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Mazda CX-9 Extended Warranty



  • called easy care today , atlanta based co. said to be the best and no problems, Motor trend recommended, then I see thet CEO is a guy I went to High School with; anyway the gal on the phone tells me that "they" are the ones who actually sell and enforce the program, the MEPP; it is possible becasue the names of the different levels of care are the same ones on their site, the "total care" is the top.. look them up easycare warranties....anyway they quoted me on a NEW 2010 CX9FWD GT, few hundred miles for 7 yr/100K with $100 deduc for $2732.....12 months free finance with 20% down, sounds high to me, hate that they count the concurrent running total with mfg warranty.....dogdoc
  • called three dealers today and all three carry/or reccommend after market warranties and NOT the MEPP....all said that MEPP is not helpful to the customer and is difficult to deal with; hard to believe; I just want to get a cost; maybe its more profitable to sell something else??? Fidelity was named by two and I have used them before; no problems...dogdoc
  • mc1665mc1665 Posts: 2
    My factory warranty just expired and so I decided to get a quote from the dealer where I purchased and service my car. The dealership offered the MEPP and
    Zurich Comprehensive VSC for 3 year / 60k miles: Note that the 300 dollar discount was because I purchased my car from them...

    $1617-(300) = $1317 $0 deductible
    $1607-(300) = $1307 $50 deductible
    $1587-(300) = $1287 $100 deductible
    $1577-(300) = $1277 $200 deductible

    MEPP TotalCare for 3 year / 60k miles:

    $1729-(300) = $1429 $0 deductible
    $1630-(300) = $1330 $50 deductible
    $1557-(300) = $1257 $100 deductible
    $1501-(300) = $1201 $200 deductible

    As you can see it is still pretty expensive. Anyways while getting my 30k service at the dealership, the service manager talked to me about purchasing the MEPP through him and his department. He offered me the 3yr 60k (which really is the 6yr 60k) for a price of:

    $854 for the 100 deductible
    $910 for the 50 deductible

    The reason they could offer at that price was that I always take my car to get serviced there and they know the history of my car and thus they could offer the MEPP at a more reasonable price.

    Anyways, I ended up getting the 910 dollar MEPP total care package extended warrranty package after my factory warranty expired. You might want to try asking your service manager to see if they can sell you the MEPP package directly!
  • So I spoke to the regional Service guy in Florida; he was hot that 3 dealers did NOT offer me the MEPP, all had other I bought the MEPP for $1849 with $100 deductible, 100K and 10 years...CX9 FWT GT....the cheapest including easy care(thier sister company I was told but less expensive from Mazda, and Fidelity that was $2300 for 7 years I am happy at this point, time will tell, dogdoc ;)
  • I just got a CX-9 AWD, was offered Ext Warr through Adavntage-Part of Protective Insurance their total protection pkg was 1500 with 100 ded for 60 mo/60k miles. Seems high especially for a third party. This dealer did not offer MEPP. I know from experience cost is about a third of the List price so ask what list is and if you get about half you've done well. I will check out the MEPP that has been posted--good luck
  • mckomermckomer Posts: 18
    edited December 2012
    Just bought a certified pre-owned 2010 CX-9 GT from a reputable dealership, who was able to convince me that the extended warranty coverage is worth it. I NEVER buy extended warranties for anything! But figured since I don't know where this car has been, I went for it. Is it really worth it?? Has anyone gotten their money's worth for theirs?

    It was driven 18,000 mi/yr during it's first two years, had one owner, no accidents, but the carfax says it was company owned which made me nervous that it might have been a company car and not taken care of as a personal one mechanically speaking. It looks and feels like it's in excellent condition though.

    I paid $1450 to get an "extra" 6 yrs / +80,000 mi... which is essentially their 9 yr / 125,000 package (when based on original vehicle purchase date). There is a $100 deductible applied to each visit. Whatcha think?
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