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2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • regarding the brakes----the brakes did not employ. I didn't post that they felt funny, but they they failed. this is what happened. I pressed, the car did not stop. At all. 2x. the car is a lemon. And, the oxygen level is low, and spikes high low on driving. that is it. the headaches etc, if you look it up, come from low/high oxygen levels. the symptoms fit low oxygen.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,177
    What exactly is that and what are it's credentials? What you are saying about the interior oxygen levels makes no sense...please elaborate.
    Sorry you seem to be having so much problems with your Canadian made Civic. Enjoying my '06 LX very much overall.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I was just trying to post a few polite comments/fixes/possibilities regarding your "problems". Don't get me wrong, I am not defending Honda Motors in the least, in fact I am less than thrilled with ours and use every opportunity to try to steer potential buyers from purchasing a Civic based on our many small but "non-Honda like" problems. Personally I believe that Honda, much like Toyota, is riding the wave of a previously garnered reputation for high quality that it no longer deserves or strives to continue.
  • Thanks for your msg. I agree wholeheartedly. I am completely frustrated, as my car problem exists now for 11 months. I actually can not drive my car, which is impossible.It sits in my driveway, and I walk or do without. Absolutely no one will listen or attend to the matter. This includes Transport Canada, honda Canada.....I have written the CEO of Honda Canada with no response. I have contacted MP's, with no response. no one actually cares if I get taken for a ride on my lemon vehicle. . It is ridiculous. The local dealer and Honda Canada are screwing me on this car, therefore I am furious with them. In Canada, there are no laws to protect consumers such as I who end up with a lemon. Good luck
  • yes, the whole thing is rather unusual

    . Basically, my car, and only my car (not other hondas, no other models, etc) has been making me very sick upon driving it-wicked headaches, nausea, dizziness....long drives left me sick for 2 days.

    Since I am never sick, this was odd. I initially suspected carbon monoxide.I recently had testing by a local company-testing as outlined by the head of emissions Canada. The results showed erratic oxygen levels inside the car. Unusual low levels, when running, and spikes to 25, and 18.5 at intervals.

    This explains my headaches, etc. I have yet to find someone to decipher re the vehicle. I plan to have testing repeated. Although all was done to protocol and put in writing, no one seems to accept it. One thing is sure...there is something oddly wrong with my car.

    To add, the brakes failed completely 2x. There have been other small problems with the vehcile-electrical, door locks, power windows. It is junk. I am so sorry I bought it.

    Honda canada, my dealer, transport canada, the CEO of Honda Canada, they are all ignoring me. I am expected to pay the lease on a car that I can not drive. I do not have a car at the moment, and it is impossible . I have been fighting for 11 months! It's become my full time job.

    Because of the non service, I feel anyone is CRAZY to buy from this company. I have been dealt complete disrespect and hatred from them. I have been threatened by the local dealer....the owner has hung up in my ear 2x, Honda Canada employees are unbelievably rude.....stay away.

    No one wants to lose money on the car, so I have been stiffed with it. Honda Canada is worth billions, while the local owner of the dealership is worth millions But that's ok......screw the little people, so that you can be rich.

    good luck
  • In BC canada, there is a class action suit happening re tires on 06 07 08 civics. You can find this online.
  • you are crazy to buy honda, and crazy to buy 08. I have a 08 lemon, that no one will do anything about. the car is pure junk. Find and read my posts. I am getting screwed on my car. It sits in my driveway-I can not drive it. I have no car. I have been battling for 11 months, and am being ignored. Stay away from honda. there is NO customer swrvice. Heaven help you if there is a problem.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,177
    My '06 has been almost trouble free. Had a couple of the early recalls done and the rear control arms taken care of and the car's been perfect ever since...just a pleasure to own. Getting 31 combined, with 80% in suburban driving.

    Love my Honda and loved all the Toyota's that we had. Like to keep things in perspective in these forums and to have a balanced discussion. Obviously some are having certain issues but I really believe that that % is somewhat low compared to the total volume of vehicles sold.

    My Civic rocks!!

