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Toyota RAV4 Burns Oil



  • neilpyeneilpye Posts: 8
    We are nearing 100K miles (08 Rav4), so we're out of warranty as well. The dealership I'd been dealing with quoted me $3,400 for the Technical Service Bulletin repair. I said 'no thanks'. So, now I buy oil by the 5 quart jug and check and refill as necessary. Pain in the rear end.

    I filed my complaint with NHTSA, but I'm not expecting anything other than owning my last Toyota.
  • I have 88,000 miles on my 2007 Rav4 and it burns through a quart of oil every 15000 miles. It's just barely out of warranty. I will call the National Traffic and Safety Administration. Thanks for the tip. My mechanic said we could try a lighter-weight oil before replacing the engine. : (
    Do I have to replace the whole engine? Is it worth it?
  • javatechiejavatechie Posts: 11
    edited July 2013
    Hi Folks, update on my 2007 Toyota Rav 4 oil burn issue

    I have 59K miles on it, The car is still under 7 yr 75k mile platinum service warranty.

    Earlier Woburn Toyota MA had made me do 5 consumption tests in spite of the extended warranty and rejected me that the burn is all within manufacturer limits.

    This time I took it to Lexington Toyota MA - they did the test and my car burnt 1.3 Quats of oil in 1116 miles. The dealer was fair and allowed me to personally supervise the oil change and the final check as well.

    The dealer agreed that there is an a problem and asked me to drop the car next week. Meanwhile I called Toyota they still would not promise coverage, They said the dealer needs to open the engine and only if it is found to be a covered issue, if so toyota will cover else I will be responsible for the engine tear down charges !.

    I went ahead and gave the car to Lexington Toyota, they gave me a loaner car and got my engine fixed in 3 days - The pistons, piston rings, piston pins, connecting bearings, valve assembly, gaskets & etc were replaced.

    Everything was covered under Extended Warranty and I didnt have to pay anything. The service adviser told that I was lucky because my car was still under warranty and the oil burn level is just above the tipping point and I pulled the right stings by talking to the right decision makers the Service Manager and Toyota Extended Care warranty people.

    After the fix the engine now feels softer, The dealer has asked me to bring the car back after 1200 miles to make sure the prob is fixed once for all. The the job also comes with a 12k mile warranty on the engine.

    Though I got the Engine fixed under warranty, I still believe Toyota should have done a recall.

    for folks out there, if you are still under extended warranty and have this issue, try taking the car to multiple dealers, Some Large Dealers ( like Woburn Toyota MA) are reluctant do do the job and do to turn this down citing some or other reason.

