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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • I might be in your number soon, as I have been looking at buying a 2004 Volvo XC90 T6 recently. Currently, I am waiting to hear back from the dealership who supposedly changed the transmission - I want a part number to see if it is the redesign or the rebuilt .. uh .. piece of garbage.

    But .. and the point of my post .. I also had a 2001 Toyota RAV. It's transmission died extremely unexpectedly about 2 1/2 years ago and I spent a small fortune trying to get it fixed and finally ended up trading it in when it became a zero sum situation. But today in the mail .. a gift!! I notice of class action against Toyota!!

    It just goes to show if we make enough noise .. these car companies will have to pay. Good luck all .. and wish me luck. I really want this XC90 and if it has the new transmission - as opposed to rebuilt - I think I will go for it.
  • :lemon: They are all rebuilds with new parts. They basically use the shell of the old GM because it fits the car and then add in the new tran. parts. They said they have figured out the faulty parts and have upgraded it all? Who knows because I've heard of several cases where they have 2-4 transmissions put into the same car! I want to see a class action suit against Volvo Canada for the labour I had to pay and everyone else here in the States you get 100% covered if under 100K miles which mine was around 70Kmiles. I just got mine back and it runs like an old tank or school bus...does not feel like a new tran should!!! Still revs weird from 0-60KM and makes a humming noise like the air conditioning is on. This car is a LEMON and is going to be very hard to SELL but I do not feel safe driving it! Which is why I bought it in the 1st place!!! :sick:
  • I am looking at buying a 2006 xc90, is this year also plagued by this dying tranny issue? Its a V8 if that makes any difference. How would I determine if the tranny has already been replaced?
  • It is years 2003-2005 and the T6 engines models so I think the V8 2006 is a different tranny. Do your research on it.l
  • Hi,

    I had the transmission replaced to my 2003 XC90 at 95,000 miles. I took the car to be looked at at Smythe Volvo in Summit, New Jersey. They said a new transmission would cost $5K. My friend told me to look online because there were many other people who owned a XC90 Volvo with the same problem. I am quite sure Smythe Volvo knew about this and said nothing to me. I asked what can I do and they said they could give me $1k for my car. I contacted Volvo headquarters and they put in a new engine at their cost. Here we two years later and I decided maybe I'll trade in the car. I went to Smythe Volvo in Summit, New Jersey. I was informed after they evaluated my car that it needed a new transmission. I was offered $1,000 for the car. I am currently trying to contact Volvo and see how they can help me. I had two Volvo's prior to purchasing the XC90. I never had any problems any than the usual maintenance. With the XC90 the constant clunking, knocking and grinding coming from the car doesn't end. I have to replace the tires on the car on a yearly basis and I don't drive the car hard. I hope there is still time to join the class action against volvo.
  • Hey Wavytop, have you had any luck yet? The same thing happened to my 05 cx90 this morning. It only has 47,000 miles and I could barely get it out of the driveway today. Took it to my local Volvo mechanic and they checked the computer and serviced the tranny, but no luck. He said the next step is replacement.

    The mechanic looked into transmissions in stock, and Volvo said they only had 3 in stock. A sign that these are flying off the shelves.

    Let me know if you've gotten anywhere with this. Good luck!
  • Here's the update on my '04 XC90 T6 Transmission issue:

    YES, it has been fully repaired/replaced -- and at absolutely no charge to me. I'm very pleased.

    I took it in to Bob Byers' Ravenna Volvo/Seattle, the dealer I originally purchased the car from. They were very nice about it, said they'd run a complimentary diagnostic on it and phone me with the results. They phoned later the same day, said the diagnostic info was being sent on to Volvo NA, where it would be analyzed. A day or so later I heard back again from the dealer, and they told me that indeed the transmission needed to be replaced -- and there would be absolutely NO CHARGE to me for parts OR labor. They completely took care of it. Byers even offered a free loaner car while the repairs were being made.

    The invoice notes read, "The factory warranty on this/these component(s) has expired. Assistance has been provided as a one-time goodwill gesture by Volvo Cars of North America/Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo in the interest of customer satisfaction and owner loyalty."

    I want to reiterate how graciously the dealer handled this. I think it also helps if the car owner behaves in a reasonable manner when bringing the car in for service.

