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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    If I use Mobile 1 fully synthetic motor oil, how many miles do I need to change the oil. mine is 70 % highway driving. Since I change my oil last time at 5,000 miles before ,the service minder for oil life is only 20 % left.

    I use Mobile 1 as well. I do the changes per the service minder. Usually near 6,000 miles before it hits 15% and says to change.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Thanks. Is the manual stated 10,000 miles oil change interval? If the minder reach 0%, will the warning light come on?
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    When the new body style Civic came out, there were no more stated intervals in the manual. You will see a wrench starting at 15% and the percent remaining will be displayed on the odometer screen as well as the codes for the recommended maintenance at that time.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    I think I will not use fully synthetic oil if change interval is only 5 - 6 k.
    I probably will go in for oil change at 10 % level.

  • I own a 2008 Civic w/10k miles the gasket frayed and the dealership believes the part shouldn' wear like that over so few miles but they won't warranty the gasket because Honda won't cover it. Has anyone else had this problem. Please don't say the seat belt did it, I'm extremely careful with my getting in and out of the seat. I love the car but feel slighted by the dealership and Honda.
  • tsuteratsutera Posts: 1
    had the same problem with the drivers side door...I have 12,000 miles on my civic and took it in for service and they said they would order it and cover it.....
    Paramus Honda, Paramus NJ
  • bb7813bb7813 Posts: 2
    What did you do to get the new tires? Mine are wearing badly on the rear 25,000
  • my 2008 Honda Civic only has 10,500 miles on it & I need new tires. Firestone says there is no mileage warranty on new cars, so I am stuck buying new tires. The dealer, Ralph Schomps Honda offered me a "forever tire replacement warranty" which I did not buy, but I can't help but wonder if I would have had better tires if I had bought it.
  • kmakerkmaker Posts: 20
    Sorry to hear about yet another couple of victims of poor suspension design on Honda Civics. Honda should come clean with both of these examples, admit they have design faults in the rear suspension and recall all 2008 Civics...and pay for new tires....but they won't, not until something happens ie. consumer pressure or regulatory intervention or worse, an incident that causes bodily harm. My tires are OK (tons of road noise) but the car is becoming more and more unstable on the road, especially when one of the rear wheels hits a bump in the road and the car decides to venture off into another lane. I agree with Honda in that the car is "exciting to drive", especially for the people beside me.
    Anyway, I'm still trying to sell it so better not slam the car any longer. Good luck with your tires but it's the car design to blame....
  • does anybody have a link to the service bullitin relating to the 2008 civic tire issue?
  • Scroll down to the 6th post in this thread. Somebody scanned in a copy of it: 25229
  • the TSB is for 2006 & 2007 - my 2008 Civic EX has 10,500 miles on it & the tires are down to 4/32 (7/32 in some places). If I get new tires, won't they wear just as bad?
  • I'm not sure I've seen a TSB for 2008 models. You could do an internet search and see if they've released one. If not, I'd take in the TSB and if your tire wear matches the patterns shown, demand that the fix be done.
  • hi i have a problem with my car, on wednesday i had left my car in a multi storey car park for a short time, when putting my key in the ignition i noticed a green key light flashing on my dashboard, my engine was running but my car was not revving past 1, does anyone know what the problem maybe. thanks? :(
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    From what I hear Honda has a new policy covering some wear-n-tear items. Dealers have to contact HQ for prior authorization before doing any warranty work. I had to replace a mid-floor (lower) P/N 74626-SNE-A00 (under the car) myself. It fell off (broke in half because some screws fell off and the car run over it). I brought it to the dealer who contacted the Honda HQ and they declined to cover it under warranty claiming "wear-n-tear". The dealer could fix it but they wanted some $ 65 for it (plus labor to install). I bought a brand new part on the internet ($ 9.71) had it shipped for free, tax free, and installed this item myself. So, when Honda is turning $ 10 warranty items down there is something wrong with their system. Either dealers are charging back Honda with excessive labor or Honda is really in financial straights.
  • tjk2tjk2 Posts: 1
    I feel like my clutch is very warn. I have a 2008 EX-L with 35,000 and when often it sounds like I am stepping on a duck every time I press the clutch it is a very shaky start and I have owned over 10 manual cars. It also feel like I broke one of the engine or tranny mounts because it start off bumpy. I also get a whistling coming from the motor. But other then that I love the car.
  • pegm1pegm1 Posts: 1
    Hello, is anyone else having a problem with uneven tread on their FRONT tires for the 2008 Honda Civic? There is 30K miles on the car, the back brakes are bad and the front tires have uneven tread. Is it possible that before they sold the car to me, they put the back tires on the front? Because I am reading everywhere that the back tires are the problem.... I'm so upset, I'm not rich so to have these problems so soon after buying this car just really stinks. I hate the feeling that I am being taken by the dealership...... ugh!
  • All tires on todays new cars are cheap. To get 30k on a set can be an achievment for some. All four tires are the same size making friendly tire rotations a breeze. Just remember to check you tire pressure at least every oil change and rotate every other and checking your alignment twice a year won't hurt. Doesn't mater what brand of car you have, they all come new with cheap tires and all need the maintenance above to extend tire wear. There is a recall for bad rear tire wear on the 2006, 2007 that some claim Honda should issue the same recall for the 2008, but I have yet to have issues with mine with the above maintenance.
  • Hi...No problem with my tires. I have been rotating them every oil change though, maybe that makes a difference? I have heard that if you purchase better tires, the ride is better as well as the tires last longer, if you get some extra bucks you might want to think about making that investment.
  • I have a 2008 Civic EXL with 16,462 miles on it. I was shocked at having to replace the front 2 tires at 12,257 miles. I had not rotated the tires but I expected better than 12,000 miles from them. This is the only complaint I have about the car.
  • lweekslweeks Posts: 12
    All Civic's in Canada are built in Alliston, Ontario. Civic's are also assembled in U.S.A. Lloyd
  • PLEASE contact me if you've had any trouble as below with your 08 civic. I am in Canada.

