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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Thanks. Please provide links to the pictures, if it's not too much trouble. Your instructions will likely be enhanced by them.
  • They should have fixed it. That was a recalled item. I had the same problem when I cut my car off. They also fixed the AUX plug in the middle compartment that I didn't even know was on recall. I then looked up recalls on this vehicle and then I took all the ones that I found and asked them to fix them all and they did. At least Hamilton Mazda in NJ did. They are wonderful about fixing my vehicle.
  • I had the same problem and my dealer Hamilton Mazda in New Jersey fixed it. they looked it up on the computer and showed me what the problem was and fixed it. There was also a vibration in the headrests of the seats. They also looked it up and fixed it. With no problems and no charge. They are great!!! I love my CX9 and am sorry to hear all the problems people are having. Presently it's in the shop because my calipers seized up and they have to replaced. I am glad I invested in an extended warranty and it is covered!!! If anyone in New Jersey has a Mazda, Hamilton Mazda has the best service!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited November 2010
    It's always nice to read about a good dealer experience. Please write a review up on Hamilton too. Thanks!

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews
  • I had to have the styrofoam pads put back in place on my 2007 CX-9. Since they have fixed this a portion of the driver and passenger windows are wet on the inside after rolling down, after it is has been raining. My dealer has looked at it 4 times and claims that this is normal. BS! Tried to claim that it happened because the rain was getting it wet when opened. It happens the first time the window is put down and then back up. I can see no leaks while window is up. Somehow the inside felt strip is getting wet. Is this normal? Does anyone have this same problem?
  • Any update on this issue? I have 2008 GT CX9. ABS light, traction light, and slippery lights come on for no apparent reason. Dealer told me I need new ABS module that was controling a pump incorrectly. Part and labor are around $1500 and my car is out of warranty. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited December 2010
    Seriously, $1500 is not a bad price.
    I had a Honda Accord that needed the same module replaced. Honda dealer quoted me $2000. A little bargaining brought it down to $1800. That was 8 years ago.

    Anyway, as usual, find a second opinion.
    Nowadays, dealer (or anyone with a code reader) can scan the OBDII code stored in the computer. A bit googling can find the reason for the failure on the web.
    Autozone/Kragen sometimes offer such services for free (scanning the code).
    That way, you know for sure, what is wrong.

    How far off warranty is your 2008 CX9? If it is barely off warranty (i.e. 36K+), call the Mazda head quarter. Sometimes, you can negotiate a 50%/50% deal with the corporate if yours is only a couple of K miles more than 36K.
    It depends on your "sweet talking". 'Mind you that shouting usually does not help.
  • mmalommalo Posts: 1
    i've have a random problem of the key getting stuck in the ignition and not being able to put the car in park. the dealer claims it's because the key is a little bent -- BS. it happened before that. they have no explaination. if you find anything out, pls post.
  • Thank you to all CX9 owners for all their posts. I am readying to purchase a new vehicle and need a 7 seater to handle a family of 5. Like the CX9 on test drive because it handles my 6'4" 275 lb frame well in the driver seat. Rest of seating is also comfy for 3 offsprings that will all be between 5'9' and 6'4" in high School. Car Priced at good value as well.

    However, I am amazed at how many reliability issues you have dealt with as I skim thru all 372 posts (and not all of the problems are related to model years 1-2)...poor electrical system, leaks, knocks, etc (I can go buy my own snow tires).

    I am own a CAMRY wagon (yes Camry did make a wagon) and it has driven for 250k miles with only regular maintenance. Size and storage for all. Frankly, the only reason to get rid of it is to give it to my teenage driver. I am looking for a replacement that will be of similar longevity and durability.

    Is the new 2011 CX9 the answer? Reading your posts, I lean not....Thoughts?
  • I bought the cx9 because of the great handling and I enjoyed my Mazda 3. I do have concerns about a few things like the electric system but so far I'm happy with my choice. It just drives really well. The interior and size are great too.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited January 2011
    Please check the newest issue of ConsumersReport.
    The reliability (based on surveys of its subscribers) of CX9 is actually above Honda Pilot and below Toyota Highlander.

    CX9 has Toyota/Lexus transmission (Aisin), revised Ford Duratec engine, and Ford Edge's lengthened chassis. It is a mix of Mazda, Toyota and Ford engineering.

    I have owned my '08 GT AWD for 3 yrs and 35K. Only two minor issues taken care of at oil changes. Not bad for second year model if you ask me.
    Later models should be even more reliable than my 2008 models.
  • 1.Ok, the car has like 196 miles and I walk around the back and note that there is moisture inside the rear tail light; are you kidding me, already???

