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Mazda CX-9 Problems



  • 2013cx92013cx9 Posts: 1
    I've already taken the car to the dealer once, but they couldn't replicate both issues... it was cool out and raining. Plan to take the car back soon for a second look.
    1) Driver side A/C: We've only had the car 6 months and it just started getting warmer here. As a result, didn't need the A/C until now. Long story short, driver side air blows warm to slightly cool air while both passenger side and rear are getting cold air. The situation seems to improve after about thirty minutes driving.
    2) The car produces what I can only describe as a rubbing noise at slow speeds when turning right. This doesn't happen all the time and I haven't been able to figure out how to reproduce the sound.

    One more problem while I'm at it: I feel like there is significant resistance around 35mph when I take my foot off the gas pedal. The car doesn't coast, it slows down significantly. This normal behavior?

    Thanks in advance.
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    Here's an update but note the original issues were: about a month ago, the car was dead and we replaced the battery. While it was in the shop, I had them do the routine service that was due and rotate the tires. As I was driving away from the service dealer, I noticed that there was a slight vibration between 30-40 mph as I drove and a scraping sound in the front right wheel area. I took it back the next day and he said the drive shaft was going bad. Nothing I needed to fix right now but that it was out of warranty (I'm at 80k). I leave without fixing and as the weeks have progressed, the noise gets louder and begins to sound like a screw that's not oiled but very loud. After several days, I call a new dealer service provider and get the bad news that it's like a major transmission issue and the car is unsafe to drive the 10 minutes to the dealer.

    Findings: drive shaft replaced for a "known drive shaft failure issue" by Mazda; transfer case issues, bearings in a wheel broken (told they've never seen this happen before) and now the brake booster has to be replaced (also a known issue by Mazda as near as I can read). The local dealer who has the car is handling it but I'm clearly going to be out of pocket a couple of thousand dollars for "known issues" by Mazda. One remaining issue is that my tires have worn unevenly so they need to be replaced too or I'll cause my "back end" to go out.

    Look, I'm not a car nut. I expect it to run properly and I expect the maker to appropriately warranty their work. That's not what's happening and I'm very disappointed in Mazda USA customer service as they say this is just normal wear and tear and they won't even take the complaint any further. Keep in mind, I've been driving around in an unsafe car for months now (as the original dealer service people said it was fine to drive) and putting my kids and me at risk. Not cool Mazda. I know 8 people who drive this car (same year and model) in my immediate vicinity. I'll be passing on my knowledge and learnings. Most of what everyone seems to describe above seems to fit into the drive shaft, transfer case and brake booster issues I've seen occur in my car.
  • dan302dan302 Posts: 1
    So disappointed to be reading all these posts as the same thing just happened to my 2009 CX-9. The car started shuddering and making loud clanking noises and stalled right in the middle of the road. Thank goodness I was on a rural road and not a highway as I had my three year old in the back seat! After reading all this, I contacted Mazda and we are waiting to see if they will cover any/all of the repairs since its not under warranty anymore. ugh, how has this problem not be recalled!
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    I would love to hear what Mazda tells you and I'm not under warranty either and they (Maxda USA) basically told me to take a hike.
  • jddcjddc Posts: 1
    We have a CX9 2012 with 15,000 miles, 9 months old. First owners. Full and extended warranty. Could not ask for better right? Surprise!!!!
    Everything OK until last week. Out of the blue the a pungent fresh gasoline smell made it to the inside of the cabin while driving on highway. It lasted several minutes and we stopped in panic after realizing it was not coming from the old Econoline in front of us. Husband went under the car, checked nothing was leaking. I opened the hood and it was like opening a can of rotten eggs! Now the raw gasoline smell is mostly gone but the rotten egg smell happens sporadically and its intensity varies too. The dealer checked the car yesterday and concluded nothing was wrong, and that the smell is normal (WHAT? a 2012 model at almost $40,000 ???). He used a document issued by Mazda document recommending the following :

    - Refill the car with good quality gasoline and drive 100 miles. We did that and nothing has changed.

    - Do not drive short distances. We were driving on highway for 8 hours stretches when this started. So, I guess.... Moreover, what do regular people want their car for when they live in the suburbs? 2-5 mile drives to stores and soccer fields. Right? Therefore, I asked Mazda USA (in California) to clarify what short distance means since it is their document. They refused to clarify and passed on the responsibility to do so to the dealer. I have not asked him yet but I imagine what his answer will be.

