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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • My 2005 XC90 T6 Volvo had 128k miles when the 2nd transmission went out and Volvo reluctantly picked up the cost of the parts and charged me the warranty labor costs after I contacted Volvo Corporate service center at 1-800-458-1552. I can't remember who I spoke to but I remember someone on the forum suggested to ask for Betty as she is understanding. Do not initially tell them that your car is over 100k miles, just convey to her that Volvo needs to pick up the cost and you don't have the money to cover the new transmission. Also, you are aware of the problems with the transmission in these cars.
    My initial costs after the call was $1700; however, I suggested to my service rep to apply a 10% discount (coupon) so my cost was ~$1500. I still was not a happy camper as I believe Volvo should have picked up the cost at 100% as they told me that their repair method had changed since they replaced my last transmission. However, it was better than 7K they quoted me before I made the call. My repair was done at the Volvo of Dallas. Good luck!!!!
  • smokin6smokin6 Posts: 9
    Sorry to hear of your problem. I think you are out of luck if this is your first tranny. However, I have heard that if you call VOLOVO USA corporate customer service and ask for BETTY and play the game as if you cannot afford this repair. Let her know that you know this is a problem with many Volovos. See if you can get anywhere. Good luck--I wish I could be of more help. Do not let Betty know your car has more than 100,000 miles on it. I am not a fun of leaving material facts out--but Volvo has not been the best stuard of telling the whole truth about this repair and dealing with the solution fairly with all who have had to deal with their lack of standing behind the product they sell as reliable and high quality.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    You have to be tough and hang in there. Eventually VOLVO should replace the transmission for free. If not, stay in touch with us and we will give other information.
  • flowers6flowers6 Posts: 1
    My husband and I are looking to purchase the 2005 Volvo XC90 - V8, the mileage on the SUV is @ 110,000 miles priced at $17,000CDN. Would this be a good purchase? Is it priced too high? This is a big purchase and want to ensure we are making the right decision.

