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High Mileage Suburbans



  • Also I did a free vin lookup online. I don't know if it was the full report but there were no accidents reported and in the pictures the body and interior appear to be in very nice shape
  • burbproudburbproud Birmingham, ALPosts: 1
    My 2006 Suburban LT 4x4 fully loaded has 156,000 miles and the ONLY thing I have EVER done is some sensor for the 4wd..... cost about $800. I did buy it used with about 80K on it so have no idea what was done before I owned it. I change the oil regularly and that's it. We drive it for family trips and not day-to-day. I adore this car and would own several more for my teens if I could afford the gas! It does use a lot of gas. Perfect car! Way better than my Jeep Rubicon for off-roading.
  • TomtoterrificTomtoterrific New YorkPosts: 2
    Gents. I just bought an 03 suburban with 130K and had the gauge cluster replaced.
    While I now enjoy fully functioning gauges I lost a portion of the menu.
    I only get odometer, trip odometer, and hours.
    I lost all the DIC display options. Trip, fuel, oil life, locking, lighting, seat position memory, curb view etc. I’m a little concerned the low coolant, engine hot, and other warnings may not work either. Any ideas?
    Also I can reset the clock but it switches from PM to AM after the reset.
    Anybody have experience with this? Thanks.
  • Shaw_bradleyShaw_bradley Central OregonPosts: 1
    I see a lot of people saying they got their guage clusters replaced? This summer my speedo was bouncing all over and I couldnt tell how fast I was going, so I called my local shop and they quoted me 200+ dollars, so I instead went to a pickpull and swapped all the stepper motors from the new guage cluster into my gauage cluster which I purchased for 50 bucks, and it worked like new! If you own anything older than 06 I suggest you just pull parts and use them rather than paying for new and labor. Just youtube the issue! 
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 63,844
    edited February 5
    The basic rule of negotiation is that if you cannot get up and walk away from the table, you cannot negotiate. If you walk and they don't contact you in a day or so, then your offer was too low. Walking away is your ace in the hole. Of course, you can't throw a ridiculous low-ball either. If you research a bit on line, looking at comparable cars for sale, averaging those out, and then taking 5-10% off the average asking price, you'll probably have a number you can live with.

    The dealer is probably willing to bargain on that car, because of miles. That's a lot of miles.

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