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Honda CR-V Power Door Locks



  • So far, I have replaced 3, all but the front passenger door. The service tech at Honda was aware of the issue, however, Honda, does not recognize the issue as a defective design, or defective actuator unit. So I guess we get to replace on our own at about $250 per unit...
  • It looks like this thread is still active so maybe I can get some feedback. My drivers door lock has been difficult to open with key since i bought it used about 1.5 yrs ago. I'd have to lock unlock it few times cause it would unlock but then lock again when key returned to up. Plus when it did unlock it felt like it was forced. The drivers lock also locked / unlocked all doors and the drivers door had to be locked with key when exiting vehicle (i was told this was normal).

    The other day I went to exit vehicle and inside handle wouldn't open door tried locking / unlocking with inside switch they all went up and down but handle still not working. Now i have to put win down and reach outside to open door. A friend who's locksmith came and checked it out found all looked fine so he said i needed to get a new door latch. He said it wasn't the electronic part that did the auto lock of all doors cause they all still lock with the inside switch.

    After reading this thread I am wondering. Does anyone know if this problem is due to actuator or do I need to replace the latch part? Problem is so far i've only found 1 latch part and it is for right front door!
  • I have a Honda CR-V 2008 and had the same problem. This seem to be a recurring issue. I think it is time that the manufactures need to look into this matter before we Honda patrons end up getting hurt.
  • etochetoch Posts: 1
    I have a Honda CR-V 2007 and have the same problem.
    My rear door behind the driver would unlock itself automatically.
    I was able to get it to lock manually after 5 or six tries (by manually holding the door in the lock position).
    I brought my car in to my local mechanic. He diagnosed the issue as requiring an actuator change and ordered the part for me. He "lubed" up the actuator and it's now working. Since the actuator is electronic, the order can't be cancelled therefore I'm scheduled to replace the actuator tomorrow...
    My suggestion is to try to lube the actuator and all your electronic wires and electronic parts by getting rustproofing.
  • Same exact issue here - I have a 2007 Honda CR-V and my rear/passenger door unlocks itself automatically. For a while I was able to get it to lock manually, by holding the door in the lock position, but no longer. Now every time I go under 9 miles/hour, my car thinks the doors are not locked, and automatically re-locks the 3 working doors, as well.

    Honda is denying this is a factory defect, but with all these comments, it obviously is. My car has 39,000 mile on it - no way there is extensive wear and tear on the locks.
  • curtb1curtb1 Posts: 1
    Same problem here: I own a 2007 Honda CRV, three months ago I had one of my door locks (rear Passenger door) fixed. As soon as I walked out of the dealership literally that day the rear driver’s door lock started going out. Now my front passenger door lock is going out. That makes three door locks I have to fix a $250.00 a pop. This is ridiculous; I do not know anyone who has ever had this type of problem with their door locks. This poses a safety and security issue. I guess Honda will just wait until something bad happens and then it will take a class action lawsuit to get them to admit they have a defective door locks. In the mean time I am out $750.00 Thanks a lot Honda
  • I have a 2000 Honda CRV and when I lock the doors with the remote or the lever inside the car all the locks go crazy. They continuously to lock and unlock themselves. It drives me crazy and I am afraid it will kill my battery when I lock the doors and leave the car. If anyone knows a way to fix it please help.
  • I had a 2006 CRV. The door locks locked automatically when I hit about 10 mph. Don't have to "set" them.
  • I have a 2007 CRV. The stupid left side rear door lock kept unlocking when I was driving and all the locks would lock and unlock repeatedly! I found that by jamming a piece of cardboard under the lock, it holds it tightly and it stopped doing that and I can lock the doors with the remote control key fob and it turns on the security system as well. What a piece of work this thing is turning out to be. And the heat doesn't work suddenly either. I thought Honda was one of the best cars and that is why I purchased it. The tires wore out at 25,000 miles! And it never has gotten the 29/30 mpg that it claimed I was supposed to get on the highway either!