    This is our family's 4th Volvo, and I grew up driving Volvos as a kid, so I'm glad to have this car back. I hope it continues to run well for a long, long time.
  • Mine was also fully covered by volvo. While it was there, they did about $400 worth of repairs/maintenance. We picked it up around 1pm today, drove it about 30miles then parked it. Around 7:30 I left the house to pick something up, and on the way home it started slipping again. I coasted the final block to my house, unable to get it into the garage it sits in the driveway with a large puddle of trans fluid under it.
  • Could you please let me know what happened with you, will appreciate any comment from people in Canada. I had the same problem exactly at 135000k
    Volvo Oakville in Canada priced me 8500. And they said thatnthey have no support or responsibility. Can any one in Canada advise please.

  • See my reply on Message #787.
    Unfortunately I'm not in Canada, so I don't know what the story is there.
    Best of luck to you.
  • You have to contact "Volvo Canada" and state your case...if your car is a 2003-2005 XC90 (the T6 engine is the problem..too powerful for that CRAP GM trannie they put in...they are all ticking time bombs!!!!) with the transmission gone Volvo Canada will pay for the parts worth $5500 and you pay the labour (in US they cover both parts & labour) You need to be prepared and call them 1st thing on Monday am (they are cloesd w/e) Then will document your case and then take it to the executive team. You should phone around your area to all the Volvo dealers tell them your problem with this FAULTY transimisson because they all know about it and ask what they can do for you in regards to a break in the labour cost. I paid $1500 labour tax included and had it towed from a dealership 5 min from my house to another dealership 1 hour away because I could not stand their attitude at Don Docksteader, Vancouver...luckly I have BCAA gold and it didn't cost me anything. Good luck and let me know what happens!
  • Hello all,

    I'm very new to this but wanted to ask some advice. I bought my preowned 2005 xc90 (at 44,000miles) from a volvo dealership in boston in 2009. They assured me that everything had been checked and serviced in the car when I bought it. I've had it serviced there for the past two years. Today I had gone on a road trip when at 63,000 my transmission urgent service light came on and the car was not able to accelerate anymore. I had it towed 3hrs back to boston at a charge of $400.

    A non-volvo mechanic had a quick look at the transmission fluid and said it was black and looked like it had never been changed. The oil light as well as the low battery light came on after it was towed (this concerns me as the oil was changed at the dealership yesterday). How often should the transmission fluid be changed? And should the service department have informed me of when it should have happened over the last 2 years I've been having it serviced there?

    I'm calling the dealership on monday to find out more about this issue, my warranty, etc. I've seen that volvo has been paying for some new transmissions under 100,000miles, and am hoping that that will be the case as I don't have an extra few thousand dollars lying around. Is there any particular way all of you who have dealt with this issue have handled/spoke to the dealership in order to evoke that response? I really don't want to be taken advantage of, so any advice is welcome.

    Thank you!
  • It is NOT just a simple transmission fluid change...your transmission will need replacing and YES if you live in the US Volvo North America picks up the tab on this because it should really be a nationwide recall on these faulty and defective trannie's. You should get it to a Volvo dealership and get a FREE diagnostic on the car (call them and explain that you are WELL informed about this nationwide problem with this particular model and year). It is not safe to drive if you lost acceleration and the light came on then it is definately the transmission failing. You will then have to call Volvo north America fter the dealership had confirmed the transmaission is shot and they will start a case for you. Do not take any partial payment deals etc...state the facts that others in the US get it covered 100%. The dealership also should be helpful in all this if not find another. Good is such a hassle and this XC90 has very much depreciated because of this in value. Let us know your results!
  • It seems to be alright now, but i am scared to drive it now. Time to get a hybrid highlander.
  • It's in for it's diagnostics test as we speak. I will keep you all updated with how it goes. Thanks again!
  • bmbibberbmbibber Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I just bought a certified pre-owned 2004 XC90 and within a month of owning it, the transmission went while I was driving down a major highway at night. Luckily, I didn't get into an accident (almost though). After further research, I found out Volvo had replaced the transmission at 50,000 miles with a rebuilt one while it was still under the certified pre-owned warranty. So this is now transmission # 3.

