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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • jschwa - I picked up a new 2011 CX-9 Grand Touring on April 2 and am experiencing a very similar problem--the car occassionally lurches forward when shifting from park into either drive or reverse; the problem is worse when the car is on an incline. Very odd indeed; I would be interested in hearing what the service center tells you.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,619
    Is your foot on the brake when shifting from park to either gear?
  • Yes; my foot has been on the brake when shifting from park.
  • ek0195ek0195 Posts: 1
    We have 2009 and have the same issues. We are even having issues with the piping rubbing away, kind of looks like its been rubbed by a course piece of sand paper. We don't even carry things in the seats, only us. We took to the dealership and they had the Area Rep look at it. The Area Rep claims it is normal wear and tear. Never heard or seen something like this before. We even sent letters to Mazda main offices for help to understand why and the response we get is that is normal.
    Hope you get better answers than we did.
    Good Luck
  • jschwajschwa Posts: 11
    Just to be clear, my "lurching" is when I shift the car into park and then take my foot off the break. The car seems to move more than normal before it "catches" and stops. This doesn't happen if I set the parking break before removing my foot from the break (though I have never had to do this on any other car).

    The car "lurches" again if I remove the parking break without putting my foot on the break (even though the car is in park), particularly if on an incline (even a modest one).

    The dealer's service department thinks it is normal and let me try another CX-9. The experience was somewhat similar so it may just be part of the design, though the car seems to move more than I have ever seen with other cars.
  • jblack2jblack2 Posts: 1
    What did you find out about the noise? I have a 2011 mazda cx-9 and have the same problem. I'm getting ready to take it in and wanted to know if they resolved the problem for you.
  • I do not have wind noise. Good luck.
  • tsingotsingo Posts: 3
    Purchased a 2011 CX9 Touring yesterday. Found a problem today. In the morning after the car is started, it did not respond to the gas peddle. It just moved slowly by itself. Then I noticed the powertrain malfunction (the little orange wrench) light is on. I stopped the car and shut off the engine. After the engine is restarted, the problem went away, but it appeared again in the shopping mall parking lot.

    Searched on the web and it seems that there are few people (but not many) are having this problem. Anyone here experienced this problem? Will have to take the car to the dealer tomorrow.
  • pwr1pwr1 Posts: 5
    ** Alert**
    This is a complete failure of the oprating systems of your car, and you should not be asking ANYONE on this great forum what to do! Have it towed immediately to the dealer, DO NOT DRIVE IT! Also, make sure it is documented as such, and not written up as a loose battery cable, or some other trivial thing. They will try to do that to get around the lemon laws of your state.
    That being said, the CX-9 is the best of 40 cars I have ever owned... And I hope it all works out for you. Please tell us the outcome!
  • ewsncewsnc Posts: 14
    Frontal metallic clicking/knocking noise finally got fixed after replacing strut bearings. For this problem, over the past two years, the car went through at least 3 days of major diagnosis (at two different dealers), replacement of both front struts, then the strut bearings. Now at 30K, it drives like new.
  • kgpenakgpena Posts: 3
    My 2007 CX-9 has 39,300 miles on it. I have had the brake rotors replaced 3 times. I just took it in again for rotor problems. The rotors are warped again! They tell me that they are no longer under warranty and they will need to be re-ground and not replaced.

    The service guy told me it must be my driving style!

    Mazda USA said there's nothing they can do because it's not a manufactures issue. Well it is an issue if the brake rotors only last 10,000 miles!
  • johnismynamejohnismyname Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    I have a 2010 cx-9 GT. I got the auto door lock feature (the doors lock when you move away from the car with the smart key) turned on by the dealer few months ago. This feature has been working fine for few months now. However recently it stopped auto locking the doors. More annoyingly it keeps beeping for about 5-7 seconds after I try to lock the doors using the smart key ( as if it is warning me about something). Any idea what is going on?
  • lhf1lhf1 Posts: 1
    Periodically when turning a a hard right or left at a low speed my ABS brakes engage. This happens when driving on dry pavement. I did look around the internet and found that this has been a problem in past but when I took it to the dealer they looked at me like I had two heads. They want to test drive it and recreate the issue but when it is random occurance it is rather difficult to do. They have basically dropped the issue and shovelled me out the door. I am concerned it will only get worse.
  • will80will80 Posts: 2
    I am told I have to replace the rear calipers. There seems to be a squeal noise from the passenger side rear after the brakes get hot and especially when turning left. The dealer did work on the rear brakes under warranty, but perhaps did not lube the pads as the TSB requires.
    Anyone else with this problem?
  • You will never know for sure unless you look at the pads and see whether or not they were lubricated.
  • dbmorrdbmorr Posts: 1
    Have had our 2010 CX9 Touring model since January 2010. It attracts dings - I was on a stool drying the roof and front windon and leaned on the hood and dented it. Is Mazda using a thin gauge sheet metal to save weight. Just came back from vacation to the Outer Banks. On the hills in W.Va I noticed the brakes are starting to shudder and it just turned over 13,000 miles on the trip. Anyone else with these issues?
  • donniem1donniem1 Posts: 2
    I met with a district rep for the wind noise problem. He blew me off and said the wind noise is "normal". I drove the 2011 Mazda CX-9 that he was driving. Little to no wind noise. I drove 2 other 2010 CX-9's. Little to no wind noise. I drove my brothers Toyota Highlander. Little to no wind noise. How can Mazda think that anyone paying $30,000 for a new SUV would be happy with it when the wind noise coming through the front windows is so loud that it's still distracting even turning the radio way up, not to mention them fogging up to about 6 inches from the botton when it's cold out and the heat is on. I don't even like getting into it anymore. It's not fun to drive like that.
  • will80will80 Posts: 2
    I just had my rear calipers replaced. Cleared up a squeal that was happening after brakes warmed up. Also it fixed the parking brake which used to have a long travel, now it is only a few inches.

