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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • Mazda is going to pay for all repairs and collateral damage under warranty.

    The transfer case cracked and disintegrated. In the process of doing so it also broke off part of the transmission and they will replace that as well.

    The regional representative from Mazda was at the dealer at the time and he indicated they know this is a problem. He blamed the transfer case on Ford who built them and he said they didn't build them to their tolerances.

    This needs to be an immediate recall due to the safety issues involved.

    To the others on here who are having transmission issues/whines, I have to believe that these are related.
  • i am having little bit different problem but Mazda dealer replaced transfer case and its been almost 4-5 months and problem is reoccurring again.

    problem is TCS off and TCS light both comes on at same time and car drives like uneven or driving on dirt track on a normal dry day on road. this problem happens very random.

    i am taking the car for check up this friday. i will update on out come. please let me know if any one faced similar problem.

    mine is 2011 CX9- GT with 31k miles.
  • I just test drove the 2013 CX9 this past weekend and one of the things I noticed was the open seat tracks.

    I have two small children who can be a bit messy and I'm concerned about 'stuff' falling down into these cracks. And we enjoy the beach as much as possible.

    Are they easy to clean?

    Are there mats that will keep it well protected and still allow for easy sliding?

    Since I like to drive my vehicles till they reach their end life (minimum 10 years), am I going to have issues down the road? I've searched these forums and most seem to say it's a non-issue but these were folks with relatively new vehicles. I'd love to hear from someone who is 4 or 5 years into the CX9 (assuming the seat design hasn't changed drastically)

  • I have a Mazda CX9 I have been having problems with this vehicle since I purchased it used on May of 2012. It has been in a repair shop 6 times for several different things; rear differential leaks, seat belt repair (was damaged when purchased) both front tie rods replaced...and lastly... I took it in yesterday because it was still pulling to the left when driving, they did an alignmetn which came back fine. They rotated the tired and then told me the pulll is gone but that there was a horrible vibration coming from the car. You can feel it as low as 25 mph, and gets work when speeds increase or if you excelerate quickly. They first tried to tell my I had a bad tire....then after further look told me my U-joint was bad and I have another leak in my rear differential (the opposite one from the one fixed already on the rear differential). I am getting frustrated with this car and about to ask for them to replace the car....
  • aman5aman5 Posts: 1
    I have serious concerns about a potential manufacturer's defect with transfer cases on the 2011 Mazda CX-9 AWD.

    Last week, my wife was out driving at night to get some groceries, when the truck suddenly seized while she was making a right-turn into a parking lot. At that point she was not able to make the truck go forward at all. She was able to put it into Reverse and go backwards successfully, after which she was able to go forward again after putting into Drive. However, there was a significant rattling noise coming from underneath the engine.

    I did some research online based on the symptoms (rattling, truck seizing), and found that some people had experienced broken transfer cases on their relatively new CX-9 vehicles: nsfer-case-failures/

    While I saw nothing official, I saw a statement at the Edmunds site listed above from someone saying that their local dealer acknowledged that there was a problem with the transfer cases, in that they were not built to proper tolerances.

    In any case, I brought the truck to my Mazda dealership the next day, and sure enough, they confirmed that the transfer case was broken and that there was also a problem with the front differential. Both the transfer case and the front differential needed to be replaced. The local rep claimed that this type of thing could happen when the truck gets stuck in snow, but I know for a fact that this truck has never been stuck in snow (it has AWD with Bridgestone Blizzaks on it…so it handles very well in snowy conditions).

    The repairs were covered under the warranty, since the truck was only 1 year old with less than 15,000 kilometers on it.

    The next day, I went to pick up the repaired truck from the dealership and brought some printouts of the above web sites with me to show the service rep. Nobody at the dealership seemed to be aware of any known problems with transfer cases on the CX-9, nor were they aware of any official communication from Mazda (e.g. service bulletin). I asked them if the new transfer case was at least a revised version of the original part, as I was concerned that I would experience the same problem with an unrevised part another year down the road. They did confirm that the part was revised, although it was not known why.

    So I drove off from the dealership in the truck and went to pick up my daughter from preschool. On the way there, I noticed a strange vibration in the truck that would manifest itself from time to time. As I turned left from a busy road into the plaza where the preschool was, the truck suddenly seized. I had just barely cleared the left turn, with the truck still half on the crosswalk, so I considered myself extremely lucky that the truck did not seize in front of oncoming traffic.

    I got out of the truck and was shocked to see that the front, passenger wheel had essentially come off the tie rod end and was wedged under the fender. In addition, the axle was broken at the CV joint (it seemed to have ripped out…). I called Mazda Roadside assistance for a tow truck to have the truck towed back to the dealership. The tow truck driver spent about an hour trying to hook up the CX-9, as he had difficulty trying to put the axle back in place. He had to do this in order to keep the CX-9 stable while towing and so that the wheel didn't flop around.

