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Nissan Murano Navigation System



  • danobleonedanobleone Posts: 2
    You have to depress the parking brake first, screen will only play when the car is in park and the parking brake depressed.
  • Yep I got the DVD with the new 09 Murano SL AWD. I would say while its interactive and idiot-box format (all you do is listen and watch), the PDF format manual is much better to educate yourself correctly!
  • Reading the manual on our 3 day old Murano SL AWD, I noticed that the Canadian Voice Response system appears to have a lot more voice commands (in the Alternate Commands) than the US cars. And the Phonebook in the Canadian cars can have 4 phones per named entry (home, cell, office, other) that we 'Mericans don't get. (haven't tested this yet - my wife won't let me have the car!:-)

    Not really a big deal to me, but I find it curious. Anyone know why?

  • dsk4dsk4 Posts: 12
    I was wondering about my map display seems to show several yellow dots on roads I travel a lot. Is that like a record or some other kind of marks? Also is it possible to add the red light camera feature i have on my portable device? Thanks
  • I have had my 2009 SL Prem w/Tech. MO for a little over a week. I have been trying to find a kit or option of adding the iPod interface (like on the LE) and/or USB on my non-NAV SL Bose. The dealer has no listings fot his part# or even if it is available. Anyone encounter this? THX
  • Steve, There is no Nissan kit for iPod integration for the SL, but I believe there is a good possibility that this can be achieved. See my post in this thread on the Murano forum at: eedd&threadid=11625

    Short story is that the 2009 Murano Service Manual shows a small box called the IPOD Adapter mounted in the center console forward of the gear shift lever. Presumably for the LE. But I think it likely that just installing that part on our cars is likely to work for the SL that has the same radio/audio system as the LE. Also Nissan DOES have a "Dealer Installed" iPod option for the GTR, which appears to have the same Bose audio system as in the 2009 Murano (and new Maxima, and new 370Z, and G37s, etc.)

    I'm taking my Mo in for its first service in a few days, and I will press the Service Department to see if they know about the GTR option, and know if there is any reason it would not work in our SLs.

  • loachloach Posts: 246

    Any progress with your dealer on SL iPod integration?
  • MobettaMobetta Posts: 2
    Actually, the dealer (Lithia Nissan parts counter) said he would check into it, but wasn't very motivated. When I showed him the picture and info you provided, he just said there was a lawsuit pending with the GTR. He said he was going to take an LE apart when he had the chance, but never called back. I've been back 3 times, but I got the feeling if it didn't come packaged and wasn't in his parts manual with an option number or a part number "it's not available at this time". The salesmen insisted it should be an avmailable option, but 4 parts guys weren't helpful.
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    loach, I got nowhere with the parts guy at the dealer where I purchased the Murano. But I'm going to try another Nissan dealer where the parts guy was much more helpful a couple of years ago on a part problem with my 300ZX. Will advise.

  • merchantcmerchantc Posts: 1
    just purchased 2009 murano..really happy w/ so far but just over a day, i used other murano while waiting on mine to be delivered, so far, i seen difference in the sound of tires & the way it drives...i can actually feel the wheels turning under my feet, kindof like what u would expect in a large truck or jeep. went to dealership 2day, of course tech said probably just hearing things....i told him i drove other w/ same pkg just no navig system....diff color, then he drove me by the one i drove 4 3 days, he said oh, its the tires....they are goodyear! the tread is probably different! Am i crazy or being a little too pushy? i just expected if i am going to pay this much for a vehicle, it better drive like a all times. i am getting a little worried after reading some of the blogs here though, specially after 6 months? that is just crazy, sounds like the car is already 3-4yrs old!! help, i may just send it back and look for other,
  • I am looking at buying a new 2010 Murano. The salesman said that the Nav system wirelessly updates itself automatically and that the Traffic Monitoring feature was standard with the Nav system and at no extra cost. Is this true? Jim
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I don't think so. XM traffic costs extra; my wife has an LE and she just got notice that a nav update was available...but she had to pay.
  • The hard drive based Nav system on the 2009/2010 Nissans and Infinitis may "wirelessly" update your location on the map from the Global Positioning Satellites, but updates of the maps (and POIs) are NOT automatic, nor free. You have to purchase map updates from Navteq, who charges you $130 for an "activation code" and send you to a dealer who charges another fee to install them. (You can buy a pretty good new handheld GPS unit for just the Navteq fee.)

