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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • I had a very similar situation; I ended up getting a Toyota Prius, and had to borrow money to pay what I still owed on the Mazda CX7 , which was like 11k at the time. I sold the piece of junk remaining of CX7 to a company that buys used cars (good and broken) for auction, and I was able to get $6,500 for the CX7 with broken engine. I suggest you try that..
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
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    FOLLOWUP: Today, 8/9/2012 I took my CX7 to a dealership near my office in Broomfield, CO because it was more convenient than taking it to the one near my home who did the original engine replacement. The car had check engine errors (on my newly replaced engine) which have apparently been determined to be related to the VVT problem that caused failure on the original engine. The replacement engine was a used/rebuild engine with 27K miles that the 3rd party warranty company had obtained and shipped to the repairing dealership, not a brand new engine from Mazda. I had contacted both the warranty company and the dealership imploring them to research whether the replacement engine had gone thru the TSB repair process so I wouldn't experience another failure, but they neglected to do so, instead relying upon the 12 mo parts/labor warranty on the replacement. The car has clocked an additional 11K mi on top of the 27K, so now we're looking at an issue at 38Kmi! However, here's what kills me.. the third party warranty co. will not authorize a rental until repairs are officially authorized and they know that the dealer will require the car overnight -- and of course they were unable to reach a decision today. So since they didn't say I couldn't drive the vehicle, nor did they tell the dealership the same - I opted to pick up the car and drive it round trip another 170 miles and will drop it off again in the morning. I can play the game too... at this point I halfway hope the (expletives of your choice here) engine blows up again, even though it would be a major inconvenience to me. Fingers are crossed at this point.
  • If there ever is a class action lawsuit, contact me. I want in. On a '07 cx-7, I'm out 2vvt's and chains (a year apart), a turbo, a top end (values, ect), and now a complete engine.

  • ckbolesckboles Posts: 16
    Yes---if anyone is starting a class action suit, I'm in. Out of pocket over $5000 and I have all the parts that were taken out (timing chain, VVT, etc) plus photos showing no sludge. Plus, there is FORD engine in my car, not a Mazda engine.

    Mazda has made a huge customer service mistake by not recalling or repairing the engine problem. I stop people driving the CX 7 and tell them to dump it before they get screwed also. They have thanked me profusely for letting them know.....hope their car makes it.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
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    I have a 2011 CX7 GT Turbo with 5,000 miles. Have filed all problems you are experiencing and more with Mazda and THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION. Contacting NHTSA only requires a simple telephone call. I reported that I get a loud banging when my air conditioner comes on and that this banging frequently occurs when I quickly accelerate to over fifty mph. Believe me I am looking for an attorney to take on a class action suit. My family is trying to find one knowledgeable enough to really get Mazda's attention. Please file everything you have experienced pertaining to your CX7 with NHTSA, this can be highly instrumental in a class action suit. Lets make Mazda take some notice and stand behind their products. The NHTSA phone number is 1-888-327-4236.
  • My 2007 CX7 was purchased in Dec 2006 and I did take many long trips so my mileage is higher than most. Still, I intend to pursue legal action against Mazda and in general research have found hundreds with the same issues. I, like many, know I had regular maintenance performed and my car was babied to say the least. I will have a facebook page created in the next several hours and will send a link for all to post. I hope with the newly created page, these forums, and a petition we can make a difference. The Mazda CX7 is not a cheap car and repairs are definitely not cheap, so why should we settle for cheap quality?
  • The turbo charger in my 2007 CX7 has to be replaced @ only 78k miles for $2K (dealer's price) I filed a complaint with Mazda and the DOT NHTSA. This car has been nothing but a costly lemon- with most repairs related to the engine. I am following these threads to take part in any legal action similarly situated Mazda owner may pursue.
  • hi people, just joined the club- have all service records on time-bought car with 21,609 miles, have sludge build up-suggest replacing timing chain and turbo-$4600.00-Luckily bought through carsense, engine for life guarantee-PLEASE REGISTER ALL COMPLAINTS WITH SO WE CAN MAKE THEM PAY UP FOR THIS. Don't bother calling Mazda, their trained phone operators will put you on hold forever. It's they're arrogance that upsets me, that they can blow people off so easily- A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT WOULD COST THEM MILLIONS,please file with
  • ckbolesckboles Posts: 16
    After replacing the timing chain, turbo sensor and VVT Actuator, my Mazda is running like a dream. The zoom zoom came back, and the car is performing better than ever!!!!!! A good mechanic makes all the difference!

    Now, I'm still out the $5000 from this repair, and I'm hoping Mazda will reimburse me. Car is getting traded in, as I need more of commuter car, however, I can sell this car with confidence now!!!!!

