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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • Hi Alex
    I purchased my Volvo from the Gold Coast and when my transmission went at 80,000klms they didnt want to know me. I phoned then emailed the Sydney HO and they offered to pay half originally and when I started referring to this being a common problem in the US that is being ignore is Australia I got some interest. Eventually they paid for the new transmission $7K and I paid for the service $1200. They had Brisbane put the new transmission in and they gave me a loan car for 3 weeks while the parts arrived. They only gave me a 12 month warranty but they are responsible as its not a reasonable expectation for a car of this value.You really have to really make a song and dance and they'll pretend its not a common problem until you start quoting the US and their class action. I would also get onto NRMA as they have standards they can quote as acceptable.
    Good Luck.
  • Greetings to all. I add my name to the shockingly long list of XC90 customers that feel completely shafted with their purchase and ownership of the "top of the line" Volvo. Just this week my 2004 XC90, with just 87,000 KM (45k miles) had its transmission without warning go out. The dealer here in Spain has offered me 4k EUR for the car "as is" or I can fix it for 6,000 EUR. What a joke! This car was purchased new just 6 years ago for nearly 60k EUR. How is that for a high cost of ownership? Volvo, place you safety and trust in us - but for the highest cost of ownership anywhere in the world. I am shocked that Volvo has not stepped forward and taken responsibility for such a clear fault on their part. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice.......Volvo you will NEVER get that chance!
  • xc90_60kxc90_60k Posts: 2
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    To all

    I like many here thought I was stuck with an out of warranty Volvo and even had my car towed to a transmission shop. After doing an internet search as an almost afterthought I followed the advice here and went to my dealership and politely explained my situation and acknowledged I had ceased to use the dealer for service. To my pleasant surprise I was provided a new transmission and radiator at minimal diagnostic cost. The radiator replacement I believe is due to the potential for metal in the system which could damage the new transmission. I was without the Volvo for only three days.

    My experience I think had to do with the fact that I was informed and civil and working with a similar party on the other side. I did not have to work with Volvo USA or issue threats, although those were viable follow up paths.

    My personal experience with Volvo was exemplary and exceeded all expectations.
  • 04xtc04xtc Posts: 1
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    Yep, just bought my 2004 T6 from a corner lot 45 days ago. Transmission failure the other day - 89,000 miles,

    Took it to the large local Volvo dealer and guess what!? Volvo is paying for the brand new transmission, radiator etc. 100% including labor.

    I'm so happy!!! This dealer has won me over as new customer. After this, I'll be servicing my 2004 XC90 with them.
  • zullozullo Posts: 2
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    Bought mine brand new off the Volvo lot . . . 10 miles on it. The transmission always sounds like it is in a high gear . . .feels jumpy when driving in the city. Think stop sign and then go . . .almost feels like the gears never smoothly transition. Took it in twice. First time, they reprogramed computer, telling me it was in a sporty setting. Next time had a tech drive with me and after a day of it being on the lot I could not duplicate how it drove when I brought it in so I figured just something I misunderstood. Now weeks later I have noticed that same sound and feeling of being in a higher gear and rpm's. What is going on? Should I find a different dealer to fix this? The car was purchased June 2010 and I want to take full advantage of the warranty before I end up cutting a check or worse, cutting out paper dolls. So far, I regret the purchase!
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69

    Is your vehicle the XC90 or the new Volvo XC 60? I know other XC70 wagons have had complaints with the transmission as well, but they stopped making the XC90, debating about another Volvo and would like to know what you purchased.

  • zullozullo Posts: 2
    Lisa, mine is a brand new XC90. Year is 2010. I don't recall the dealer saying this was the last year to produce the car and I even saw an ad on here for the 2011 XC90 Volvo. Maybe I am misunderstanding your posting.

