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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • Count me in. I was one of first to file with NTSB an on this site. Never any response with Mazda Service Manager, Dealership Manager of Corporate. Just ignored the 8,000 in expenses and loss of car with no rental car. Gentemio
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I can only wish that mine would be totaled, and that insurance and GAP coverage would cover the loss and I could simply start over with a NON-Mazda product... For me, it'd be the next best thing to winning the lottery.


    As I said before someone pls. call Robert, and take over this suit, he's currently suing them on a RX8 issue( remember how fast that dissapeared)
  • Just took my 2011 CX7 GT Turbo with 6,500 to the dealer. My concerns are AC not working properly, when temperature is over 80 degrees does not cool CX7 unless going over 2,000 rpm. When temperature is over 85 degrees and CX7 left outside over night AC starts with loud banging sound. When accelerating to over 50 mph CX7 will make banging sound. Brakes soft and peddle low. When starting in the morning CX7 will larch when putting into reverse with foot on brake peddle. Mazda dealer service technician and service manager drove CX7 with me in it and could not duplicate any of these problems. Therefore CX7 has no problems. My daughter's boy friend took iPhoto of master cylinder being low on brake fluid, when CX7 was returned it was up to level. All of my complaints were noted and should I "experience them again bring to dealer while happening." Needless to say I felt foolish, but these problems definitely have happened. Am having CX7 gone over by certified experts for information and possible law suit. Family says unload the CX7 and replace.
  • Get rid of it. Save yourself thousands of dollars and grief
  • pls pls pls, listen before you end up like the rest of us-while you still have some value-GET OUT!!!!RUN SOMEWHERE AND DUMP THIS LEMON!!! :lemon:
  • In march of this year out of the clear blue I was driving my 2008 cx-7 when I heard a kind of muffled popping sound coming from my engine, I took to local mechanic who said error codes showed him vehicle should be towed to nearest dealer. Did that. At time car had 80,000 miles on it, but I didn't worry because when I purchased I bought extended warranty from dealer from a warranty company called Fidelity. Received a call three days later from dealer service telling me that vvt and chain were damaged as well as turbo, transfer case seals, , engine oil cooler all needed to be replaced and fidelity denied claim due to sludge. I asked for photos and also asked service manager if this sludge build-up was abnormal, no he said not for a car with 80,000 miles. Tried to call Fidelity and dispute the denial but they refused to even talk about it. S o I paid dealer $5,824.00, which I barely had but had no choice. Several times after repair engine light came on and I took back to dealer which they cleared and said it had something to do with computer being triggered incorrectly due to a sensor in gas tank. I am not very knowlegeble about cars so I believed them. Anyway three days ago the light came on again but this time I started seeing smoke from exhaust. I immediately stopped driving and had it towed to dealer. Got call today, the engine was not getting oil engine is hot and turbo too, and they want 8,100.00 to repair, please someone tell me something useful that maybe I can do, I don't have the money
  • sorry to say this ,you're finding out like we did, your car is a lemon-contact your local attorney general and have them investigate , then contact Robert Starr(California lawyer)- he's trying to get a class action started-good luck :lemon:
  • My mazda is now in the shop needing a new motor. The car has 60,213 miles on it and guess what .......the warranty is only good for 60,000...imagine that.

    I have had so many issues with this car that I will NEVER BUY A MAZDA AGAIN.
    I had the rotors hubs and bearings replaced on the front end at 20,000 miles.
    I had to get the A/C replaced at around 40,000, because it completely locked up.

    Then it was burning an extreme amount of oil. They replaced the timing chain, the VVT actuator and also the timing chain seal (where they thought it was leaking).
    Then 4 months later a CEL came on.....Bad EGR valve, then they found the turbo was bad (after I told them to check it before and they wouldn't because they said quote "if there is nothing wrong with the turbo will pay full price for the tear down.) and they found the shaft would not come out of the transmission, when replacing the turbo, so they had to replace the transmission.
    Well last Friday I got the call from mazda because it was leaking oil all over my driveway again. They said oil was in the intake and the turbo and found low compression...SO NOW they are wanting to replace the motor. Oh yeah and we are 213 miles over our factory warranty so.....luckily we bought the extended warranty so it won't be full price, but I feel like after reading all the issues that they should stand behind their product and fix it right.