    2. The heated seats DO NOT HEAT...I assume the TSB will cover me on a LATE model 2010? You would have thought they might go thru the inventory and fix it BUt I guess its easier to wait till its sold and then let the owner complain and stand in line???

    3. I have a message diagram light on the dash that says the hood is up?? Have opened and closed it about 5 times???? It will NOT go off...

    Love the looks but not the initial quality....
  • I just got a 2011 CX-9 with tan leather interior but after only 1 week, we noticed the front seat bolster areas look like they're changing color to blue. Anyone else had this problem with the tan interior seats and if so, what can we do?
  • I just bought a 2010 Mazda CX9 Sport 11/1/10 and have had the same problem since we bought it. It's been back to the dealership 3 times. They replaced the passenger door inner seal the first time. That didn't work. They replaced the driver and passenger inner and outer door seals the second time. That didn't work. They replaced the drivers side inner and outer door seals again. That didn't work. They are contacting Mazda about the problem now.
  • 2010 Mazda CX-9 with 12K miles. When I press the brakes i hear metal/clicking loud noise from the front driver side brake. it is especially noticable when cold. I took it to the dealer, but was told that they couldn't replicate the issue and the car operates as expected.
    Any suggestions please.
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Hmmm, If you have not already done so, take it back again and have them do a through check. I had a 2007 cx9, and its probably not the same issue as mine HOWEVER... What I did do was take mine to a trusted mechanic who at first said he could not replicate the sound which sounded like a very distinct click when I would put it in drive after an overnight parking. Soon I noticed that the sound would happen every time I would come to a stop. The mechanic said have them (Mazda) check the transmission and transferbox. I went to them at least 8 times for that sound alone and 8-10 times in the first 11 months of owning that vehicle.
    I caught some flak because of some past comments, but I was not making this stuff up , I know there are reputable dealers and tech people... but just like I said would happen, that dealership went under. And by the way their answer to my complaint was to put lithium grease in an attempt to quiet the noise. FAIL... I got rid of the vehicle 77000 miles front transmission and transfer box fail. Now to be fair I will say that is was the first year of the cx9, but my goodness... not even an attempt to fix any of the issues...if you would like I can make a list of things to keep an eye/ ear open for. Just in case.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    If you are hearing a "click-click" sound everytime you:

    1. Put the vehicle in Drive or Reverse from a stand still...
    2. Take off from a red light...
    3. Let off the gas...
    4. (Ocasionally) hit the brakes...

    It is a well know problem, at least in the 2007 MY CX-9s. The repair is to get the front drive shaft splines packed with grease. Apparently there is just enough sloppy clearance between the splines in the drive shaft and the splines in the hub assembly to have some play and cause the "clicl-click" sound.
    Mine does it, but it doesnt bother me as much or enough to dish out the money to get them greased. Maybe next time when I replace my front rotors I'll do it myself...
  • I have a 2008 CX-9, there is a noise when the gear changes from 3rd to 4th, mainly when I accelerate slowly, it is driving me crazy, the engine sounds like one of an old car, anybody has experience the same issue ?
  • I have a 2008 CX-9 Sport, and I have notice a clunking noise in the front end mainly when driving and stopping at speeds lower than 30 MPH, at first I that I had drove over something but it is not, anyone has experienced the same issue ?
  • tomw5tomw5 Posts: 9
    I have a 2011 CX-9 with wind noise. I have isolated it to occur when there is a wind coming from the driver's side. The noise appears to be in the front passenger area. They tightened the passenger door the first time. I brought it back this morning since that didn't solve the problem. Having driven into winds coming from every direction, this seems to create the most noise. I find I don't have to be going fast - it is not an issue of speed - just the direction of the wind. I had a 2008 that I traded in and never noticed this issue at all.
  • I have a 2009 CX9 and first had a metal like sound when I turned and braked. It happened twice in the first year, but now it happens more frequently, usually when I am going around the circle in my development. It feels like the brakes are failing but they don;t, However, I can't seem to recreate it when I just make turns, sharp one, not so sharp ones, in an open parking lot.