  • nigel7nigel7 Posts: 1
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    G'day,a few days ago my wife informed me (I work away) that our 2005 XC90 has had transmission failure,she took it to Premier Volvo who told her it would cost us $7600 to replace transmission.I called them and reminded them that we have had all services through them,bought it second hand 18mths ago from them and car has complete history with them since new and it has only done 70,000kmsThey get back to me that as a good will gesture Volvo will pay some of cost and I will only pay $4650.Wife needs car so I say go ahead and fix it.I then started reading these forums.Unfortunately Im away from Perth otherwise I would go and see them face to face, but Im in a remote area and its not easy to make calls.Has anyone had any luck in Australia getting a better deal out of Volvo,or is this as good as I can expect to get?
  • Yes I got not help from the local dealer on the Gold Coast so rang head office in Sydney.They only offered partial assistance until I advised I was reading the blogs and this is a common problem with the XC90 that is widely reported on a number of blogs. They tried to deny it was an issue but I offered to send them numerous copies of the complaints. I also mentioned that I had spoken to the state road service and that a car of this cost, quality and reputation needing a new transmission at 80,000 klms(mine) was not normal wear and tear. Volvo eventual organised a dealer in Brisbane to do the work at a cost of a service, $1200, that I paid and they provided the new transmission at no cost to me. The dealer even loaned us another XC90 for 3 weeks while they waited for the part and did the work at no cost. Jump up and down with Volvo head office, mention the state road service getting involved and Dept of Fair Trading, even the newspapers to investigate and they'll do a deal.
    Good Luck
  • I don't have the T6 but I have a 2005 XC90 V8. Just after warranty expiration the air conditioner blower went out - $1500 to repair. Today my transmission went out for the fourth time. 3 transmissions while under warranty and now it has failed for the fourth time. I have 60,000 miles on the car. I am the original owner. Car has always been serviced on schedule by the dealership.
  • I bought a 2004 Volvo XC 90 AWD 1 year ago. Right after I bought it I had trouble getting it from park to reverse. Then the service transmission light came on, then it began to loose power. (The fact it would not go into reverse in colder weather indicates a failing transmission). I had it rebuilt and now a year later it is not going into reverse in cold weather. It takes a few minutes then I hear a click and then it will go into reverse.
    Now I would like to take it to the dealership and have them deal with it. I feel Volvo should be responsible and I want to do all I can to see that happen. I would like to be nice about it. Please someone inform me of their experience and also inform me of what I can do in case they will not pay for it.
    I called the dealer and they said to bring it in but gave me no assurances.
  • Anyone else out there with failed transmissions on the XC90 V8 - NOT the T-6 but the V8 models? I'm on my 4th transmission with only 60,000 miles.
  • If these XC90's are such pieces of junk, why do you all buy them used? Dont you spend as much time researching the car before you buy it as you do after the fact whining about it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A lot of people don't research a specific problem until it happens to them.

    How's your transmission holding up?
  • It is holding up well, thanks for asking. I drive a Camaro with LOTS of miles on it! :lemon:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like you need to go find one of our Camaro discussions to play in. We're talking about people's XC90s in here and issues they are having with their transmissions.
  • Hi Leah, I'm in Sydney and have been trying to get Volvo to cough for my repaired transmission on my 2004 T6, but they're playing very hard to get. Four letters and a phone call between us and they still won't pay. They're holding on to the fact that we had our transmission repaired by a 3rd party repairer without showing them first. (It was one of their suppliers, and NRMA preferred). My belief is that the transmission was going to die at some point anyway, as they nearly all do, we all know how it goes, and the transmission specialists I used were the one's Volvo may have used themselves to fix my car. Transmission specialists are just as qualified to diagnose as Volvo. Of course in hindsight, and now I know about this whole deceitful scam Volvo have running, I should have taken the car straight to Volvo. Instead I did as instructed by my mechanics, and went to the transmission place instead - why wouldn't you? Can you tell me who you dealt with at Volvo Australia - if it's someone I haven't badgered yet, I'll get onto them? Thanks, Anna.
  • Hi Anna
    I only spoke to a customer service person who relaid everything between Volvo HO and myself. I suggest you contact the Dept of Fair Trading as well as NRMA but ensure you let Volvo know you are contacting them. I would also mention this transmission problem is well documented on many web sites and surely they have some responsibility to advise owners of a well known and costly problem. Although I didnt get NRMA involved they did say it wasnt a problem you expect to have in a expensive car at around 80,000 kmls. Volvo have tried to keep this problem quite so you may even have to think about going to a TV current affairs to get them to start negotiating. Sorry I cant give a specific name as I have nothing in writing it was all done over the phone. Best of luck.
  • I own a 2004 Volvo XC90 AWD and I am currently going on two years now with it's fourth new transmission. It first went out right after the warranty expired with a little over 36,000 miles. I wont go into details here but I wanted to share what one woman in the USA has done to get Volvos attention. It worked for her. Check out her Youtube video series with this link.
    She was able to get Volvo to pay for everything. Her story was featured in Readers Digest as well. Best of luck.
  • Here in Australia, I just did a survey of 16 XC90 T6 private sellers Australia wide from 8 of them had had their transmissions replaced or repaired. THAT'S 50%!
    Does that surprise anybody?
  • we are beginning to experience the issues many people have described as encountering before their trany's failed.Recommendation from a few Volvo mechanics were to go beat the crap out of the dealer. As represented by MANY blogs, this is a very visible and very wide-spread issue. I fully believe the only reason Volvo has not recalled the vehicle for faulty trany (replacement) is because they haven't been able to link fatalities to the issue. Based on what I am reading and what I am hearing, its only a matter of time. I am very surprised the Luxury Car manufacturer has not taken a more proactive position on this. Recommend buying a good (long) warranty... as if you haven't already spent enough money to obtain it.