    FYI my turbo is rebuilt not new. My transmission is also rebuilt.
    I have only had this car 3 years... still owe more than it is worth....this crap sucks.

    If you own a Mazda CX7 get rid of it before you are taken for a ride.
    Read the posts on edmunds if you need to see more.
    I did and after my Mazda is repaired we will be trading it in ASAP and buying something else THAT IS NOT A MAZDA.
  • If a class action lawsuit is filied I will be more than glad to take part in it
  • Just wondering are you going ahead whith the class action or is Mazda settling these issues? I have a cx7 Motor ready to seize at 70'000km in Aust
  • Hi, I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7. The turbo has gone up with less than 40, 000 miles on the car. We are upside down in the financing and have contacted a lawyer. I know that this is an uphill climb based on postings on forums. Mazda was aware of this turbo problem but has never had a recall. I am interested in how to initiate a class action suit.
  • I am in Maryland. Have just been told that we need $7000 to repair turbo. Have less than 40,000 miles on the car. Have already contacted a lawyer here. We are upside down in our financing and feel totally screwed. am asking our attorney about next steps to
    class action suit.
  • Forget a class action action suit.....go directly to Mazda and insist on your money back, or go to small claims court in CA. You should have a limited recall letter that shows they are accepting some liability, and your car falls under their 70,000 mile rule. Good luck...still working on mine, but I won't give up!!!!!! :shades:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    In the mean time it might be a good idea to locate a mechanic/technician that will "wire" the wastegate fully open. You won't have "boost" power levels by the car should be driveable.
  • On October 23 I got off a plane from Philadelphia, PA to Jacksonville , FL and required emergency surgery.

    Sounds like what my CX7 Turbo may require. I am slowly recovering, CX7 with only 6,500 Miles
    Is ailing very much.

    I am leaning toward cutting my loses and dumping CX7. Mazda just doesn't seem responsive and I need no further agrevation.
  • aneataneat Posts: 1
    I bought the 07 CX7 new and just loved it at the beginning, but then problems after problems. The VVT/timing chain went out the mechanic told me to get rid of it I might get another year of driving. My cx7 was paid for and didn't want car payments so I kept it. What a mistake!!

    I was stranded 6 hrs from home for 6 days when the turbo went out. I traded it in 2 weeks after the repair and loss of money. I'm happy to say I'm now driving a Chevy Malibu, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles the madza had but 4 months of smooth driving!

    I wrote Madza a letter both times after the major issues and they don't care!! :lemon:
  • I dumped my CX7, to cut my losses and grief.

    Mine had 64,000 miles, just 4k miles after warranty expired, and at the time I still owed $11k :( . Timing chain snapped and ruined the engine; dealer offered to replace engine for a little fee of $8,500., really? and replacement engine would come with 1 year warranty. So, because of this flawed design, I would probably have to buy a new engine every year or two, WTF?

    I got rid of mine; sold it with broken engine to a place that buys broken cars to auction, for $6,500. I still owed $11, so I had to pay out of pocket/up front $4,500. This was horrible; but I did it because I felt that I would not trust that car anymore, even with a new/replacement engine.

    After dumping the CX7, I went and financed a new Toyota Prius, and that has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
    I used to spend $65-$70 in gasoline per week on the CX7, and now I spend $27 every 2 weeks. I save over $200 in gas, and have a truly reliable car.

    Thanks Mazda; never again!
  • acdrumnacdrumn Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    I have had all the problems listed in this long thread. Turbo failed, AC condenser replaced, timing chain, and now the motor. 2007 CX-7 with 54k miles. Turbo problem came around 35,950K. At the time, the 70k extension had not come to fruition yet, so I was operating under the 36k warranty. The problem actually happened under warranty, so I purposely left it in the garage and called dealer. Told them that I was coming in and by driving it in was going to be just over warranty mileage. They suggested that, just in case, I should TOW it in to stay under the mileage. I told them BS, drove it in anyway, and told them to fix it. Several months later we got the letter regarding the 70k extension.