    I;ve had 2 mechanics check out underneath and saw nothing. Mazda says its my right tie rods. But the sound definitely comes from the left front. ???????
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    Dont know if it is the same issue I had... When I would put my 07 CX9 in gear, depress the brake first of course, then step on the gas just a little I would hear what could best be described as sounding like a sock with pennies being dropped. First it was very subtle then it began to happen whenever I would slow down also. I had taken it to the shop several times... and they never found it. Then it started when I would turn like leaving the driveway.. They told me it was the brake calipers. Which they did replace but not before giving me a hard time about the brakes I had installed....Only problem was those were the original brakes and I never had anyone other than Mazda work on my vehicle.
    Not trying to bash Mazda, but mine was less than desirable, complete transmission failure at 71000 miles...
    If you are interested...I can give you a list of things that went wrong...if nothing would be f.y.i.
  • drc1017drc1017 Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    After noticing a distinct "clank" upon the first few stops of the day and a whining as the car came to each and every stop, we took our 2010 CX-9 GT AWD in to the dealer today. They just called and said the rotors needed to be resurfaced. The car is just over 12 months old with 16000 miles. The car had sat at 1.5 week intervals here and there, and the dealer is saying that is what caused the problem. I am not as convinced. The mileage is mostly highway, the rest suburban.

    Anyone else having an issue like this so soon in the life if their CX-9? I am quite surprised to say the least. Thanks...
  • k1200k1200 Posts: 40
    My 07 CX9 did not make a whining noise, just a very audible metallic "clank"...first on when starting out then it progressed to slowing then turning...they resurfaced the rotors told me "you must have hit some potholes"
    Heres what went on with mine....dont laugh

    Upon delivery in March 2007 the slot where cds would be inserted, no opening was cut
    sound system repllaced
    4/07 Battery kept dying, relays replaced (2 days)
    6/07 caliper pins replaced...cleaned and resurfaced rotors
    11/07 Throttle body replaced... irregular idle
    02/08 customer reports noise from front end...nothing found....heater blower comes on when ignition is turned off, (even when heat was not initially turned on....Tech needs Mazda specialist to correct.
    4/08 transmission makes noise when put into drive...nothing found
    front brake pads shim kit/clips lost, replaced calipers (3 days)
    7/08 extreme vibrations, rotors replaced
    10/08 Verified fan comes on for no reason, relay replaced... drivers seat adjusts without warning...cannot replicate
    12/08 front windows roll down unexpectedly, heat comes on when car is turned off. Relays suspected
    5/09 All dash lights out.

    I basically gave up on this car and only drove it to the store but never further than 5 miles from home.
    The front bearing had to be replaced in Sept 2010. In Nov the transmission went and though I had an extended warranty, I was over by 310 miles and Mazda would not honor it. The vehicle looked good was nice for a short time , then it came apart at the seams. My brother bought one too, and got rid of his before I got rid of mine.
    I hope all turns out well for you, but Mazda... never again
  • what exactly was your problem? I have a 2009 CX9 and very very intermittently when I make a tight left turn on a incline, I hear a metallic/grinding noise which my personal mechanic told me was the ABS. But it is scary and there's no reason for it. Mazda says my ABS checked out fine on the computer and that's it's probably rust on an unused part of the rotor - NOT!

    What is this January bulletin and how do I get a copy of it?

    Thanks so much.

  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    I recently got a new 2011 CX9 GT with no options (so no back-up camera). I needed the back-up camera, and my dealer said he could install an aftermarket one that would display in the rearview mirror. In the process, he broke off the rain/headlight sensor and eliminated the homelink capability.

    My questions are:

    1. Is there an aftermarket rearview mirror with camera display that will work with the rain/light sensor (and hopefully homelink)?

    2. What does the dealer need to do to fix the problem? He claims he is going to fix it, but seems totally clueless so I am a bit worried he is going to do more damage in the process.

  • I am not familiar with backup cameras. But for your question #2, just let the dealer fix it. He is obliged to fix any damage he caused so just let him do it. when he is finished either it works or it doesn't. My bet is that it will work.
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    Just picked-up my new CX9 GT AWD from the dealer, and already noticed a problem. When I put the car in park (from drive) and take my foot off the brake the car "lurches" forward. It moves a noticeable amount ~6 inches before the car "catches" and stops.

    If I put on the parking brake with my foot on the brake then it doesn't move, but it lurches forward when I take off the parking brake.

    This is on a fairly slight incline (not a steep hill), and I have never noticed this with any another car parking on the same street.

    Any idea on the problem? Thanks!
  • I am having the same issue with my 2010 CX9 touring. Its under warranty, the dealer is having a hard time diagnosing the problem. I believe they are ordering a replacement throttle assembly in an attempt to resolve the issue. Its probably hard to diagnose because there is no dash indicator for the computer to read, i'm not sure if its a sensor or what.
    The Dealer reports that they "flashed" the computer X2 and installed an update, this reduced the amount of "surge" in the idle while the car is in drive, however the condition still exists.
    They've ordered the parts, I'll keep you posted if it resolves the issue. I've been scowering the web to see if anyone else is seeing this issue, you were the first instance I've found that is similar.
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