  • Personally, I would invest in something other than a Volvo XC90 as the maintenance costs are enormous on these cars. I am not familiar with the XC90 V8 maintenance records; however, my 2005 XC90 T6 transmission has been replaced twice, new tires replaced every year, and etc. are just a few repairs that are normal repairs for the vehicle.
  • I bought a used 04' xc90 t6 about a year ago, and I think my transmission is about to fail. I am slipping while in 3rd gear. Will volvo help pay to repair even if i bought used?
  • overit1overit1 Posts: 1
    DON'T DO IT!! Not only is it priced to high... It is already at it's life's peak. Repairs are very expensive, no one offers a warranty after 50k and given the manufacturers reputation.. it is likely to have major problems soon, if not already. I have an 04' with 70k and just like everyone else that tried to warn me, my transmission is starting to slip. Other than that major issue and a bunch of other little annoying problems.. it was a great vehicle for my family and i to travel in. Don't know how as of yet.. but i have got to get rid of it!
  • I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 T6 with 94,000 miles. Tranny just went out. AAA would only tow it to one of their approved shops which saw that the tranny fluid was black. Told me I need a new Transmission. I saw theses posts and decided to call Turner Volvo in Sacramento. The guy there told me Volvo will pay for the new transmission if it's under 100,000 mi and I have service records. I have lived an hour away from a dealer for sev years and told him that I went to a local shop to get the cars oil changes/services. I do not have service records. Has anyone been approved for Volvo to take on the cost without the service records? I can't afford $6,500. He said that in the past people w/o svc records have had it covered but they are now tightening up their policy. Any info would help.
  • deedevadeedeva Posts: 4
    Volvo replaced our transmission (74,000 miles) last month in Virginia, and they did not request any service records. I'm not sure what difference service records make if they produced and installed a faulty transmission in our vehicles. You should not pay anything out of pocket. If you don't have luck with that dealership, try another or contact Volvo directly.
  • Thank you so much for replying. Could you tell me the name of the dealership or the factory rep so that if I am denied 100% coverage I can advise them that I know they are picking and choosing whom they will cover? I am just sick over this whole thing. I completely agree that they should cover everything due to their lack of quality parts.
  • We also have a 2004 XC90 T6. At 73K miles, we received the Transmission Service Urgent light come on. We took it into Tom Wood Volvo in Indy. They hooked it up to the diagnostics and said that the code indicated that we would need a new transmission. As you can imagine, we were extremely nervous as a new transmission would be 6-7K. Not something the average person has handy... Our great service rep at Tom Wood mentioned that their Volvo Corporate rep in some cases will reimburse people in this situation but that every case is different. Some people have to pay for service with the parts covered and get no assistance. About 3-4 days after bringing the car in, we received a call from from our rep saying that Volvo Corp would cover 100% of the costs including a new transmission (with new models). We were absolutely delighted. My advice to everyone would be to mention that you are aware of the issues and that you are fully informed and be assertive. Volvo is very aware of the problems with the old transmissions and in my opinion are doing everything short of a recall.
  • deedevadeedeva Posts: 4
    Sorry I missed your reply. We dealt with Don Beyer Volvo in Northern Virginia. Good luck to you.
  • janmor2janmor2 Posts: 3
    I am in Australia and have a xc90 T6 with transmission failure at only 116,000KM (approx 70,000 miles) I purchased new from Silverstone Volvo in Doncaster. The "transmission service urgent" light came on then as I was driving through an intersection the car slowed nearly causing myself and my children to be killed! My car has been off road for over a month while I fight with the dealer. Who has offered to fix for $1,500. They will not reimburse me for the $200 cost to tow the vehicle or the cost of a hire car for over a month.
    You would think Volvo would bend over backwards after their reprehensible behavior of not recalling these defective vehicles. What a disgrace!
  • This happened to me at approx. 80,000klms 2 years ago. The local dealer wouldnt do anything but I contacted Head Office Volvo in Sydney and they looked after the replacement after some discussion and pushing on my part. They tried to pretend it wasnt a regular issue until I started mentioning the well documented chat room discussions. I contacted the NRMA & RACQ and both agreed that a car of this price and reputation should not have this issue at this low mileage but werent prepared to do anything. I also mentioned their comments in my discussions with Volvo HO.
    I eventually agreed to pick up the cost of the service which cost me $1200. total and Volvo paid for the parts but the dealer gave me a loan XC90 for 3 weeks while they did the repair. In the end I was happy and I have just traded the XC90 for a XC60 Diesel which I love. Good Luck Leah
  • 72tiger72tiger Posts: 1
    Volvo has agreed to replace my 2004 XC90 T6 transmission at no cost, but the dealer is charging me $600 because he says it needs a new axle. There is nothing wrong with the current axle but I was told the replacment transmission is larger. Has anyone else had this issue? It makes little sense to me that I shoud have to pay.
  • I suggest you get a second opinion from another Volvo dealer or the car clubs do a check of cars, I think. I would also discuss this with Volvo who have agreed to replace the transmission. Our local Volvo dealer wouldnt agreed to do the replacement. Volvo H/O asked me to have the work done in Brisbane, 1hr drive away. Sounds like the local dealer is trying to recoup some extra value. Have never read any reports about the axle needing to be replaced.
    Good luck.
  • janmor2janmor2 Posts: 3
    Silverstone Volvo in Doncaster Australia are forcing me to pay $1000 upfront after fighting with me for over a month over the repair cost. So after getting the cost down to $1500, I have to pay 67% upfront before they will commence work. Why these dangerous vehicles were not recalled is beyond me. Why hasn't there been class action in Australia? All Volvo are trying to do is pretend there is no problem.
  • Agree Volvo is trying to make out its not an issue and just deal with each complaint one at a time.
    Make sure you get Volvo Head Office involved the local dealers dont wont the issue and cost so are very reluctant to give much away as they still need to pay for their staff to do the work.

