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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds



  • My 2007 Honda CR-V makes road boom sound while driving in the highways and also the pressure varies which I can feel in my ears. What can be done to minimize this.

  • vette60vette60 Posts: 2
    My new CR-V EX-L AWD has the exact same whine that you describe - 55-60 mph on slight deceleration (coast side of gear). Same symptoms as yours. Honda dealer says "characteristic of model" and will do nothing about it. Wondering how you are making out with Honda? Mine was purchased in Late July, 2013 in Minnesota - how about you?
  • ljvaljva Posts: 5
    I have not went to the dealer yet. Someone mentioned to check the trans fluid level. I checked mine that is above the low marker. I am considering to write a letter to Honda directly since the dealer most likely will say that it is normal for cr-v.
  • vette60vette60 Posts: 2
    My trans fluid is normal also. That's not the problem. My dealer had recently replaced a trans in another new CRV for the same noise problem. Honda covered it under warranty.. Not so on mine. Technician said the replacement trans had the same noise. Mine was louder he said, but Honda has decided it is "normal". Interesting also is that when dealer drove another brand new CRV from their lot, it had the same noise, which in my opinion is far from normal. These cars were all sold this July - I wonder if they have a production run of transmissions they are just now experiencing noise problems with since they have used this trans. for a while now. Good luck with Honda. Keep me posted.
  • mld3mld3 Posts: 1
    ours has this same noise at same speeds. The dealer had it two days and came up with no solutions. Only 7,000 miles on it. Any solutions?
  • I have 1100 miles on my 2013 CRV EX AWD that I picked up in the first week of August. I have the very same noise at 50-60. Only seems when you take the load off the drivetrain. (letting up on the gas pedal just enough, but not enough to coast) I have not been to the dealer as of yet.
  • I have the same noise and dealer keeps saying its normal, I drove other CRV's and the noise is not there, I have opened a case with American Honda (rudest folks work there its seems) they called from blocked number and refuse to call with number being displayed.
    I will an attempt to see dealer again if no action M ready to file a lemon law.
    I will post the sounds on Utube and post again the exact noise...
  • nianownianow Posts: 1
    My new 2013 CRV is making the same whine between 40 and 60 mph when I let off the accelerator just a bit. It comes from the passenger side into the cab. It is driving me crazy. Yes, the dealer says it is "characteristic of "this" transmission. I am going to continue to pursue this. My car was assembled in Ohio.
  • dandrwdandrw Posts: 10
    It seems like it's only the AWD models which have this problem. If you live in a non-mountainous part of the country and most if not all your driving is on level surface, the 2WD model is all you need. I have a friend in the Houston Tx area who was considering a AWD model CR-V. I managed to convince him he would be much happier and have much fewer problems with a 2WD model.
  • I have the 2013 CR-V EX AWD bought August 24th 2013 after 500 miles, noticed the same noise described here. Noted the whiling between 40 - 65 MPH regardless if pressing on excellerator or fully releasing it. Now at 1,100 miles. After traveling from Vegas to L.A. and back over those 8K foot mountains, and still hearing that same whining between 40 - 65 MPH, decided to bring it back to the dealer - I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for starting this thread, good to know Honda did replace at least one trans for someone on this tread.
  • The Honda tech drove with us for a test drive to hear the whining noise. He heard it and had no solutions. The service manager as kind as he was, said Honda is aware of this complaint, but, currently does not have a fix for it. He checked with the area service rep. and learned I'm the first one in Las Vegas to complain of the CR-V AWD whining noise between 40-65 MPH. They logged my complaint so if Honda comes up with a solution, they'll let me know. How long will this take? Your guess is as good as mine. I expressed my deepest disappointment to the service manager. What other actions can one take? Demand a new CR-V? The noise did not exist prior to the first 500 miles on the vehicle. Therefore it is a problem or at the very least indicative of a problem. local Honda dealer says there's no fix. I'm open to suggestions for another reasonable course of action...???
  • aharryaharry Posts: 1
    Its the emergency brakes tell dealer to replace it, I went thru it for over few months finally narrowed to ebarke
  • Its been a few months, but here are my updates concerning the "croaking" sound while driving between 0-5 mph. The sound comes from the rear differential area. For several months, American Honda said they were aware of the issue, and the engineers were working on a solution. After hearing nothing for over 6 months, I took the vehicle back into the dealership and said that something needs to be done because the sound seemed to be getting louder and occurring much more often. They contacted American Honda and surprise, there supposed was a fix for this now. It involves replacing a pump on the rear diff. This is an external pump and does not require any tear downs.

