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have 2007 H3 purchased new in august now has 4800 mi. have had 4 dead batteries and rwice towed to GM dealer. the last time it would not start was 15 minutes afterthe dealer test drove it with a new battery..after keeping truck another 3 days they could not explain what happens as everything was ok on computer. only problem is it wont start dead battery..GM had no answers except replace battery..ANY IDEAS??? doug


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    There are three possibilities: (a) Your electrical system is being short-circuited, (b) your electrical contacts are defective or (c) you're the one in million who just happened to get four batteries in a row that have manufacturing defects.

    The fact that one of them discharged in 15 minutes has me puzzled. For a battery to discharge that quickly without some telltale signs of electrical shorting (smoking, sparking, excessive heat etc.) suggests that the problem is not a short circuit. I would check out all the electrical contacts if only to rule out possibility (b). As for the one in a million chance, it's actually not quite that unlikely to happen if all those batteries were made in the same factory with the same lot number which is entirely possible.

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    While Tidester is correct, you should know that you are not alone. Many H3s are having this problem. I don't know what the solution will finally be, but at the moment it appears that having a battery size that's on the bleeding edge of minimal isn't helping any.
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    Know what you mean, I have a 2006 H3 and I have to replace the battery every year. Got to take it in tomorrow...it went dead today. No sense tring to re-charge...it won't...Never have found out the problem...just the barreries I quess.
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    Did they even check to see if you have any sort of parasitic drain on the electrical system???

    I know I have seen the AMP stayed powered up causing the radio to stay awake & cause a drain. Also seen the Onstar also cause a drain. Do you have any aftermarket accessories that were installed??

    I know on some models we are suppose to disconnect the Onstar module if no longer in use due to not powering down & also causing a drain.

    If you have some stuff that was added & not installed correctly as for the way it was wired in, it can cause drains.

    Example, I had a H2 come in with a dead battery, I replaced the battery. Sorry but warranty doesn't pay me to check anything so it gets a battery first time. If it comes back in, then it gets a parasitic drain check. But it did come back, I did measure the drain ,was very high. started puling fuses. Pulled 1 fuse & it completely removed the drain. Come to find out it had stuff installed at a non dealership place(DVD headrests, SAT system, NAV radio) & all was NON GM brand or quality. So I hit the customer with ----No longer a warranty issue & that junk has to be removed prior to me performing any more diag. Of course they took it to the place that installed it, said they didn't find a drain(Of course it was the way he explained how he was looking for the drain---NON power drain way of doing it) So they shipped it back & I AGAIN removed the same fuse that they reinstalled. Check my drains again, no drains with fuse removed, so I unplug the main connectors that was hooked to the battery side of the fuse & gave back to the customer saying I removed the drain. Told the customer what I did & it is no longer a warranty & no longer FREE
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