    I've contacted Volvo NA several times and I've just been told that since I'm at 101K and that I'm a new Volvo owner that they have no responsibility to replace the transmission a 2nd time and that I do not qualify for a good faith/loyalty assistance because I've only owned this car for a couple of months. Is Volvo not concerned with building loyalty? It doesn't matter to them that my family has owned Volvo's for over thirty years or that as all of you have said, the transmission in this car is faulty. They seem to think that because I bought a used car I'm not a customer that might go and buy a new car from them directly. At least that is what I'm assuming. While I could buy a brand new Volvo if I wanted to, I'm not very inclined to at the moment though.

    I've been told that the regional manager has final say in the matter and he will not talk to customers and isn't to be swayed, even by the sweet Betty that another owner talked with.

    I'm not really sure where to go from here. While I'm tempted to park it on the side of my house and instead drive my trusty 1995 Jeep Cherokee with 250+k miles, I'm hoping someone has a better suggestion then parking it or paying for a new transmission every 50k. In my opinion, a good car gets 300k before being laid to rest and I'm not willing to fork over $48,000 or so over the next few years.
  • eldagseldags Posts: 6
    Just keep an eye on the class action law suit. My situation is I bought mine brand new, under my company name, religiously get it serviced by Volvo under my own name and then after less than 100,000 mi bought it for personal use and then the transmission problem. Despite explaining to them that I'm the same person who really owns the SUV(first and second purchase) they still don't want to listen and denied my claim. The regional manager doesn't even want to talk to me. I had mine repaired by an independent Volvo repair shop and they gave me 2 years warranty, for $5900, $300 cheaper than the Volvo dealer. Going with a Volvo dealer (which was the place I had my car always serviced) to get it fixed to me is adding insult to injury. The warranty is the same, two years, anyway.
  • sara36sara36 Posts: 1
    Hello all;
    I have the same problem as everybody else has with their transmission. My car is a 2005 XC90 T6. The transmisson is slipping very badly even at only 65,000 miles. It will require major repairs.

    What is the good advice for the needed repairs as the car has been recently been imported from the US to Vancouver, CANADA. Will Volvo Canada paid for any of the repair bill?

    Thanks for any advice that will be useful for me to deal with this problem.

    Sara F
  • Hi,
    About 8 months ago I had the light on my warning window come on and read "service transmission required" then the volvo acted like it didn't want to pull. I turned the car off and restarted it ant it drove fine, although the light was still on. I contacted volvo of america, did some research and found out that if i took it my volvo dealer where they can check it out take a picture of the warning light and do some other required things that volvo of america would pay for a new transmission. My volvo xc90 is out of warranty but volvo of america still paid for it because there is something wrong with the size of it and it cant fully function for the car. So, in the end I got a new bigger transmission, new radiator, new hoses and lines.
    I hope this helps you. But you can get a new transmission without having to pay $9000.00 for it.
  • whosurpopiwhosurpopi Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    To recap, three weeks ago, my trans went and volvo gave me a free one. three days after getting it back, the trans cooler line popped off, and leaked fluid all over my driveway. Got it back again, and now there is a clunking noise, and cv joint grease all over the wheel well. I found a rip in the upper cv boot. (cv axle was replaced 4 weeks ago). The car is also very loud now compared to before the trans replace. It sounds the same at idle, but when giving it gas, its much louder now. The car goes back to volvo on wed to fix the boot.
  • They gave me a brand new c70 as a loner. Love it.
  • Hello my name is cecilia and I have placed a report on Rip- Off Report regarding the problems I have with my Volvo xc90 and my transmission. I would appreciate if you would read my statement on this problem I have with my transmission. This is the site... merica-i-76718.htm. I feel like if more people report these problems that volvo will have to respond
  • sorry to read what happened to you. I bought a new 2004 XC 50,000+ miles I was on my THIRD transmission (and I drive in the city---not off roading). Yes, the transmissions on the early XC 90's were absolute turkeys. I wanted to keep my XC 90 much longer than I did---but I knew the transmission problem would happen again so I was forced to sell it. I lost money selling it as the transmission problem was a well documented problem I soon discovered---I was FAR from alone. Unfortunately, based on statistics---you're probably going to keep having to put in new transmissions if you keep that car. And I was lucky as I had bought the extended warranty for $3000 which covered my perennial problems on that car---although the scumbags (sorry---I wish I could be nice!) at Volvo of Santa Monica have not properly reimbursed my pro rated amount due me on my warranty as I finally gave up on my car and turned it in with my warrant still in effect---I knew it would happen again as the transmission was already starting to make noises again. Good luck. It was a beautiful car----if only the transmissions had worked..... (note: I bought an XC 60---but not from Santa Monica Volvo) and it's a great car---).
  • ...after we had replaced a solenoid at 88k. I am so upset. My Volvo guru has it and said that it'll be 3k to fix- with a 12k 12 month warranty!!!! Worst part is that we tried to trade it in two days beforehand and they would only give us 6k. Bought the car for 30k four years ago so upside down as values tanked. If I pay this, it will bring the GRAND total of repairs in the last 4 months to...ready....$8000. Should have known when I bought it from a Honda dealership- at 45k miles and a lease return...any other brand would have been a certified pre-owned- I would almost bet the farm that the previous lessee had a tranny failure. Even Volvo doesn't want their crap. Don't know if I should just park it and buy a new car (back to Honda/Acura I go) and pay double payments for a year and a half or fix it and wonder what the thousand bucks I spend on it next month will go to. More of a vent than anything but so upset, so NOT Volvo For Life.
  • If you have a Volvo XC 90 and it's from one of the years with bad transmissions----just dump it. As I wrote in this forum, I was on my third transmission in approximately 55,000 miles and I only drive normal highways. I loved the look of that Volvo but---and planned to keep it for a long time----but couldn't risk a fourth and five transmission failure which I was sure would happen.
  • I need some advice. I have a 2004 XC90 T6 AWD with approximately 65,000 miles on it. I have been told by the service manager of my local Volvo dealer that Volvo would likely replace my transmission if it failed. I guess it's not guaranteed. Due to the uncertainty, I have thought about selling or trading it in. I like my SUV; however, I want to be prudent about it. Also, are the newer XC90 or xc60s more reliable than my model year? Thanks for your advice.
  • As I pointed out on my 2004 XC 90, I was on my THIRD transmission buy 55,000 miles----.

