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Mazda CX-7 Engine Problems



  • My daughter who is a full time college student purchased a CX-7 used nearly a year ago. She still owes $8,000 on it. It has the same timing chain issue being discussed in this forum (Loud noise followed by dead car). Her car has 112,000 miles on it.
    After incessant phone calls and emails Mazda has offered us $500 dollars towards the repair of the timing chain and $1,000 if it needs a new engine as a good will gesture. They are also insisting we have a tear down of the engine done (approx. $300) to determine what needs to be done. If the car needs a new engine we will be unable to afford getting it fixed and will have to spend the next 4 years helping our daughter pay it off. We also cannot afford to purchase another car.
    When companies like Mazda know their product is defective and fail to issue a recall they are patently dishonest. This is screaming to be a class action lawsuit.
  • ruby23ruby23 Posts: 3
    We bought a car from the Mazda dealership, a certified suv CX-7 2008, a few months later the car started acting up and the engine overheating. We took it in to the dealer and they told us the only problem was that of the thermostat. Thankfully we had bought the extended warranty that covered this. They told us everything else was fine and that was the only problem they had come across. About six months later the car still kept overheating and we noticed there was another leak. We took the car in and now they are saying it was a lack of maintenance from our part, the engine was blown and there was oil all over everything. They told us that if we proved we took care of the engine adequately that our extended warranty would cover it. We did everything that we could and got all the receipts of the Synthetic Oil we had bought, got all our ducks in a row and handed them the "evidence" they needed. Now they are saying that due to the "sludge" the warranty can be void.
    At this point I started doing research based on the fact that we did take care of our car, its oil was changed even before it had to ( A car is a major investment, why would we not take care of it when we're spending $700-900 a month to keep this car). Something wasn't right, I had to put two and two together. According to other Mazda CX 7 Owners their engines started giving out at 40-80k miles. I also talked to a mechanic who told me they believe the engine is overheating due to the turbo in the engine, causing everything to melt. I talked to the main Mazda mechanic about this and they said that they can't do anything but wait and see if the insurance will cover this and replace the engine, he said he knows about the problems people have reported but there is nothing he can do.
    Mazda is definitely a major rip off and SCAM. They SCAM people out of their money by giving them faulty cars that give out way before 100k miles and then tell them it's because they didn't take proper care of their engines. Buyers BEWARE of MAZDA and even their PLATINUM warranty, they will use EVERY excuse to void this! READ ALL THE REVIEWS OF UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS! Mazda is definitely not owning up to this like they should. The MAZDA CX 7 Engine is no good! Lawsuit is on its way!
  • ruby23ruby23 Posts: 3
    Our engine just failed as well!!! A lawsuit is definitely a must!
  • We are absolutely willing to participate in a lawsuit. The dealership that has our car said immediately with no tests that our engine is blown. Clearly this problem is very familiar to them. I'm going to start researching attorneys.
  • msannc22msannc22 Posts: 1
