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Pacifica Air Conditioning System Questions



  • tasomatasoma Posts: 2
    I had a service station refill the freon since they said there was none left. For a brief time I had coll air. Now I do not. Any suggestions?
  • bob782bob782 Posts: 3
    You have a leak in your system that needs to be fixed before you have someone put more freon into it. Go somewhere else than where you first went since they didn't look for a leak before refilling (or did they and you said just refill it?). Hope the leak is an easy fix but usually these require expensive fixes (new compressor etc...). Good luck!
  • cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
    FYI, I recently encountered the same problem. When I turned the key to the 'On' position the fan came on and ran at full speed. The fan controls seem to work but when I power the HVAC system off, the fan is still running at full speed. Read the posts and bought a new resistor block at NAPA (they had it in stock for my 2004 for about $70 w/AAA discount), replaced the part and it fixed the problem. The fix takes about 5 minutes. Thanks to all that posted the info regarding this problem!
  • bob782bob782 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the update. I did the same (got part on-line); best $60 I've spent lately!
  • I have a problem with my heating system. Driver side blower works and blows hot air. Passenger and rear blower works and blows only cold air! I checked the blower fuse and it is fine. Help!
  • I had my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica (24K mi) into shop for 2nd time for AC.
    First time they used dye and checked AC and could not find a leak - reacharge - 4 weeks later no AC again. They refilled for free can't find the leak and said the following is what they believe it to be....

    in Rear cooling system
    Evaporator may be leaking
    Apparently not something easy to get to - great ;)
    go do dealer

    Anyone else had EVAPORATOR AC issues ?
    I found the part online so at least I know evaporator is not just a "go away" term - ha ha - usually just heard of condensor in AC system. What is difference between Condensor and Evaporator?


    Budda 1 says Peace Out
  • I have a 2008 Pacifica and the blower works on all settings except high. Does anyone have any sugestions? Thanks
  • I have the same problem. I still han't figured it out. Just recently the ac quit blowing air all together.
  • The AC in my 05 Pacifica quit blowing air recently. I have checked the fuses under the hood but not sure where to go from here. Please help
  • The AC in my 05 Pacifica won't blow out the front at all. It is still blowing out the rear vents. HELP, I live in Florida and it is HOT!
  • slamkinslamkin Posts: 1
    My Pac 04 ac has stopped blowing out the face vents. It blows cold air but only at your feet or at the defrost setting. Is there a fix for this I can do myself?

  • dostermanndostermann Posts: 1
    Did you find a fix to do yourself? I have the same issue
  • karo5karo5 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I am having the same problem. I tried turning key to on position (not starting the engine), then holding down the power and recirculation buttons together (at the same time) for 5 seconds...then waiting for 20 seconds...buttons flash on dash...I got this off some Chrysler link (I will try to find it and add it here). Anyway, that is not helping. Soooo, I tried and removed the air filter, and I was SHOCKED! It was full of debris, pieces of leaves, etc. So, tomorrow I am getting a new filter (O'Reilly's-$18.99 compared to Autozone $21.99) to see if it will finally work properly, and while I am there, I will be getting a FREE diagnostic check from O"Reilly's. Hopefully, I can fix this own my own this way. If not, I will get my mechanic to puty freon in it to see if that will help...hate to pay BIG BUCKS at dealership!
    I am also gonna try unhooking the battery as this may reset the controls if it malfunctioning from the computer sensors.
  • my 04 chrysler pacifica rear blower is blowing little amount of air, rear will blow on high only when driving in 40+mphs turning in 90 degrees. very wield, checked the cabin filter, resitor and fuse but not the issue. Any ideas?
  • dbryancdbryanc Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. Only when I turn to the right it blows in the back. Have you found any fix to the problem?
  • fishnfishn Posts: 3
    I had to replace the a/c comp clutch on my 2004 pacifica I have press in the system but need to jumper the lo press relay to get it running to service the system. Where is it & can I get a diagram of the a/c sys.?????
  • My car started making a harsh noise when I put my AC on, so I turned it off. When I turned it back on it wouldn't blow anything out of my front vent, but would blow out of the rear vents. Slowly it started coming back out of the front vents at about 1/2 speed even though it was on high. Then I noticed if I turned left it would cut out and if I turned right it would blow out high like it should. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before or have any idea what this could be on an '07 4.0 awd Pacifica?
  • I've got the same issue only the symptoms have become more complicated. Now when I turn on the a/c regardless of the temp setting or blower speed all I get is a hiss from the passenger side that builds pressure and then stops. There was a time I could turn it off and back on to get back to the state you described but not for some time now.

    Did you ever find an answer? Ever break down and go to the dealership?
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