    After the pump was changed, the sound was still there. However, it is much more quieter...almost to the point of not hearing it at all if you weren't aware of the problem. But, that's the way the whole problem started out. Being afraid that the problem would only get worse, they advised American Honda that the fix failed.

    American Honda was surprised and stumped. I got the impression that the fix supposedly worked on other complaints. Maybe those people just haven't heard that the noise is still there and may only get louder. In the end, American Honda decided that they want my entire differential for research reasons to determine exactly what is going on. I am scheduled to get the entire rear diff replaced next week with a brand new one pulled from new car assembly inventory and shipped to the dealership.

    We'll see how this goes.
  • To me the whining noise sounds like a belt rubbing against something. The faster the speed of the CRV the higher pitch, as the vehicle slows the pitch gets lower. If it's the emergency break, what is rubbing against what? How did you determine it is the e-break? I really appreciate the details how you determined the source of the noise. In other words, what is rubbing against what part of the e-break? Thanks!
  • Re: whining hollow sound from transmission at speeds between 45-65. I discovered the sound around 500 miles. The number of complaints is building. We need "dealer" support to press the Honda and there regional Reps that call on the dealers. Also, the service manager is just the messenger of bad news to those of us who are taking the brunt of Honda's bad transmission. Stop messing with the service manager, go to the General Mgr and/owner of the dealership. Many review sites exist for for rating the Dealership. The dealership is our link to Honda. Are we suppose to just hope this sound does not get louder and have an adverse affect on our ability to resale our automobiles "if we can". We could be stuck with these lemons for as long as we own the car. And, also be stuck with noise. I do believe me noise is increasing and any even at speeds outside of 45-65. Ask you dealer this "will they take the car in on a trade and then resell it AS IS ?? HA. I am going on every possible website I can to complaint and bring attention to this really bad situation. Honda should just replace the transmission and be done with it ! ! Where was your Honda assembled BTW (it is on your original sticker)? I live in Longmont Colorado and the car came from Ohio.
  • Anyone else experiencing a clicking noise when they turn their steering wheel from side to side?
    This just started happening on my 2013 the other night. The noise is coming from the steering column, not the tires or outside of the car.

    It seems to be louder the longer I've been driving. Barely even there when I first start my car. I mostly drive short trips.

    This is not my video, but this is what's happening:
  • Here's probably the final update on this "croaking" noise that occurs at very low speeds coming from the rear diff. American Honda tried replacing a pump on the rear diff, an action that they had determined was the cause of the noise, something to do with the pump and solenoids being actuated. While this repair almost eliminated the noise completely, it was still present and with the thoughts that it would only get louder, American Honda decided to replace the complete rear diff in my car and they wanted mine back at their engineering research center for analysis.

    The good news is that I am now "croak" free. Yes, a complete replacement of the rear diff was necessary. Replacing just the pump was probably something related or part of the problem but not all of the problem. All's well that ends well.

    Just so others know...this was on a 2012 CRV probably built during the parts shortage caused by the tsunami in Japan. Only Honda of Japan knows what 3rd party suppliers they allowed to provide parts for their vehicles during this difficult manufacturing time. Whatever it was, it involves only a very small percentage of cars. Maybe it was an assembly issue; maybe it was a manufacturing issue. The sad part is that we'll never know. Honda has stepped up to the plate and taken care of the issue. I would not be afraid to buy another Honda.
  • The noise between 40 and 65 mph and frustration with my Honda dealer prompted me to get second opinions from 3 independent shops. All 3 shops were kind enough to do a thorough test drive. All 3 stated verified the sound and said it was a ring and pinion noise from the transaxle on deceleration or possibly the overdrive/final gear is mis-aligned. The whining noise is most prevalent to the driver, which makes sense, as the transaxle part of the transmission is located in the front part of the engine/driver side. Whatever the case, it is not normal. I was strongly advised to contact Honda customer service to register a complaint. Honda must surely be aware of the issue but it must not be affecting a large number of 2013 CRV's or the problem is being "under reported". My vehicle was assembled in Ohio. I will call Honda customer service and then follow-up with a certified letter.
  • You are not alone. My 2013 CRV has the same problem. I got sick and tired of getting a snow job from my dealer. I took it to 3 independent repair shops and they all said the same thing. Noise is coming from the transaxle part of the transmission in "final drive" caused by ring and pinion or possibly overdrive/final gear is misaligned. See my full post to VegasJohnny. I am promptly registering a complaint with Honda customer service and sending a certified letter.
  • I am also having the same problem with my CRV 2013. I hear the same croaking sound when coming to a stop or moving from it in a low speed. To top this, I also hear grating sound in my steering wheel when i pull from a parking lot. I asked the dealer about the croaking sound and they said, it is normal. I haven't had the chance to deal with the grating sound yet. Having read all these posts i might push to have my car checked further.
  • The first thing that I would recommend you to do is to RUN as fast as you can away from your dealer who tells you that the "croaking" sound is normal. This dealer is not doing you any service at all with that attitude. Imagine what is being done when they service your vehicle.