    Omg this is my mazda cx7 problem right now!they told us that we didn't take care of the car. And the warranty says that the canister oil wasn't there thats why the engine got "sludge" thats why it broke down and they don't cover it since it's our fault. How is that our fault? And now they want us to pay $8k for a new engine and i haven't had that car for a year and we still owe $14k? Mileage was 64k when my bf got it and now its 90k and jus suddenly stopped and didn't work? It took them 3 weeks to tell us that the warranty doesnt cover it?why that long? Idk what they did first before they told us that since I was leaving tons of messages to follow up....what should we do?
  • ruby23ruby23 Posts: 3
    We are in the same boat! We contacted the better business bureau! Call Me! Im thinking of getting a lawyer because the engine is no good and no one wants to own up to this. I reallly hope to hear from you!!!! heres my email adress!!
  • cmc32cmc32 Posts: 1
    I'm very interested
  • I'm very interested as well in the lawsuit! In Aug. 2010 I bought my 2007 Mazda CX7 with 22,000 miles from Carmax. Jan. 2012 I received a letter from Mazda stating they are giving a warranty extension program because of problems with the VVT/Timing chain noise. If I experience a problem please bring to Mazda and dealership will take care of it. 55,000 miles later I noticed the noise. Brought my car to the dealership Mazda confirmed it is the timing chain but warranty will be voided because they found "engine sludge". Mazda recommended I replace my engine and quoted me $10,000! I need to prove to them I was not neglecting the oil changes and maintanence of the car. Since I bought a extended warranty from Carmax and shows coverage I need to give them proof of maintenance. I gave them my vehicle log record I kept from my trusted mechanic. Now I'm waiting for an inspector from Carmax to approve my claim. So now I don't have a car. Mazda and Carmax are playing ping pong. Seems like no one wants to take care of my problem. Mazda knows about the defective engine but does not want to blame them. But to blame my "engine sludge". It amazes me how other owners have the same problem and many are being turned away due to "engine sludge". I am going to talk to a contingency lawyer who specializes in consumer auto cases. Hopefully my case will be taken and I can get some justice or WE as a group receive help. Mazda and Carmax personally need to stop selling CX7s! I also received another letter from Mazda in 03/12 about heavy white exhaust smoke. I really feel cheated by Mazda and Carmax :mad:
  • I spoke with the firm who is working on this and the complaint is in the process of being filed. At that time they will be contacting owners of the CX7 who had problems and ask them to adjoin the lawsuit. I hear and know your frustration. I had mine repaired to the tune of $1800 and had to wait over a month for parts. The extended warranty through Mazda goes to 70K miles. They are probably trying to figure who is going to pay but Mazda had agreed to repair up to 70K miles.
  • Could you share the name of the law firm? If not, how do we make sure we are contacted? We have been without our car for 2 months. Per Mazda Corporate our dealership has to "tear down" the engine in order to see what needs to be done. The cost is $300. After that we will get the estimate. Since our car is well out of warrantee we may end up having to eat the $9000 we owe on the car. This keeps me up at night. Will the lawsuit actually recoup damages? I'm not exactly sure how a class action lawsuit works.
  • How can I make sure the lawfirm that is working on the complaint process - contacts me? I really would like to joing the lawsuit. Thank you in advance.
  • nicadimosnicadimos Posts: 1
    I'm also pretty interested in this. My car has these exact issues and no one is willing to take responsibility for it. No way a car with 75,000 miles on it should have these kind of issues. Please keep up updated on the details of this case and how we can adjoin the lawsuit.
  • lenchiklenchik Posts: 1
    Hello there,