    My rear brakes had been updated by the dealer at 28,000 miles for the problems you mention (new shims and bracket and pads with rotors machined), but I don't think they lubricated the new pads when they installed them and did not adjust the parking brake.
  • skaplanskaplan Posts: 4
    My '09 CX9 has a noticeable whine when in 6th gear at mid 40's mph. The dealer says all CX-9 have a whine in 6th gear, and further that the transmission in this vehicle has been problem free. Fluid level, smell and color all check out. Do others have this whine, and if so was it addressed by Mazda if you pursued it? Thank you.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,619
    We have the 2010 CX-9....No WHINE!! Dealer has got to be kidding you! It's like saying: Yes flames always come out the back after you reach 75 mph!".

    Check tires, wheel bearings, axel fluids. Dealer needs to fix this if covered under warranty. (Tires not covered, of course). Could be the axels?

    Axle whine is a continuous, steady state tonal sound, emitted from the differential unit’s hypoid gears. It is essentially induced by torque variations. This can be as a result of resonant conditions or torque fluctuations caused by engine order vibrations, compounded by gear transmission error. The principal mechanism of gear whine noise generation is, therefore, through transmission of vibration from the gear shafts and bearings to the differential housing, which is radiated as noise.

  • tomw5tomw5 Posts: 9
    Now they are telling me it is a problem with the design of the mirrors. Funny - only occurs when wind is blowing from driver's side - not the passenger's side. If the wind is really blowing, I don't even have to be moving. I can be at a stop sign and hear it. Raise the carpet and sweep this problem under it. I think that is where I am.
  • I have a similar issue with my 2010 cx9 grand touring. i have ~28K miles and plan to ask the dealer/service folks about it today … we'll see how it goes but i kinda got a feeling it won't go well.
  • alamadeelalamadeel Posts: 6
    I agree with you. Just bury this issue. I posted this problem more than a year ago. Could be a design issue with the mirror as you mentioned. Anyways, It's been a year, and I am happy with my car. Runs great, looks great and feels great :)
  • I hope you get this message. I have been a techician for 38 years and have seen your problem many times. The wind noise is coming from under the bottom of the windshield because it is not sealed correctly to the body. Take a towel and stuff it between the dash an the windshield bottom as you drive and have the noise. If the noise lessens alot this is for sure the problem. The frost you talk about six inches up on the windshield is a "for sure" give away that this is your problem. Have a windshield company take out the windshield and renew the sealer. Your problem will be solved.
  • lounloun Posts: 1
    Just bought a CX-9 in May. Same problem with shuddering brakes after 5,000 miles. I thought that they were going to give out on I95 last weekend. Also, I have had problems with the paint and cheap sheet metal buckling during washing and waxing. If dealer cannot fix brake problem, I plan to return car under Maryland's Lemon Law. I could see brake problem evolving into a recall issue.
  • Anyone know if the install of the NEW ONSTAR mirror would interfere with any electronics etc on the CX-9, GT? Their website lists the car as compatible, would like it for my wife; I love onstar!dogdoc
  • My TCS light, brake light and the car with the squiggly lines light won't turn off. My mechanic has looked the car over and can't find any issues with the car that would cause those lights to stay on. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • pwr1pwr1 Posts: 5
    My 2009 kept doing this and it turned out to be low brake fluid in the reservoir. Mine was almost empty and filling it fixed the problem.
  • Yes. Computer module. Expensive problem if outside warranty. I had same problem. Be careful because abs and traction contol
    Could not work
  • 1st problem - Sounds like my exhaust manifold gasket has gone out because I can hear the engine's RPMs much more than before. I believe it is the manifold leak because when I turn the wheel to the right it seems to get even louder. Is this common on the CX-9 and is my thinking correct? I do have some rust on the exhaust, especially the connect right as the exhaust comes down from the engine and heads towards the back of the truck.

    2nd problem - is common for the exhaust to squeak, especially in the rear when going over bumps or on start up? Is there a fix for this?
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