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07 vs 08 RDX Noise/Rough Ride Reports

resilientresilient Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hello Folks,

New to this forum and have been reading all day. Specifically, I'm looking to buy an RDX (non-tech). Originally a 2007 was the target, but after reading some of these posts I'm hearing there's insulation (road noise) and shock (smoother ride) improvements in the 2008.
Can anyone confirm or deny?


  • I've heard some people claim that Acura softened up the suspension sometime in the middle of the 2007 model year run. I don't know if that is true or if the suspensions just started to soften up by themselves after breaking in. Why don't you just take a test ride. If you like the ride, then buy the car. Don't trust other people's opinions since one person's "sporty ride" is another persons "too harsh".
  • Thanks Johnny. I did test drive the 2007 8 mos ago. Loved the car but didn't drive it on the freeway, which is where the majority of my driving will be. At that time, I test drove 11 of the top cross-overs (minus the Rogue as it wasn't production yet) and the RDX won hands down.

    I have an appt to test drive a pre-owned RDX 07 on Wednesday as well as a new '08 same day.

    Any ideas what an '07 RDX with 11k miles should run me?
  • bought an 07' service vehicle rdx in dec. with 14,000 miles on it for $29,000. no tech package but does have side trim & luggage rack add on's. my wife drives it & loves it. i prefer a smoother ride, but she's happy! you have to want to "drive" this wants to be driven. if you want to coast from point A to point B this is not the car for you.
  • Thanks carhelp7.

    I'm moving from a 05 Ford Exploder (3rd one) to a CUV. So the "drive" is just as important as the "ride" to me. I'd like it to be fun as well as comfortable.

    I'm also very curious regarding the future resale value of the RDX. Guess we'll have that data in the next couple years, eh?
  • dk168dk168 Posts: 2
    Own my RDX for 15 moths now. Road noise isn't that bad. I hear more of an engine noise during harsh accel. No doubt its ride is stiff but on a smooth surface, it is not so bad. I owned a Camry before and I adapted to the RDX's ride just fine. However, bad road condition can make the ride bumpy and noisy.
    Stiff ride however offers tight cornering. I can go 20mph over the posted speed on curves and feel the car hug the road well. I am more bothered by the small rattling noise coming from the dashboard. Well that's another subject. If comfort is import to you, I would look in to the Lexus RX350.

    Hope this helps.
  • jujubee1jujubee1 Posts: 2
    I've had my '08 RDX (tech) for 5 days now and loving everything about it except the HIGH-PITCHED whistling noise emanating from under the vehicle (not the hood) whether I am idling or driving. Took it to dealership today and they think it is the design of the emissions system. They kicked over two RDX's on the lot that made the same noise. Noise seems to diminish when engine is warmed up....but I can still sorta hear it. I do hear high-pitched noises easily (female species), but this is gonna drive my dog insane........has anybody else noticed this about the RDX?
  • jujubee1jujubee1 Posts: 2
    So, the dealership has had my RDX for three days now attempting to fix the high pitched whistling problem. A factory rep from Ohio happened to be on site and he is an RDX owner. It was decided that a new fuel pump should be installed into my baby......I picked her up today and the whistling is DEFINITELY lower in volume. I no longer hear it with the doors closed! I am a happy camper.
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