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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds



  • If you have a new car, ask the dealer to trade in with another similar car. If they don't let you do it, I suggest to start looking for an Attorney specializing in Car matters. Some of them you don't have to pay, since they are going to charge the dealer aniway. I heard about this from my friend who sued a dealer & got a brand new car plus some money. I wish I knew about this when I had problem with my car. The dealer most likely will only make you going back & forth to the dealer wasting your valuable time.
  • Ok, that's crazy. The car is eleven years old, and has been nothing but great. I'm just trying to figure out what the noise is all about, and get it fixed, not sue Honda
  • Have you figured it out? I have an '04 and I think I'm having the same issue. I thought I heard it a few weeks ago, but wasn't sure as the kids were making too much noise. Now I'm pretty sure. It does not make the sound while idling. It starts around 35-40 kph/20-25 mph. The transmission (auto) seems fine in terms of shifting, and I'm not seeing high revving. I had a full service done a few months ago during which the diff fluid was replaced, so I'm stumped. I've heard it could be the drive axle, a wheel bearing, a water pump bearing (but I would think that would produce a squeal) or the tranny. I'm stumped.
  • slm506slm506 Posts: 3
    It was the rear brake pads. They were replaced and the sound is gone.
  • pegg16pegg16 Posts: 7
    Yours sounds very similar to what was happening w/ my car, although with mine it started at around 35 mph. i had two mechanics check it out and they felt it was the transmission. they told me they wouldn't do anything-to just keep driving it. i guess that's because it would be an expensive job and wasn't interfering with the car's functioning. I literally drove it for 10's of thousands of miles that way and the only problem was that it annoyed me.
    i called honda but they wanted to charge me a couple of hundred just to check it out, which would then be taken off the repair price. I finally traded it in. one other thing; i noticed that it wouldn't make the sound or at least it wasn't as noticeable when it was raining out. Luckily for me, the day I traded it in it was raining. :) good luck.
  • Baldy,

    I have seen your two messages on this thread. Can I confirm something?

    1. New CRV
    2. Creaking noise (sounds more like a soft "wooooonk")
    3. Only when coming to a stop or when starting to move from a stop (5-10 mph)
    3. Noise coming from rear of the car
    4. Noise does not occur when stopping when in NEUTRAL or rolling down a hill from a stop
    5. When in "D", keep your foot on the break and step on the gas... you can reproduce the noise consistently right when the engine is spinning up AND when you let off the gas... it makes the noise again when the engine is spinning down

    If this sounds like your problem... mine is a 2013 with 4000 miles. I would love to know more about your troubleshooting. Lots of stop and go traffic here in Seattle and this noise is driving me batty!

    My dealership thinks it is a vibration (harmonic) issue and I'm starting the process to remove everything from the car that can be removed to rule this out. If you can share your dealership details, I would love my dealership to call yours.
  • Yes, new (2012) CRV. Noise started at around 4,000 miles. Dealership confirms it is from the rear differential area. It is AWD. Dealership was baffled and had to contact the Honda Tech Service line who also claimed they were baffled. Returned home with no work being done because Honda did not authorize any warranty work to be done simply because they didn't know what to fix.

    I wrote a letter to American Honda in Torrance, CA and got a phone reply within days. After a few more days of them checking with the dealership service manager and the engineers at the Honda Tech Service division, the current status is to continue to drive the car while they work out a solution. I asked how long that might be and was told they had no idea. I then asked if I was to wait 3 years or 36,000 miles after the warranty had expired to seek a fix. No definite answer was forthcoming and they graciously and single-handedly marked my complaint as "closed".

    Finally, myself and American Honda agreed that after 6 months if I had not heard any resolution to the problem, that I was to re-open this complaint.

    I don't have a good feeling about this. What happens if and when I go to sell the vehicle and the prospective buyer says, "What the hell is that noise?"

    Just imagine the AFLAC duck saying "AFF" but in a slow, low tone. That is the noise that I hear between 0-10 MPH,
  • We should probably create a new thread about this as the original thread does not really address this "croaking" noise issue.

    There were a few people with this same issue (I suspect) that mentioned the replacement of the differential fixed it. I'm going to ask my dealer to do the same (will let you know how it goes).

    Why did honda not do that for you?

    Also, you seem very calm. I'm about to go balastic knowing I paid a bucket load of cash for this new car (the dealer did not negotiate as they said the car was so popular... they did not really need to sell it to someone not keen to buy it). Thinking about sharing my story with other customers at the dealership on memorial day. Anyhow... need to know your source of zen.

    BTW- where are you located? Would love to know more about who you talked to at Honda. If you're keen to take this offline... let me know and we can coordinate something.
  • cchongcchong Posts: 2

    Can you confirm you are having this issue? I think so but made a video just to confirm.
  • Really? Wow. I took it in; however, due to work I couldn't meet with any of the mechanics to have a drive with them. They claimed it was a wheel bearing, so I went ahead and gave the go ahead to replace it. Naturally, I am still hearing the sound. I'm going to go back this week and see if I can get someone to take a ride with me. It's tough trying to explain mechanical issues in a foreign language (I live in Poland) though. I hope I can get my point across.
  • ev305ev305 Posts: 3
    This noise is the rear differential motor assembly. 48900-r7l-013. I've had mine replaced twice now on a vehicle with 15,000 miles. The part lasted about 4 months before it became noisy again.
  • bruins3bruins3 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem:2012 15K miles: It started at 4000 miles: and the noise kept coming back after 3 - 4 months. my rear differential is currently being replaced for the 2nd time. I have also had the motor on the rear diff. replaced 4 other times and the noise keeps coming back. I'm currently working with Honda America to extend the warranty on this: Chewy great job with the video.
  • ev305ev305 Posts: 3
    Wow, they have replaced the entire rear differential for you twice along along with changing the differential motor on separate occasions?