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • yes, it is rare to have a problem honda. this is my 3rd honda. the first 2 were trouble free forever.

    Problem is, Honda are such snobs, that when there is a problem, they do not serve their customers. THIS is the problem, and this is the reason I will never again buy from honda. This is why I warn others to shop elsewhere.

    Incidentally, the cars are not made in the same manner as they were in the past. Cheaper materials, more problems..........

    .I have several serious problems, and I am not being served. they are not returning my phone calls. This is non service. For me Honda may rot in hell. I have not had a car to drive for 11 months. I am still fighting.
  • jonesbb630jonesbb630 Posts: 31
    edited March 2010
    I must say I've had an 84 Accord, 86 Accord, 88 Accord, 91 Integra, 95 Integra, 96 Civic, 97 Accord, 2000 Acura EL, 2001 Accord, 2002 Civic, 2005 CRV, 2008, Civic, 2008 CRV, 2009 Honda Lawnmower, 2009 Honda Snowblower. All these driven by my wife and me and knock on wood, not one lemon and nothing but pleasure to own and operate. By the complaints listed on this forum, I must be a hell of a lucky Honda owner. I must say that I have always done the recommended maintenance on all my Honda pruducts from oil changes to wheel alignments twice a year, tire rotation every other oil changes and regular recommended maintenance.

    My Blood Pressure would not handle anything but Hondas right now as I had Ford and GM before all my Hondas and left them before I get a heart attack fighting for warranty issues and poor craftsmanship. Until I get a real lemon, I guess Hondas will continue to be parked in my driveway as long as I'm paying for them.
  • You should go to a local decal shop, get large lemon stickers made and stick them all over your car, and park the car next the the dealer you got your car from on weekends when the dealer is closed. One guy from my local area did that with a Nissan Altima, and the dealer and Nissan setled and he got another brand new leftover demo in exchange for his lemon and he's been happy ever since.
  • glad to know! I on the other hand will get a heart attack fighting for my lemon, under warranty, problems appeared at 4mos old. I am speaking, but they are not listening. feels like 1910, not 2010. They do not listen to women! and, they are stupid. cheers
  • I'm telling you the last thing you dealer wants is for you to park your car close to their dealership with huge lemon stickers on it. I would be willing to bet they would listen to you then. There's nothing they can do to stop you from putting large lemon stickers on your car. Even better if you drive all over town with the sticker on. It will get their attention.
  • excellent-I have thought of this! the car is not safe to drive-their a lack of oxygen in the car. when I drive it I get sick for 2 days.

    however, I am at last resorts, so I may actually do this! where to buy lemon stuckers?
  • and, by the way, thanks so much to you all for your suggestions. they are helpful.

    I have tried everything, to include calling the dealer every night for 7 weeks, yes I am not kidding. they have called back, and sent registered letters, stating any further tests would be at my expense! Honda Canada does not call back. Nor have they responded to a letter addressed to the CEO 2 months ago. All is a ok when there is no problem.......but when there is a problem, and, money involved, look out.

    Even transport canada has not called back.
  • jonesbb630jonesbb630 Posts: 31
    edited March 2010
    I would start at a Car detailing shop where they do custom stripping or stickers. You could also check with sign companies that make stickers for vehicles for business purposes. It might cost you a few dollars for the bright lemmon stickers, but you will get their attention. Back home, the guy that did this with his Black Nissan Altima got ignored at first by the dealer thinking he would go away but he didn't. He kept driving his car all over town, and parked next to their dealership whenever he had a chance. He had huge lemon stickers on the hood, side doors and rear window. It was hillarious at first but he ended up getting what he wanted. I'm not sure exactly was was wrong with his car though...

    Good luck
  • hilarious. how long before he got results?
  • also, are you in canada or the us?
  • sorry, last thing! Did this guy have actual stickers of lemons, or the word lemon on a sticker?? curious

    thanks again
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Ever think of driving with the window rolled down? Sorry you are having problems with your Civic, but your claims seem rather exaggerated. Anything is repairable.
  • Wow, sounds like you are cut from the same cloth as the dealer. Who are you to say my claims are exaggerstaed?