    - Avoid quick acceleration

    After reading the recommendations I told the dealer what I wrote above: basically I fulfill the recommendations before taking it to the dealer's: filled-it with Shell, drove after that over 150 miles, all on highway, mostly using the cruise control so no sudden acceleration happened, and yet ROTTEN EGG SMELL!!!!!! The dealer said take it, observe it, bring it back so that we check it again and maybe we will contact Mazda directly. That is what my extended warranty bought me? Additional trips to convince the dealer to take action?
    For now I am keeping the name of the dealer to myself. Will be public tomorrow if they give the same story again after a second check-up. I do not get why when the car is under full and extended warranty the dealer is covering Mazda's a... And Mazda, what kind of explanation is that? Please stand for your product! Mazda tends to make excellent cars so a few flukes here and there should be taken care of and not denied. Or, is it because Mazda is aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg? By the way, there a number of Mazda models included in that list of recommendations. Not only the CX9. So yeah, it looks like Mazda is trying to convince the stupid user that rotten egg smell in a very new vehicle is normal. How trendy, how sexy! Maybe the objective is to force us roll-down the windows rain or shine to make sure the other cars can hear the sound system that commes with the car. Yes, and that is normal!
  • ozeyozey Posts: 18
    I took my 2011 CX9 to the dealer because when I put it in reverse, from park, I hear a click under the car. He told me he hears the click in all gears, but can't say why. He gave me a rental and kept the car, until he figures out the problem? Any Suggestions?
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    Depending on where the click is coming from, I'd suggest its the transfer case (I've read similar posts to what you're describing) or the brake bearing is the noise is coming from the wheel.
  • hala1hala1 Posts: 1
    I have been interested in buying this vehicle used a 2008, but now I see all these reviews and am second guessing. I looked at other consumer reports and the rate is excellent says the car has minor issues, are these problems only with the '08 or all of them. As far as I see they didn't change much on the vehicle. I mean some people say they love it and some hate it. I am so confused. I love this car I test drove it runs great beautiful condition but now I leary.
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    I loved mine but hated the $4200 repair bill on issues Mazda USA and the dealers acknowledge are 'known'. I also didn't appreciate Mazda's 'your SOL' attitude. I spent $4200 just to trade it in for a Mercedes GLK (2011).
  • bberkebberke Posts: 26
    So my wife takes the SUV to a paintless dent repair and within an hour the tech states that now the radio , back up, dome light, fob and camera stopped working. WTH. He did say the fob was in his back pocket next to his cell phone, but she has it near the phone all the time.

    Is it a code issue and does anyone know the codes if they think it is related to this.
  • Same problem with what feels like shuddering at between 30-40mph. Wife found that ifs she uses manual mode it does not happen. Seems to be in Auto mode only so could be software issue. Tranny fluid looks good. Fuse was good as well. WE ARE LISTENING.
  • ruthc11ruthc11 Posts: 10
    If it's only happening in automode, that might suggest you have the bad transfer case issue...but I'm not sure.
  • Same issue on mine 2011 Mazda Cx-9 some sort of gas smell .. pretty much same answer from Mazda dealer ..
  • I've same issue 2011 Mazda CX-9 GT .. Same issue when in reverse, drop it @ Mazda dealer , they have order parts will be given me in few days, they say it's not derivable condition it may damage more so we can't give you back, as I didn't have any other car, and strange they don't give loaner or anything on their problem luckily few thousand left on warranty ! .. that's crazy.. car runs gr8 but what's the point if these kind of issue!
  • I have the same problem. Can anyone help with this one
  • Same EXACT issue with my wife's 2008 CX9. I can root this back to around the same time we had the tranny fluid changed by a non-dealer location i think. My regular mechanic said that they know the CX-9 is picky on the type of fluid used. I have not had time to take it in yet to check it out at the dealer or go back to the place that did the work. Any updates from you on your situation? Please email me if you can.
  • The update for me is that Mazda (USA and two local dealers) have acknowledged they have problems with the drive shaft, transfer case and brake bearing but as my car is outside of their 60k mile warranty, I'm out of luck and out of $4,200. I had to fix it just to get it to the point so I could trade it. No more Mazda's for me. These are clearly safety issues and everyone I talk to locally with the CX-9 have similar issues. I've talked to may 25 people in the last 60 days and all are various stages of exactly the same problem. Sorry, wish I could offer you better news.
  • I have a 2010 CX-9 and the whine in 6th gear began at about 30,000 miles. Like everyone else posting here, it starts at 42 mph. I clearly is not a wind or speed issue because if you downshift while going 42 mph from 6th to 5th, the noise goes away. The dealer went for a test drive with me and says he is going to contact Mazda but it's been a month now and nothing has happened. Can anyone please give me an update on this issue? Has anyone received satisfaction?
  • Mazda CX9 vibration (when shifting into 4th gear) finally fixed no thanks to Mazda techs who were just guessing all the time. They replaced the ABS and then the rear drive shaft, vibration was still there, got all my money back.
    Finally went to independent garage who agreed it is a transmission problem, and asked if I have had my transmission serviced recently. Told I had a few months ago "at Mazda", he asked how much I paid, told him it was $180., he said that was pretty cheap and suspected they put in the wrong transmission fluid. Couldn't prove it, but he said Mazda CX9 auto transmissions are "high end units" (like BMW. Mercedes etc) and require high end fluid. Cost should be in the $250. range. He recommended putting the correct fluid in, I agreed. The vibration has disappeared and it shifts gears perfectly. Told Mazda, haven't had a reply yet!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Feel free to write up a service review about your experience.
  • phil152phil152 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    I think this is a new one. While backing up, it just went dead. Nothing obvious. No unusual warning lights. Restarted on first try. And has run okay since. But very strange - any ideas??
  • magzrmagzr Posts: 2