    Wish me luck with Mazda.............................................. :shades:
  • Aug. 21, approximately 80K miles, felt a slight jolt @70 mph. Engine lost some power (could not maintain speed), then quit altogether. Had car flatbedded to dealer (who has performed ALL recommended maintenance since Day 1). Several days later, dealer stated remanufactured engine would be required at $6400. I told them that, as this is a known problem, Mazda should step up and help. Mazda refused, so I'm having my engine rebuilt by an independent shop at almost $2000 less! No more Mazda's for me (this was my first) and I AM interested in a class action suit if one commences. I have ALL my records. A timing chain should not fail at this mileage if the engine is properly designed.
  • Yeah....Mazda has been incredibly selfish and are real jerks in regards to the CX7. Still fighting for my $5000 private repair back. Just yesterday, I purchased a Mazda 3, because a Mazda dealer is the only one who would pay fair trade in value for the CX 7.

    The latest joke is I again asked them for $$ back, and was offered a $100 gift certificate!!!!!!!!

    I swore I would never get another Mazda, however, the 2007-08's were just bad cars. Everyone else I know with a Mazda 3 or 6 has had no problems.

    Let's see what happens....I am shipping the chewed up timing chain, the 1 year old turbo sensor and assorted other repaired parts to the Recall Department......I have photos and even had molds made of the bad parts so I can keep fighting for my money back.

    Good luck, and don't give up......forget a class action suit, just work on getting your out of pocket expenses back!!!!!!!!! :shades:
  • For those who are interested, please contact me. This problem is being solved (not by Mazda, obviously). Thanks. V.
  • I'm listening......if you can come up with something, let's do it!!!!!!!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,586
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  • contacted nhtsa, filled out ppwk sending 9/17- my response that I finally got from Mazda was since I bought the car with 21,000 on it , they speculated the previous owner never had a oil change- their customer service is the worst-they call late, she didn't clearly identify herself- I had to dump my CX7 at a loss-went with a honda crv-never again will I go to these idiots-Had a lemon law lawyer lined up for the case, but when I got rid of it the case went too! If someone knows of a suit please post case or lawyers name..
  • I also am the owner of a Mazda cx7 that has the same problem , can't afford repair, stop home base business and I've been renting cars to get to work because I live so far from job to be without a car. I've also filed a complaint with the nhtsa. I've contacted several law firms that deal with product liability but none are willing to take the case (non injury) so if you have someone I'm very interested :mad:
  • Hello CX-7 owners. My 2007 CX-7 GT AWD is being serviced today under the extended warranty for the vvt actuator and timing chain. Dealership said they'll service the turbo as well. Anybody had this type of service done? Did you notice any difference in performance? Just wondering if after all these services, will my CX-7 be reliable or should I flip it and buy a new one?

    Just bought it a month ago used coz I liked the styling and the turbo was fun to drive. But after reading all these horror stories, I've been thinking really hard about it and somehow losing sleep over it.

    Appreciate all your comments and advices you wonderful CX-7 owners.
  • You basically answered your own question .... what you have read is all very true and very expensive to each person who's owned/still owns their CX-7. Dumping mine was the best decision I made! I will NEVER own any Mazda product ever again. Everyday consumers wouldn't get away with treating people the way Mazda has, and yet they continue to steal from people. If I didn't know better, I would think the Government ran Mazda. Maybe? Dump your CX-7 as quickly as you can! Don't fall for Mazda's new versions or even their CX-5 or whatever it's called, because its only going to be a problem in time.
  • BS! Don't EVER listen to your dealership ... I learned that the hard way. I also caused a scene at mine after being told the same thing you were, and then a couple of months later, the car quits on the freeway in a snow storm because the timing chain broke and everything seized up. It gets better ... because the engine keeps running for a short time after the timing chain breaks, it bent valves and several thousands of dollars went it to replacing and rebuilding. My local dealership told me I had two options. 1. replace the engine with a brand new one - 6-7k, or replace with a rebuilt one for 5-6k. F them is what I said. I hunted Mazda down and harassed them. Recorded conversations with executives and ended up winning in the end when I received a letter in the mail to be re-imbursed for my expenses. Don't get burned. Get rid of the car and then stop random people on the street and warn them about the CX-7 like I do!
  • I was kind of hoping that having these things fixed by the extended warranty program would keep the car reliable to be driven for many years to come.