    I have professional environmental testing, which states excessive oxygen levels in the car while running. I am told not the drive it. Considering it makes one sick for 2 days upon driving, I deem it also unsafe. You maybe should read about oxygen before judging. Low/high amounts are toxic. People can die from not enough or too much oxygen. Why don't you try breathing low/high oxygen fluctuations? See how it works for you.

    Yes, everything is fixable, I agree. But the dealer is too LAZY AND STUPID to bother to look for the problem. if you have read my complaint, they are ignoring me. They are not testing the car, They are doing nothing. They are [non-permissible content removed].

    And no, driving with the windows down lessens the problem, but does not solve it. Clearly I have thought of this, and have done this, actually long before the testing.

    There should not be anything wrong with this car. Problems started at 4 months. My past honda was a 95 yes, it ran to perfection, and was not in the garage for 12 years! The now honda civic 08 is a lemon, and first showed electrical problems at 1 week old.

    How dare you state that I am exaggerating. It is this narrow minded attitude that has me without a car to drive for the past 11 months. You share the attitude of the dealer.

    civic nightmare
  • By the way, why should I have to drive with all the windows down? Below zero winter weather is not conducive to driving w the windows down. nor is rain, cold, and wet. This is why bought a car, not a bicycle.unbelievable
  • jonesbb630jonesbb630 Posts: 31
    edited March 2010
    He had actual mostly lemon stickers and if I recall, he had the word lemon written on a couple of spots on his car. I started seeing these ealry in the Summer, and had negotiated with them by September. So it took him about 5 months. And this was in Canada. He even parked the car next to the dealer's parking lot with an open hood. It was funny but had most likely gone through a nightmare like you, so I guess I should not have been laughing. I was laughing at the dealer and Nissan and not the car owner, so I guess it was ok.
  • thank you! I ordered stickers of lemons, and the word lemon, today, Will be ready Mon. I then will park the car in designated areas, to include that close to the dealer.

    Apparently, I am not the first to do this in my area. Guy cited a jag owner who did the same, and a ford owner. Great idea.
  • I can't wait to see the outcome. Keep us posted and good luck. ;)
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Listen to your explanation from your earlier post:

    And, the oxygen level is low, and spikes high low on driving. that is it. the headaches etc, if you look it up, come from low/high oxygen levels. the symptoms fit low oxygen.

    low, high low, low/high, low. Huh?

    If your car was truly tested by a professional, then you should be able to state that optimum percentage of oxygen is between x% and y% and at this time it reaches below x% and at this time it went above y%.

    But the way you're communicating about the matter is not clear.

    In addition, the cabin just intakes air through exterior vents, so the amount of oxygen should not vary much from the oxygen in the outside enviroment. How is the car changing the amount of oxygen in the cabin? Internal combustion engines do not produce oxygen. They produce carbon monoxide. So it's not coming from there. So where is it coming from? Your environmental specialist should be able to determine this.
  • Sorry my explanantion is not to your liking. optimum oxygen settles at 20.3, 20.2, and reaches 25 at x, 18.5 at y. Is this better for your standards? I'll be sure to pass your insult on to the scientist who detects gas etc for a living. Forgive me for simplifing tests results for a car forum! Didn't realize I needed the same standards as a court room requires.

    Generally, when you write, you should write so that the average human understands. Use of x and y, etc, is not normal conversation language. but thanks anyway for your input.

    I have no idea what is causing this problem, and frankly nor do I care at this point. the problem exists. Car was brought to the dealer, and they failed miserably at diagnosing. It is their job to diagnose and fix, not mine.

    bottom line-there is a problem, and I can not drive the car. This is a nightmare. In a car, at 6 months old, there should not be any problems. this is when problems were noted. problem has existed for 11 months. 11 months.

    A car uses oxygen to run-it mixes fuel and air. the oxygen in my car is unusually abnormal.

    What is your explanation for this, as you seem to have all the answers?

    civic owner
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Didn't realize I needed the same standards as a court room requires.