    FF to two weeks ago. Took it in for an early 60k service. Basically $800 for a fancy oil change, not even tune up or plug replacement. Got it home, and two days later it starts with a heavy tick. Not the small ticky valve noise that comes standard with the vehicle, but a louder clack. Took it back in, told them that it was either a) VVT or b) timing chain. Turned out to be loose chain, and they replaced it. Said VVT was fine, no sludge, etc. Gave me grief because the car is 5 years and 4 months at 54k, and that technically it would be considered out of warranty, but again, I called BS. I simply don't take no for an answer, clear and simple. So, it was settled. I go to pick up the car, the tech drives it up to me and gets out and says "what did you have done to this?" I tell him the chain, and he says, "oh, that's weird because it doesnt' sound right." So I get in, and......clack is still there. Manager comes out, hears it, goes back into the shop for about 5 to talk with mechanic, comes back out to tell me they want to take another look at it. Well, to shorten this, they find that #3 valve has lost compression and motor is toast. Tomorrow I find out if they will pay for a new motor.

    Just with everyone else, they asked for all oil change records, etc. We had all but 3 performed at dealer, and gave them receipts. A note on this to any Californians - it is State Law that you can get your oil changed at other places other than the dealer without risking having your warranty voided. So don't let them tell you that. Anyway, I am under 60k, but over in years by a few months, expecting a fight on this. These other problems no doubt had an effect on the motor. I must say, my particular dealer has been pretty good to work with so far, despite all the problems. Corporate Mazda is another story. The Mazda mechanic working on my car now is supposedly one of the top in the nation, and even he told me that these 4-cyl turbo motors are awful and nothing but problems. I'm prepared to go all they way if corporate tries to stick me with the cost of a new motor.

    One more note to everyone - unless you truly were negligent with your oil changes (waiting until 7500k - 10k), the sludge build up schtick that Mazda falls back on is actually caused by the excess heat and oil build up that gets trapped in the Turbo. That turbo supposedly generates a ridiculous amount of heat, and the oil that gets pushed through does not get fully expended. So, it you get your oil changed every 5k, even 7500k, that is not the cause of the sludge.
  • I need to know if this works? I have 2007 CX7 and I have a blown turbo but runs still I have had a wheel come off abnormal brake wear and its just a disaster I will NOT put 2k into this junk and owe way too much to trade since only have had for 10 mos please give me some way around this to drive a few more months and take a bath but get out from under this junk
  • My '07 Mazda CX-7 has been acting up for about a year now. We finally decided to take it to get worked on. The first guy we took it to kept it for about a week and said the Timing Chain need to be changed. However he never fixed it. Then we took it to another guy who could not fix it, because he did not have all the tools. So we broke down and called Skyland Automotive in Asheville, NC. Upon first quote, it was going to cost a little over $700. When my husband called back to say we would bring it in, they said it would be an additional $200 to replace the water pump.(This was Friday) We dropped it off last night, because the parts came in. Today we received a call that the Variable valve timing actuator button was missing or had fallen out. This was going to cost another $180 dollars to replace. They thought it may had fallen into the oil pan and wanted permission to check. Just received another call saying that they found half of it and wanted to take the oil pan off(thought they were going to do that already), but if they did, it would cost another $129 dollars.. Finally told them to fix what they could and that we were not giving them another dime.

    I should have known not to take it to them. they tried this crap before with my Mazda 6. My fan in my engine stopped working. Took it to them to figure out what was wrong. They said it would cost $600 to replace the whole housing unit...... I laughed at them! I found out which fan was not working, found a replacement on E-bay for less than $4 and free shipping. Changed it myself. So that repair that they wanted to charge $600 for, cost me $4 and about an hour of my time.