  • I have had this car for 6 years, when you use the key fob button to unlock all the doors you have 30 seconds to open a door or the doors automatically re-lock. It has always been any door opening that cancels the auto re lock, but now it seems to not register if I only open the rear door (not the hatch). As I have done for the past 4 years, I open the back door, toss my purse with keys onto the front seat and buckle my daughter into her carseat on the rear passenger side, close the door and walk around to the driver side. A few days ago, I noticed that while I was buckling her in with the door still open, all the doors locked. Well yesterday I did my regular routine when leaving a store and as I walked around to the driver side I heard the click of all the doors locking. MY 4 YEAR OLD WAS LOCKED INSIDE!!! As was my phone. She was already strapped into her 5 point harness that she can't undo herself.I had to leave her and run into the store for them to call AAA for me. This seems like a major malfunction to me.
  • Yah, well keep your keys and hit the remote again to open the front door! Or leave it partially open before you use the back seat.
  • I have a 2008 CRV and had the same problem, called Honda and there is no recall. I spoke with Honda to see how they do recalls and she said if there is a trend on that is where it all begins - so hopefully everyone having this issue will go there to put their complaint. I purchased my car for safety and to have the door unlock - not safe at all. Honda parts in my local area said they have them in stock so it happens all of the time. SAFECAR.GOV - hope everyone visits there. My car is at the dealership at this moment for this issue. I will start my process once I get my car back. Purchasing the part and putting it in ourselves.
  • I think we should all file a class action suit against Honda for not divulging these problems to the public. They gladly took my money - I did research BEFORE I bought the car and none of these issues were ever mentioned, i.e., heater going out, tires wearing out at 20,000 miles, door locks popping open and setting off a chain reaction of locks clicking on and off as I'm driving! Then I could not lock the car or set the security system because the lock would not lock! So I stuck a thin piece of cardboard under the lock to keep it from popping open. So it works now but what a pain in the b... this all is. I chose Honda because it is supposed to be one of the best cars according to Consumer Reports.
  • I too have the same problem with the power door locks locking and unlocking all the time. My car is a 2008 CR-V, two-wheel drive without all the bells and whistles, but the door lock mechanism seems to be the same year after year and across the various models. And now the locks are making the loudest horrendous grinding noise as they lock or unlock. I can't get it to stop, and following the manual's suggestions to reset them doesn't seem to work. My passenger side door won't lock at all. Are there any electronics whizzes that might know how to fix this if Honda won't even recognize the problem?
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I have a 2007(same model). I noticed that my settings for the auto lock system had changed a couple of times for no reason. Soon after that I noticed the battery of the car seem less enthusiastic about starting. It failed online day. I changed the battery and I haven't noticed any problems . Other than a power steering pump(75000 ) that I just purchased online, I haven't had any problems at all. :)
  • Same problem here on rear passenger door. I unlock all the doors and that particular door then re-locks itself.
  • Have the same problem on my 2008 Honda CRV LX. Japan vin. Front Right door locks itself. I am thinking bad actuator. Online price for part 72110SWA-D01 for you DIY people. Or else got a quote from dealer $210 installed in about 1.5 hours.