    When you have to do a consumption test, make sure you are there to supervise both during oil fill and verification at the end of 1200 miles. Oil should be filled only to the max level mark, not above it - do not give away the keys for the dealer check. Preferably use your own oil ( I took my own 5w20 mobil 1 synthetic oil for the oil change) - this will help avoid any foul play by the dealer, they may use 5w30 or other high viscosity oil and hide the issue.
  • neilpyeneilpye Posts: 8
    Speaking of higher viscosity oil, would it be advisable to use 5w30 during the warmer months (I live in Ohio) to help minimize oil loss? I'm adding a quart of 5w20 approx. every 1,000 miles and wondered if I could get away with using 5w30 during the summer and not have to keep pouring so much oil into it.
  • berto63berto63 Posts: 1
    i too have the same problem. we need to contact the news media and reveal to the media and newspaper to report and write an investigative story. but we all need to get together and provide facts. it is only a matter of time before something tragic will happen,
  • ravnmadravnmad Posts: 15
    I tried the local news route and they only responded with all the recommendations I already tried (I wrote to the Attorney General, The BBB, JD Powers and The NHTSA). The most disappointing thing I realized was that with all the vehicles that are involved in this design flaw (tens of thousands), the number on this message board complaining (132 to date) is insignificant in comparison. This is to say that some owners are probably getting better customer service than I did. I hold the dealership partially responsible for not supporting my claim against Toyota.
    I have exhausted every avenue and in the end, I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOYOTA! I also work for a company that references manufacturing philosophies described in the "Toyota Way Field Book" where they describe the customer as the key to success (Bull-sh**).
  • simrantsimrant Posts: 1
    At first I thought that it was just my bad luck, but apparently Toyota is shadey as hell. I too have experienced the engine oil consumption issue with my 4 cylinder 2007 Rav 4. My Rav has done 116,000 and the engine completely ran out of oil on a recent drive. I had to pull over and have the car towed! They now are telling me that it's going to cost $7,000 to fix the engine. I get my car serviced regularly, never saw a leak, and last had it serviced at appropriate interval- never missed a servicing! The dealer refuses to help, refuses to listen, and we even went to the Toyota headquarters-- Nothing!!! My family has always owned Toyotas and my parents each have a Prius. WE ARE DONE!! I'm filing a complaint with the NHTSA, BBB, JD Powers, gonna blast them on Yelp, and do everything I can to ruin their rep. Of course I'm just one person, I'm definitely in for a Class Action Lawsuit, but how? Any ideas?
  • It is concerning that there are so many of us having this issue. I purchased my Rav4 in 2006 and everything has gone well until about 100,000 miles. Then the oil consumption has gone to heck in a hand basket. Thank all of you for posting though,it does help to know Im not crazy and can read an oil stick correctly.
  • I have a 2007 RAV4 with 98K. On my way to work I noticed the oil light on when I braked. Thought it was just a faulty switch or sensor. Went to the dealer to have them look at it. They said there was 1 qt of oil in the engine. The looked in their records to see that I was there 2 months ago (1800 miles). They filled it and did the oil consumption test. After 3 tests, they found I am burning about 1qt every 1300 miles). Called Toyota...nothing. Called the Dealer...they said it is Toyota's call since it falls withing their acceptable range for oil loss. I am at 104K now and carry 4 qts of oil. This not my idea of a reliable car.
  • I have 85,000 on my 2008 Toyota Highlander
    Just under 4,000 miles after the last oil change, my light flickered on the panel, hard to read, but my husband finally saw it the next day. It said it was low oil pressure, so I brought it in the next day. They said I was 5 quarts low! We did two oil consumption tests and at the 2nd 1,000 check they said I had an issue. My husband didn't believe it so now I am at the second dealer where I bought the car and I am starting on my 2nd check, cause I was down a quart just under 1,000 miles. I am under extended warranty but you know how that can go. After paying the deductible and them trying to decide what and who should pay what, I get stuck with a bill. I was mowed over by Ford with the 2004 diesel engine and I am not going to get mowed over on this car. I will check back and let you all know what happens next.
  • toyota rav 4 back in aug my wife was driving home and the oil lite came on for a split second then went off .next the engine shut off .my wife called me and i met up with her ,and checked the oil and no oil in motor .i put 4 qts of oil in the engine still no help the engine made a loud noise and we had it towed back home .i contacted toyota and filled a complaint no responce back .conformed moter was done ,called several mechanics on motor replacement cost me out of pocket $4200 plus $1000 install .if anyone could send me leads to contact or emaill address and numbers i like to fight them from toyota to get my money back for this big mess out of pocket ,toyota needs to repay everyone that is going through the same thing .i did do some research early today and did find on this website toyota had a lawsuite back in 2001 louisanait was posted on message43 back in early 2001 for oil sludgebuildup class action suite in state court louisana
  • Scott, The oil sludge problem was a different failure mode. I believe the fix is what ended up causing the 2007 2AZ-FE engine problems. The design change from 2006 to 2007 includes a reduction in piston ring thickness and a change in the piston shape that effected the compression ratio.
    The technical service bulletin (T-SB-0094-11) issued in August 2011 has to do with oil consumption. The corrective action, if the vehicle fails the allowable consumption rate of 1 qt in 1200 miles, is to replace the pistons and rings (essentially undoing what the design change was).
    Start with Toyota Customer Service 1 (800) 331-4331 (They will most likely say they know nothing about this issue). keep insisting that they do something to help you. I went as far as sending a letter directly to the president of Toyota residing in Japan (Mr. Akio Toyoda) and received a letter to contact the Toyota Motor Sales Executive Offices in Torrance CA. (310-468-2442). Be persistent and hopefully you'll get something. I didn't but if enough people contact them, maybe they'll give a little.
    Good luck!
  • They offered me $1,000 off my next Toyota if I'll ever buy another one.
  • I'm in too for the Law Suite. I usually think Law suites are petty. But I like others bought Toyota's reputation. When I went for an oil change and the guy tells me there was only one quart left, I froze. What if I had waited a week? Now it seems I'm checking every couple of days. Every time I talk to Toyota they play dumb. My car is a 2008 Rav4 with 130,000 miles on it. Everyone of us should join this law suite. I say when Toyota sells us lemons, lets use a law suite to make lemonaid!!
  • You should trade your RAV. I did, and I will never buy another Toyota. I bought a Nissan. I'm sure all manufacturers have their issues, but I'm totally disappointed with Toyota. I thought they would stand behind me, especially since I started having this problem before my 100,000 mile warranty was up. They are not very smart to lose loyal customers. If you hang onto your RAV, you will eventually have to replace the engine. I was almost to that point. When it starts using a quart every 1000 miles, you're in trouble.
  • I also have a 2008 rav 4 with only 78k and having same issues from dealership. I've been having the problem since it had around 60k and I've been getting excuses left and right. I had to go threw he'll just to get a lifter replaced when I told them that already but they threatened me with fees that I couldn't afford. I thought toyota was a good dependable car but I was wrong. I think I
    Will buy a honda next time.
  • While it is a pain in the rear, if you know about the problem you can safely monitor the oil usage and add as needed. I have been doing this for several months with my 2008. It is using a little less than a quart per 1000 miles. Yes it is a pain, but it is manageable. I wouldn't say I'm in trouble. The real trouble would be if you didn't know about the problem and ended up with a ruined engine.
  • We own a 2007 rav4 with 122,000 miles. we bought the rav with 105,000. this last oil change we had 4 qrts burn on 5000 miles. They put dye in the oil after finding no leaks for us to check when we bring the rav in for a recall we just received BST. There is a not thats part of the inspection they do it says "engine is consuming oil and most likely needs revised design piston/ring set or engine short block per TSB#0094-11.
  • ojoyoojoyo Posts: 1
    If anyone has begun a class action lawsuit, email me, Im in.
    At 110k on my 2006 RAV 4, I was driving with NO OIL until my car began to sputter and died.
    No engine light ever came on, as others have written here. My car remains in the driveway as I attempt to put 5 quarts in tomorrow in hopes that it will work again. I've always changed oil every 5000 miles.
    I've always said if I had to buy another car, it would be another RAV 4.
    Well, I was fooled. Never again..
  • Are you kidding? They owe us loyal assistance for the thousands of dollars we paid for the vehicle and the supposed integrity of their name and product. Toyota is the designer and manufacturer of the product and should stand behind it. My neighborhood mechanic is not liable for the product defect.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited October 2013
    For how long should Toyota stand behind it? Your 2006 is at least a year out of warranty time-wise and 100,000 miles over the drivetrain mileage warranty (link).