    I'm hoping that by the time I want a newer map, some smart computer whiz has figured out how to install updates yourself, and a way to get them for a lot less than Navteq's current prices.

  • Hi,
    Can we send some letter to Nissan so that they allow free updates ?
    It doesn't make sense that we pay so much extra for the NAV (coz it some with extra packages), and then again we have to pay for the updates. At my time, with NAV SL murano was 6-7000 costlier than the base S model.
    Please reply.

  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Can we send some letter to Nissan so that they allow free updates ?

    Are you serious? You buy a (fairly) expensive car and then complain about ~$130+ for an update?? Give it a try, but I wouldn't expect a reply. :confuse:
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    yes, selling updates is common practice. I have a 2007 MB ML320 diesel (just bought a 2010 Murano LE too) and MB sells updates.
  • thats what I am saying.....We pay so much for the navigation where a normal portable NAV is just $100-200...and some allow free updates also...meanwhile if they update maps every year....are we supposed to pay $150 every year ??? Better I will stay away from updates....if they charge...$50 or so...I guess more people will buy and they will actually get a profit...
  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    Yeah, I don't disagree. I didn;t buy the updates for the MB because they wanted in typical MB fashion over $250. They may get the message if no one buys the updates or fewer people buy nav. But I doubt it since they have a 'captive" audience. Easy to unsuction cup the Garmin and take it out..little tougher with the factory nav.
  • lovepublovepub Posts: 11
    As all murano drivers, u should have noticed that the Navigation system wont work while in motion. I know it's the safety feature....but who the heck would park aside on the highway and re-enter a new destination when required.

    Anyone know any way around this? I know if ur speed is down to maybe 5km/h, u can access the editting. But u can't do that when u are driving at 100kmh. Might as well buy a TomTom.

    I'll take my chances of crashing my car while entering destination when in motion. Not saying that most of the time, there would be a passenger doing that for u when u are driving.

    Anyone AnyIdeas?? Or just live with it?
  • lovepub, I'm not sure where you are located, but here in the USA, the Murano Navigation systems sure DO work while in motion. Some functions are disabled (for safety, or legal protection I suspect) but you can enter new addresses by voice command (that works surprisingly well), or scroll through Previous Destinations on the screen. The Points of Interest screen only will show the first 4 or 5 categories while driving (no scrolling allowed) but you can customize the list to put your favorite categories first (like Fast Food! or ATMs, etc) and navigate to those places also. And you can navigate to any point on the map by centering the map on the location you want to go to, then hitting the "Map Menu" icon on the touch screen, and taking the option to set that point as a new Destination. Check out your Navigation Manual.

    And if you search the or the NICO club Murano forums, you will find descriptions from clever folks who have figured out how to wire in a switch to disable those safety features and give full function back while you are driving. For your passenger to operate, of course...

    Good luck! --jayhawk
  • How do you search for a specific store/restaurant using the nav system (e.g. Dunkin Donuts, Target,etc.)?
  • bcondebconde Posts: 1
    2009 Murano with Nav. I like the voice feature, but know that 'training' the system greatly improves its ability to actually make the change I request, as opposed to 'guessing' at what I want. But as I follow the user's guide under 'Voice recognition', pages 9-23 thru 9-25, it appears that the 'Speaker Adaptation' and "Command List' choices are not shown on the screen. The car is parked, not moving, so there s/b no impact due to the car moving and features blocked.
    1) Is this the right forum for this question?
    2) If it is the right forum, whatcha y'all think about this question?

    Thanks, folks.

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