    Volvo Australia is the one that should be hassled by everyone that has this problem not the local dealer.
    Unfortunately, class action lawsuits are not as easier as in the USA and it would cost huge amounts of $'s and time unless you contact an ambulance chaser lawyer, no cost no win, and then most of the win goes in legal fees. I certainly dont wont to take a law suit on for the next 5 years of my life.
  • janmor2janmor2 Posts: 3
    Silverstone Volvo may be bullying me into paying $1500 plus $200 for tow truck not to mention cost of hire car. Plus depreciation of resale value, also as I only drive 19,000 km per year effectively my replacement transmission
    is only guaranted for 1 year or 19,000Km in my case. Why should we be out of pocket one cent for mistakenly purchasing these defective T6 vehicles and thinking we were buying a safe car to transport our children. The dealer sold me the car so the onus is on him as consumer affairs advised me.
    Why are some dealers covering 100% of costs and providing loan vehicles to restore their reputation, yet others want to fight you all the way.
  • jimddijimddi Posts: 11
    Don't give in. Refuse to pay anything. Are you under 100,000 miles? If "yes" Volvo will pay for the replacement.
  • deedevadeedeva Posts: 4
    The new axle doesn't sound right. We did not need to have a new axle with our new transmission. They should pay 100% of all parts and service related to the new transmission. If what they are telling you is true, and it is larger, they need to pay for that too. You wouldn't need a new axle if the transmission wasn't faulty, right? Get another opinion at a different dealer if you can.
  • t17bonet17bone Posts: 1
    Do you have the contact information for the Volvo corporate rep you spoke with? Volvo is telling me that its going to be $6000 to replace my transmission.
  • Sorry I dont have the details as I had my transmission changed over 3 years ago. Try the customer service number 1800 786 586. I called them recently and they were helpful and they have all the volvo registration numbers and details on file. My XC90 only had 80,000 klms when it need the change which isnt much for this quality car.
    Just dont back down, threaten to get Dept of Fair Trading involved as well as the documented chat rooms that identify this as a problem world wide. They have also set a precedent by paying for paid for a number of transmissions already. So why pay for some and not others? They paid for my transmission and I paid for the service which was $1200.
    Give them heaps they need to accept responsibility for this know problem. We buy a volvo because its reliable, safe and a quality product how can they not accept this issue is a genuine fault.
    Good Luck.
  • Our tranmission finally failed at 79000 miles. We'd had a couple of incidents in the last year, but each were fixed quickly and we were sent on our way. I was actually somewhat relieved when the "Transmission Service Urgent" warning came on last Saturday (even though we were on the highway when it did. I knew we were driving a ticking timebomb and I wanted that new transmission!) We limped our car to the dealership and left it there over the weekend. When service opened on Monday we called to make sure our car was checked in. By mid-morning we received a callback. The service manager confirmed that the transmission was shot and he told us that he'd already submitted paperwork to Volvo Cars NA for payment. We were prepared to fight for free repairs and didn't even have to ask. Our car was fixed up with a new transmission and radiator, et al and we got it back two days later. I will feel more comfortable driving it, but we'll be looking to get something new in the next year or so. We are very happy with the treatment we got from our dealer (Bob Byers in Seattle), but are sad that we have to consider getting rid of this car that we thought we'd have for years to come.
  • I had my XC90 T6 transmission completely stop working without any warning lights etc... @ 125KKms. Luckily we were only going 40km and could pull over as we lost complete power of this car. Bought this lemon at 97,000KM for $28,000 and have only put on roughly 27,000KM. Volvo CANADA said they are pleased to inform me they will pay for a new (refurbished in reality) transmission and all parts but that I must pay the dealership for labour of $1,885 plus $260 for diognostic test plus my towing. I have not used this dealership for servicing because this car has not needed anything major until now (we rarely drive very far in it)and we had it serviced where the original owner(another Volvo dealership and have given them all service records as they asked for them...jump through another hoop) did but it is now too far away from where we live to tow it to. Volvo Canada said they only provide the parts and it is up to the indivdual dealerships to price the cost to you for labour. Since we have zero relationship with them the will not give us a break on the labour cost and we have to pay FULL retail price. Why should I pay a dime for this well known defective transmission. I'm surprised no one has been killed on a hwy given these things can lose all power at any time. I bought this car because of the safety factor for my I'm scared to drive it with the same tansmission put in again. Anyone from Canada get the labour paid from too? I think I've seen it posted a couple of times? The attitude I'm getting all around from VOLVO is disgraceful. They treat me like I'm under investgation and LUCKY to even have them do this for without a car for over a week until this is decided on as I can't fathom the idea of paying for the labour...just not good enough. Getting now where with either head office or the dealership...they just don't want to pay up. This should be a RECALL nationwide. Any advice! Stranded with kids in Vancouver!
  • wang4wang4 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    Hi every. I need some advice and help from your guies.

