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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • Hi dogdoc1997 - I do some digital work for OnStar, and as you stated, your Mazda CX-9 is compatible with the FMV Mirror. As for your question about the electronics, as long as anything in the car doesn't work from your current mirror, such as backup sensor, compass, temperature, or auto dimming, there should be no problem interfering with the electronics. Since I am not sure exactly what your vehicle has, I want to give you a link that has more information on fit criteria -

    Let me know if you have any more questions!
  • I have a 2009 CX9 GT FWD with 27,900 miles on it. Recently, I have attempted to start the vehicle with the remote start. Instead of giving me the one horn beep, followed by the engine start and follow up horn beep, I get 3 short horn beeps in quick order and the vehicle does not start. My dealer service guy does not know what the beeps are indicating. I am trying to avoid a trip to dealer and leaving it if there is a simple fix. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it, either by getting an answer or having it fixed by dealer?

  • same exact problem with my '10 cx-9. same mileage. Have you found a solution??? I'd like to avoid a wasted trip to dealer. worked fine last I used it in April.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    I'm pretty sure there's a known issue with the brake fluid leaking internally and only found out until it's too late. Check for Mazda TSBs
  • Went to dealer. Car was in valet mode. Knew it was something stupid like that.
  • I bought my wife a cx-9 about a year ago, and it's ran perfect up until now. The engine light came on so I had the codes check. It said my #2 cylinder had a misfire or my MAF sensor was bad or the was a vacuum leak. Then it said the my fuel in bank 1 was too lean. I purchased a new MAF sensor and still nothing. Then I changed the spark plugs, I had the battery disconnected. Once it was all done, I started it up. It ran fine for a couple of days, then started acting up again. I then checked the coils and they were all good. I think it's a computer problem because it fixes itself when I disconnect the battery for a while, then messes up again. The engine runs really sluggish and the a/c blows hot air when in drive. It has a definite misfire, that easy to see, but what confuses me is how it fixes itself. I checked the vacuums and it had no leaks. Has anyone else had this problem?? I also checked my o2 sensors and they are good. Skis my catalytic convertor. Can anyone give me any advice on this before I have to take it to the dealer?
  • 2010 CX9 AWD at 21k mile
    First, TCS off light and Slippery road warning light were on.
    On red traffic light, I stopped my car, turned off engine and restarted it, which had been a quick fix for the lights problem.
    This time, it resulted in a different problem. Engine worked but transmission did not work. My car did not move at all. After trying various different things, my car finally started moving only at 5th gear. no other lower gears worked. At the same time, check engine light and "AT" light were on. Has anyone experienced similar problem? My car seems working fine now but I am afraid the issue may be repeated... Other than that, my cx9 has not had an issue.
  • No luck as of yet. I think I am going to bite the bullet and take it to the dealer. The remote start unit may be bad; I wish they would tell you what the beeps meant to save time on this issue.
  • I will have to see how to get it out of valet mode; thanks for your update; didn't see it till I responded to your first response.
  • look at the manual obviously, but IIRC, you put the ignition to "on", put your foot on the brake and press the remote start button.
  • I appreciate the info; will see if that solves the problem.
  • bruin9bruin9 Posts: 1
    Hi, I just read your posting and I've been experiencing the same issue. I've been to the dealer 3 times and they can't find the problem to that rear sound. It happens with slight acceleration mostly up hill. Did you ever find a resolution?
  • Yes! I just noticed this on my 2008 grand touring. Did you ever find out what caused the problem? My dealer seems to think its a muffler issue, but I don't think they know.
  • I've had a wind noise issue with our 2008 CX-9. I've ignored it until now. The noise emanates from behind and to the left of the driver, while seated in the vehicle, from upper corner of the driver's door.

    After inspecting the corner of the driver's door and comparing it to the passenger door, it's clear that the window glass separates from the weather stripping in the corner. The corner of the window is fully exposed and must be the cause of the noise.

    Do you recommend a mechanic or body shop to remove and replace the weather stripping?