    Very sad....
  • I purchased my 2004 Volvo Xc90 used with 76,000 miles used. I purchase this vehicle from a used car lot. I noticed tranny slipping about at 85,000 miles. I have read the blogs on edmunds about this vehicles tranny. At about 89,000 miles the light came on urgent trans service. I took my vehicle to the local dealer in my area. I had to pay 90.00 for the diagnostic test. Of course they told me the transmission needed to be replaced. The good news is even though I had not brought this car from the dealer nor have never had it serviced at this dealer. The dealer told me to give them a few days to talk to corporate office. The dealer called about four days later and told me Volvo corporate was paying for the entire tranny job, a new radiator for free. The repair took about 7 days. If you are patience and take your vehicle to a reputable dealer Volvo does stand by their vehicle. I have a warranty for 150,000 miles on my new tranny. I thank the Volvo dealer, and volvo corporate for making a honorable decision on my vehicle and standing by their vehicle. All you
    xc90 owners dont be afraid to take your vehicles back to your dealers. Volvo will stand by their vehicles. Signed a happy Volvo Owner.
  • This whole issue is just so messy... But I really need your advise. We bought a 2003 XC90 from a friend who owns a used car lot and he found it on an auction. I had asked for him to get me a station wagon, but he found this and was going to keep if it I didn't want it. I fell in love with the car and bought it with 74,000 miles on it. We got an extended warranty and had no issues until it was 2000 miles from expiring. I had to get a new belt and brought it to the dealership. I also told them that it was slipping in the gears and for them to look at it. They told me that I had a transmission leak and it was covered under the warranty. However, they never told me anything else and they were very rude on top of it. Ao they put the timing belt in and I transferred it to another shop for the other repairs. When I picked it up, I drove 3 miles and suddenly it jerked and went into "protection- mode" so it only drives in 3rd gear. I took it back to the local repair shop and was told that it was the "transmission- flush" that caused it and that I should keep driving it as it was the metal- pieces cleaning out. It drove it around, still jerking etc and took it back numerous times to the local shop. Told me nothing was wrong and for me to keep driving it. I called Volvo and they said the same thing. I asked the local repair shop to look online for anything and they said they had done that and found nothing. I finally google'd it myself and found blog after blog on this specific issue. Ofcourse by this time my warranty had expired. I called Volvo USA and they told me that due to the high milage, now 108,000 they would only pay for half of the transmission cost and I would need to pay for the rest and also needed a new radiator. But that their advise was for me to drive it until the tranny died and then come back. I took the issue to the local repair shop and they had fired the guy who had "handled" my issue, due to this matter. This is now 20,000 miles later and it is getting worse and today it started a loud "clicking" sound on the driver side.... Had they listened to me and actually looked it up on google, they would have known and it would have been covered under the warranty, no questions asked. There is a class action law suit going on about this against Volvo and they asked me if they could have my transmission when I did get it replaced , for their case ...
    This is a huge mess.. Any suggestions??
  • Hi,

    I am currently living in Korea and my transmission went out today while driving from Seoul. I received a warning message stating "Urgent Service Transmission." My volvo has 63K miles,HELP PLEASE!!!! I purchased my volvo while stationed in Germany, and never had any issues before. There are two Volvo dealers close by, so any advice would be great!!!
  • I am looking to purchase an XC90 and want to know which version and years have the problem. I understand that the T6 is the usual suspect and that it was a GM tranny. Is that also correct?
  • Yes, We had exactly 63,000 miles when our service transmission light came on. It started out by not going into revers from park. It did this in cold weather. Then it began to rev. up instead of speeding up upon acceleration.
    I had the transmission rebuilt by a local transmission repair shop. I had just bought it on the secondary market and thought surely it was out of warranty. Well I assume it was but the other day I got info from Volvo for an extended warranty covering the transmission. Now I have to find out if it was under warranty. The lawyer in the class action is supposed to help me get compensation for the amount of the rebuilt transmission. I hope that works out.
    Currently it started being difficult with going into reverse in cold weather the other day. We are still under warranty at the transmission place but they don't think it is failing again. Will see.
  • mealiemealie Posts: 3
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    Thanks for the info. I contacted someone in regards to the class action suit. I tried to get an extended warranty prior to this happening; however they do not offer that here in Korea. It is Sunday here in Korea, so I have to wait until tomorrow to call the dealership to find out what can be done.
  • hello,
    i am about to contact ken garff for this exact problem and wondered if there is anything specific i should say to them. i am very disturbed as i am a single mother and this problem nearly caused me to be in an accident with my two daughters in the car. any help would be appreciated.

  • What country are you in?
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