    Yes, you would need those standards and court is the appropriate place for this dispute.

    You would need:

    1) The detailed results of the test that you already had performed showing the levels of the oxygen when they left the optimum range.
    2) Actual scientific studies showing what ranges of oxygen are safe and unsafe.
    3) A scientific determination on where the additional oxygen is coming from. (or when it goes low, how it is being removed. ) The engine doesn't produce oxygen nor does the air conditioner nor heater. It is up to the expert to figure this out. Perhaps you are not the first to discover this situation and perhaps this work is already completed. But no automobile dealer has trained scientists on staff to do this work.

    You could also have other Civics of the same year tested for the same issue. If that is found then you could do a class action suit. If not, then you simply file suit against Honda, present your evidence, get a judgment and then it will be up to Honda engineers to figure out the issues involved.

    If there are no government regulations regarding cabin oxygen, then a government entity will not be able to assist you either.

    That's the correct procedure to resolve this matter. Calling a dealer to have them discover where extra oxygen is coming from is a waste of time as they do not have the technical knowledge to diagnose the problem.

    If you do not want to follow that course, then simply sell the vehicle. Perhaps a person with less oxygen sensitivity than yourself would have no issues whatsoever.
  • who are you?

    I simply bought a new car, a Honda, as I expect it, like past hondas I have owned, to be problem free for a long time.

    at 6 months, the car started making me sick, At 4 months, the brakes failed.
    In both cases, this means there is something wrong with the car.

    11 months later, and after me attempting to resolve car issues, I still have a car that I can not drive.

    This frankly is a hassle, a hassle that I do not want and did not ask for.

    my post is to warn others of honda issues . my honda is not the quality I have come to expect.

    Additionally, the car was and is under warranty, which means that honda should be solving its problems, not me!!!

    the dealer is/was negligent. They did not honor the warranty, and did not thoroughly attempt to diagnose my cars' problems.

    I am not oxygen sensitive, as you rudely and narrow mindedly state. Low oxygen means there is a problem. I am told not to drive the car-it is unsafe. I am not interested in driving a car that causes headaches and dizziness. your statement equals that of the dealer, who has attempted to put the onus for my car problem on me.

    The dealer has passed the buck to honda canada, honda canada has passed the buck to the dealer. I am caught in the middle. I am left holding the financial obligation for a problem car.This makes me a victim.

    the crux of the matter is that the dealer was and is TOO STUPID AND LAZY to find my car problem. they do not care. they have failed to do their job, as it is their responsibility to solve problems with my new vehicle, under warranty.

    I have been told to wear sunglasses while driving! I have been told that my "aggressive driving" is the problem. The owner of the dealership has stated that if I drove an automatic, not a standard (which mine is), the problem would go away..How stupid is this???? These findings are written in the report from the dealer.

    If I do sue Honda, I am fully aware of what is necessary to do so. This is not the point of my post.

    the point of my post is to say as loudly as I can that my new honda is a problem, and that my dealer and manufacturer have done NOTHING to honor the warranty on my vehicle.

    At 11 months and counting, I own a car that can not be driven.

    please don't respond to me again.
  • cj7375cj7375 Posts: 15
    I have 2007 Civic LX and find it very dependable car. Yes, it had the back "lower arm" thingy replaced and some other TSB done on my regular oil changes.

    But that is it. Yes, the car is noisy, but that is normal for Honda. But not too noisy. I will be replacing the tires soon, and I will buy quieter tires.

    Never heard of the oxigen problem before. And I can not find a reasonable explanation for that. Honestly, I do not even see how this is possible to happen. I am not saying it is not happening, but the car does not produce oxigen, neither deprives the car's cabine of it. So, how can this possibly happen ...

    O.K. here is what I am going to do. Since I work with Combustion analyzers that actually measure CO, CO2, and Oxigen, I will drive my Civic with the analizer inside while watching the readings.

    My analizer is professional grade (cost approx. $1,000) and it is not sold to the public, so I trust it.
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