    The brakes have malfunctioned twice-no brakes at all in slightly slippery condition.

    Measurement of oxygen showed extreme high and low amounts in car while running. Amounts are unsafe! means engine misfire, or combustion problem.(?) Also my car doesn't start in cold weather readily. I can't drive the car-I get headaches, nauseous, and dizzy, plus other things. This is from the oxygen amounts.

    Driver's door lock is broken. passenger window failed to close on one occasion.

    car dents if you breathe on it.

    Please contact me with any similar problems. transport canada has my case.
    the dealer and maufacturer is bullshitting me, and, doing nothing.

    I have not had a car to drive for TEN months. It has been and still is, a nightmare.

  • Regarding the O2 (Oxygen levels) I am sure you must mean levels measured by the series of O2 sensors within the exhaust system rather than actual levels of oxygen within the cars interior. A failing O2 sensor will trigger a "check engine" light and may cause, as you noted, mis-fires, and/or a lean or rich fuel air ratio. This is easy to find AND fix, easy to find since the problem will log a code that the technician can read and decode with a hand-held code reader. Easy to fix(but not necessarily inexpensive) since these screw into the exhaust system at various points. This level of O2 is important to the engine but will not cause oxygen levels within the passenger compartment to vary AT ALL!! There cannot be a greater level of O2 in the car than in the general atmosphere but if there was an exhaust leak (not likely in a new car) the levels of carbon monoxide can increase causing the "dizzy..headaches etc."
    Regarding the window and lock failures, these are possible and should be an easy diagnosis and fix at the dealer.
    Regarding the dents...yes the hood and trunk lid especially on ours (2006 EX sedan) seems very thin. This is the price for a lightweight fuel effecient car.
    Regarding the brakes...if the ABS engaged in slippery conditions it will feel "funny" if you have not experienced it before but if that is what it was this feel is normal. Take the car onto a vacant snow covered parking lot and stop rapidly from 20 mph or so to feel the ABS engage. Is this what you felt???
  • The clutch sound most likely is your clutch spring. This is usually under warranty and can easily be replaced. I have had several hondas with the same issue. It is not dangerous if you leave it like that.
  • cj7375cj7375 Posts: 15
    my CIVIC 4dr. LX has a terrible road noise.

    Guys, any suggestions to dampen the road noise ?

    I am thinking of replacing the stock tires - but I am not sure which tires are quiet and long lasting.

    Some people are boasting Good Year Comfortread as the quietes tires, but they are rated "H" up to 101 miles/hr top speed I think. Others are saying Michellin MXV4 Plus ...

    Also, has anybody applied some noise deading materials with success ?
  • lisa311lisa311 Posts: 2
    I am also having problems with the rear tires on my 2008 Civic. I have approximately 27,200 miles on it. Dealer has checked it out, and it has corrected parts with the "C" stamp on them. The tires are lumpy and causing terrible road noise. It is now causing problems when I hit small bumps in the road too. The car slides, and Honda is denying the problem. I was informed today by American Honda to buy 2 new tires and have it aligned. I don't see how this will solve the problem, and I'm considering my options with the car. Any new info would be greatly appreciated.
  • hi There is a class action law suit against Honda Canada for your car's uneven tire wear. The law firm is in BC, Canada. A serach online should bring you to them

    good luck

    My 08 civic has an oxygen problem, and, the brakes have failed.
  • You are mistaken-the actual oxygen levels inside the car are erratic. the car is deemed unsafe to drive by an environmentalist. if my problems are so easy to fix, why has the local dealer anfd Honda Canada not fixed? it has been 11 mos. I have no car. they blame it in my "aggressive driving"! What garbage.

    civic owner 08 lemon
  • this is bull! vibrations have been linked to tire problems, for which a class action law suit is in progress on BC Canada Look it up
  • YOU ARE CRAZY TO BUY FROM HONDA. never never buy from them. the civics are junk. mine is. I am stuck w a lemon I can not drive. I will be suing them until they bleed
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