    I had the same problem. My 2008 CX-7 was still under the power train warranty when I got a check engine light. The dealer said that the warranty was void due to sludge in the engine and said that I needed to replace the engine. I always maintained the oil changes on time but they didn't even ask for maintenance receipts since if it wasn't done at the dealer, it doesn't count. Another mechanic told me that he had the same car and the same problem and needed to flush the engine every 15K miles in order to keep it running. My engine just broke down and it would cost me over 4K to put in a used or rebuilt one.

    I you could please share with me the name of the law firm so I can see if it's going anywhere. Thank you!
  • joveterjoveter Posts: 2
    Wow! I thought this was only happening to me...then I see all these... Same as most of you, 2008 CX7, bought used 2 years ago with 36K, received the letter last year, took to service center, 3 days later... problem "fixed". I noticed the car wasn't driving the same, took it back & they said everything was fine. Now, not even a year later the noise they were supposed to be preventing starts. Again, to service center, they want to charge me $1000+ to repair something they were "fixing" before?!? My adviser couldn't find all these details or my extended warranty on record...
    Soooo... where do I sign up for that lawsuit?! THX! :mad:
  • red2008v2red2008v2 Posts: 1
    Well ... I used to love my Mazda. Loved the car despite some of the irritations that came along with the vehicle. Oil changes regularly. And no - never at the place I purchased the car but rather at an oil lube place. Fast forward at the 82,000 mile mark which was October 2011. I brought the car in for service due some engine hesitation. After two weeks of them "running analytics" - they decide I need a new timing belt. Two weeks later - I received the car back. It still wasn't running right and brought the car back to the dealership twice and was turned away twice due to "not having a scheduled appointment" (I travel A LOT). They told me "to just let it run and it would work out its hesitancy issues". In January 2012 - I get a letter telling me know there are known problems with the timing belt and with the turbo and with the engine and they were extending the warranty to 70k miles/7 years (but no recall). Even though I was over the extended mileage - I called the dealership and told them this was my 5th car directly purchased with my niece purchasing 2 on her own and asked them if they could make me "whole" based on the known issues. "No - there is nothing WE can do". Okay ... I accepted it. I realize now I should have screamed louder.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks ago - I'm driving home from the airport. The husband is traveling himself so there is no one home. It's past midnight in the middle of a storm and I'm in the boonies. BAM! Engine loses pressure - POOF white smoke out the back ... I limp along until I can get into cell phone range to call AAA. I end up getting home past 3AM after getting the car towed to the dealership. Three weeks after the car has been sitting at the dealership - they tell me I need a new turbo. I explain to them the prior timing belt issue was probably a misdiagnosis and asked they credit the amount I paid for the timing belt and apply it to the new turbo. "We can't do that". I call Mazda directly and have the pleasure (not) of talking to Hernando who proceeds to tell me there is nothing he can do about extending the warranty but he would be willing to give me $50. After Hernando told me "the buck stops with me" (I won't go into detail about my reaction to his commentary) - I go back to the dealership and we work out an arrangement. I'll pay cash. I want a break. I get them down to $2050 (new turbo and the required 'heat shield' that HAS to be replaced or my turbo will die again). We agree on this arrangement.

    TODAY - I am sitting in my office and the dealership calls to tell me they've successfully replaced the turbo and took the car for a test drive. It "ran like crap". They ran another diagnosis and called to tell me I now need A NEW ENGINE; that Mazda would be willing to pay for "all the labor" but it will still run me $4900. They said there was "little oil" in the engine. I ask them "how can that be? I just recently had an oil change?" "Sorry Caryn - I do not have an explanation for you. I can only tell you there was little oil in the car". AND - how the HELL did they NOT KNOW I needed a new engine when they ran all those scary analytics on the car?? HOW could you miss that?? My mind is BLOWN. I cannot TELL you how sick I am over this news!!!!!

    I want part of the lawsuit. I plan, once I figure out what I'm going to do, is go on a public Facebook rant DAILY via PUBLIC. I will post every day. Multiple times a day. I will write BBB. I will write my politician (haha - that made me laugh out loud). I will post commentary in newspapers. I plan to write a letter (and make hundreds of copies) about the treatment I received from the dealership AND from Mazda and plan to put it on EVERY Mazda vehicle I see in a parking lot, driveway, any place I see a Mazda driver. This is complete BULL.

    My tear here on my Mazda may not appear to be intelligent - but trust me - I AM intelligent and I am a woman scorned. I plan to make it my life's mission to make their life miserable. It's always been said that "one person can make a difference" ... I'm about to test that theory! Keep me in the loop please. May they rot in hell ... :cry:
  • joveterjoveter Posts: 2
    UPDATE: after finding out the extended warranty is expired (for a few hundred miles!!), that the "recall-that-wasn't-a-recall" was not enough reason to fix it, a lot of calls/arguments back & forth with the service center & them asking me for the oil changes record... now they decide to not charge me for labor & the manager "putting" $100 towards the "rape-air", I still have to pay for the part ($150) & 2 days latter they 'should' have the car ready.... let's see what happens & how good is the repair... Last year they changed the timing chain, I took it back a few weeks later because it has hesitating but they said it was normal... we'll see tomorrow or the next few weeks... Please advise on the lawsuit!!
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    :lemon: I have a 2011 CX7s GT and only have 10,000 miles. I use synthetic motor oil and change it every 3,000. Currently I am experiencing air conditioning and brake problems. Mazda field engineer advise me and my dealer that the noise I am hearing from my A/C is normal and typical of all similar vehicles. Master cylinder was replaced and check engine light came on. Told running a lean fuel mixture; was adjusted and light come on again. Now dealer is again replacing master cylinder and also brake booster.