    The article I linked notes that a manufacturer does not have to offer any after warranty assistance, but they are more likely to if the consumer shows loyalty.

    Being a repeat customer is certainly one way to demonstrate that loyalty. Having your car maintained at the dealer is another.

    The other factor that may work against you is whether you purchased your used RAV4 in '08 at a Toyota dealer or not.
  • I, for one, am not going to remain loyal to a company who is not upfront and honest about a known engine defect. The dealer I was working with on our consumption test played DUMB. They acted like they had no idea what could be causing our Rav4 to burn oil, until I showed them I had a copy of the TSB. At this point, it isn't a matter of the warranty to me. I'm out of warranty, I get it. It is a matter of not being forthright with their customers. Whether I had my car maintained at the dealer should not matter. Personally, I believe Toyota has done everything it could to keep this problem hidden from customers knowing that, once warranties started running out, they weren't going to be liable for anything. Just my opinion.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited October 2013
    Yeah, and that's another issue. Some dealers can make living with a lemon tolerable and others are just lousy. We have a place to review dealers too and the more the word gets out, the fewer times service writers try to play dumb about known issues. So please write one up.
  • HOST,
    You're describing a one way street. Buying the Toyota in the first place is showing loyalty. Toyota reputation for quality was a decision maker.
    My RAV4 died because of a manufacturing defect, not because I abused it or had it maintained by someone other than TOYOTA. The dealer I worked with also played DUMB.
    My RAV never gave any indication that the oil was low, all the way to the point of severe damage. This is 2013 (2007 when I bought the junk) and technology should be better at preserving the engine. In addition, TOYOTA is on a panel of experts claiming that oil changes are not necessary as often as suggested because the oil manufacturers have made significant improvements to the formula (going green).
    It is BS to suggest having a vehicle maintained at the dealer will show loyalty. The dealer makes the money on this, not the manufacturer.
    What pisses me off is that I can't buy a vehicle directly from the manufacturer so when I have a problem, I expect the dealer to go to bat for me. I tried taking my dealer to court and they claimed that they only sell the cars and my problem should be directed to Toyota. That's a major cop-out!
    Toyota has a field book dedicated to describing good business practices that made them the #1 manufacturer on the world. At the heart of their business model is the customer. What they write and what they practice are two different things.
    The only way for consumers to show dissatisfaction is to NOT ever buy another Toyota and also, spread the word. Money is the only thing that rules.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can call me "Steve". :)

    The dealer makes the money on this, not the manufacturer.

