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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Lease Questions



  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    Check this garden city nissan quoted me 299 same deal
  • I am in WNY....but did you lease this...I want the AWD SL w/15k mi/yr....
  • Central MA buyer looking at offer for '11 awd Rogue SV w/Sl pkg., flr mats,splash guards. MSRP $29430. Offered lease w/ 2K down 12K yr. miles and 39 months @ $295. This includes 2-$500 rebates utilized. Is this really a great deal or so,so one for this late into year? Honda CRV 4x4 w/EXL trim offered at $278mo w/0 down or $ 221 w 2K down 36 mo. lease @ 12K yr. mileage. Wife likes Rogue ext. looks better but Honda deal and reliability reputation more to my liking. Is the revamped Rogue that much better of car from those who have one and tested Honda? Thks.
  • You got a good deal...just left car dealership...39 month lease 1,000 oer of the line Rogue with leather seats and nav systerm...$386 per motn....just ask alot of questions when you get to the finance guy like him pulling a fast one about a disposition fee and who is doing the financing
  • This what I was just offered today in Atlanta, GA.

    36 months at 15k per year at 378 tax included, If you go to 39 months we are at 363 tax included and 15k per year. This is for the 2011 Nissan Rogue SV with the SL package 2wd

    Is this good or can I do better?
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    The best deal found was from Nissan garden city ... 1st month/ dmv 12000 39 month at 299 mo. That w/ TAXES IN... THE NEXT DEAL WAS 325 (2011 Nissan rogue s v sl pkg). I am waiting till year end to do deal
  • Settled on in stock 2011 AWD Rogue SL w/mats,splash,alum.kick plates. Dealer adding free: 1yr.maint.+ rear bumper protector+bumped miles to 15K yr. vs 12K. $334 mo. w/$334 down, Would have been less if our state had better laws capping highly inflated acq.+doc.fees($1,120) plus preventing guesstimating excise taxes into ttl. taxes financial deal.6.25% is bad enough. This smells of a form of dbl. taxation to customer, but is legal in MA..I've noticed in web searches that only very few states have tighter regulations w/fixed ttls. all have to abide by versus just establishing a max. ceiling law on fees.
  • aitrus03aitrus03 Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
    Hi Carman,

    I am looking for the December money factor and residuals on a 2011 Rogue SV with SL Package for 36months 12k miles. Is this the best lease term to go with on this vehicle? What are the December incentives, hold backs, etc available?
  • Hi,

    thoughts on this deal..

    Nissan Rogue 2011 with SL package
    no money down at signing, 1st MO, taxes included...all in $349/MO,
    36Months, 15,000 Miles
    leather, navi, heated seats, Ect

    Please let me know your thoughts asap. In or around the NYC area...
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    Amazing Which dealer??? dmv up front??
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    Great Thanks. did they give u a quote for 12k a year? Thanks
  • careful tho, when you get through to finance they try and change the whole deal...just say "no" :)
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    Did you outlay any cash? dmv or first month or anything?? Is this advantage nissan on old country??
  • 1st MO and dmv..yep you got it.
  • Hey aitrus03. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s December buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Rogue SV with 12,000 miles per year are .00218 and 62%, respectively.

    I don't believe that Nissan is currently providing any cash incentives on leases of this truck.

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  • If your figures are correct, you got an awesome deal. What was the sale price please?
  • vinnytvinnyt Posts: 4
    Just visited a Nissan Dealer in New Jersey. The lease deal that was laid out to me for a 2011 Rogue S were as follows: 36 months, 15K a year. Residual Value 63% ($14,867). Money Factor .00218, MSRP $23,230. The selling price (gross capitalized cost is $23,328) This comes out to $318 a month. Due at signing: 1st month payment ($318), Title/Reg Fees ($299), Tire Tax ($7.50) = $624.50. The $249 Doc Fee would be waived. The gross capitalized cost of $23,328 I believe is way out of line. From what has been posted on the net, the True Market Value of a 2011 Rogue S is $20,105. If I add in the $595 acquisition fee and the $600 in tax the gross capitalized cost is $21,300. This reduces the monthly payment down to $179 + Money Factor Charge $83.26 , which brings the total monthly charge to $262.26. I believe the dealers lease rate of $318 is off. Over the course of 36 months the difference is $2016. Anyone have any comparisons for lease deals for the 2011 Rogue?
  • Do current Infiniti owners receive any rebates to purchase/lease a Nissan?

  • Can someone please list out latest MF and Residuals for Rogue

    for 36/15K and 39/15K
    2011 Nissan Rogue FWD, SV with SL Package.

  • Hi chava0121. Unfortunately, I believe that the answer to your question is no.

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  • Hi again chava0121. Here's the information that you're looking for.

    NMAC's January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Rogue SV FWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00218 and 61%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are .00218 an 60%.

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  • CarMan,

    Could you provide February numbers on the AWD rogue, 12,000 and 15,000 miles/yr.

  • Hello pcullen1. Here you go. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Rogue S AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00180 and 64%, respectively.

    The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year is 2% higher.

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  • 2011 AWD Rogue SV Premium package W/ mats, fog lights, cargo liner, mud flaps, bumper protector
    Gross Capitalized Cost 27999.85
    Rebates 1500.00
    Cash Down 1700.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost 25383.33
    Residual Value 16575.00
    Rent charge 2945.28
    39 payments of 328.49 12k miles a year allowance
  • gammonsgammons Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    2011 AWD Rogue SV with SL package.

    15k miles/year
    39 months

    Capitalized cost: 28,100
    Rebates: 1000
    Cash down: 0
    Residual: 17,476
    Money Factor: .00180
    Monthly Payment: $346

    Also included:
    2 years free maintenance
    free PA inspections (worth about $150)

    3 dealers reported with very similar figures.
  • Who is the dealer?
  • g6leaserg6leaser Posts: 145
    Hello Car Man:

    Could you please give latest FEB money factor and residuals for Nissan Rogue SV AWD
    36 month - 15,000/miles year lease.

    Thank you
  • rm567rm567 Posts: 6
    What would be a fair lease payment on a 2011 Nissan Rogue SV with SL pkg ($27,090 msrp + 810 deliv + doc + tax + title), 36-39 months, no down payment, 15k miles/yr (North Georgia)?

    What would be a good negotiated price? (And do the lease calculations use the lower negotiated "sales" price or the retail price?)

    money factor?
    residual value?

    Does anyone know what special deals or programs are available on Rogue leases in this area?

    Thanks for the help and advice.
  • Hi:

    NY Tri-State Area

    2011 Rogue SV w/SL package
    $0 "Down"
    + $595 bank fee
    + Tax & Title
    Term: 39 months & 12k miles/year

    Seems like good deal but so hard to tell.
    How bad is 39 months vs. 36 months?

    Advice/opinions appreciated - THANKS!
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