting to hear if this will be covered, and have been doing lots of research on this issue. We wanted to get a jump start on the issue, and have filed a complaint in case it ends up being the nightmare that other owners are describing. There seems to be a major engineering flaw with this model, and we are now afraid of losing everything due to the extreme repair costs associated with this problem. Not to mention recurring issues that seem to arise after the repairs are made! So sorry to read all of the nightmares that all of us are going through...Mazda needs to stop the denial and resolve this issue ASAP! I am going to check out some attorneys in the Chicago area that would take on a Class Action looks like there would be plenty of people willing to jump on board for that! Thinking about painting it Lemon Yellow when we get it back!!!
  • I mentioned in my original post but bought 07 CX with 14K and now have 47K. I have only had my oil changed at my local Mazda dealership at about every 5K. Took in today for this service and I mentioned that I have seen thick white smoke in the past but not all the time and didn't think much of it (until I started reading here). They ordered a new crankcase breather kit (under recall service extension) and to bring car back when it's in. Did this take care of issues for anyone?
  • I bought my Mazda CX-7 in May '06. This Saturday driving down the highway it lost most of it's engine power and has been "diagnosed" with Turbo failure at a cost of $3,000+. It has roughly 56,000 miles on it. Dealership has already started the same line of junk most people here have gone through -improper maintenance, oil change records, etc. Mazda wants verification pictures, which will cost almost $500 so that I can find out if Mazda will even cover the additional cost. I'm not holding out any hope as the dealership already seems to be intent on doing one over on me and supporting Mazda instead of their customers. I'll be calling Mazda directly tomorrow as well as the original dealership I purchased from (about two hours away). Once fixed I'm looking to trade it in at another dealership- I don't want to risk going through this again and again as some others have. What a frustrating situation!
  • Best of Luck.....still calling Mazda and my extended warranty company, but the response is always the same......can't help you.

    When my turbo went out in April 2011, an independent mechanic cited "stretched timing chain" and "actuator problem", however, only my turbo sensor was replaced by my warranty company. December 2011, turbo again out, and I just found out it was due to the stretched timing chain that was never fixed last year. Still no car, unable to pay $7000 for a new engine.

    Insist on a replacement engine, and stay on Mazda until they honor the recalls...your mileage is within the range. Fix it if you can then sell it fast!
  • I have a 2008 that I am still paying for and was told the engine blew because of lack of oil changes. This is complete hogwash and am looking for information about a class action law suit against Mazda. If anyone knows how I can get involved. I have read hundreds of posting about the engine of the CX7 being a complete piece of china. Mazda mailed a letter stating they extended warranty but not to cover engine. I have had a ford for 14 years and the thing still runs. If you are even thinking about a Mazda DONT. I feel the news media needs to pay attention......
  • The dealership just sent out my pictures today so I am hoping to hear back from Mazda Friday at the earliest or Monday at the latest. I made the dealership send copies of the photos to me via email. My dad, who has been a mechanic for the last 30 years and did all of the regular maintenance, took a look at them today and said there is no more sludge buildup than what he would have expected. But, he still doesn't think they will pay for it under the warranty.

    I've been keeping meticulous records as there are several news stations in the area that love to do "on your side" type stories. When my car is fixed and returned, they'll get as much bad publicity as I can produce.
  • The auto manufacturers are trying to save weight in order to increase the average MPG and in order to save weight they are making the parts "lighter duty" than ever!

    This leads to more engine problems and ever increasing expensive repairs for the driver. I have the same cx-7 and the VVT started to go out at 55,000 miles. The whole problem is a cheaply produced "key" that is working it's way loose and letting the timing chain get slack and then come off with catastrophic results!

    I had mine fixed by a Mazda dealer that honors the warranty and fixed the vehicle in 3 days w/ no questions asked! The issue has come down to lighter duty parts and dealers who don't want to fix anything under warranty due to ever increasing overhead and expenses.

    These days, when considering a new or used automotive purchase where warranty from the dealer is concerned--more research needs to be put into the service dept (asking for references from past service customers, etc) than into price potentially paid. Everyone is fixated on price--who ever does an investigation of the service dept before buying a vehicle? The customer only finds out later (like in all these Mazda posts) that the dealer is basically worthless after the papers are signed!
  • Update...Mazda will NOT be honoring their warranty once again. Found out that they did agree that we did all of the maintenance as required, but they don't know what the original owner did with the vehicle... the problem here is that as 2 other mechanics told us, the maintenance (oil changes) had absolutely nothing to do with this issue.

    I called their "Customer Care" and was told that they would pay $500 towards the $1600 repair and that they felt that was more than fair on their part. Really...? How? An attorney told us that NO that was not right. A car under warranty is under warranty. Period.

    So, how do you fight that...? Well, we are going to pay for the repairs and trade it immediately. We WILL lose alot of money, but will get rid of the POS headache for good.

