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2009 Honda Accord



  • Whoops, I should have made my first post-purchase post here instead of the New Members forum, lol.

    Anyway, I did find the Accord I was looking for. It's a 2007 Honda Accord EX-I4 in the Carbon Bronze Pearl. It just got returned from its lease, so it only had 35,200 miles on it. There were a few scratches on the hood and bumper, but the dealership buffed them out pretty well, so they're not noticeable unless you're really close. Interior is ivory and was in very good condition.

    I'll admit I was seduced by the 2008 model's exterior style, but they were just a little too pricey for me, and I heard they had the usual first-year bugs. The 2006 and 2007's are still pretty sharp- I cannot believe how many compliments I've received on my car- and the interior still wows me everytime I enter it. Imo, it's one of the best interiors I've seen on any car.

    It's hard to pick a favorite feature of the car, but I think the 4-cylinder engine is the highlight. It's so smooth, quiet, and powerful. And get this- this car even gets slightly better gas mileage than my 1998 Dodge Neon!
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    Just curious, automatic or standard?
  • serenity185serenity185 Posts: 22
    edited August 2010

    With the updated EPA figures, I believe my 132 hp. 1998 3A Neon got 20/31, and the 166 hp 2007 5A Accord managed 21/31. I'm pretty impressed because the Accord weighs 600 pounds more. I haven't driven enough yet to get an accurate measure of my Accord's fuel economy, but I'm expecting it to be good.

    Oh, and I know I posted this in the New Members thread, but the differences between my 2007 Accord and my grandma's 2009 Accord are smaller than I expected. I think the 2009 rode a little more comfortably and had a little less body lean in corners, and that my 2007 had a little more heft to the steering, which I liked, and felt a bit faster and more nimble.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    The shorter wheelbase and narrower track might account for the more nimble feel. You should get many years of enjoyment form your new used Accord. Happy motoring!
  • Hello - arthritis and carpal tunnel can make it painful to double click the remote key? Is there a default process or way to unlock the back doors with only one press of the button? Thanks for help if you can.
  • What can I say. I own a 2009 Accord. my first and last Honda. What a joke people!! Are you serious? This car was bought new in 2009 and it's the worst car I've ever owned. I don't understand all the hype. Lies!! Lies!! Lies!!
    What's up with this car anyway? Took it to the dealer shortly after purchase and they confirmed the car is perfect and running they way it is supposed to. What a disappointment!
    Poor engine performance (4 cylinder) poor fuel economy, poor handling, sloppy and unsteady in the corners; and a nightmare to drive in the snow!! The transmission is a helpless piece of junk that is never in the correct gear. On a secondary road the car hunts for the right gear for miles and never manages to find the correct one. How can people say this is such a great car?? I get my doors blown off by some VERY cheap cars. It accelerates like a Moped pulling a dump truck. Over priced and over rated!! I'd love to hear some comments about this. :mad:
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    Which 4 cyl? What type of terrain & length of trips? Mine handles great in the snow, I' ve got the 6 cyl with 17" -205-50 Michelin and consider this car the best I've driven in the snow with stock all season tires. Based on your comments you have the auto tranny as do I and admittedly it is several years behind what most other mfg's are offering. Having said that I don't experience much hunting and feel the transmission is adequate , nothing more. Did you do much of a test drive before you bought it?
    It's a car, nothing more. Not something to be revered as some Honda extremists do. Some people when talking about their Honda's or Apple computers get all glassy eyed and trance-like, not to mention very defensive about their choices. When the time comes to replace my 2010 EX-L V6 I'll consider many different brands including Honda and make the choice that's best for me.
  • hbund216hbund216 Posts: 162
    I recently totaled my 2000 Accord and looking to replace it with a 2011 EX 4 door with a manual transmission. Anything to look out for with this generation on Accords?

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