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Loose 2008 RX 350 Tonneau Cover Hooks

neo74neo74 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Lexus
Hi Guys,

This seems a rather minor issue. I searched through previous posts and didn't really see anything related to this particular problem that I am seeing.

The tonneau (cargo) cover comes with 4 plastic hooks that are supposed to be put on the metal bars sticking out of the backseat headrest. All the hooks on my car are so loose that they come off all the time. The car is new, as well as the cover.

This is really not that big a deal, but I am curious to know if that's how things are designed?




  • timhotimho Posts: 9
    Those hooks on my '08 RX350 are tight as virgin and never come off from the headrest. As a matter of fact, I had to push them in with certain amount of force or they won't stay. You should ask your dealer to check it out and that's what warranty is for... ;)

  • neo, after you hook the cover to the head rest bars, LOWER the head rest down to the back seats. That should keep them in place.
  • neo74neo74 Posts: 4
    Thanks, that's good to know, Tim.

    Catdaddylong, I thought of the lowering head rest approach too. But I just couldn't believe that it was designed to work only in that way.

    Another thing kind of puzzles me is the way the automatic cover retraction knob works:

    If it is in the active position, every thing works fine,i.e. I can pull the cover out and "lock" it, close the back door, then later if I open the back door, the cover will retract automatically, no problem.

    What I don't understand is that if I push that knob in to its "inactive position", then I can not get the cover to stay in the "lock" position.

    I am almost wondering if the dealer put in a wrong cover (for other model years, maybe?) in the car. Otherwise why the hooks don't fit and the knob doesn't work as specified. It looks that I do need to go down there and talk to the dealer.
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