    Thanks in advance for you help.
  • nitsannitsan Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    Bought a new Mazda CX-9 2012 from Groove Mazda in oct 2011 for my wife. Yesterday at the airport pickup my wife stopped the car waiting for her friend. The car would not start. Tried to use the manual key thinking the remote keyfab was dead. Same thing it will not recognize the key. Waited an hour for the jumpstart help sent by mazda roadside. Battery was fine. Called the dealer and they said to try starting the car with breaks pressed????!!! Still nothing. Finally another hour later had to tow it to the dealer. The service dept. Initial claims were that the vehicle was jimp started wrong and burnt out the fuse??????!!! Have not heard back yet as to what the issue was. It's been just two months with this brand new car and not sure what the issue could be. Does anyone experienced the same? With the 2012 mazda 2012 cx-9? Could this be a start about of major issues..... Getting worried about having issues so early. Already have the same wind issue as experienced by some of the users on this blog. Last headache was the moonroof that leaked considerable amount of water when taken to a power car wash. Any feedback someone that had experienced similar and what was done to fix may be helpul to ease our fears. Thank you.
  • I own a 2008 Mazda CX9. Unfortunately in March of 2011, someone ran a stop sign and rammed into the drivers side front and side of vehicle. Damage was totalled at right around $18,000 dollars. They did not total my vehicle, which honestly should of been. The damage was extensive with frame damage, bent rear drive axel, all new headlamp assemblies, my car had nothing left in the front end of vehicle when I saw it the first time. My car was in the shop over 187 days! When I got my car back the first time, I had it 1 day and it shook all over the place, made a horrible thunking noise. Took it back and at first they said struts. Well, then came back and said no bent rear axle and something with u joints. Supposidly fixed it. Well, I continued to hear this creaking noise occasionally and it was never fixed. After about 2 months the noise became worse and as I said is there when turning especially but also occasionally when taking off. I am now being told it is the strut mounts. Dealership says may or may not be related to this accident. Is is possible that these could of been damaged due to the frame damage, rear axle damage, etc? I need to know as I need to have sometype of something to show my insurance company. My car has 72,000 miles on it with 90% of it being highway miles going back and forth to California as we were in process of moving. Help and soon please!
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    WOW! sorry about your situation. Unfortunately insurances will not total a vehicle unless is surpasses 75% value of the current market. I dont know what the value was back in March but I bet it was border line. Body shops dont make money on totals so sometimes they will lower the amount of labor just to come in right below the "total" line. I think its pretty shady that they do this but it happens all the time. As far as the noise you are decribing, it sounds pretty consistent with what the dealership is saying. if the body shop did not replace the upper strut mounts which also contain the bearings, they should have. Have them replace them to see if the noise goes away. I would hope that the body shop is using specifics when torquing (tightening) these components because an over tightened upper strut can also create these creaking, grinding noises. Hope this helps and I hope you put closure to your mis-fortunate incident. I hope all occupants were okay though and walked away with no negative effects. Your CX9 is just material that can be replaced.
  • california_momcalifornia_mom Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    Thank you for your response. One more question.....does the strut come as an assembly? Meaning including strut mounts? Just talked with insurance agent and he said that the body shop supposidly replace strut. Does not know what side (assuming left) since this was point of impact. Weird thing is that the noise I am hearing is 90% of the time when turning left. Also, my daughter and I were fine, thank goodness. As you said the rest can be replaced or fixed I hope. After 190 days in shop the first time around and now again....I am beginning to wonder!
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    No it does not come as one complete assembly. Here is a link so you can see a visual. The upper strut mount that houses the bearings which I bet are the culprits of your noise is part #11 ection=19&catid=30159&subcatid=32645&partid=0&type=parts&image=5423185&imagecall- out=11