    If the dealer is going to fix it at their cost---that's great----maybe Volvo is taking responsibility for selling a model with a faulty transmission that CAN'T be rectified as it was not designed properly, so they just keep putting new transmissions in.

    I had planned to keep my XC90 for a lot more years than I did but sold it ONLY because the transmission was going to be a permanent problem----(three by 55,000 miles---come on!).

    I have an XC60 now and it's a dream---but as for your XC 90---sell it before you need a new transmission. Unfortunately the resale has already taken a hit.

    Good luck.
  • I own a 2006 2.5T xc90 with 70,000 miles, and it has been a great car. The 2.5T and all other volvo 5 cylinder engines have a great reputation for reliability and longevity. But 2006 was the last year for the 2.5T in the xc90. Most of the bugs were 'worked-out' on the xc90 by 2006. The v8 and 3.2 engines have turned out to be good engines--with good transmissions. The earliest v8's in 2005 had some counterbalance shaft bearing failures--problem solved in later models-- and the early 3.2 engines in 2007 had some oil seal problems--also solved in later years. The 2012 xc90 only has the 3.2 engine available, and if I were in the market for a new car, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

    Love my xc90.
  • Hello there. I desperately need some advise. I own a 2005 Volvo XC90 purchased in 2009 in NJ. It wasn't bought from a Volvo dealership so I don't know if I am covered in anything. As many of you there, my transmission gave out at 86,000 miles and tech at Volvo Dealership insisted that I need a new transmission which will cost about $7000. I didn't know that this type of car between year 2003 to 2005 had such a big problem with transmission till I almost went on a head on collision and did some internet researching when I got home. My problem now is getting the money to get it fix. I surely can't afford to spend $7000. I am single mother with a child to support.

    I have read several post that Volvo will cover the cost if the car is under 100,000 miles with regular maintenance service. Does anyone there with the same car, year and model with the same issue as mine and had it resolve without paying a dime? I would greatly appreciate it if you can respond to my inquiry and tell me how you went about resolving it with Volvo USA. Thank You
  • I just bought a 2006 2.5t xc90 with 70,000 and am in love! Paid only $17k from a mazda dealership and had it inspected by a volvo dealership before I bought it. Volvo dealership said the 2.5t is bulletproof if you keep up with the maintenance.
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