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try to buy QRC contact cleaner to fix my power window problem

jliu6302jliu6302 Posts: 7
edited April 2014 in Chrysler
Hi, My friends,

I read the posted message. Sometimes, the stopped working power windows problem is caused by the dirty in window motor. Do you know where can I buy QRC contact cleaner? I tried Pepeboy but they do not have it. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.




  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Do yourself a BIG favor and buy a new window regulator (the motor and lift mechanism), they can be had from any number of locations for under $100. Messing around with a contact cleaner might could well buy you a month or two of extra service, however, it simply ain't worth it, your factory regulator WILL fail, and most likely sooner or later (if it hasn't failed already).

    Trust me, getting inside the door and messing with the regulator is a job you don't want to have to do twice.

    Best Regards,
  • vanman98vanman98 Posts: 1
    None of my power windows work in 1998 Dodge caravan,is there a fuse or relay or a way to reset them?
  • Shipo ,,,,, is there any place on the net that I can find to replace and or do a aiglinement on the drivers side of my 98 ply voyager???? I have search over and over to find nothing really thx fred
  • I have a 98 ply voyager, I left the lights on and found a dead battery when I went to work the next morn. Ok no problem, got the charger out and used it on start engine selection. It was going in 5 mins and everything was fine. Except now the little lights on the dash, the recirculate aor rear wiper rear wiper wash, there are 6 but 4 NOW flash on and off for about 15 mins and then stop, no biggy but wonder what if anything i can do to fix it. thx Fred
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    ... recalibrate the AC system. Please do a search for flashing dash lights here on Edmund's . There is a sequence of buttons to press that'll fix this.

    Edit: Results from search follow:

    You need to reset the console:

    Start the car.
    Turn blowers on FULL, and open all A/C ports (Rear, front...). If you can tell, it is better to have the A/C compressor off. (Often you can't tell, or you wouldn't be concerned with the flashing lights, right?) Turn front air to PANEL.

    Press simultaneously the Rear Wiper (not the intermittent) button and the wash button. Hold for 5 seconds until all lights are constant. Release buttons and allow the tests to run (two minutes or so.)

    When the Rear Wiper and the Intermittent Rear Wiper indicators are flashing alternately, it is going through the Calibration Test. When the A/C (snowflake) and the Recirculation indicators are flashing alternately, it is going through the Cool Down Test. (In my case, both sets flashed alternately during the entire test.)

    Tests are successful when only the Rear Wiper indicator is flashing slowly. Push it to exit the program, and you're done.

    Often, after doing these tests for the first time, the Cool Down Test fails, and the A/C and the Recirculation indicators flash simultaneously (though, just these two instead of the four.) Simply run the Cool Down Test independently by pressing simultaneously the A/C and the Wash Buttons. Hold for 5 seconds, and allow the test to run.
    This may take more than a few runs to finally set. Mine worked when I ran the test as soon as I started the car the next time (after the car had cooled off completely overnight). When all lights go out except for the Rear Wiper, push the Rear Wiper to exit. Success!

    Some have suggested turning the compessor off and running the car for 15 minutes previous to the Cool Down Test. This did not work for me. But it is true that if the compressor is cold (with condensation), the Cool down test will usually fail. Try, try again. If your A/C compressor is in good condition, it will eventually set. If nothing seems to work, your A/C might be have a problem.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Shipo ,,,,, is there any place on the net that I can find to replace and or do a aiglinement on the drivers side of my 98 ply voyager???? I have search over and over to find nothing really thx fred

    I assume you're referring to the left side power window. Yes, no?

    If yes, then you probably need to buy a Window Regulator. I've seen prices for these units range from $80 to $120 and I've heard that the quality of the units pretty much varies with the price. I bought a unit from Napa for my van and was able to put in in on a cold day last winter in under two hours (I'm sure it would have been quicker on a hot summer day). Once installed, the window worked perfectly for the next ~20,000 miles, right up to the point where I finally retired the old girl with ~170,000 miles on the clock. ;)

    Best regards,
  • Shipo,,,,, Yes it is the left side and I had bought a new regulator and had a machanic put it in the window went down but not up and while the thing was plugged in the motor got hot, well i took it back and got a new one, I am waiting on the guy to call to get the van , but i kinda think it is a aglinment thing, but I am not sure, If this fails I am not going to make the guy work and work on it I will wait till spring and look at it myself. But I need help with a book or the sorts on the aglinment of the screws. Any ideas????? thx a bunch fred
  • Hey shipo I just heard from the machanic and he says it is all set to go. But thats what i heard the first time. LOL will not hold my breath , anyhow I want to thank you for helping but still would like the instructions for the aglinment proceedures of the window just in case, BUT I REALLY DO THANK YOU, Fred
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Regarding the alignment process, I do not recall exactly how I did it, however, if I remember correctly, I did it kind of by feel by adjusting the angle of the tracks inside the door by loosening the set-screws and doing kind of a trial and error thing.

    Let me know how it goes. ;)

    Best regards,
  • :) HEY Shipo, The window goes down (only went about 4 inches as it is winter in erie an only 23 degrees LOL and kinda affraid to try farther, lol it will need to wait till spring and try it, it is a little outa wack cuz i can hear the wind whistling LOL, And i will monkey with the fine adjustments then,BUT I DO WANT TO THANK YOU ON THE LIGHTS ON THE DASH FLASH ISSUE, IT WORKED GREAT, WISH I KNEW YOU SO I COULD SHAKE YOUR HAND YOUR A BIG HELP. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Fred
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