    Have factory/dealer alarm that keeps going off now every time the door is opened. Key fob does not want to turn off alarm. part is on order...needs to get here soon.
  • I just filed a complaint on - hopefully others will also put a complaint in - more complaints, the more close we get to recall. My passenger side is now doing the same - we fixed our driver side - we fixed both doors, now the back passenger side is starting up.
  • I have a 2008 Honda CR-V and have had power door locking problems.
    Symptoms were-car locking but not unlocking either with remote or key.
    Took to the dealership in late 2009. Some wiring was replaced, did not solve problem. Took back to the dealership a couple weeks later and entire actuator was replaced. Solved problem forward to Feb. 2013. The second actuator has failed, and car locks once again do not open when locked with either remote or key. I took to Honda dealership today, and they said that there is a new and improved "Manufacturer fixed" actuator. This is apparently new within the last 6 months or so. So, wanted to mention, if you purchase an actuator make sure you are getting the "Fixed/Updated" version. I guess I am fortunate because the replacements thus far are still covered under an extended warranty. However, for those who are getting stuck with these costs, I also noticed that there is a law firm in Pennsylvania that just filed a proposed class action law suit on this issue against Honda in Jan. 2013. Good Luck!
  • medriggsmedriggs Posts: 1
    Having same problem. I can only unlock using the key fob or lock switch. I cannot manually unlock any doors. When unlock I have five seconds to open any door. I removed the fuse for the power locks to remove any power, thinking it may be a short. Removing the fuse did nothing as the locks will still automatically lock themselves. I'm worried I will eventually be locked in my car or drop my keys as I am getting out thus getting locked out. I tried to reprogram the automatic lock feature that comes on when you go a certain mph...didn't work because of this problem. I will check on the actuator! Thanks for the help! I hope a new actuator works. I just hate taking a car to the shop and spending money with nothing being fixed.
  • tappermomtappermom Posts: 1
    I have the 2008 CR-V top of the line with leather and nav. system. And my car is in pristine condition. About 3 months ago, all my door locks started automatically locking and unlocking themselves at around 9 or 10 miles per hour. Since I spend hours each week in Los Angeles stop and go traffic, it's super annoying. Took it to the independent shop I've been going to for years, and they couldn't find anything wrong. After reading all these posts, I'll tell them to check the actuators, and I'm going to try having them lubed up like one guy suggested, before I replace things. But I'm going to go to and file a complaint there too. I'm afraid to let my grandkids ride in the back seat now. What if one of them decided to hang on to the door handle and it opened accidently while we were moving? This is my third Honda, and I've never had any problems outside of routine maintenance.
  • sdmacksdmack Posts: 1
    Same car, sam door, same problem - exactly! The door would gradually unlock after locking. I had to place a mechanical clamp around the remote cable to keep it from unlocking. This has to be a safety hazard since it becomes unlocked while in transit, not to mention, no way to secure the vehicle while it is in a parking lot.
  • robinj823robinj823 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 that is doing the same thing. It just started a couple of days ago. Have you been able to find anything out? I found this on
  • kez7kez7 Posts: 2
    I called Honda, gave them my Vin# and filed a complaint about this... PLEASE EVERYONE call them and issue a complaint! 1-800-999-1009 Honda Motors
  • kez7kez7 Posts: 2
    ALSO call dept of trans safety hotline 1-888-327-4236 and file a complaint... squeaky wheel gets the oil!
  • I called Honda Motors today to register a complaint about the door lock situation. Probably won't get anywhere, but if enough of us register a complaint, maybe something will be done...before I have to replace the actuator on the other three doors. GRRRRRRRRR!
  • kgc6kgc6 Posts: 1
    Similar problem as you, except in my Honda CR-V 2007, it's the driver's door that lock's itself, a second or two after unlocking the door with my remote. I have to keep "unlocking" until I can get the door open -sometimes it locks while I'm in the process of opening the door and the door locks just partially open. Have to hit the remote button again until it let's the door go.

    Found the Law Firm someone mentioned in an earlier part of the forum that filed a class action lawsuit against Honda over this very issue: (Honda CR-V's 2007-2011 actuators malfunction)

    Honda CRV – Door Lock Actuator Failure – Class Action Lawsuit, filed on 18 JAN 2013
    Chimicles & Tikellis Law Firm

    I suggest those having similar problems read up and let them know the problems they are having.

    Also, found an article on a local Providence, Rhode Island tv/news station reporting on the issue: 15 MAY 2013

    Honda CR-V door locks pose danger

    Finally, as others suggested...
    We should all call Honda and let them know about the problems you are having.
    If you think you must, file a complaint at:

    Hope Honda comes through or the Class Action comes thru on this matter PRONTO!!!

    I have owned a Honda - and absolutely loved and trusted them - since about 1988. But, quality control had apparently slipped badly- apparently, since the middle of the decade it seems. My 1998 Honda CR-V was a dream! It ran for close to a decade quite well till I sold it at 215, 000 miles - with very little done to it except the required maintenance. But on this 2007 CR-V alone I've already dealt with the Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems at about the same time last year. Thankfully a class action lawsuit was won over the issue and Honda came through well and I got most of my money back. But now this! The problems I've had with this Honda are really starting to make me think about switching "makes", to my regret!

    Hope the problem get's resolved to everyone's satisfaction!
  • 5mcare5mcare Posts: 1
    My 2008 Honda CRV (that I just paid off) is at the dealer right now. The passenger door won't lock and the back hatch won't open. They are saying if they fix the door it will fix the back hatch. I've been trying to find a site that will show me how to replace the actuator. Any suggestions?
  • gzp2013gzp2013 Posts: 1
    I had a similar experience with my 2003 CR-V. 4 lock actuators have been replaced! I believe that this problem is wide spread across years for this model and that Honda is well aware of it. By the way the local dealer (HERB Chambers Honda, Boston) stated to me that they are totally unaware of such as issue...Good luck.
  • joe161joe161 Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem as described. In looking at the actuator I see a rod with an adjustment slot. Can an adjustment be made to solve the problem or is the problem a weakened electrical circuit?


    Joe Dill
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