    The dealership had a look at the truck the next morning and apologized for not catching the issue before they cleared the vehicle to me. I stressed that what happened was extremely dangerous, and that if this had happened at high speeds, I could have been in a serious accident. To their credit, they did appear to consider it a serious situation, and vowed to fix it properly and thoroughly test the vehicle before releasing it back to me.

    Once it was fixed after the weekend, I picked it up again and I haven't had any problems since then. Both the technician and the manager road tested the vehicle before releasing it to me. The problem was diagnosed as a "loose axle", but it was inconclusive as to whether this was a problem that preceded their repair, or whether this was due to some negligence or mistake when the repair was made.

    My concerns are that either incident (first seizure due to transfer case/differential issue, and second seizure due to axle) could have been much more serious than they were. Had this happened at high speed, and if I had my small children with me in my truck, this could have easily turned into a tragedy.

    I find it particularly concerning that there appear to be earlier reported incidents of premature transfer case failures in the CX-9, and that there is no safety recall issued for this component. In my opinion, there should be a recall because of the potential of serious accidents. My family and I happened to be lucky, but the next family may not.
  • exxienexxien Posts: 1
    I have the 2008 Mazda cx-9. Two days ago i noticed that I couldn't unlock the doors using the keyless. On close examination i discovered the car battery was completely drained. No problems at all with the keyless entry. I had to jump the battery with that of a Toyota Camry 2005. All the lights on the dashboard came on quite alright, the lift gate works just fine and everything else. But the car engine just wouldn't start! I used INNOVA 3100 OBD2 to check but it didn't return anything. The engine check sign stays solid on the display. Anybody with info or help on this?
  • edrooneyedrooney Posts: 6
    I finally pick up my car today from the dealer after over a month to get the transfer case and transmission replaced.

    The dealer has said that the replacement transfer case is upgrade, but I will believe it when I see it. I am very concerned that I will face this problem again.

    To the last poster, please contact Starr Austen. I reached out to them with my details and basically they need more evidence to pursue this. The more people who contact them increases the chances that we can get Mazda to address this. I will be sending them all the paperwork from the dealer tonight.

    My major concern at this point is as you stated that this could happen to someone else on the highway and very tragic consequences. Should be recalled now!!!!
  • d45d45 Posts: 1
    I can confirm your suspicion that the new transfer case may not be an improved version. On my 2010 CX9, all of the oil burned out and the transmission seized up as my wife was pulling out of the drive. She also has a car full of small children. This happened at 27,000 miles in Sept of 2012. They towed it, replaced the transfer case saying the defect had been fixed. Now, five months later, There is oil leaking from it and a second dealer is saying they have to replace the transfer case again. As much as I tried to get an expert explanation on why this is happening, they wont even try to comment. The service person says that we replace quite a few of them but will not comment on whether or not the problem might repeat. He uses the analogy of a light bulb saying that the problem is unrelated to other functions of the car and that the problem is specific to the TC. In other words, all he can do is replace the 3,000 light bulb. Sounds pretty dumb and unprofessional to me. I'm not sure who to contact to make sure this wont happen again after my powertrain warranty is up in two years.
  • edrooneyedrooney Posts: 6
    Just posting an update on my case.

    We got the car back last Friday, but it does not seem to be operating correctly.

    Lots of hard upshifts and downshifts with clunking.

    But more importantly the transmission does not seem to shift correctly. This only seems to be when the car is first started. I have had the car in first gear pulling out of the driveway and the engine revs to over 4k and will not shift and crawls along. Same things happens in higher gears as well. This is again a safety issue if you are pulling out into traffic or making a left hand turn across traffic.

    I'm taking videos and bringing back to dealer next week.

    For anyone who has this problem, again please contact the attorneys listed in a prior post.
  • rick254rick254 Posts: 1

    We have a 2008 CX-9 with about 85,000 miles on it. Approximately 10,000 miles ago it started exhibiting the following symptoms:

    When going about 30-40 mph under very light load (level or slightly downhill), when the transmission is showing it is in 4th gear, the car will vibrate slightly when you put light pressure on the accelerator. The feeling is very much like running over mild rumble strips on the road. If you accelerate more aggressively, it runs smoothly/normally. If you put the transmission in manual mode, it will not display these symptoms - only when in automatic mode.

    This started out very subtlety - my wife would point it out to me and I couldn't even notice it. But over time it has gotten more and more pronounced.

    Again - only seems to happen when going between 30-40 mph in 4th gear under light load and when light acceleration.