    I bought my 2004 T6 at 2009 with 128000km,and the vehicle are slipping recently(140000km).
    I send to volvo dealer(markham toronto) to do the inspetion and they asked me to upgrade software that cost me 270$ and acutually useless to repair the problem.

    I send my T6 to the dealer again 2 days later they upgrade the software and they check the problem again then told me the transmission has to be replaced.

    I contacted volvo canada and luckly to get the parts for free but I was told to pay for the labour. As I have no relarionshio with the dealer they estimated to charge me arround 3000$ to repair my T6 which means arround 20 hours labour cost(118$/h). Is that resonable to use 20hours to replase the trany and riadator etc.? ¡¡Is that resonable for volvo only provide parts for free and not cover the labour cost for the defectivve product?

    What shoud I do?
  • NO do not pay it! Call around to other dealerships. I had to tow my broken down car an hour away to Jim Pattison Volvo in Coquitlam but it was well worth it! The service manager was amazing and wanted my business unlike Don Docsteader which is only a 10 min drive away from where I live. They were rude and condecending (it was like walking onto the set of "Mad Men" in that dealership...they are stuck in the 1950's and the service is horrible) and they wanted to overcharge me for the work $1,885 plus taxes and charged me $260 diagnostic which Coquitlam would have done for FREE. Volvo Coquitlam charged $1,500 including taxes and the work is about 12.5 hours no where near 20. Call around and tell them Vovlo Canada is aware of this fauilty transmission and will pay for the parts but you are looking for a good rate for the labour. The radiator and all tubes etc, all need changing too. If anyone out there lives in BC deal with Jim Pattison Volvo Coquitlam if you can they were very helpful, service orientated, wanted the business didn't act like they were doing me a favor but treated me with repect and best of all didn't try to RIP ME OFF like Don Docsteader!!! Goog luck and post us what your outcome was!
  • I had changed the cv axle last week and found the plug at the end broke allowing trans fluid into the axle. The car started slipping in gear, and generally acting up. I called the local dealer and asked for the service manager, then asked if he was aware of the t6 transmission problems, and he said he has repaired many. I then advised him mine was now doing it also and he asked me to bring it in to look at it, and call volvo. I took it in yesterday, and recieved a call today that it would be covered 100% It seems to me Volvo is making this right. The car has 73k miles.
  • Hello, I have an 2004 XC90 T6....and guess what.....this morning, at 103k miles, the Transmission Service Urgent message appeared. Up until this morning, the car had been driving fine. But today I noticed that "drive" didn't seem to engage right away, and then within minutes of that sensation, the message appeared. I came home, jumped online to google the problem and found you guys. Thank you!!

    I'll read through as many of these posts as I can, but want to ask any of you -- would anyone be willing to reply to my message, offering the major pointers about getting this repaired. I'm most curious as to where Volvo NA stands on this issue right now, what I should expect from my dealer in getting it repaired, costs involved (if any?) and anything else you can recommend.

    I'm the sole driver of this car, and I've always been easy on it. I've been religious about service and any repairs. The XC90 has been a great car for our family, although it's had its share of repairs, so I'm bummed to think maybe it won't last as long as all the other previous Volvo's we've had.

    And final question -- should I consider trying to sell it?

    Thanks so much for any wisdom and guidance you can offer!
  • You need to call Volvo usa service and ask for Betty--you need let her know that you cannot afford this type of repair. A class action is in place as we speak. Do not let them off the hook--they know they have a hugh problem with this tranny. Good luck!!!! They are covering 100%n of cars at 100k or less. Please be direct and firm--you might just get a better result than most of us. This new unwritten rule came into play about 4-6 months ago.
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