    That's not necessarily true - the manufacturer doesn't pay "retail" for warranty claims and dealers often complain that they lose money on warranty work. So there's another source of friction that makes it harder for owners to get help either from the dealer or the manufacturer.

    And yeah, the dealer lobby is strong so it's unlikely that you'll be able to buy direct from a manufacturer anytime soon, unless you get a Tesla.
  • Hi my wifes 2006 Rav4 is doing the same thing and i have to check her oil alot more. she has always kept her oil changes up with the car. I am really upset that so many others are having the same issue and there has been no lawsuit or any recalls on this model. If there is ever any action taken on this we would also like to know. My wife has never had anything but a Toyota and i am pretty sure that this will be her last one unless Toyota steps up to the plate and fixes this problem.
  • My 2007 Rav4 started burning oil at 80k-85k miles. I dont normally check the oil in between 5k maintenance since i am used to it always not receding from the time i bought it brand new. Just so happens when i checked it about 1k miles before its next service only to my surprise that the dipstick is dry so i filled in a quart. When i brought it to my dealer they put in an additive and observe till next service. Turned out it didnt work. I ended up putting in a quart twice in between 5k service. Now they will do an oil consumption test and have it bring back after 1200 miles. I told them about the feedback i heard from this forum and they did not deny it nor acknowledge any assurance the its covered. Just keeping my fingers crossed hoping that the dealer of my two cars which i have them religously maintained stand by me in the worst case scenario. Otherwise Toyota and this dealer will be in my generations blacklist. I have had Toyota cars in the past and never was this an issue at this early stage. Sign me in for any class action needed.
  • I own a 2006 Rav4 sport. Bought it new and have had every oil change and recommended engine service done since that time done at the dealership. A few months ago, my engine oil light suddenly came on out of the blue when I put on my brakes. I immediately took the car to the dealer and they added some oil and said they would "monitor the oil consumption." This incident happened shortly after I had been in for an oil change. I thought maybe a careless mechanic failed to properly fill the reservoir. However, since then, I have had to go back several times to have oil added, but each time was told that they will continue the monitoring. However, late last week, again not long after I had the oil changed, I had to brake kind of hard because someone had pulled out in front of me. The engine oil light came on and I immediately checked the dipstick and found that there was almost no oil. I then had 4 quarts added, and brought the car to the dealership yesterday, and was told that to fix the problem I really need a new engine, as the oil is being used internally by the engine due to a piston assembly design problem per the TSB. I asked if Toyota was going to fix the problem for me at it's cost and you can guess what I was told. This is an unacceptable answer as this is not a "normal wear and tear" issue, it's a design defect issue. As such, Toyota should step up and fix the problems that are obviously being experienced by ( judging from the various blogs I've been viewing) LOTS of Toyota owners who have the 2AZ-FE engines in their vehicles. The dealer gave me 3 options: I can buy a new engine for $7200.00+, or a used engine for a little less, or I can have the piston repair work done for $3172.00, but note they advised against doing the repair work. I said I felt Toyota should pay for this, not me, as Toyota, not I, caused the problem. I don't have to tell you what their answer was, nor that of Toyota USA's corporate office, with whom I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone. The rep did tell me that if they receive enough complaints, they may do something about this, but I'm certainly not holding my breath.
  • Not a happy camper today at all. Went into the dealership b/c oil light flashing when I make a hard stop. Now, even though I have less than 59000 miles on my Rav4, bought it new in 2008, and have religiously serviced my car at the dealership every 5,000 miles - I am told that I have to have the engine rebuilt! Oh yes, and I am 6 months past the end of my warranty. What timing? Have seen online forums where this... seems to be an issue Toyota knows about and hasn't taken appropriate measures to address (like recall!). I bought this car believing it was reliable and safe - So, I wait patiently to hear back from the dealership by COB Monday as to what they plan to do. I have no intention of paying to rebuild an engine due to a known problem! I will post what I hear back on Monday.
  • Our 2008 Rav4 only had 32,000 miles on it when it started using lots of oil at 1000 miles after oil change. Oil light never came on even though it was almost dry. Just 6 months out of warranty as well. Never used oil before. Toyota website states a problem with the piston, but of course won't admit liability. Used to love toyotas. Not anymore.
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