    Any idea what this is or what I should do about it? The transmission fluid has never been changed. My wife did take it to a Mazda dealer some months ago but all he said was "it's the transmission" and indicated it would cost about $2500 to repair. He also didn't seem to think it was anything that could suddenly get worse and let us stranded.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • rkileyrkiley Posts: 2
    I have a 2011 CX-9 with 20,000 miles. It uses about 1 quart of oil per 5,000. Is that high? It seems like a lot to me. I'd appreciate any advice. Is that the norm for others? Thanks, Rick.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    I have a car that uses a quart about every 4K miles, and that bugs me, too... However, that is well within spec, and I can't find anything wrong with the car, and every service writer or mechanic I've discussed it with says it is nothing to worry about...

    How often do you change the oil?


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  • rkileyrkiley Posts: 2
    Is the car a CX-9?

    Our CX-9 oil has been changed at slightly shorter intervals than the recommended 5000 miles (we just changed it for the fifth time at 23000). So far all changes are by the dealer.

    Everyone tells me not to worry, too. There is no sign of leakage or exhaust smoke.

    Mazda has requested to measure/monitor at the next two 1000 mile intervals.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    Nope.. Mine isn't a Mazda... that was a general comment. Generally, you can't get a dealer's attention unless you are using at least one quart per thousand miles.

    Assuming nothing comes from it, I'd start adding a half quart at 2500 miles. I've been doing that about every 2000 miles. I wish it wasn't using/leaking oil, but not much I can do about it, without identifying the issue (which I haven't been able to do).


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  • dccadcca Posts: 1
    I recently installed headrest DVD player and drawing the power from the cig lighter from the front under the console. problem I'm facing now is that the lights of the center console are no longer coming on, I checked all the fuses and they are all good. can you please give me other ideals of why this would happen?
  • Here's my story (in a nutshell)

    Car: 2009 CX-9

    -Check engine light was on.
    -Had the dealer plug it in and EGR came up.
    -Car has 44K miles (Warranty has run out.)
    -I live in Illinois; there are no emissions laws that extends the warranty of that part. )
    -I'm pissed that I have to get a 700 dollar repair on a car that is somewhat new...
    -They told me that the EGR went bad because we didn't use "premium" gas. WTF???
    -Told by the service department (at the dealer) that the EGR and any effects to the engine will only be covered for 12 EFFING MONTHS!!!
    -Wife goes to pick it up today; pays, pulls out the parking lot and guess what? The ENGINE LIGHT popped back on!! (WTF??)
    -Wife goes back in and asks, "did we really need this repair?" and service guy (a nicer, more honest guy) tells her, "Y'know...I'm not sure."
    -they keep it another night and we'll see tommorrow.

    Should I make an issue about paying over $700 for a new EGR valve when it really didn't make the Check Engine light go off?

    I've already called corporate to complain about the EGR issue and how I think that a car with this few of miles has an issue like that already. (They are going to look into the issue and get back to me.)

    p.s....The loaner they gave us looks like something a clown would drive at the circus. It's covered with stickers, pictures, and the windows have ADS all over them. It's super humiliating to drive.
  • I am so beyond relieved to have found this forum. Im new as of today due to an incident this morning. Long story short, this morning while driving the car to work, it seized at a red light after starting to vibrate. It then started again only to hear this very loud noise and then started to smoke. Scared, I pulled into a gas station (I know I know but I panicked) only to see men running towards me with fire extinguishers in their hands to put out my car that I didnt even realize was on fire!!!! The bottom was shooting up flames. Thank god no one was hurt. I was to find out later in the day that it was the transfer case. I looked into this a bit only to find endless stories of how this has been an ongoing issue with Mazda. My dealership has confirmed this issue stating they have rectified the problem. I drive my 2 year old twins around in this vehicle and I'd have to be on drugs to ever want to sit in it again especially when reading all of these stories about this being a reoccuring problem!!! I plan on contacting Mazda tomorrow in hopes on getting an answer as to why this was not a recall if they knew it was an issue. If I dont get this vehicle somehow reimbursed, then a law suit will be in play....I want to note this is a 2011 CX-9 and before today I have been nothing but 100% happy with this vehicle....If anyone wants to chat about this privately please let me know. Im sure it helps to know others are going through the same thing
  • james1414james1414 Posts: 3
    I'm sorry to hear about some of the transmission problems. I have only 7K on mine and it drives like butter and is solid in it's road handling.
  • staggs4staggs4 Posts: 1
    This weekend my 2008 CX9 started making a weird noise when I turned left was like my air compressor ramped up but did not blow harder. We thought it might be from under the car but really sounds like it is from the dash board area. Any suggestions?
  • edrooneyedrooney Posts: 6
    Did they actually replace the transfer case.