    If it doesnt hyperlink just highlight copy and paste on your browser.
  • I've got a Grand Touring '07 and would almost warn folks NOT to buy this otherwise wonderful car because the keyless entry/start has been problematic almost from the start. Usually it's some variation of the keys won't open the doors (multiple new batteries) and, over the past year, they won't start car despite new batteries, etc. Ridiculous. Give me an old fashioned key if you can't make an electronic one that works and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars to replace. The dealers are worthless on this too. I'd avoid buying a keyless Mazda unless they step up to address the issue.
  • Did you ever get a response to your question? The TSB# for this problem is: SB-04-003-10. I had this same problem last summer (2011), brought it to the dealership's attention & they could not find a solution. At the time I brought it in, the car did not exhibit the noise & I was not aware of the TSB. My car is now not under warranty & I'm looking to see how much this is going to cost me. Thanks.
  • mcx9mcx9 Posts: 1
    skaplan - Did you ever receive resolution to your transmission whine problem? It is related to the torque converter which engages at around 42mph in 6th gear under steady speed. I have the same problem which has progressively worsened.
  • The dealer, after consulting with Mazda, concluded it was a vehicle characteristic and not a problem. They indicate that many CX-9's make such a sound, though no others I drove sound like mine. They also say they have no problems with these transmissions, which are Asins such as found in Lexus, etc... I too find that the problem kicks in right around 42mph when going into 6th. Generally on a straight away where steady speed can be maintained. I'd say the sound extends up to around 47mph. Dealer speculated that the clutch, and I think he meant torque converter as you say, was going in and out at that speed, or transitioning, and thus the sound I hear. The indicator consistently shows 6th gear, and the ride is smooth without problem, so I have no sense that the tranny is transitioning. Their response does not satisfy me, and I have a case number. Perhaps if you get to the same point, we can then point them to multiple reports of the same issue.
  • bmohorekbmohorek Posts: 3
    Any more info on this problem? I just bought a used 2010 CX-9 GT and
    it is showing the exact same issue at 42 mph.... I have seen other posts
    mentioning whining noise but not specific to speed, saying it may be
    related to fuel pump issue?
  • I am getting intermittent glare, depending on the position of the sun, from the plastic and chrome Mazda emblem in the center of the steering column. This is distracting and aggravating...wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Of course there is always another use for duct tape!
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    ...or tilt and fore/aft adjustment. :shades:
  • ipedrosaipedrosa Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    We own a 2007 Mazda CX9 with only 30,000 miles. We just moved from Boston to Dallas and about a month ago the right front axle fell apart - we thought we had heard something hit the car in the highway but when we took the car to the shop we were were told it was severely rusted. Luckily it did not break on the highway. Then the guys at the shop said the the right front suspension was also rusted and recommended changing it; then they said the same about the left rear and finally about the right rear suspension. Then they say that the exhaust will need to be replaced too. After expending a lot of money on the car we are now told we are probably looking at $8,000-$10,000 to fix everything. Again this is a car with only 30,000 miles that slept in a garage its entire life. Of course, Mazda response was that this is normal and not covered by the guarantee. I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. I have no doubt that this issue will be a major recall for Mazda because it represents a major safety concern. I recommend that anyone with a CX9 living in the North East takes their car in for an inspection. Hopefully enough people raise their voice and forces Mazda to fix this issue.
  • skaplanskaplan Posts: 4
    No, but I have a service coming up and will try another dealer who is local. I do have a complaint and case number on file with Mazda. Perhaps we can cross reference each if you do the same.
  • khallymankhallyman Posts: 2
    I own a 2007 CX9. I have experienced a similar problem. In my case, the front windows and the sunroof open by themselves soon after I close the door and before I have the chance to lock the car. The strange part is that it is not a consistent behavior. It happens only once every 10 times. Another possibly related issue is that, while driving, the doors lock by themselves and then unlock again a second later. I would appreciate input from anyone who has been able to correct this.
  • I purchased a 2010 AWD CX-9 in Feb. 2011. Heard the whinning sound as being described here. In August 2011, had to replace transfer case, etc. Noise really never went away. Well, now in July 2012, looks like I have another transfer case issue. Let me know if anyone else has experienced transfer case/transmission issues with the Mazda CX-9 (especially 2010 model.)
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