    Dealerships are the biggest rip off.
  • Mazda has a recall on this item that covers up to 70K miles. You should not pay out of pocket if you are within this mileage. Also there is a lawsuit in the works.
  • Well, Mazda got back to me today. They have offered to replace the engine with a rebuilt, but said I would have to pay $2800 for the labor. I got Corporate's number, called them and had it seriously out with them over the phone. They were sticking to the time side of the warranty as their excuse not to pay all. My vehicle is 5 years, 4 months, 54k miles. I told them thanks, but I won't be paying a dime. Waiting to hear back again. If any of you deal with corporate, be strong with them. They'll just say its Mazda policy, and that they don't make the decisions. There is SOMEBODY making these decisions, you just need ti find a way to get to them. I would like to be in on any lawsuit if this doesn't work out. All these inconsistencies with they way customers get treated for the same problems is what really pisses me off.
  • I have had my 2008 Mazda CX-7 for just about a year. I bought it used from Carmax and purchased the extended warrantee. I'm curious to know what symptoms you are experiencing. I have noticed some "slipping" or RPM deceleration when driving at lower speeds. I am going to take it in to Carmax to have them take a look. I read earlier posts of people who thought they had a transmission issue but it turned out to be a sensor and was relatively inexpensive to fix and solved the problem. I don't know a lot about cars so I'm concerned that I don't know what else the symptoms could indicate - ie, timing belt, engine, transmission etc. Lastly it seems that a lot of problems occurred with the 2007 model. Are the 2008 CX-7's not having the same issues? I am in Maryland as well so I'm curious as to your results. Thanks! Also my car has about 43,000 miles.
  • I have had my 2008 Mazda CX-7 for just about a year. I bought it used from Carmax and purchased the extended warrantee. I have noticed some "slipping" or RPM deceleration when driving at lower speeds. I am going to take it in to Carmax to have them take a look. I read earlier posts of people who thought they had a transmission issue but it turned out to be a sensor and was relatively inexpensive to fix and solved the problem. However after reading multiple recent threads i am worried that there could be more to the problem. I don't know a lot about cars so I'm concerned that I don't know what else the symptoms could indicate - ie, timing belt, engine, transmission etc. Lastly it seems that a lot of problems occurred with the 2007 model. Are the 2008 CX-7's not having the same issues? Thanks! Also my car has about 43,000 miles.
  • TRADE THIS IN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE- DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY-PROBLEMS ARE LESS THAN 6K AWAY- DUMP THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • Thanks for the quick reply. My issue I think, is with the surge or deceleration I experience at a certain speed. It doesn't happen all of the time and typically not when I'm going fast. I cannot afford to put $ into a problem car. Has a lawsuit been filed? Also are problems being found with 2008 models or mainly with 2007 ( the first year model was made)? I appreciate the help and advice.
  • 2007 was the most troubled year but 2008 was no better and problems continued even later. While I can't help with surge/deceleration concerns, I may be able to help you with respect to the VVT /timing chain issues. You can reach me through my profile information, or just pose a question here on the forum.
  • I sympathize with all the owners. Are most of you in the USA? I am in Canada and I have a 2007 CX7 with 125,000 km (77,680 miles). I just recently started to hear the slapping noise associated with the VVT/timing chain. I took it to the Mazda dealer and no problems. Yeah your VVT and timing chain need to be replaced and it is still under warranty. I just did an oil change in October so they are including one with the repair. I'll pay extra for synthetic oil as that is what I run. I don't know why Mazda in the USA is so deceiving...maybe because of a larger amount of owners? My CX7 has been paid for a couple years now so I don't think I'll switch vehicles. I have new snow tires and rims and brakes all around, so I'm hard pressed to trade it in for something newer and different. I guess I'm fortunate to have a good honest dealer. I usually check the BBB and CAA (AAA) for dealer recommendations before I go to one. I travel about 20 km to the one I use because the one closest to me has a very bad reputation.
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