    I want you to think about the future...when you go to sell or trade in the vehicle. At that point your prospective buyer is going to test drive your car and say "What is that sound?!". Whatever price you were expecting just got reduced by several thousand dollars. So think again if you think the "croaking" sound is normal.

    You need to find a dealership with a service advisor and service manager who will advocate your complaint onto American Honda. Keep complaining until something gets done. Remember...the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  • I posted earlier on this thread but have really been paying attention to my car and the noises.
    Here is the list of what I'm noticing. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how common these are.

    2013 CRV AWD 3,800 miles
    - Steering wheel clicks when turned side to side. Seems louder the longer my car has been running that day although this morning it was loud right from the get-go.
    - When I back up and then brake the car croaks/groans (rear area). It does not do this when I brake while driving.
    - When I back up there is a clunk noise from the front axle area (this just started last week)

    Anyone know the cause of these noises and if they indicate trouble?
  • Hi everyone
    So, I've had my '12 CR-V for only 10 months so far and began experiencing a rattle/rubbing noise in the cargo area. It only occurs when hitting certain bumps while driving. I don't keep much in my cargo area and anything I do keep is in a cargo net. In order to help diagnose this noise/rattle...I removed anything I had in the cargo area, including the retractable cover...the rattle still occurs.

    I opened the liftgate and turned the two rubber stoppers further out to prevent any play when it's closed...that didn't help. I'm beginning to wonder if it's in the actual liftgate causing this noise...but I'm still open to anything.

    I have tried riding in the back while my wife drove...I pushed & held panels, etc., trying to eliminate the noise...not much luck. Just when I thought I found the problem to be the weatherstrip around the lift gate area, I sprayed it with some Trim Shine (being it was the closest thing I had to a silicone spray). I drove it once I applied it, it got quieter but the next day was back to the way it was.

    My other thoughts are possibly something loose above the headliner or suspension.

    I took it the dealership but they found nothing.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar noise in the cargo area...and if so, any solutions?
  • Check that your spare tire isn't loose.
  • I already checked that and it's not the problem...wish it was that easy!

    And now within the last few days, the passenger seat area has developed a noise...sounds as if it's coming from underneath. I heard a couple people who spoke about a passenger side airbag sensor located underneath the seat that can come loose. So I'm hoping that's the problem and easy enough to fix.

    As for the cargo area noise...wish I knew what it was. I had removed the rear quarter interior panels and checked for anything loose behind them...nothing. I'm thinking that i should've taken the upper panels off and dropped the headliner to see if it's coming from above.

    I would also like to remove the liftgate interior panels and check inside there.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    While you are ruling out "easy" stuff, you may as well check the exhaust hangers, even though it sounds like the noise is in the cargo area.
  • Ok, I'll check that this weekend. Thanks
    I'm guessing it'll look obvious if the exhaust hangers are not on properly, right?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You could be missing a rubber "donut" entirely down there. I'm not much of a mechanic, but you can crawl under and grab the cold tailpipe - it shouldn't move around much.
  • I went outside before and gave the exhaust a was rather solid feel, not loose at all. I laid on my back as I shook it and look around...didn't see anything loose.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited November 2013
    Another "easy" one ruled out.

    That just leaves the harder ones, like a turtle in the hatch. ;)

    There have been a couple of posts over the years where people swore a noise was in the rear, when something in the engine area was really the issue and the noise was somehow getting transmitted to the rear. Or vice versa.

    Stuff like this will drive you crazy....
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