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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Volkswagon's won at least 5 of the car segment. Since I'm not a huge VW fan, I gotta wonder about these selections!!

    We VW owners love our cars because of the driving dyanmics, dash stroker interiors, ergonomics and Euro panache.

    We VW owners don't always like our cars because of the random CEL's, bad coil packs, sludging turbo engines and various electrical gremlins.

    But they have soul!! :)
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I was hoping someone could clarify something for me; do the 09 max's steering wheel controls illuminate at night? because I asked the salesman when I went for a test drive last week and he said they didn't yet in the brochure it says steering wheel illuminated gauges? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • strehlowstrehlow Posts: 15
    HI smarty!
    I have a 09 Max SV with the Premium and tech package and my controls are illuminated in the red light like it is on the dashboard. I assume that all models are the same. It is hard to read what they say at night because the type is small and you have to watch the road but they are illuminated and it make them easy to find. Besides a few things I would do differently, the car is AWESOME. I am getting a lot of compliments, everyone loves it. And as much as everyone complains about the CVT and front real drive I don't mind it at all. It is nice to go from 20 to 90 in seconds without feeling the jerky shifts and as far as torque steer, I find it very non-existent and I have no problem controlling the car which handles great!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Thanks strehlow for the information; I thought they were lit up at night; I think the salesman I had was new to the dealership because he didn't even have a business card to give me; I just finished up a Acura TL lease the buttons lit up which was really helpful at night and I figured the maxima would do that to
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,080
    I have a 08 Atlima Coupe and am looking to move up, when I drove the MAX at night I too found the controls hard to read, my streering wheel controls are VERY easy to read at night, I found that to a problem for me, it seems that Nissan didnt think this through very well...
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I think the reason why the maxima's steering gauges are harder to read at night are a two-fold problem, one is that the red-orange lighting Nissan uses is extremely dim and difficult to see compared to makers like Infiniti, Acura, and Lexus who uses blue or white illumination which are brighter to see at night; the second reason is that the maxima's controls/lettering on these gauges seems to be smaller than that on the altima's steering wheel; so both the dim color illumination and smaller lettering contribute to the problem; at least they are illuminated compared to my 05 FX35 which has no illumination and I have to feel around for the buttons which stinks!!!
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Do either of the dual-panel moonroofs on the Premium Package open? I can't believe they would sacrifice the ability to open the roof in order to provide the second panel. My back seats are used like 5 times a year, and so I could care less about the second panel, I just want a roof that opens!
  • dmccallumdmccallum Posts: 5
    Yes the sun roofs does open on the Premium Package plue it comes with a shade for the rear window. I've had my car for two weeks now and I love the Premium Package. I hope this helps
  • dmccallumdmccallum Posts: 5
    I would like to change my 2009 Maxima grill. What are a some web sites i should check out?
  • strehlowstrehlow Posts: 15
    I am sure it was the salesman. I knew more about the car than the 4 salespeople that I went through at my dealership. I don't think they train the salespeople at all. Nissan needs to step up on their customer service levels. Love the car, not real excited about the company from a customer service standpoint.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Thats the way it is at all dealerships; I've had salesman at Nissan, Toyota, Acura, Infiniti, and Lexus over the years who know absolutely nothing about the vehicles I've test drived and my questions have never been really complicated like about package options, gas required, what kinds of technology it has and things of that nature. The problem now is they don't just say they don't know they make a guess and give the wrong information. I would be better selling the vehicles much like yourself cause me know more information then the salesman do. It just fustrates me to go buy $30 and $40k vehicles and the salesman act like they don't care or don't know anything about the cars. If your a car salesman you should be taking all the brochures home and learning them front to back. I'm also sick of salesman giving crappy 5 minute test drive and then when you ask to take a slightly longer one to get a better feel they give some [non-permissible content removed] reasons like insurance or we can't do that, etc - oh well
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Recent discussion on the steering buttons being lit got me thinking of one of my rare dislikes on the Maxima....

    When you enable (turn on) the cruise control, there is a green light that turns on in the dashboard. However, when you actually engage the cruise control, there is no additional light to indicate the cruise control is active - you just need a "seat of the pants" feel to know the cruise control has kicked in. I keep thinking my Cruise light must be burned out but owners manual seems to imply there is no such light.

    One other "design flaw" is that the trunk open button is not visible nor lighted. It also in a terrible location right under the steering column. It needs to be moved further over to the left.