    I think we can agree that things go wrong with products every day...but it's how we are treated that makes the difference of whether we will buy that product again or not. You would think Mazda would get that too!

    None of us should ever give up! Keep spreading the word about Mazda... Facebook, emails, word of mouth...any way you can. I am going to keep calling Mazda, sending emails, contacting attorneys for a Class Action, whatever I can. Hopefully someday we will all get a big fat check in the mail for all tha we've had to deal with!!! Good luck all!
  • Bought a new cx7 2008 in 08 noticed rattling after you started for a min or two about 7 months ago! as of late failed Air test was told bye dealer needed a 02 censer replaced!DId that passed air test but a week later car engine would run but not move and im told my turbo is out and needs to be replaced ive never gotten any recall letter that ive read people here have gotten and im only at 65,000 miles and have done reg oil changes documented dont know what to do!
  • archearche Posts: 3
    edited February 2012
    I don't think it matters if you got the letter or not. It is a blanket warranty, take a look at the paper work here:

    Turbo Warranty
  • Hi, I am trying to find information on a class action lawsuit as wee
    ll. Were you able to get any information regarding this? I (like many others) had my car stop running on me the other night while I was driving on the highway. I took it to a shop where I was told about the timing chain issue. I then called a mazda service dept where I was told I needed to provide all maintence records. Well, my dad has done most of the maintience (oil changes) on my car so I dont have records. Anyway I am a single mom with a 8 month old baby who needs a car and now I am left with out transportation for what sounds like will be an extremely long time.
  • I have a 07' CX7 and just experienced all this crap that so many others have. I see your post is a bit older however I was wondering if you know anything about a class action suit against them. I am so stuck on what to do. I am a single mom of an 8 month old and am barely getting by as it is. I need my car!!!
  • Wow, I was all ready to go look at the new CX-5, but this discussion changed my mind. I realize it's a completely different vehicle with different powertrain components, but I don't like the fact that Mazda has given you all such lousy service and not taken responsibility for what is obviously an inherent issue with that particular model. Cars are generally so reliable these days - I'm sorry you are all having such problems. It also goes to show why it's important to read the forums, and not just the reviews.
  • I'm sooo glad that you did your research and found your way to this forum!

    Makes me happy to know that people are getting the facts about Mazda and NOT buying their junk. (They do however make some good looking lemons... their designers should get together with some good engineers and make a vehicle that kicks butt!)

    Thanks for posting your decision not to buy a Mazda, hopefully others will read this and follow suit! Trust me, you most likely saved yourself alot of heartache.

    We took a big $ loss and left our POS right at the dealer where it was getting fixed. They were wonderful and apologized over and over for the crappy service from Mazda, so we traded it off and left in right there where it still sits waiting for parts. We decided to buy American this time and got a Ford Escape Limited! It is awesome!

    Oh, and just an yourself a favor and get a 6 cylinder. It was recommended by all mechanics that we dealt with. Best of luck to you in your quest for a new vehicle...and good job again on your research!
  • Mazda sent out letter stating recall on turbo caused bye white smoke out of tail pipes! before my turbo went out was failing emission test caused from a engine problem so the test said! Turbo went out took it to mazda dealer they replaced converter,gasket,fuel and air censor under warranty but not turbo becuz since turbo is broken they cannot start it to determine if it has indeed has whits smoke coming out of tailpipes! so i was told i have to replace turbo which is a crock of S#$%! just a week before all this happened took it to dealer hooked it up on computer to check why it was falling emission test told me it was a co2 censor and nothing else was wrong and co2 censor wasnt covered on warranty paid for that on my own two anyone filling a class action lawsuit or invovled in one have all documents of oil changes,repairs etc!
  • Being screwed over by Mazda as we speak! HELP!!!!! If I may ask how much did your repairs cost to replace the turbo. I'm not sure whether to repair and trade in or just leave it as is.
  • Mazda actually capitulated and paid for half; the dealership admitted there was a "possibility" that the major engine work they did the week before the turbo failure "may have led" to the failure and kicked in half of what was left, so I only paid $800. They charged cost for the parts, and ate some of the labor. Before Mazda corporate accepted anything (I was at 60,100 miles) or any discounts, it was $4800. That seems to be about average.
    Depending on your mileage, you can try to get a repair; since they extended the warranty it might help you, and just badger the h*ll out of the corporate rep you call (call the toll-free customer service number; the dealer staff are worthless) and tell them how many messages you've seen online, that by extending the warranty they've admitted liability, blah, blah, blah. Try to sound lawyerly. :) Don't threaten a suit--that just makes them mad and will shut them down talking to you (I'm a paralegal, so I know whereof I speak).
    I will saw that my "new" turbo, now only 6,000 miles old, already is whistling, which means it's heading toward another failure. Leaving it "as is" is NOT an option; your engine will eventually completely die on you.
    Good luck, we're all in this together.
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