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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Rear Bumper Rust



  • I think it is more that the exhaust pipe location. My 03, which I posted about above, had it's rear bumper rusting on the FIRST month of ownership. Rust spots were near the license plate ( center) and the left side as well. After one year of going back and forth with GM they replaced the rear bumper and while I was there, they decided to remove and coat the back of my front bumper ( obviously, problem was known in 2004!). That front bumper has many holes in it today. The rear bumper looks great! They either have a process with poor quality control or multiple vendors, as some survive and some don't CANNOT believe they are still chasing this many years later and not being straight with customers.
  • I came out da utter day and realized my bumper was pushed in on pass side. damn,it hit the body and put a dent,but no mark on the bumper whatsoever? looked underneath to see a slotted bracket or mount to hopefully loosen/pull back and I see nothing, just thin bumper-I mean THIN. I reached down with my bad arm and pulled/bent the bumper back into place with little effort,way too easy.I think about the 4 dents on the sides from parking lots on a brand new truck that I park at the end of the lot which I owned for 5 months,and my 97 I been driving for 10 years that I wil park anywhere without care has 1 dent from another car door, the fenders and bumpers have to be twice as thick on my 97 ,no way the 2011 will hold up as well to the elements.I seen 2 driving around with the bumper facing directly down from accidents I think,if someone hits me at 10n mph the bed of my truck will need bodywork/paint without a doubt- its never the same then.I feel gm robbed us,and sold the exsisting models to customers whom opinions based on the toughness of the old ones,the only thing like a rock now is,you learn the hard way being a loyal customer
  • It's a shame isn't it? It seems that the GM engineers no longer understand that HD was to mean Heavy Duty. GM undercoated my rusting bumper under warranty (they replaced the other, as the chrome was shot in less than a year). Well the undercoated bumper disintegrated. When I replaced it, I just pulled off the plastic lower spoiler, as it was not attached to metal any longer. That bumper would have been utterly useless in an accident. That was 8 years, but I have never seen a bumper rust that bad and so quick. I doubt it would have offered much protection between years 3-8 either. Now that I think about, GM doesn't know the definition of 'bumper' either.
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