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2004 Pacifica Tire Sensor replacement and retraining question.

dmickey28dmickey28 Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Chrysler
I just had 4 new tires put on along with replacing one of the sensors at Tire Kingdom yesterday. I started off getting a 1 tire pressure low readout, which was happening before I had the tires replaced as well. Now I had the system ask me if I had the spare on, which i replied NO and then it said to have the Tire system checked.

I called the place I got the tires and they said to bring it back tomorrow. I also called the dealer.

Does the tire place just need to retrain the tires with that magnet? If they can ... or

Do I have to take it to the dealer and they have to hook it up to the computer?

I have been reading about it and it sounds as though you just need to get that magnet to retrain the tires but the guy at the chrysler dealership was telling me that they need to hook it up to the main computer system and it wasn't as simple as just the magnet.

I don't want the Dealership taking me for a loop on this ... I am a 29 year old Mother with baby in tow!! Should the tire place be able to do this? They did happen to have the sensor in stock.



  • rafe47rafe47 Posts: 1
    I recently bought 04 pacifica, its front right headlight and parking lights are not turning on, fuse box description does not show headlight fuses. Kindly advise.

  • There are no fuses. Start by checking the light bulbs.
  • lshearslshears Posts: 1
    how did u correct your problem with the tire service
  • 614jj614jj Posts: 2
    my 2004 pacifica AWD has had the same issue since 2005. I counted 11 times in service at dealer for sensor "panel issues". 9 for tire sensor lights, other 2 for "service tire system". After the 7th visit, and "we drove it after sensors were replaced or retrained and it is fine. No lights came on for us". Within days of leaving lights and the annoying "dinging" started up again. I was then told the entire module had to be replaced. They replaced first one as a "goodwill repair". Well the system had to be replaced a second time within 2 months. Second time I was told it was out of warranty and they "valued me as a customer" and I only had to pay $100 deductible. I was astounded, pissed and needless to say faught the charge. i did not pay it. Not to mention the aggrevation due to all trained sensor codes having to be cleared, keys had to be reprogrammed , etc.) Of course I lost all saved info, addresses, trips, etc. in Navagation system as a result. last module was installed end of 2007. Problems are back again. I hate to go back to the dealer again.
  • i am having the same problem with my 04 awd pacifica but havent taken to the dealer as much as you i work at a repair shop. The dealer is telling me that i can only use their scanner but we have the magnet to reset it but under my menu button to get to retraining the sensors i cant get to it. My car is under warranty still but they say it isnt for that and they want to me to 60 dollars but i dont want to if i can fix it myself. have u took it to the dealer since or not?
  • I have the "service tire system" messesage on. Is this something I could take to a separate shop (not dealer) Dealer is SUPER expensive. I have a warranty with carchex for this car. I havent used it yet. Also the driver side door needs trim around the window. How much am I looking at if I take it to dealer. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.
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