    I'm curious to hear where you get with Honda. I've worked with American Honda on a different matter with this vehicle and the experience left something to be desired.
  • bruins3bruins3 Posts: 2
    Hopefully the fix will be complete and the warranty extended. As of now I do not have confidence the new rear differential will be the final answer. I get the feeling Honda Techs are just trying anything and hoping the noise goes away.
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    Hi guys. I'm am close to purchasing a vehicle in the next 2 days. I was planning on buying the CR-V AWD until I saw this thread. Is the croaking really that bad? Would you have gotten the 2 wheel drive or a different CUV (mazda, toyota, ford) all together if you had known about the noise before hand?
  • pegg16pegg16 Posts: 7
    If you TEST DRIVE it you will be able to hear if there is a whine or not. the noise in my vehicle was noticeable at 40mph. it was slightly annoying but didn't affect the performance. the crv is a great car. i personally like awd. best of luck with making your choice.

    PS It doesn't hurt to ask for an "assist" from above in making your choice. ;)
  • ev305ev305 Posts: 3
    check out the video in cchong's post, you be the judge. :)

    do all cr-v's newer model cr-v's do it? i don't know.
    do most people hear it with the radio blasting while on the phone? probably not.
    is it acceptable operation for a low mileage $28k stickered honda? NO
    is the noise a sign of impending failure that will leave you stranded? noisy parts usually aren't good parts, but nobody knows at this point if the motor will eventually fail.

    i've owned multiple hondas and they have all been drop dead reliable. the cr-v has me worried as i've had other quality issues with the vehicle besides the differential motor.

    don't get me wrong, i really like many aspects of the vehicle. for a cuv it actually looks pretty good when clean. the awd provides great piece of mind on the winter. we also like the rear gate in comparison to other vehicles, larger opening/lower lift height than others.

    there are many options out there, many for less with longer warranties. i'm not saying don't get a cr-v, but i'd drive and price all of them. if you live somewhere with no to little snow, it might also be worth considering getting the FWD cr-v and skip the complexity and potential pitfalls of the AWD version.
  • oei_hansoei_hans Posts: 6
    Get the 2 wheel drive.
    I'm not sure about the other mfr, all my cars are Honda.
  • baldy95307baldy95307 Posts: 9
    Test driving a new vehicle may not necessarily tell you if the croaking rear end will happen. Most cases reported here did not have the noise start until after 4K miles had been driven.

    The noise is probably more annoying that a pointer of impending mechanical failure. Its just that after paying $20 some thousand for a vehicle, you'd expect these little things would have been engineered out. What worries me is that if some day I go to sell the vehicle, I can just hear a prospective buyer saying "What's that sound"!

    What is more troubling about all of this is Honda's cavalier attitude toward a remedy. Some owners have posted repair attempts but the croaking continues. In most cases, including mine, Honda's official attitude has been and continues to be nothing more than "we are aware of the problem and are looking for a solution". Meanwhile, several months later, Honda still remains silent about any proposed solution.
    Anyone care to explore a class action lawsuit agains Honda?
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. I test drove an AWD a week ago before I read about the noise but I didn't detect anything. Nonetheless, I think Im gonna go with the 2wd, also I don't live in a snowy area so I didn't need it anyway it was just gonna be a just in case thing.

    Thanks for the advice about the assist from above :)
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. Definitely something to ponder.
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    I ended up getting the 2 wheel drive CRV instead of the AWD. I pick it up today. Thanks for all the insight GUYS!
  • jimmeliajimmelia Posts: 1
    My 20 year old daughter has a 2009 Honda CRV that she bought last week. The fan makes a hum that increases in intensity as the fan speed is increased. We have cleaned out the cabin air filter and the noise continues. The hum is present with the AC on or off. It is present while the motor runs or when we turn the motor off and use accessory power. Any ideas?
  • rikrikardorikrikardo Posts: 23
    We had a similar issue in both my wife's CRV and my MDX. In both cases the problem was that a mouse had built a nest next to the HVAC fan motor. The blades were hitting the nest material the mouse had drug in. So as you increase fan speed the material gets hit more often and changes pitch and apparent intensity. On the MDX I just had to drop the fan motor into the footwell to get at the nest and pull it out. My wife took the CRV to the dealer so I am not certain if getting to the fan is identical or not.
  • pete2815pete2815 Posts: 20
    I have a 2008 Honda CrV with 37,000 easy miles on it. The right rear strut was replaced (broken) in 2008. Now the left front strut is broken and is being replaced. Has anyone else had problems with their struts breaking?
  • myscottermyscotter Posts: 1
    Just picked it up, less than 100 miles on it and all the way home it made an unusual, low pitched noise. It is not constant, but seems to occur at speeds higher than 20 mph. It is louder on some road surfaces than others. Called Honda dealer and was told to bring it in Monday. Anyone else experienced this?
  • mac134mac134 Posts: 9
    edited July 2013
    My 2012 developed a noise at about 5000 miles. It sounded like you had run your wheel up on the rumble strip. Turned out to be the left front wheel bearing. Now at 10000 miles my Continental tires are getting noisy. On some stretches of freeway I can't hear the radio .
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    New 2013 CR-V EX AWD. Less than 100 miles. I heard a whining noise sound (from front) when I released the gas pedal if the speed was between 55mph to 60mph. It disappeared if I press the gas pedal or the speed dropped 2-3mph. It did not happen when the speed was below 55mph or above 60mph.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    Power steering pump????
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. Have not had the cr-v checked yet. There are other people who had the same problem with no luck from dealers (from other posts). I will mention this when I visit the dealer.
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