    The A/C does not cool the CX7 when temperature is 90o let alone get it cold. When travelling at city speed A/C does very little and CX7 feels like where I would like Mazda filed engineer and executives to be.

    I have filed with the BBB Auto Line, this is easy and can be done on line. I have also notified the US Traffic Safety Administration. I have Faxed, written and e mailed the President and CEO of Mazda. I am preparing to run a You Tube account of my experience and also to advise my local television station consumer advocate.

    Mazda is extremely arrogant. I am not certain about my Turbo. I use only premium fuel and frequently CX7 just does not perform. CX7 has great potential, but there must be a reason Mazda discontinued it.

    Presently my CX7 sits in my driveway while I wait for dealer to get parts from Mazda. Getting a loner car from Mazda is wore then pulling teeth.
  • derfwoodderfwood Posts: 1
    has there been a class action suit started yet? My daughter is in the same situation as everybody else, sludge buildup.
  • ccbeachccbeach Posts: 2
    Is there any info on this lawsuit? My cx7 just had this problem happen yesterday. Is there anything I can do? Any advice would be appreciated. There was nothing wrong with my car and then driving 30mph it simply stopped working. No noise, no warning at all. I have been told that the Timing Change Broke or jumped and Morries Mazda in Minnetonka MN said that this does not happen on Mazda cars – that he has never seen it happen. Any thoughts?
  • ccbeachccbeach Posts: 2
    Is there any info on this lawsuit? My cx7 just had this problem happen yesterday. Is there anything I can do? Any advice would be appreciated. There was nothing wrong with my car and then driving 30mph it simply stopped working. No noise, no warning at all. I have been told that the Timing Change Broke or jumped and Morries Mazda in Minnetonka MN said that this does not happen on Mazda cars – that he has never seen it happen. Any thoughts?
  • 6055angelaw6055angelaw Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    I can totally relate with the tranmission issues of the Mazda CX7. I had a toyota before this and traded it in for the Mazda, totally regretting it and wish I can turn back time. I have had the vehicle two years. After having it for 4 months, they had to replace the Timing Chain, Transfer Case and a bunch of other little things here and there. Now, two years later, they have to do it all again!!! Thankfully I have the after market Warranty, but it's only good till 110,000 clicks. The timing chain and transfer case was changed at 69,000 and now I'm at 94,704 two years later and it's being done again!! the warranty should cover it again! But will never buy a Mazda again!! I will be trading this vehicle in before I have to replace everything again on my own expense!! Mazda should suck it up and just recall all these vehicles and either buy them back from everyone or replace the engines. They are loosing money in the long run as they are loosing potential life long mazda owners..... :lemon:
  • leasosadleasosad Posts: 1
    Im so sad after reading everyones issues with the Mazda Cx7. I am barely finding out that the problems I am having with my car are very serious. What makes me sad is that I took my Mazda to the Dealership where I bought it TODAY and they gave my car a clean bill of health. I got in my car only to find out that they AC is still not working right, the car is still surging. I just found out as I was reading that the loud backfire that I heard about a week ago can possibly be my timing chain, which could ruin my engine which Mazda does not want to own up to. Im very sad, I loved this car, but I cant keep it, its going to be to many problems, I feel completely screwed over by this cx7 and it's maker. I owe alot of money on this car and haven't even owned it a year. Can you please keep me informed of this Lawsuit I feel that I need to be apart of it, because even if I get rid of this car, someone else is going to end up with it and its just not safe or fair to let someone else get suckered into this bad deal.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    Very sadly I hear exactly what you are saying. I have a 2011 CX7 s Gran Touring that does not have 10,000 miles on it yet. When I turn on the A/C in the morning there is an extremely loud banging sound. The A/C does not cool the car. Mazda field engineers sent me and the dealer a message stating that it is normal for the loud A/C start and all Mazdas are like this. I submitted my complaints and documentation to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is arbitrating and Mazda is having an engineer come to review my CX7 on June 7th. My CX7 also surges. My master cylinder was replaced twice and the brake booster once. At this time Mazda pronounces my CX7 as performing the way it should. After the engineer checks it out I will see the report and if necessary take the information from independent professional engineers and start legal proceedings. The bottom line is the CX7 Turbo has engineering problems and at this time Mazda is not owning up to them. :lemon:
  • angry_cx7angry_cx7 Posts: 15
    for those cx7 drivers experiencing frustrations with your vehicle, I was one of the first of this thread trying to start a class action, maybe you can get them to repair the car, but money is not
    going to be involved, class actions usually get you about 3 dollars- because of a gag in my settlement I can't say too much, but I urge everyone here to contact your state local attorney general's office, file a claim, and let them pressure mazda to correct this crappy p.o.s, If not the only person who'll get a settlement is the lawyer, also this could take yrs. to settle as they have been in court over the mazda 8 for years( search class action mazda 8 suit) good luck
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    edited June 2013
    Contact the Better Business Bureau, you can fill out everything on line. Contact your State Attorney General, this in most instances can be done on line too. Contact The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this can be done on line. If you need to sue Mazda get the right legal representation you will get a good settlement. Make Mazda as miserable as they are making you. I have a field representative going over my CX7 in a week. I want to see whether the field representative's findings concur with nationally recognized experts that have examined my CX7. I am looking forward to this. :lemon:
  • matt29gtmatt29gt Posts: 1
    I believe there is a tsb out for your a/c issue during hotter temps that will fix that concern
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    :confuse: Mazda contacted me from Irvine, CA to set up with Reedman-Toll to bring in my CX7 and have Mazda field representative go over the CX7. Reedman-Toll had my CX7 and performed the tsb service. My CX7 is just slightly cooler, nothing really earth shattering. Filed representative told me my CX7 is black and has leather which makes it hot. We discussed deeper tinting the windows, this may help. The end result Mazda tried with very little success. Reedman-Toll lost the red positive battery terminal cover and supposedly will order me a new one; or at least that was their promise. Reedman-Toll did work on the CX7 much cleaner this time after my complaining about how CX7 was returned after last visit. Gas mileage is now horrible. Just about to turn 10,000 miles. Considering replacing CX7, but with what?
  • angry_cx7angry_cx7 Posts: 15
    same thing everybody else did honda crv, gas mil. is 20-22 city 28-30 hwy in my 2010 crv, my old car(gag order) didn't get 15 city, the air is cold and I got a sunroof to boot-learn from us, dump it before the problems start!!
  • jjincajjinca Posts: 1
    I have the same issue as everyone else . The history with my 2008 cx 7 is in the first month the ac stopped working. But under warranty so it was fixed. The third month my moon roof wind deflector got stuck and was fixed under warranty. I also complained about a knocking noise in my engine and was told its normal for these cars . I complained again and they checked it out and said its normal. Then I was moving to California and driving here my a/c froze in the middle of the desert .That was fixed under the extended warranty . About 5000 miles over the extended warranty I was switching the car from reverse to drive and heard a loud clunk but the it felt like something caught now I have this terrible engine noise sounds like a diesel car . I am out of warranty so its all on me . sounds like the timing chain . I keep searching for the lawsuit but haven't had any luck on the internet . Hoping I can get in on it as I don't have the money to fix the car and am worried I am on borrowed time . Almost traded the car in a year ago for a new jeep wish I did . Now things just keep getting worse with this car .I had a little smoke coming from my exhaust . Anyone know of a lawsuit and can help me get in touch with a lawyer who is persuing this.
  • laurie17laurie17 Posts: 4
    Man, my CX-7, she's been through a lot. We're at 137,000 miles. We've had all kinds of problems, most of which are now fixed, but now, when she's warm enough, she just cuts off. Anytime we're idling or going real slow not accelerating, she likes to cut off. Went to mechanic, they said most of the oil was gone...where did it go? It's not burning, it's not leaking, it's not in the turbo...where is it? Anyway, put more oil in, oil is now at max fill, and she's still cutting off whenever she gets a chance, and does a lurching/surging when we're going fast. I really just want to sell her. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? My mechanic doesn't seem to know. It's not jumping timing or have bad spark plugs. Could it be the EGR (even though I cleaned it a month ago?) Why wouldn't the CEL for EGR be on? There are no CEL warnings right now.
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