    You should contact Starr Austen Miller at the link below. They cannot move forward on a class action without more cases.

    We had the same thing happen and it was my wife driving with our autistic son when the car caught fire. Very dangerous and could have been fatal on the highway. Felt the same way about the car, but now that it is fixed and time has passed, I'm okay with driving it.

    Having said that, Mazda needs to do a recall NOW!!!
  • ozeyozey Posts: 18
    My 2010 cx9 22k, always feel like an engine break when it shifts down to 4th gear, normal? Always!
  • jackcx9jackcx9 Posts: 2
    Hi Rick, I have a 2008 CX9 and I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

    Have you managed to have it fixed?

    My Mazda dealer first said it was the ABS, replaced at $1,451., vibration was still there. Then they said it was the rear drive shaft, replaced at $450, vibration was still there. Told them they don't have a clue, that they are just guessing and got all my money back.
    I'm going to a local independent garage on Monday.

    Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • nursemomnursemom Posts: 1
    We had the same exact thing happen last Friday night. The buckling sound and then the smoke. Our mechanic even saw metal in our oil! We are picking up the Mazda tonight and it is under warranty; however, I have been paying out of pocket for a rental car. It is going to cost me $200 through AAA. I don't feel like I should be taking a hit for a KNOWN problem. Any ideas how to approach this with Mazda? All these conversations are making me super nervous about a car I used to love and had NO problems with until this happened. So frustrated!
  • tommorantommoran Posts: 1

    2010 fwd CX9 with 30,000. Had the exact same symptoms when accellerating lightly at about 40 mph. Took it to the dealer (still under warranty) and they changed the transmission fluid. Has been a week now, and I haven't noticed any more shuddering.

  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    I am have exactly the same issue - 80k miles, vibrating between 3rd & 4th gear and now squeaking/scaping sound coming from under car in drive shaft or wheel area (I think that's where it's coming from). What did you find or figure out? The local dealers seems to be clueless.

  • dbncdbnc Posts: 1

    I just started having something similar happening. Have you found out what the problem is?
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    I had to have it towed to a different dealer today. Seems there is something up with the transmission, some sort of gear box and if the box locks up while moving on the road, we'd like roll. Not looking forward to hearing the final diagnosis on Monday but I will be fixing and trading this car in sooner rather than later.

    Just to be clear here's what has been happening with my car: about a month ago, the car was dead and we replaced the battery. While it was in the shop, I had them do the routine service that was due and rotate the tires. As I was driving away from the service dealer, I noticed that there was a slight vibration between 30-40 mph as I drove and a scraping sound in the front right wheel area. I took it back the next day and he said the drive shaft was going bad. Nothing I needed to fix right now but that it was out of warranty (I'm at 80k). I leave without fixing and as the weeks have progressed, the noise gets louder and begins to sound like a screw that's not oiled but very loud. After several days, I call a new dealer service provider and get the bad news that it's like a major transmission issue and the car is unsafe to drive the 10 minutes to the dealer. (Note I've been driving the car with my three small children daily for weeks now.)

  • carl_in_ctcarl_in_ct Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    I had the exact same issue as staggs4 start about a week ago with the wierd noise behind the dash. It seemed intermittent and although it behaved sort of like a bad wheel bearing since it only happened on the right front when steering left, it didn't sound or feel like a wheel bearing. So I played with it and figured out that it only happens when the fan is on, no matter if the a/c or heat was on or not, it was the fan that mattered. Then I listened more closely and noticed the sound of water sloshing around from behind the dashboard. I brought it to a dealer today. He said he has seen this several times before (though not with a CX-9) and was confident it is just water in the heater box. When I turn left it is sending the water trapped in the heater box to the right and hitting the fan. He said it's an easy fix, they just have to clean out the drain hole and let the water out and it should be fine. They do have to take the wheel off and remove the wheel well plastic so it's still a $99 fee but that's a whole lot better than a few thousand for major front end problem. I hope that's really all it is, I'll let you know when I get the car back.
  • OK, they did the car same day and I picked it up last night. Seems fine, the noise is definitely gone. They said the drain from the heater box was clogged with pollen, small bits of old leaves, stuff like that so it was full of water. I guess they had to pull the passenger front wheel and the plastic part inside the wheel well off to get at the drain hole. So for $99 I can't complain, a lot better than a couple thousand on major front end and/or drive train problems. I'm pretty releived as the car is back to normal so far.
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    My issue seems to require a drive shaft replacement and some fixes to some worn parts in the wheel. $2000 later I hope to get my car back this Friday.
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