    There...I've said my peace. I still love the Maxima but these issues could be easily improved.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,080
    how interesting, when I turn on my cruise control in my Altima where the computer read out is the word "Cruise" lites up, then when I set the cruise, the work "On" lites up... I find it odd that the Max wouldn't do this too.
  • out4catout4cat Posts: 91
    Thanks for saving me a trip to the service department, I thought the car came with a burnt out indicator. I find it interesting though that Nissan thought it was more important to have a little green indicator that the lights are on, which no other car I have had included, but no cruise-on light. And since trading in my 01, no fog light on indicator either. The new location for the trip info is awkward, I have not driven the car long enough to just get used to it but I did prefer the information off to the side where the radio display was.
    I think all the misfires on regarding indicators can be overlooked considering the addictive exhaust note (WOW), and in my case the improved (though not perfect) CVT; just my opinion.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    go mdx1, is this a 2009 maxima you are talking about with the cruise control issue?
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Yepper...2009. I also agree the lack of a fog light indicator is also a problem.

    By the way, 2009 JD Power "New Vehicle Launch" success index has the Maxima as the 4th best launch out of the 27 "new" vehicles launched in 2009. Hyundai Genesis took the top spot. Acura TL was 23rd. Overall, a decent showing for the Maxima.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    "Rumor" is the following will be changed with the 2010 Maxima.

    - alloy wheel finish will be different
    - two new color choices
    - diesel engine option from Renault (due out mid-2010)
    - iPod changed to be a USB port
    - NAV system to include Weather data
    - packaging changes
    - rearview camera a separate stand-alone option (don't need NAV nor Premium)
    - satelite radio a separate stand-alone option
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I'm interested in getting either a 2009 Maxima SV with tech but without sport or premium or a fully loaded 3.5SL altima; both are really nice cars and what ever one I get will be determined which one nissan is giving a better deal on at the time I go; I'm curious to know if anyone has test driven both these vehicles and if one vehicle has a better ride quality than the other in regards to control, bumpiness, etc? I know both have independent suspensions without a sports tuned suspension but I wanted to know if the max with its wider and bigger wheels would give a more bumpy ride than the 3.5SL altima?
  • It's no match,,,,,,go with the 09 Maxima with the premium package. It's a very smooth ride. I didn't like to "sports" suspensions.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I agree....Altima is also about to have some minor re-styling. If you decide to go with Altima, it may be worth waiting for 2010 models.
  • dick56dick56 Posts: 2
    Has anyone ever used the Flash Drive feature in the 09 Maxima audio system. If so, what make and part number did you use??
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Technical folks claim the main reason the Flash Drive exists is for the NAV system to be updated with new maps and POIs, rather than to listen to music. NAV updates are done at the dealership.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Has anyone been successful getting iPhones to pair up via Bluetooth to an 2009 Maxima??
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    A bunch of new 2010 Maxima's are on the lots now. 2009's were cleared out. The new Crimson Black color appears as a very dark brown - very unique!! Also, the new wheels on the Sport Packages are just slightly more darker grey than the 09's. Somehow I was expected a more dramatic color difference- such as the dark grey alloys seen on the TL Type S.
  • You can use it to listen to Audio. I use a 4GB compact Flash card with no problems.
    When I bought the car they told me that this slot would be use to update the NAV DB too.
  • My 2009 Maxima Premium Tech has the sunroof that pops out and slides back. The cAr is 4 months old with 5k and the roof is starting to rattle alot over mildly rough pavement. Two trips to the dealer and they tighten the bolts and lube it and said their is nothing else they can do and some rattling should be expected. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  • My state has a lemon law. If my dealer let me hang like that, they would have the car back in a NY minute !
  • I'm going back next week for the sunroof, also, the drivers seat was loose and was "fixed" at last dealer visit, now the leather is pulling off and not all the adjustments on the power seat work. Lastly, the plastic around the seat is pretty loose. I am not very confident about Nissan quality. My 2009 Maxima only has 5k and I am not sure it is built to last. I am glad I leased and at this piont will probaly try and get out of the lease before it expires.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I haven't had a problem with the sunroof with rattles though I did have it with my 2008 TL; anyway, I got a 2010 Max and have had similar problems with the seats and rattles in other places in the car, if you want, check out my post under 2010 Nissan Maxima to get the details; I'm going to bring my car back in for service to have the passenger seat problem addressed and the recall on the suspension rod for the 2009 and 2010 max's in october and I plan on having the service department look at the driver side door handle/panels and center console armrest to get the rattles addressed
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    do you need the navigaion system on this car to have ipod interface?
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