    Been reading your posts and sounds like you've had quite an experience with mazda. How was your decision making experience to dump the car? I'm struggling coz I just bought it a month ago with my savings - didn't finance it. It's stressful to think that I may have bought a lemon. When I bought it I thought - great coz I bought a car I wanted for the price I wanted. Now it seems like Im going through the car buying stress again. And the thought of selling low and buying my next car high is killing me! Grrr.
  • Bottom line...Get rid of it as soon as possible. I was one of the first to start on this and file complaints. As it was not widely known at the time of the problem, dealer said it was my fault, lack of oil changes (even though I documented they did the service). After timing chain failed, had to replace engine at cost of 5,000.00. Three weeks after driving it the other thing failed. they wanted 3,000.00. Never was able to speak with Service Manager, or anybody in management. Mazda corporate unresponsive. Lost 8,000 plus car and had to buy used car... Again, dump the car. Mazda does not care/
  • magic5magic5 Posts: 1
    Hello, Count me in. My CX-7 exploded and went up in flames this past weekend. I stopped at a stop light, I heard a very loud explosion and next thing I knew the front of my car was on fire. The whole front of my car is gone. I had my turbo replaced about two months ago and about 6 months before that the time belt exploded and took out my air conditioning and my power steering. I had all my repairs done by Mazda. :mad: :cry:
  • That should be reported to the national car safety board also. Read back through this thread and you'll find a number for them near the beginning. Good luck. Mazda is a criminal company and should be held accountable.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    edited October 2012
    As I said previously I have a 2011 CX7 GT Edition Turbo. This vehicle has under 7,000 miles. Upon delivery of CX7 I had synthetic motor oil and premium oil filter installed. At 5,000 miles I had oil dumped and new synthetic oil and premium filter installed. My CX7 has Turbo Lag, what I believe to be smoking and AC not working properly. I am having health problems so I decided to let independent professionals study my CX7 ( I am unable to drive it now) and try and give me an answer as to problems or design flaws not addressed by Mazda. Let me just say CX7 is with University that knows how to detect problems. I had scheduled appointments with dealer service which I had to cancel and decided to go this route. Trying to obtain credible information for legal action if necessary. I will be able to drive again by end of October and seriously thinking of just unloading CX7 for something else. I was told Mazda discontinued CX7 and replaced with CX5 because of problems related to CX7 that Mazda did not want to deal with. Please keep me in loop. Thank you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    While the CX7 quite clearly has an inordinate share of problems I suspect the switch to the CX-5 and SkyActive is more about FE and the current, RISING, price of fuel.

    Detuning an engine in a way that results in poor FE 98% of the time so a turbo can be fitted and functional will always be a BAD compromise.
  • to get the ball rolling on a larger suit simply mail a complaint to your state attorney generals office, attach any receipts and document all claims, they in turn present these charges which I expect will soon surface in the public and Mazda will need to answer for them-regardless of whether or not the issues are fixed-DUMP THE CAR A.S.A.P!!!! It is a money pit, someone above reminded me my air conditioner never really blew cold air(I usually have the window down) I had a violent vibration at speeds over 35mph (tires were balanced and in good cond) smoke, sludge my rear doorlocks stopped working one at a time!!!!! Dump the crap :lemon: angry cx7
  • have a chance to be the one to start this suit against Mazda, lawyer is in place, he's already suing them on an RX8 issue, he's ready to file- I only want to hear from serious people who are fed up with being walked on- especially looking for any drivers from california since the attorney is there-contact me only if you are serious!! Angry CX7!! :) :) Will also post this on Mazda forum on FB, please pass this around to any other sight where people are online.
  • attorn. in ca. already in process of suit over rx8, google robert starr-rx8-mazda(spaces not dashes) and that's the law firm, they offered me settlement so I might need to take the money and run-need someone to take over suit for me-no out of pocket expenses unless you win, but I can't afford to wait
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I own a 2007 CX7 (purchased used) that experienced VVT / timing chain failure - engine was replaced via 3rd party warranty -- they installed a used engine from another wrecked CX7 with 27Kmi on it -- as they are entitled per terms of warranty agreement. That replacement engine experienced the exact same VVT symptoms at 39K miles and had to be repaired under the engine vendor's 12K MI/12 MO Warranty! I was in a rental car for over a month the first time due to parts delays and for 25 days the second time because the 2nd Mazda Dealership near my office in Broomfield, CO that I took the car to for diagnosis, had refused to work with the Vendor/Warranty company. I took it back to the servicing dealer in Colorado Springs and then had to wait for them to coordinate with the Vendor/Warranty company which was a comedy of delays -- fortunately the 3rd party warranty company ante'd up and covered the rentals in both instances. Now the vehicle is back at the dealer again suffering from a bad throttle body (not covered by warranty :-( ) AND a leaking transfer case! (covered thankfully)

    I would be very hesitant to purchase another Mazda product after the problems I've had with my CX7 -- Please have that attorney contact me! I'd be happy to be a part of a lawsuit.
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