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Honda Pilot Steering Questions



  • This is great news! I wasn't able to send you a private message as it appears that you have your email hidden in your profile settings. I've opened up my email in my profile and I'd greatly appreciate if you could send me a private message with the details.

    I'll definitely keep you and the forum posted on any progress I'm able to make.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  • mrsrussmrsruss Posts: 1

    I am so glad I came across your post. My husband had me search common problems with steering vibrations in our 2011 Honda Pilot. So far we have had our power steering pump replaced and then we were told our rotors needed to be machined and new brake pads put on. As expected the vibrating still occurs. We have only owned our Pilot for 6 months. I will post a response as soon as I have the steering rack fixed.
  • pwroftedpwrofted Posts: 1
    I'm getting the same steering wheel shake on my 2009 pilot 2wd when I apply the brakes at the speed of 60mph or over. I was told by my mechanic friend that I may have a warped rotor in front as my steering wheel shakes, and if it's the rotors in the back i would notice the shake in my seat or behind my seat. So i replaced the front rotors and pads with new ones, but im still getting the steering wheel shake. My next plan is to have the wheel alignment and tire balancing. Tires are brand new Bridgestone dueler's.
  • cd8cd8 Posts: 1
    Hi mcintyred,

    Thank for posting, I'm taking mine in to the dealership this weekend for the same problem.
  • This is the exact problem I am having as well. I've seen others speak of it being a problem with the power steering rack. Is that so?
  • I just started driving my wife's Pilot, coming from 3 years in a Mazda CX-9 GT. I'm surprised/disbelieving how tight the steering is on the Pilot. Almost feels like the power steering isn't doing its job. My wife says that's the way the car has always been, and she likes it that way (so leave it alone!). Just curious then - is this the typical steering feel for a 2010 Pilot - or is there something else going on? Power steering fluid is filled to the mark, and the belt looks fine. Pump?
  • I have a 2010 Pilot purchased new and have less than 23000 miles. The steering wheel has been shaking for a while. It has been more pronounce as time gone on. So I went to the dealer toda y and was explained it was the rotor being warped. It was explained the manufacturer went to a softer material to eliminate squeaking brake sounds with a harder material. So I told the servicer that this will be a chronic problem since all the rotors will warp even if I replace them or have the current rotors turned. He said warranty expires at 12,000 miles for brake problems and it was my choice. Wow! I ask them to still check it and when the service invoice was printed the writing was perform a complimentary vehicle inspection including inspecting the tire pressure and setting it to factory specification. Nothing written about the steering wheel shimmie. So I pointed it out and the servicer said it was inside the free inspection. They know its a problem and there is a deliberate effort to hide it. I am not satisfy with the answer or service.
  • My son just purchased a 2011 Honda Pilot. He noticed the same problems shortly after the purchase. We both went for a drive and I noticed the same as he. Went down to the Dealership where he made the purchase and made an appointment. I just finished speaking with him and now they are going to replace the power steering pump and use that as a starting point. After driving this unit I feel that this is in or related to the steering rack. He is now getting the pump replaced and they will use this as a starting point. The dealership seem to be working with him and trying to find a resolve to his complaint.....
  • Sorry, it's been almost a year since I commented on this forum regarding my problem. It's been a tough road, but I'm pleased to say it's finally fixed. Initially I was advised by two dealerships that this vibration (occurring only when very slowly reversing and turning at the same time) was a characteristic of the Honda Pilot. Strange as I can't imagine Honda ever being proud of a Pilot with this type of characteristic. Amazingly each dealership started out saying "wow, that's unusual", but after a day in the shop and consultation with Honda corporate they advised of their "characteristic" diagnostic. I had all but given up, but I recently moved to a new city and thought I'd give the local dealership a try (I was getting close to my 36K miles). The technician heard the problem, but this time they dug deeper and agreed that there was something wrong with the power steering rack. They replaced it and my Pilot is like new! It's so good to finally have it fixed. Please keep in mind that my vibration (and also mcintyred's) only occurred at no to very low speed. There are comments regarding vibrations at high speeds on this thread but that was not my problem. I'd really like to thank mcintyred for his help .... I think it was persistence (as he recommended and a printout from this forum that finally convinced the dealer that something was wrong. Good luck to everyone else trying to get this fixed. Hopefully Honda will will stand behind their product better in the future -- I had to go through much frustration to get my problem fixed. I've only purchased Honda's in the past 12 years and although I think they are a great car manufacturer this experience (until just recently) certainly put a damper on my customer satisfaction score.
  • nnotsoonnotsoo Posts: 5
    edited March 2013
    Did the pump replacement work? I've also read it could be the control arm bushings??
  • alcolavistaalcolavista Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    HONDA TOURING @ 28000km
    I did a long drive from vancouver to san francisco loaded with my family of five. way down hill from the border of seatle and calif at around ( 108km ) of speed ... men its a terrible experience for the exted of vibration.i paid $61000 canadian for this car and this is what ive got in less than 2 years..
    the whole trip end up really slow for 22 hours of drive BC to SF because of this vibration.
    Contrary to popular belief, Honda does not make their own Power Steering Rack. A third party actually manufactures and sells these factory Power Steering Racks directly to Honda. Honda then installs these Power Steering Racks in your Pilot at the factory assembly line.2010 to 2013 have the same sterring rack assy..
    My apointment is next week and i will update u guys for the outcome..iam 100 percent sure its the sterring rack i did rotate the tires inspect the rotor the pads everything in good shape.
    If iam going to replace the steering rack every 2 years better i look for onother brand.
    What more if we use this for off road..try everyone down the hill for at atleast 100km of speed.
    do it while its not too late..
  • emmy9emmy9 Posts: 1
    My 05 Pilot with 80,000 miles just started this steering wheel thing. The steering wheel shakes/vibrates back and forth (Left to Right). Not as noticeable at higher speeds on the highway. I had the tires rotated and balanced yesterday and it really didn't help. In December I had it in for a tune up at the dealership. They replaced the tie rods. Is that part of the steering rack problem that people are referring to?

    The tires treads are at about 5/32 and both the dealer and the tire shop said they are okay for a few more miles.

    Should I take it to the dealer and ask them to look at the power steering, drive train, what?
  • nnotsoonnotsoo Posts: 5
    well, we resurfaced the rotors and had the control arm bushings replaced per power-train warranty. All is good. Cheap Honda rotors though, cheap steel.
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