    I have a 2010 CX-9 and experienced a vibration this weekend while driving at about 40 miles/hr. It seemed like the car was struggling tto get to speed 6 from 5. When I shifted to manual the problem was not as apparent. The check engine light flashed on/off. Car has 60K on it. Just had it serviced last week!! Took it to the dealer and waiting for the phone call. Luckily I purchased extended warranty on this car (valid upto 100K miles) since this is my first Mazda. Wondering about the quality now if this is the situation at 60K.

  • magzrmagzr Posts: 2

    @charron6 - I just posted about my experience with a 2010 CX-9. I think I may have a transmission or transfer case issue too. Will let you know what I find out from the shop.

  • cx9dancx9dan Posts: 3

    Urge folks not to purchase CX-9. Purchased 2008 and has had many problems, some of them well known to mazda but not covered! For example, recently our air conditioner blower filled with water -- which was coming in thru air-vents. This problem is well known to Mazda and published by mechanic web-sites (I have copies of the bulletins published before I even purchased the car! -- it's a simple design flaw -- but mazda pretends it doesn't exist -- you are on your own with mazda!! DO NOT PURCHASE MAZDA CX-9!

  • Just got our 2011 CX 9 GT back from the dealer. The transfer case failed at 41k miles. It's a well known problem. Our dealership is new, and they've already replaced 15-20 transfer cases. The mechanic told me there's not enough room in the case for proper synthetic fluid, and it overheats. It's more prevalent in city driving, but can and will happen eventually. Mazda paid the dealership $890 for the replacement and labor, but out of pocket, I was told it would have been $1200 or more. They've extended the warranties on transfer cases on CX 9's to 7 years and 90,000 miles, so keep that in mind if you are having issues with clunking or shifting issues. I asked the tech what other issues to look out for, and he said the moon roof has a drain that goes down through the front A pillar. If we hear sloshing, it's a clogged drain, and to take it in.

  • rick254 said:


    We have a 2008 CX-9 with about 85,000 miles on it. Approximately 10,000 miles ago it started exhibiting the following symptoms:

    When going about 30-40 mph under very light load (level or slightly downhill), when the transmission is showing it is in 4th gear, the car will vibrate slightly when you put light pressure on the accelerator. The feeling is very much like running over mild rumble strips on the road. If you accelerate more aggressively, it runs smoothly/normally. If you put the transmission in manual mode, it will not display these symptoms - only when in automatic mode.

    This started out very subtlety - my wife would point it out to me and I couldn't even notice it. But over time it has gotten more and more pronounced.

    Again - only seems to happen when going between 30-40 mph in 4th gear under light load and when light acceleration.

    Any idea what this is or what I should do about it? The transmission fluid has never been changed. My wife did take it to a Mazda dealer some months ago but all he said was "it's the transmission" and indicated it would cost about $2500 to repair. He also didn't seem to think it was anything that could suddenly get worse and let us stranded.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Hi Rick my 2008 is doing the same thing. I took it to our local Auto shop and they said a coil had to be replaced. It cost me $500 and then about a week later the same thing started to happen, We dont trust our dealership to be honest with us so we never go there, Did you ever find out what went wrong with your car? Any advice would help us, Thank you
  • jackcx9 said:

    Hi Rick, I have a 2008 CX9 and I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

    Have you managed to have it fixed?

    My Mazda dealer first said it was the ABS, replaced at $1,451., vibration was still there. Then they said it was the rear drive shaft, replaced at $450, vibration was still there. Told them they don't have a clue, that they are just guessing and got all my money back.
    I'm going to a local independent garage on Monday.

    Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


  • Jack I am experiencing the same problem with my car. did you ever find out what is wrong with your car? Please help!!!!!!!I refuse to take it to the dealer!!!!
  • 2012cx92012cx9 Posts: 1
    edited September 2014
    I am looking for some information on my 2012 CX-9 which has 7,000 miles on it. To provide some context, it had the symptoms of the widespread PTU (power transfer unit) problem, with oil leaking on the garage floor at around 6,000 miles. The dealer replaced the PTU under warranty. Since then, a new problem has started which manifests itself sometimes, not always. I hear a shudder with a clunk/thunk at the rear (underneath the car) when

    1. The car starts and accelerates.
    2. I release the gas pedal and then press back while still being in 1st or 2nd gear (e.g., if I need to slow down while going uphill or taking a turn just after starting) .

    This seems to happen exactly when the power re-engages to the rear wheels (after dis-engaging when I released the gas pedal). This doesn't happen always but when it does, this is the symptom. The dealer is unable to diagnose the problem. Has somebody seen this problem? Any help would be much appreciated.
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