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Lexus GX470 Xenon Headlights

superacidsuperacid Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Lexus
I have searched and found nothing regarding xenon headlights and 2007 / 2008 GX 470 models. I know the SUVs dont have the option but there are aftermarket kits.

Questions- has anyone successfully converted the halogen headlights to HIDs? What kit did you use (website)? Were there any difficulties (drilling, issues with the daytime running lights...etc) that you can share? Finally, did you have to adjust the projection lamps downward?

I know there is a 2003 model on the net (some Lexus forum) with 'how to' steps but I thinking the engine compartment may have changed since then....

Thank you for your time.....


  • vynnevynne Posts: 1
    I tried to purchase a Xenon kit for my new 2010 Scirocco today, but was told that if the car is fitted with "auto light detection" ie the computer displays a globe failure, then you cannot fit the Xenon aftermarket kits. Has anyone tried fitting a kit onto a newer car with either auto light detection for globe failure or with auto lights coming on when it gets dark?
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